Shadow Of The Eternals Sanity Systems Video

The official Shadow of the Eternals account has uploaded a brand new trailer for the Kickstarter based title. The video see’s Precursor Games Chief Operating Officer Shawn Jackson discusses the sanity system direction for Shadow of the Eternals. The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness is due for release on Wii U, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game has raised $258,065 of its target of $750,000. The project just has nine days left to reach its lofty goal.

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    1. They still have a while til their goal is met so we’ll be lucky if it shows up on any console.

  1. What I’d like to see them implement is kind of like what the TV Remote function on the GamePad did.

    Let’s say you get the game for Wii U. You tell the game what TV you have (manufacturer maybe?) and the whole sanity event of the volume appearing to change will be fitted according to your TV.

    Nowadays, since TVs don’t have the same green bar, it’ll be way too obvious. But if they can change it to each manufacturer, it would make for an outstanding sanity event.

    1. Right! I was literally just thinking that! Messing with people’s heads is easy, so coming up with ideas like this isn’t that hard to think up.

    1. But blood and gore and tons of violence won’t? It doesn’t look like it’s spinning out of control like a wheel.

  2. The problem is they should have went to Nintendo and asked to make the game exclusive for the platform. That way they wouldn’t have to do kickstarter.

      1. Do you have a source or an article where I can read that they spoke with Nintendo? You say not continue to fund them looking at the goal Nintendo could have reached in their wallet and gave them $750 thousand easily.

        1. I read somewhere they were in talks with Nintendo but heard nothing since. It was a twitter comment I believe. Didn’t really hear much else about it tho.

        2. $750k isn’t their only source of funding so securing rights with Nintendo might be a conflict of interest if they are getting funding from amd. Nintendo has no interest in an eternal darkness sequel since it wasn’t a massive hit commercially. While it was a hit critically. Nintendo would rather keep making games with big IPs.

  3. I’m more enthusiastic about this game now. I really hope they can put the Gamepad to good use with the Insanity mechanic because I feel like it will make the game more immersive. I just don’t feel like I can trust this project though….

  4. i still dont understand how the game can be on other platforms with the sanity meter patended by nintendo

    1. Everyone wants to play but no one wants to pledge. I really think Wii U owners might be the worst to market this too since they’re typically so passive. I really hope more just go out an pledge. I’ve seen kickstarters in much worse shape than this pull it off in its final week. It’s still possible.

  5. Maybe utilize the gamepad’s television ability to shut off the tv >:) or shut off the gamepad screen, still have the tv image displayed, and have the wii u turn off its blue led and turn on it’s red one to make it look like the system shut off :D

    1. They’re using the game pad for a lot of stuff, especially with sanity events. The PC version will be different. If people start pledging that is. Only $25 for an awesome Wii U game, a steal in my book. Not sure why people aren’t pledging.

      1. I agree, I’m tempted to pledge myself, the only problem I don’t is I am underage for this legal stuff, and I don’t want to be sending my money off somewhere. Plus I don’t even make that much, so that’s another reason :P

      2. You can aquire a copy for $20 if you really want to..but I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s all about Denis Dyack being apart of the project, this clown should not be on the team. Also, the games he touches turn into garbage shovelware unless they are backed up and monitored very closely by a publisher. Look it up if you want to.

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