Metroid Prime Trilogy For Wii In Stock At GameStop For $85 Pre-Owned


Popular US video game retailer GameStop have stayed true to their promise and have secured a batch of pre-owned copies of the fantastic Metroid Prime Trilogy for the original Wii. However, if you want to purchase a pre-owned version of the game then you have to fork out a hefty $85. Will you be buying Metroid Prime Trilogy used from GameStop?

Thanks, Kyle


    1. When I went to gamestop on the launch of Pikmin 3 they were selling Wii U boxes with box art that looked like a piece of paper they printed out. I went to another store.

          1. They did that to me too, for Super Mario Galaxy. I was dumb and I bought it. :(
            It even had a fake Club Nintendo code in it

    1. Even if you find games for a good price they’ll ruin them with their dumb security stickers ( put on after purchase… ) that’s a pain in the arse to remove. The glue is awful and leaves silver marks. Your thumbs will bleed before it’s all been rubbed off.

      1. No u have to remove it slowly and then use the sticker to sticky pull the residue—if any–that remains. I got my zenoblade looking crisp. It is brand new!

  1. So apparently if you buy two cheap wii games used at gamestop you get another one free.

    Come to papa Metroid Prime Trilogy!

    1. Dummy, that works when you buy a used game of equal or lesser price. Read the fine print much closer next time. They’re gonna try to get you.

  2. I was in Gamestop last Month and heard the employees talk about “a rare metroid selling for $85”. Being a huge metroid fan, I instantly knew that this was the Trilogy…. And I would totally buy it if I had the money…

      1. whaaaaat? Is it common there? Because it’s super rare around here… I’ve been trying to snag a copy for awhile now….

        1. Yes, pretty common. What if I told you over here both MP: Trilogy and Xenoblade are pretty easy accessable?

        1. Well it wont work on your US Wii, unless you soft mod it or use some sort of swap disc… ( I recommend soft modding though. If you haven’t already. ) I sometimes buy from US Amazon to Sweden and it’s usually rather cheap. However buying from Japanese Amazon is ridiculously expensive. Chipping is like 40 bucks for a little manga. Check it out, you wont be charged anything until you confirm the order…

        2. Usually the shipment fare from Amazon UK to the US is fair enough.

          But, remember, Wii is region locked. You won’t be able to run an European disc on an American console.

          Of course, I presume you live in the US.

          1. I do. And, snap, I had no idea that the Wii was region locked. I assume that it still won’t work on my Wii U, as it basically just switches to a Wii.

            1. No, unfortunately it won’t work on your Wii U – which controller (Game Pad) is also region locked, besides the games, of course.

              I think region lock is such a stupid move…

              1. Yeah! I think so too! And I can’t really think of a reason why’d they do it….

                I mean, say, If I’m in the UK on vacation or something, and I see a game I want, I have to wait until I get back to america to buy it… Sigh.

  3. It’s because companies act like this that they have no right to bitch about people trading in games to make money etc. What a low class place.

  4. ahahaha, it just keeps getting better and better for nintendo.
    go spend your money sheep, on a game you just download for free.
    lol, gotta love the nintendo universe, so fucking pathetic.
    yes thats right, i said that, on a nintendo site IGNORING your all fans to stupid to know when to jump ship haha.
    now be sure to tell me what i just told you.

    1. Dumbass, stunts like this involves all gaming companies and not just one. Why you think Xbox One was gonna do the DRM policies? Why you think GameStop is getting sued right now and why you think everyone despises GameStop now and the hate is still growing?

      Grow a fucking brain and hop off PlayStation Move thats stuck up your ass while the Kinect happily records you for the NSA to enjoy.

    2. “to stupid to know when to jump ship haha”
      The irony. Lol. Delicious.
      Did you mean “too stupid to know”?

  5. Supply and demand people! This is how business works! Now stop complaining, if you can’t afford it or don’t feel it’s worth your money, don’t buy it.

    1. This game is “used”, Nintendo wont be seeing any money. They’d be making a lot more money keeping it around 50 bucks. Which is the price for a new game.

      1. Any money Nintendo would make is off GameStop buying the supply, this is simply increasing GameStop’s profit margin on the sale. Still wish it was slightly lower but Xenoblade is still cheaper than most actually used copies and the MP Trilogy is $10 more than most used and way cheaper than most new.

  6. Even as a Metroid fan, I’m not spending $85. I can get Prime 1 for 5 bucks, Prime 2 for 10, and Prime 3 for 15 on eBay or Amazon.

    1. Thats true but the real reason is to play the first two with the wiimote and widescreen.
      But yeah for 85 bucks they can suck my ass

      1. you can get those games separately for far less than that. if you want to waste 85 bones, that’s your problem.

        1. Well, I got it at 50 when it came out. But my point was that $85 for the Trilogy collection is a pretty good price considering how high it goes for online.

  7. I bought my copy at Best Buy three years ago for $50 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

  8. At least this time you get 3 games… and with the rewards card you’d get $8.50 off… so $76.50 for 3 games…. not terrible. Wonder how long they’ll carry them? I might consider it with a $10 coupon (bring it down to $66.50)

  9. I’ve had mine since day one release…not giving it up for nothing. I doubt seriously these reprints comes with a steelbook. It’s quite elegant btw.

  10. Nintendo of America should do something with regard to Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy right now.

    Sometimes I get sick of all the laziness of NoA. Why is it so hard to them to make a press release clarifying those issues?

      1. Unless I’m wrong, he’s now the CEO of NoA.

        I really don’t know what expectations I can create on that.

        1. yeah i wanted to say CEO, but something kept telling me to look up the information before making that claim cause i want sure.

  11. Ok, So you have to pay a few extra bucks to get a game thats hard to come by. I’m not sure why some people are crying about this. Are you guys new?

  12. I should’ve bought myself a copy of the trilogy when it was released to avoid this potential BS and enjoy my beloved Metroid Prime collection.

    Nintendo..hell, all industries needs to step up and address this used games plague. Its their fucking games/copyrighted property and should stop GameStop for their shady ass practices on people thats costing them their money and reputation in business.

  13. Eh, I might consider getting it later. That price is not my cup of tea but I wouldn’t say its not worth my time…after all, I played all three but never beat 2 and 3 due to lack of money on rentals and rental supplies during the time.

  14. I stole the Metroid prime trilogy from wal mart for the Wii. I played it once, didn’t like the response of the Wii controllers (wish it used motion plus). Anyone wanna buy my used copy? As I said its only been played once, so it should be in great condition, just sitting on my shelf. And yes I am serious, if you are interested let me know.

    1. Most embarrassing. I feel a little sorry for the Sony fanboys. Fanboys are supposed to be able to rip on all the competition but how can they rip on Nintendo when half of Sony’s library are Nintendo games!

        1. I can name two or three…now.

          Playstation all stars battle = Super Smash Bros.
          Littlebig planet racing = Mario Kart.
          Playstation Vita pets = nintendogs and cats.

          Hardware? Play station move. Other than that, I got nothin’.

  15. Those who don’t have this collection… Suck it up about the price and buy it before its long gone.

  16. I know that many of us love the trilogy but this kind of gimmick takes away the limelight from the Wii U which should be the focus now…How ’bout Wii U bundles with a good game included available for pre-order or a pikmin plush included or a wonderful 101 mask with game, etc.

  17. who ever buy’s this is stupid, because I bought mine when it came out, just put this in your mind every time a limited edition game comes out, always buy them, because they always run out over the course of a month or less

  18. “Pre-owned”

    This could not possibly be the work of GameStop doing the same thing as they did with Xenoblade Chronicles.

  19. Meh, I already watched the stories of the 3 games through Youtube, and the gameplay of Metroid Prime was too lousy for me to bother trying Prime 2 and 3.

  20. Man, the cheapest BUY IT NOW Metroid Prime Trilogy on eBay right now is $90.00. I’m SO glad that I don’t care about this series.

    1. Why would you be glad not to care about a franchise? Finding new franchises that you enjoy is what it’s all about.

  21. That’s crazy! Maybe two or three weeks ago I found one in a GameStop after looking for two years. It was only $75 then…

  22. I got my copy at gamestop 2 yrs ago for $60 game was complete with everything in like new condition, last year got another one for $15 at a pawn shop, and 3 months ago some random guy was selling a wii w a bunch of game one of those was MPT i offered him $15 and he said yes lol.
    Sold 2 copies at amazon for $100 they bothc were in like new condition with the hard steel case and book. Lol

  23. If you are like.many gamers who adore the trilogy, you would already have prime 1 and 2 for gc… spending 85 dollars for a wii version is just stupid when u can already play gc games on wii

      1. I agree… prime 3 is much easier with wii remote… BUT, why spend 85 when you should already have all three games? If anything, the GC version of prime 1 and 2 should be more rare than this.

  24. I sold my unused copy back to Gamestop a couple years ago to pay for my Vita (I had already played all versions individually). I was shocked when they offered me $70 + an extra 10% for being a power up member. Probably should’ve held onto it, but oh well.

  25. No I wont be buying it since I have my Steelbook Edition one since day 1 with the shirt and the poster I’ve framed in my wall. No way I’m giving that game up along with Xenoblade.

    I’m not sure how many people will pick it up, but it may seem cheaper considering that the original version of those games are expensive if you want them new.

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