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Dyack (Shadow Of The Eternals) Says We Love The Wii U Specs

shadow of the eternals

Precursor’s chief creative Dennis Dyack has revealed during a three-hour live stream of Shadow of the Eternals that the Wii U version of the game will look as good as the PC version. Dyack said that the development team looked closely at the Wii U and they are pleased with the specifications on offer. He later claimed that most people will not be able to tell the difference between the Wii U and the PC version. Sadly, Shadow of the Eternals still has a long way to go to become funded.

“Yeah we think so, the bottom line is everything we are doing here is pretty much compatible, and we are not doing anything special that is forecluded on the Wii U here in this technical demo. We looked at the Wii U, we love the specs.”

‘Most people will not be able to tell the difference between the Wii U and PC version.’

53 thoughts on “Dyack (Shadow Of The Eternals) Says We Love The Wii U Specs”

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Wii U needs exclusives. That’s all, really. Why would someone buy a Wii U to play Battlefield 4 when they could play it on your 360 or PS3, or perhaps the next gen console you’re planning to buy? There’s no reason at all. That’s why the Rayman Legends delay was such a suckerpunch.

              1. and pc has no wii remote or gamepad and supporting EA is like sucking cocks

                man chut-up you ea games buying person thats an insult by the way LOLEA GAMES

      1. If I can choose to play BF4 between PS4 X-Box Done and Wii U .. I choose Wii U.Because of the wiimote/nunchuck controls and Gamepad for inventory and maps.

        1. And free online. And WiiU Zapper(if it ever comes, since it means you can play a shooter WITHOUT THE TV >:D

        2. I would do buy BF3/4 for Wii U too if it happened if it wasn’t for EA being the greedy blind assholes that they are now that rewarded them Worst Company of America three years in a row.

          1. That worse company award is total bogus. There are plenty worse comapnies out there, just a bunch of butthurt faggot gamers will believe EA are the worse company of America.

    2. Agree bro,but i don’t really care for games going multiplatform on the Wii U,my PS4 this winter will do the job.Exclusives are my priority on the Wii U.BTW,Pikmin 3 is amazing.So far the best of the franchise.I’m addicted to Nintendo and Sony.F..k Microsoft!!!

          1. Same here! I’m liking the PS4, but I won’t get it, I’ve never been a big Sony fan for some reason, sadly the only company I like out of the big three doesn’t get any third party support… oh well, thank you PC!

    3. What’s sad is Precursor Games is one of the few developers wanting to make games for Wii U and push the system to its limits but Wii U owners aren’t backing it. IMO the game looks amazing.

  1. Wiiu is powerfull, it just has an architecture that isn’t expressed full with basic numbers. Trolls will say ” da cee pee you is week ” but they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. When they were all cheering saying wiiu’s ddr3 ram has slower bandwidth than PS3, completely ignoring Wiiu’s extremely large and apparently very fast Edram.

    1. You’re not good on the tech side yourself Nintedward
      I do not say that Wii U is weak BUT it’s not powerful either. You can just achieve as much as it allows.

      The system has a processor with 3 cores that is identical with the Wii’s and the GameCube’s except the impressive on board cache and a (considering the original PPC G3 max frequency was 500MHz) high clock frequency. The processor is considered to be slow due to its “speed” BUT you should memorize *high frequency – low IPC vs low frequency – high IPC* (This is why the overclocking update rumor is nonsensical). It is rather slow because of the model’s age and suboptimal use. Its large cache should allow it to save a lot of code at once, this should reduce its disadvantages of limited raw power. It is also on the same chip as the graphics processor, less latency makes a noticable impact on performance, just saying and “Espresso” is *out of order execution* capable, both should further decrease the limited power disadvantage. Workload gets further reduced by a sound responsible DSP, and co processor that runs most of the OS (probably only ingame after the speed update). Some tasks can be executed by the GPGPU capable Graphics processor and it has dedicated hardware for the Gamepad streaming. Overall it SHOULD be a more capable and more efficient brain than the XCPU in the 360 but only when it’s used properly. But it cannot match the PS4 processor, it remains to be seen if it can match the Xbox One’s overstressed one but by no means can any of the 8th gen system’s CPUs match the power of the PS3’s Cell…..just sayin’. It’s nothing spectacular but I personally think it should be enough to achieve something good.

      The GPU is a bit of a special candidate. First of all, I don’t believe the *reverse engineering of the system* article. I don’t think that a company makes super high res photos of a console where each photo costs a lot of money to make. Then said company which needs spent money wants to sell them but then decides to give the pictures away for free to some knowledgeable people and lots of wannabe experts because they try to find out what’s in there This is why I won’t include the results of that article in this comment ANYWAYS.
      So the Wii U GPU or “Latte” how most people call it is on the same chip as the Wii U processor, like I said less latency makes a noticable impact on performance. It has a 32MBs pool of “eDRAM” which can have bandwiths of ~ 1000GB/s. This should bring the memory performance back up. 32MBs doesn’t sound like much but Mark Cerny (yes Mark Cerny) said such a pool needs to be small for high performance. For eDRAM pools it’s still a big amount. The graphics processor has DX11 equivalent capabilities because the developer behind CANDLE brought the DX11 features onto the Wii U version. Nintendo’s low detail post E3 2012 specsheet says that it had a tessellation unit. I can’t tell you how much the Wii U’s is “worth” but the mere fact of having one is a good thing……..just sayin’. Like I wrote earlier, the GPU is able to handle tasks beyond the graphics, for example physics or AI or maybe even Code execution on its own. How good that will work remains to be seem but I can tell you that it makes the system more compatible with future multiplatform games due to PS4 (3rd party’s big love) relying on GPU compute too. Mark Cerny said that GPGPU does NOT have an impact on the graphics, I believe him for now because he does the whole IT stuff longer than me and I never developed a console. One developer says that “The GPU is several (PC GPU) generations ahead of the 7th gen consoles” (duh), I believe them because they are…..well…..developers (duh).
      That’s all of “Latte’s” technical info I found out. I know it’s not so much but I can give you my analysis of written things. Overall it can easily outperform both 7th gen consoles in pretty much every area, raw power, efficiency, features, heat production and so on. It cannot compete with the PlayStation 4’s semi custom 7850-7870 level GPU and it is also based on an older architecture. BUT IMO it is still a capable GPU that should be enough for high quality visuals. I can’t tell you how much they can do with it so that remains to be seen.

      The Wii U has 2GBs of DDR3 memory, 1GB is reserved for the operating system. It should be possible to increase the memory for games when necessary. 1GB for the OS is the amount a full bloated Windows uses which is doing a lot more than the Wii U OS. It is said to have a IMO not so high bandwith of ~12,8GB/s BUT just like Xbox one the performance goes back up by the secondary memory pool of the GPU. The Wii U is most likely capable of the same texture compression method the Gamecube and the Wii used. Those machines were able to shrink textures to 1/6 of their original size without noticeable quality loss. I don’t know how well this will work on Wii U and it might be reserved for the Gamepad’s image output (but I have doubts). It should reduce the low amount of memory compared to PS4/Xbox One but it’s not a work around or a replacement.
      That’s all I have to say. Judging by this analysis the Wii U should be a capable machine that is largely underestimated by a lot of developers. I agree with you that the Wii U is not weak BUT it is ultimately not up to par with a fully used PS4. A lot of multiplats should be possible on Wii U BUT they require additional work which is a huge problem in the world of today’s multiplatform developer e.g. EA, SE, Cashcom, and so on. I am looking forward to what Wii will see from Wii U, PS4 and Xbrick one. The difference is by far not as big as in the 7th generation but the PS4 has enough additional horsepower, memory, features, ease of use and efficiency to make things that are not possible on Wii U and attract most lazy developers. The custom hardware of the Wii U can be a problem for 3rd parties that want to bring their games onto all platforms but can’t afford the necessary work to make the Wii U version properly. Metro last light is a perfect example of a missed gem.

      P.S. I mentioned PS4 only most of the time because there is not a lot of info about Xbone except 8GBs of Ram, 8core CPU and 12compute Units.

      1. That last part is quite hard to believe because the nicknames you used for Xbox One. I think it’s just blind fanboyism to say which platform will run games better before we have chance to try some multiplatform games for both consoles. We’ll just have to wait and see how things goes in next few years.

        1. I am PC mainly, I don’t have a PS3 anymore, I don’t own a Wii U, my only 7th gen system now is a black wii from 2010.

          Everyone’s hating on the Xbox one, I am actually impressed by them reversing their DRM policies.

          If you look back several articles you’ll see me criticising Nintendo. I am criticising Sony because they charge for online play.

          P.S. I was a Nintendo hater from October to April.

          1. There’s alot incorrect there in your tech calculations.

            The PS4/Xbox One are mid/high last gen pc’s with 8 gigs of RAM so the devs can just dump their code on the system and spend their time doing other things. The WiiU requires you to pay more attention to what you’re doing but it provides alot of flexibility in its build because everything is so hands one. For instance it doesnt even have an auto scheduler .the WiiU specwise is at the least playstation 2 compared to the gamecube level.

            We’ll be getting new consoles in about 6 years when devs start complaining about bottlenecks.

            The PS4 looks pretty though

            1. I talked about PS4 having enough additional advantages over Wii U to achieve things that are impossible on Nintendo’s system. I talked about the technical aspects of the Wii U that are known. I mentioned PS4/Xbox one’s 8GBs of RAM. “PS4 attracts lazy developers” is basically equivalent to “can simply dump code on them”. I mentioned that Wii U’s custom hardware requires additional effort. I got your points covered up there.

              P.S. I didn’t evem intend to make the comment look so pro Nintendo

              I don’t see anything wrong.

      2. The difference between the PS4 and Wii U won’t be huge until later on in the generation when developers understand the hardware better and even then it will probably only be Sony’s in house devs that will take advantage of the extra horsepower

  2. the game isn’t going to get made anyway as it won’t reach the funding level, everything is still positive in the forums as i’m a member, but it needs $500,000 in the next six days !

      1. Nintendo does have billions in surplus so the funding would be a dr in the bucket for them and if Nintendo expects more support and more quality games to lift the Wii U up, then they can’t turn these guys down.


  4. I already have my 8th gen console.

    Of course gaming media will ignore this. They only report negatives from Nintendo which makes me believe that gamin media is just one big narcissistic shit. Anyway WiiU is powerful devs can achieve lot if they try, sadly they dont because they are lazy to optimize their games. I believe that WiiUs 3rd party support will be similiar to GC, which is enough for me.

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  6. the code on wii u if optimized correctly can run 6X faster than normal thats per core and like with the game cube had 1mb of EDram with can store 3X the textures than a normal system and since the wii u has 3mb of EDram things when optimized correctly run at almost the same as the ps4

  7. You see right there? If what they say is true and that the game on PC is very gorgeous looking and Wii U being the exact offering, then everything about “Wii U is crap” is all complete weak BS to shove it aside in favor for other consoles that still isn’t as powerful as a PC.

    This is what I love to see. Passionate developers giving each systems a chance to be tested and decided with equally instead of siding with only one just for raw power which its all an illusion to get blind fanboys fooled to think graphics alone make the games fun.

    They won my wallet and if the game is great in my eyes, its an instant buy for me.

  8. Each Wii U core can run 6 times faster? The Wii U is a mystery to me. It is weakest in 8th generation graphics but most efficient. 1gb for OS.

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