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IGN Awards The Wonderful 101 7.4/10


Popular online gaming publication IGN is one of the first publications to review Platinum Games latest opus, The Wonderful 101. The publication has awarded the game 7.4, stating that the game is flawed but eminently likeable. You can read the full review, here. The Wonderful 101 is due for release on August 23rd in Europe and September 15th in North America.

“I could never stay mad at the Wonderful 101 for very long. It’s just immensely likeable, and so full of personality and verve that I couldn’t help but grow to love it. After that initial difficulty curve, there’s so much here that’s worth sticking around for – particularly the ending, which goes on for about two and a half hours and builds to a gloriously unpredictable crescendo of ridiculousness. The Wonderful 101 is both a showcase for the amazing potential of the Wii U’s GamePad and for its pitfalls. It’s amazingly inventive and full of color and bright-eyed character, but its control problems are so persistent they’re unignorable. Even that doesn’t ruin what is otherwise a clever and adventurous action game, but The Wonderful 101 is kept from being as truly wonderful as it might have been.”

Thanks, Neil W

200 thoughts on “IGN Awards The Wonderful 101 7.4/10”

        1. A passing by stranger

          Lol youre saying the games is really great just because of a demo? And they were right about the controls they are really confusing and takes time to get used to it

          1. I never had problems with the controls… This game’s just suffering from people being too arrogant to adapt to controls. It’s very much like Kid Icarus Uprising; they’re using the best control method possible, yet people don’t like it because it’s not simplified to all hell.

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    1. Playing The Wonderful 101 for the first time on “normal” difficulty is a stressful, headache-inducing experience that, nevertheless, delivers a genuine thrill. This isn’t a game that feels as if it’s gone through hundreds of concept and development meetings, nor through a corporate machine of focus testing, but rather like a project with leadership that decided to channel their inner child and produce an experience that takes the insanity of action-hero comic book fiction and translates it onto the screen fully intact. It overwhelms the senses and then goes further, which makes it wonderful.

      What’s immediately charming about The Wonderful 101 is its style and storytelling, which in some senses recalls the wonder of fantastical silliness that used to be at the core of superhero lore. Just look at how screen portrayals of Batman have evolved from the technicolor ’60s to the scowling, faux-complex approach of the latest movies. Action and superheros, with their powers and gadgets, have become rather serious subject matter, as if a man wearing a cape and flying around with his pants on the outside is worthy of evoking any pathos. The Wonderful 101 scoffs at that, and simply goes for a tale utterly ludicrous yet typical, combined with gameplay quite unlike anything else in recent years.
      The tale of Wonder Red and his compatriots has its serious moments, of course, but they’re wrapped in an extrovert’s cloak and quickly exchanged for some epic set-piece battling. Over the course of a campaign that stretches beyond 12 hours, you become familiar with the core heroes not just due to their individual abilities, but by learning a little more about their status as walking stereotypes. There’s the fat Green, always with food in his hand, the playful and unpredictable whip-cracking Pink, nonsense-talking ninja Wonder White and, with one of many nods to Nintendo as publisher, the young Wonder Black who’s forever playing a Game & Watch handheld.

      No gaming awards will be won for the script, though the game makers would in all likelihood be appalled if they were, but the idea of 100 normal people worldwide having powers, and eccentricities, works well. The most fun is to be had between Wonder Blue, the dude that wants to be an actor, and the excessively noble Wonder Red, who has a funny habit of trotting out the same lengthy introductions every time he meets a foe. There are a host of other characters that swoop in and out of the tale, including snotty young Luka who’s forever causing trouble, while the GEATHJERK foes — invaders of planet Earth — seem like a fitting range of demented over-sized creatures.
      It’s all extravagant and ridiculous, which makes it perfect video game material. The madness of the characters and settings are perfect fits, as your battles move around the world in futuristic settings — a port in the skies and a volcano are standouts — and become increasingly fantastical towards the end. The bombast and splendour is off the charts and matched by the presentation. There may by the odd rough texture, but there’s a lot to enjoy in the visuals, with a gorgeous Pixar-esque art style and — when the perspective is zoomed out, a handy option — attractive environmental detail. Corny voice acting adds to the atmosphere, and the soundtrack contributes with excitable orchestration.

      What all of this frenzied activity does is carry directly over into the gameplay, which can be a blessing and a curse. A great positive for the design of this title is that, despite the fact that so much happens, the unlocking of powers — either pre-determined through story progression or purchased between missions — is gradual and sensible. Basic moves start off with team attacks and Unity attacks, and early levels show you the ropes while keeping you on your toes.
      This game is, undoubtedly, fiercely difficult. Starting in Normal difficulty, as we typically do, we had to quickly drop down to Easy, which was still rather challenging. In the early stages your group is small, underpowered and lacking many tricks, and though you can gather civilians as temporary members by drawing a circle around them, the limited moveset makes early enemies a tough ask. We found that Easy gave a sweet spot that pushed our abilities — including some GamePad-hurling moments — while allowing us to steadily progress.

      The upgrade system feels well implemented once you find a difficulty setting that suits you (there’s also Very Easy) as you become more powerful and add new Wonderful Ones to your group. The core group arrive at key points with fresh Unite abilities vital to beating certain enemies and traversing environments, and within the first half of the game you have a relatively full moveset. The Unite Hand of team leader Red is commonly used, but each new power is vital for opening gates, climbing walls or swinging across gaps, while other abilities such as a hang glider aren’t linked to a character but are just as important.
      And so this title is, at its core, a constant learning experience. Comparisons have been made to Pikmin 3 which, for the most part, are off the mark, but this gradual sense of education is similar, and getting struck by enemies also scatters your group, forcing you to dash around gathering them up, and occasionally call them in with the Y button. You’re always controlling, moving and attacking with one core leader, but the Unite powers and their effectiveness rely on the group being together, so a focus on team isn’t lost. With progress you learn to dodge, block, and then to dodge and block while dishing out damage all at once, so building up the group, learning and buying new abilities and — most importantly — learning enemy weaknesses is a case of steady progression.

      On an initial playthrough there are undoubted moments of frustration that flirt with opaque design. We had various points when the solution took a good time to present itself, and some battles that flirted with being unfair. And yet, with the option to jump around difficulty levels between missions, such complaints are eased against the context of the development team showing some mercy, and it’s a title that did leave us feeling foolish on multiple occasions as we toiled and then figured out the puzzle to progress or defeat an enemy after taking a fearful pounding. Over the course of many hours the brain does engage with the wacky world of this title, and greater awareness of what abilities to use where — including bridges and other environmental objects — becomes more natural.
      That’s not to say all quirks can be ironed out with an easier difficulty or more practice. Some segments indoors — where the view is switched to the GamePad — are awkward and clunky, with the view being a fiddle to adjust and it can occasionally become difficult to grasp the environment from such a zoomed-in perspective; forming Unite powers in these areas can also be tough, as visibility of the shape being formed is unnecessarily tricky. Forming these Unite shapes is also a process of acclimatisation, with some being easier to quickly draw in the touch screen — though problems arise if you accidentally open a sub-menu and lose the input panel — and others being more reliably drawn with the right analogue stick. We alternated between the two, ensuring that the GamePad was a natural fit.

      Beyond the touch screen gestures there are other relatively minor uses of the second screen, such as accessing a Quick Help guide on the fly or switching out the colour-coded “leaders”. Each Wonder One actually levels up to a limited degree, and if you discover any favourites on your travels you can choose to use them as the lead, though cut-scenes and story sequences nevertheless revert to the main stars. It’s a small touch that could be considered inconsequential, but alongside extras such as pins and information collectibles work to add additional breadth to the game’s universe. Off-TV play and Miiverse integration are present and correct, but in truth the GamePad screen isn’t ideal for this experience on its own; there’s so much on screen, so much to absorb, that the real-estate on offer doesn’t feel like enough.
      The single player experience is the core component that defines the title, but co-op is available in the Wonderful Missions, ten-minute undertakings of varying difficulty that focus primarily on fighting the familiar mix of mechs from the main game. Up to five players can join in using the GamePad, Pro Controllers and Classic Controllers, and they’re a fun way to pass time with some friends on the couch. In a similar manner to off-TV play making the chaos difficult to absorb, having multiple colour-coded teams running around on screen is conversely fun and baffling, so confusion and laughs have to make odd bed-fellows. The missions themselves have a good mix of minions and large boss-like creatures to take on, but this is very much a side-portion to the single player adventure — probably added at Nintendo’s request, we’d speculate — and little more.

      It’s in single player that this title comes to the fore, however, and it feels like the approach to the campaign was simply “if it’s fun, put it in the game”. We won’t spoil any of the major surprises here, but suffice to say that footage you’ve seen doesn’t cover a lot of the Nintendo references and genre-bending that features. With a premise where heroes can unite to create forms and a futuristic world where the enemies employ enormous mechs of various shapes and sizes, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that PlatinumGames hasn’t missed the opportunity to push its ideas. Whether creatively navigating through large stages, or engaging in Battle Royales with enormous bosses — with some quick-time sequences actually adding to the fun — there’s terrific variety and eye-candy to absorb.
      The fact that after a playthrough we retained all of our money, crew members and upgrades — we only found just over 60 of the Wonderful 100 — means we’re also more than happy to play it all over again.
      For this is a game that grows with more play. Early on we wondered whether the chaos was too much, we then grew to love it. In later stages we thought some of the encounters or environmental challenges were excessive, yet we found a way. By the end we wanted more, and abilities and attack combos that seemed inconceivable in the early running became natural. With expertise comes more to learn and enjoy, and such is the breathless, extravagant cinematic flair — where no level of insanity is too much — that the spectacle and set pieces are worth revisiting. Collapsing cities, ridiculously intimidating enemies and various over-the-top sequences are unforgettable, and most pleasingly this is a title that’s happy to just be a ridiculous but sublime video game.
      The Wonderful 101 can be overwhelming, and the initial impression can be that it’s simply bombarding the senses too much, confusing both the eyes and the thumbs. The key is to play at the right difficulty level and accept its insanity, work with its peculiar logic and remain open-minded to its mechanics. In return it delivers an exceptional experience in which no scenario is too outrageous, no enemy too exaggerated or no set-piece too excessive. It’s not perfect, with some control quirks, fiddly moments and a multiplayer mode that feels tacked on, but so much about this title is thrilling. There’s simply no other game on the market with such a focus on ridiculous fun – this really is a must-have title for the Wii U.

    1. I thought this reviewer was spot on. Basically the only aspect not liked was the control scheme, and that was the most common and only real complaint brought up by most people who have played it.

      1. You are back to the time where each and every game controls needed to be learned. If you can’t learnnew controls wich is the game only negative you Beyer quit gaming now.

        1. What happens if you are new to gaming? Even on very easy the controls are still hard to adjust too. People these days want to get straight into the game and enjoy it, not spend hours learning, and learning, and learning, that’s what higher difficulties are for. And don’t give me this hardcore gamer bullshit either. The control scheme is frankly quite terrible, every other aspect is good.

              1. I seem to be the only person who can tell that you’re multiple people. on every news post, you have some kind of conversation between 2 of your many personalities. So I want to know, why do you argue with yourself? Why not post your own opinion on something, why u mad? I can tell by the icon that it’s always the same person. Either nobody else thinks about this or they know and just play along with your little charade. I wouldn’t notice if you put some effort into your little game and made multiple accounts or something, but you didn’t. So, again. Why are you arguing with yourself?

                  1. those icons are randomized, much like mine. There is no way that a ton of the people on this website just happened to have the same randomized icon.

                    1. Again, it is still randomized. You’re pretty much just trying to avoid me blowing your cover.

                    1. wtf??? It looked different when I was typing in my comment. Welp, I guess you guys were right.

          1. People this days don’t care for easy controls or they would not even touch a tablet game. New imput devices ad new ways of enjoyment by your opinion the PC mouse and the analogue sticks should never have been invented.

          2. Dude, your hypocrisy syndrome needs to get checked because you just contradicted yourself over practice controls and saying its terrible.

            Mommy dropped you on your head twice before right? I figure.

          3. You know… back in the days kids had games like Contra and despite its difficulty they enjoyed the heck out of it.

          4. No, that’s bullshit.
            The control scheme of the full game, if it emulates the demo, is just fucking perfect for the majority of gamers.
            We’re not children; we play shit like Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden and we don’t even bat an eye over the learning curve there. We memorize thousands of complicated button combos in fighters and perform them second nature once muscle memory kicks in.
            The controls here are DECIDEDLY less complicated than those things.
            They don’t take NEARLY the effort to master that those things do.
            The only way someone could rank this game down for the controls is if one is a lazy gamer who can’t be assed to do something as simple as fucking PRACTICE, or if they just simply plain out hate the Game Pad.
            ESPECIALLY when new moves are introduced for the player to get used to.

            It doesn’t take “hours and hours and hours” to learn these controls. At all. If it does, then whoever is playing needs to start on something easier.

    1. Lol no, if you have the demo then you understand their major issue is CONTROLS THIS CONTROLS THAT


    2. If you depend on reviews and g off the one review to make your purchase then just don’t buy the game period. Yep it’s your right and your money but we all know with the gamepad for any game there will always be a learning curve.

      1. You sure about that? They gave pikmin 3 a pretty high score. They gave wonderful 101 lower. Read the whole review and you will see their points.

          1. No one argues the score what we are arguing is the stupidity of not even trying to learn a new controls. By your opinion metal gear should not have received his core Mario 64 neither and Tony hawk is to much trouble to enjoy.

            1. exactly! Fuck IGN, they gave the crippled Controlled Skyward Sword a perfect 10, but then they go on and give this a 7? fuck them….. right?

    1. Heck, IGN Italy gave this game a 9.5!

      I just think that Keza marks a game down because she has to LEARN controls. -_-

      Oh no! Did I say the word “learn”? Yeah, that’s right, Keza, the controls aren’t always going to be magically easy for you.

      1. It learning controls stoped me from gaming I would have never enjoyed Mario 64, Zelda, Turok and many other games.

        1. A review is an opinion, she didn’t like it, so she commented on it. Do you even know what a review is? A FUCKING OPINION YOU DUMBSHIT FANBOY.

                  1. do you just go around trying to make fun of down syndrome by using it as an insult or are you just stupid?

                  2. If she has the right to diss the game, people have the right to diss her, you fucking idiot. If you’re going to go around websites throwing emotional words everywhere at everyone, you shouldn’t BE on the websites, unless you enjoy emotionally expressing yourself on the Internet. There were many times Keza has done stupid shit and given a game a lower score for the DUMBEST reasons. Now, I’m not saying she should be fired (MY OPINION), but I do think she’s a bad reviewer. If you call someone a dumbass fanboy for protecting a game, and disagreeing with the score then you must be fucking obsessed with Keza or IGN or some shit, because you’re sitting here protecting the review like a mother fucking ancient samurai.

        1. I know :( a review is just an opinion anyway, everyone’s will be different. I don’t see why people get so upset. My favourite game of all time scored a 6/10, I don’t care that it did either.

        2. Accurate?
          With such a bullshit reason as “the controls were complicated” for not giving it the 8 it deserves?
          Surely you jest!
          Oh, wait…

          1. >Calls everyone faggots.
            >Makes himself look tough and correct.
            >Doesn’t provide any facts.

            …again, you’re proving your stupidity. His website isn’t “extremely biased” as he still reports negatively oriented Nintendo news, and positively oriented Playstation and Xbox news. You’re just too fucking ignorant. You don’t have kids, a wife, and a job. Who the fuck are you to judge him?

  1. Heres the review Nintendolife well the conclusion.

    The Wonderful 101 can be overwhelming, and the initial impression can be that it’s simply bombarding the senses too much, confusing both the eyes and the thumbs. The key is to play at the right difficulty level and accept its insanity, work with its peculiar logic and remain open-minded to its mechanics. In return it delivers an exceptional experience in which no scenario is too outrageous, no enemy too exaggerated or no set-piece too excessive. It’s not perfect, with some control quirks, fiddly moments and a multiplayer mode that feels tacked on, but so much about this title is thrilling. There’s simply no other game on the market with such a focus on ridiculous fun – this really is a must-have title for the Wii U.

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Sickr, are you sure the reviewer, Keza MacDonald, reviewed the “North American version”? I thought she lived in the UK, so wouldn’t she have the UK version?

  3. The Demo do not do me any favor to me, I play it one time and I love it, I play it another time and I hate it, I play it a 3 time and love it again, play it again, hate it again, repeat it for the 20 times the demo let me play.

  4. It’s just me, or Keza’s needs to play more with barbies… or maybe she just sucks playing this game… who knows?

  5. After the whole “oh doing parrys is too hard” bullshit in every MGR:Revengeance review, i half expected a score like this. Idiotic reviewers who can’t play games properly shouldn’t be reviewers.


    1. Even am impressed by GameSpot. They gave it a great score knowing their hating ways lol. Ign is Sonyville. The took apart the xboxone lol.

      1. Back when I was a kid, games always had new types of control. It was just Nintendo, Sega and other were just as inventive, either at home or the arcade.

        There was Slalom (later done by Rare on the Nes) where you would stand on skies and grab on to polls. Tempest you grabbed a nob to turn around the square. Galaxy Force, Space Harrier, Afterburner, Thunderforce, you rode on a titling vehicle which added to the immersion. Hangon you had to title the bike. Paperboy and other games like it you use handle bars. If there wasn’t all these play controls I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. I think some miss the point of gaming and what make games great. Its about new experiences.

  7. I would have gave it a higher score myself. The controls are different but once you get the hang of it, its nice. Oh yeah I beat Pikmin 3 with 33/66 fruits. Now I am searching for all the fruit. The story is as long as you want it to be. I’m not done. I love this game….really I do. I really don’t need 3 characters though unless to reach areas and have to toss.

  8. Lets recap. It was reviewed by Keeza, one of the most nitpicking reviewers on IGN that constantly over does details.

    Heck, she deducted points to Xenoblade Chronicles for not having HD graffics when it was released for the Wii!

    I am not expecting this to get tons of 10’s, but at least to be on the 80’s or even some 90’s.

  9. no need to bitch about the score. if it actually deters anybody from getting the game then get the demo and make that determination yourself. I’ll personally get it when it’s lower in price.

  10. I give this game a 9 out of 10 only after playing the demo 6 times… probably give 9.5 out of 10 after finished the entire game 4-5 times.

  11. She in 2011-2012 gave Xenoblade chronicles an 8 ( really! ). Famitsu is the most reliable reviewer. Wait for their scores, but still buy. So modern day gamers want a COD FPS type game with baby controls and not learning curve? SEGA should make a console to compete with Nintendo next generation.

    1. Off topic. I LIKE THE WII U. Just got done playing W101 not in my living room but my balcony. Yes! I you can have small screen appear so you can see inside a building. That game is slick as fuck. Though Wonder green’s gun appears sort of weak. Or maybe I just have to learn the controls. I know how to switch them now. THIS IS ONE HELL OF A GAME. THE GRAPHICS ARE TO DIE FOR!!! If you need me, i’ll be on Miiverse!!!

      1. I play it in the comfort of my bed as my girl watches Tyra banks and the girls of next top model. Them we watch science week on Netflix on the gamepad. Pikmin 3, I need you :).

      1. Haw they did that? Last times I check famitsu games are reviewed by 4 people so it should had a 40/40 not 10 you morron.

    1. I am a girl and I feel offended by this comment.
      Just because one girl has rated a game wrongly in your opinion, doesn’t mean any other girl can’t do it right. Besides, it is a review and therefore impossible to be objective. That review is her opinion on the game, it does not mean everyone else has to see everything about the in the same way she did.
      You, sir, are an idiot.

        1. Telling me to write a review at this point is idiotic, senseless and a waste of space.
          I have in no way implied that I am able to write a better review than Keeza, or a good one at all. I have merely pointed out that just because one person didn’t do it well (in your opinion), it doesn’t mean others can’t write a good one either. I’ve seen enough males writing bad reviews but you don’t see me going all “lol guys can’t write reviews”. Next time, think of better arguments to support your fantastic statements before posting them, otherwise you’ll make yourself look unbelievably stupid. Like you did just now.

          1. Look … real hardcore girls gamers are more rare than a Naruto episode without fucking flashbacks. To do a good review of W101 .. you need to be a good reviewer and an hardcore gamer. That girl is not. If you think you are better. do a fucking review.

            This game is a 9 out of 10. Not 7.4

              1. He is right. Most of the hc girl gamers turn out to be males in real life lol. Girls dont game and its rare like he said.

                1. Hardcore gaming girls are more rare than antimatter in the universe. I have known one in my entire life and she was lesbian.

  12. I’m not surprised by her review score considering she mentioned the same criticisms a few weeks ago. This is why I’m happy there’s a demo of the W101, because it gave me a chance to get a feel of the game. While the controls aren’t perfect, they certainly are FAR from bad! Thankfully, I learned a LONG time ago to consider IGN reviews with a healthy amount of skepticism. Just look at what they gave Zombi U? They had Greg Miller, a known Sony fanboy review Zombi U which he awarded it with a 6. While Zombi U had it’s flaws, it deserved more than a 6. In fact, had I listened to IGN, I would’ve missed out on a truly unique good game. Anyhow, IGN has given games with far more problems a higher score. Also, I don’t trust Keeza as a reviewer of games for the Wii U. Based upon things she’s said in the past, I don’t think she likes the Wii U that much. Now, she certainly has the right to feel like that (if she does), but it could also affect how she reviews a game of the Wii U. Anyway, I’m getting the W101. It’s something new, fresh, and unique, just like the Last of Us was. Can’t wait till September 15th!

        1. That is the point, my friend. People want good stories nowadays. I mean, a game doesn’t need a big drama movie story to be good. Game needs good gameplay. Enough of interactive movies..

            1. What I love about a good story in a game, though, is that you have to keep playing and work hard to unlock all the mysteries and plot twists, instead of just doing nothing and watching the plot unfold before you like in a book or movie. =v= But yeah, if the gameplay isn’t good enough either, chances are it’s not gonna be worth it unless the story is really THAT good.

              1. I have nothing against a good story but non Nintendo gamers specially in the west tends to view a good story as a great game which is not the case for a true gamer…

                1. Exactly! The story should not be the major point for a game, it is the least important as a matter of fact. When I want to play a game I want to PLAY, not WATCH. Most of my favorite games has simple stories.

  13. Nintendo is going to need to hurry it up with that better battery for my GamePad. I really love the off screen. Someone was watching tv. I was outside on the balcony playing the console. It was really nice watching the sun go down. Words can’t even explain. Will I’m off to Miiverse.

    1. Wtf you are talkin? No one here dont care about your personal life? This isnt mynintendodiary this is mynintendonews. Do you even use your brains. Or are those pills too much for you?

      1. Lol. IOh please. I can say whatever I want to say. After all you didn’t bitch when the Sonydrones posted their personal life. You just got a problem with me. After all where’s your mob that agrees with you?

  14. Get your own name drone, there is only one Gamer, me! Stop butchering the queens tongue and learn how to use and study new control schemes like real Gamers. Unlike your ign article wife above lol.

  15. You know the Wii U is very underated. I played Pikmin 3 with the Pro controller and with the GamePad. I love this damn thing. The GamePad is comfortable to hold. I can play all over the house. It’s almost as if the Wii U is portable. Now I waiting to experience more games on off TV play as well as on TV.

      1. I don’t give fuck. I’m like a ghost Pokemon fighting Ratata no effect!!!! I dnt dont give a fuck if Xbone is more powerful with 25 exclusive to Ninty’s 18. Nintendo games rule!!! And with GamePad its over!!!

          1. So you saying it’s ok for Sonydrones and Xboxfans to come on here and be off topic but because I’m happy with my Wii U and coming on here it’s a problem.

  16. I can’t wait to play Watchdogs, Rayman, SM3DW. I hope i can play smashbros off TV mode and Mario Kart 8. Álso unlike a tablet, i can watch youtube and be on another site at the same time!!!! I LOVE THIS THING!!!

  17. People should not listen to reviews. There are a lot of personal opinion in every review. Probably the reviewer doesn’t like to take much effort in learning controls.

  18. Again these american sites and their failed attempts to destroy the image of the true quality and classic games(Japanese mostly)

    Go and play your fuck FPS/MADDENbox and yours mobile games shit yanks.

    1. A lot of gamers do but most of them start to realize that every COD get 9 or 10 out 10 and some of their favourite games get a low scores.

      So they take IGN as a grain of salts than a holy grail.

  19. Well, I’ve never put much stock in anything IGN, but judging from the demo it seems as if they were a bit too generous if anything.

  20. I played the demo and learned first hand that since its Nintendo’s newest game, the controls will feel different just like how Pikmin was different when it began. Of course it’ll take time to learn to play a new game with new control/gameplay scheme.

    This twat of IGN lowered the score of this fresh game because the dumb bitch couldn’t/refusing to learn how to play a fucking new game and complained like an ass? Of course this review is biased because not only people don’t nor want to understand Nintendo’s decisions but anything new they deliver to the table is immediately considered crap because its not rich in lower PC-graphics or doesn’t play like Call of Duty which its so easy an infant can play and win without effort put into it.

    I swear, IGNorant of America is another Anti-Nintendo territory that shoots down anything that’s potentially good and refreshing but goes and rates the likes of the infamously milked Call of Noobies games higher than 9.0. They’re already as retarded and twisted and most of their reviews shouldn’t be trusted or listened at all. They’re the Fox News of the video gaming world.

  21. IGN – Insufficient Gonad Nerds.

    Not liking something because it’s new? Is IGN run by a bunch of pensioners? IDIOTs!

  22. If W101 was exclusive to Ps4 it would have been ranked hire. But because it’s a Nintendo exclusive IGN will rank it as low as possible.

    1. You really are pathetic kid. Get over it. In the end of the day no one cares about review scores. We all have our opinions. I hope you find cure for that disease which prevents you from using your brains.

  23. Wow, I read the full review and it is… terrible. Ignoring the numerical score, just reading it tells me so little about this game. If there hadn’t been a demo, I wouldn’t know a thing about the gameplay or that there’s pro controller support. Also, I don’t think there’s 1 mention of multiplayer.

    My impression of the review: “It’s frustrating for me, so it’s going to be frustrating for you soyou may hate it. It, however, had enough charm to make it bearable to play.”

    I just don’t rely on IGN anymore. Reviews have always been a bit wonky but even their news on he Nintendo side sucks. I remember when Nintendo posted a profit for the quarter but bad Wii U sales, their headline was like “Abyssmal sales for Wii U” or something.

    It’s almost like you lose credibility as a gamer if you praise anything Wii U related… I would just like to see fair, unbiased reviews and news.

  24. 8-9 as i can see it. the more u play W101, the more easier the controls get to understand. Pikmin 3 Wiimote and Nunchuk controls were slightly different from Pikmin 2 Wii version, yet u learn it.

  25. Ohhhhh noooooo! The Inhumanity!

    Sarcasm aside, It’s not a bad score. The demo was fun. I’m gonna pick it up eventually.

  26. People never bitched about okami’s controls when it launched and it had issues on ps2 and wii with registering what i did time to time. Everybody give a perfect score to, even okamiden as well. And everybody seems bitch about the drawing controls, when we first sawed this mechanic in okami

  27. Anyone who thinks the controls are “akward” or “difficult” are just not hardcore gamers and are just lazy…

    Like the Kid Icarus Uprising controls…

    They are so good once you master them…

  28. Well, I think that you should judge on your own personal gaming experience. No review, crappy or not, boy or girl, is going to give you a real feel of the game. This is why I tell my little nephew:

    “never judge on what you see alone. You have to play and feel in your heart on what you think is good or not. This is one of many secrets of being a true gamer. A game is nothing more than a book, only difference is that you are the main character and you play the story on your own way”.

    I dont rely on reviews that much to determine how good a game really it until I try it. So therefore, its her opinions on the game and any other games she played. We must not forget that people we see play games are beginners anyways or play it dumb to show off the game period (before lauch or shown at E3). It’s our options that count on a games repectives…not some review of that specific game.

    I hope some of you understand this.

  29. I don’t know which is worse, defending this game score or complaining about it?

    Seriously guys, it is just a game. I recommend playing it on the demo and if you don’t like it then move on. If you do like it then buy it or ask for it as a gift.

    Maybe everyone will buy this game regardless of the score it was given.

    1. Quite right. People have to remember that a review is just an opinion, it in no way reflects what yours will be. So go and play the demo, or full game, and make up your own mind.

      For example, Pikmin 3 has received rave reviews but I found it boring and promptly sold it after completion. Zombi U received a few damning reviews, but it is the reason I actually bought a Wii U and is one of the only games I have NOT sold because I love it so!

      So try the demo, or go out and buy The W101 and just enjoy the freakin’ game! I know I will!

  30. This game got 9.5 on IGN Italy, and a buch of 9.0’s and 8.0’s in other websites. Why is this even news? it’s just one single review and is not even accurate. Is it just for the sake of posting bad news? because this website is already popular because of that. More like “MYSADNINTENDONEWS.COM”

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