The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Download Size Revealed, Supports Wii U Pro Controller


The download size for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD has been revealed. The action-adventure remake requires 2.6GB of free space to download from the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, according to the Japanese website for the game. The website also confirms that the game can be played using a Wii U Pro Controller. However, it doesn’t support the Wii Remote, Nunchuk or Wii Classic Controller. It was previously announced that the game will feature 1080p visuals. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be released in Japan on September 26th, and it arrives October in Europe and North America.


    1. well tiny download sizes are a double edged sword.. of course it takes less time to download but size is usually directly proportional to graphic fidelity

      in this case it doesn’t really matter since it’s a remake and almost 3 times the size it was on gamecube… and it looks pretty neat

      but to complain about big files in general is just wrong

      1. Actually in more modern devices and hardware you can make an amazing looking game in a small file size.

  1. Weird, pokemon x and y are slightly under 1 GB less than that. I guess it’s because it’s a GameCube game originally.

    1. 1. Pokemon X and Y are going to be around 1.7GB.
      2. Pokemon X and Y where not originally on GameCube.
      Evidence of this is that all 3D Pokemon games prior, have a different art style including the GC ones and 2 all main series games are portable and with the new 3DS it was the obvious candidate.

    1. i did too, but apparently aLOT of people hated them

      the only thing that annoyed me most is FI, MORE SO THAN NAVI


        1. At least she had an awesome several themes.

          These three make my point. Best one to me is Fi’s farewell theme.

          Fi: Master Snowman, I have something more to say. Though I was created to assist you in the goddess’ mission, I wanted to say before I enter a never ending slumber…T H A N K Y O U, G O O D B U Y F O R E V E R.

          Me: Bish, please! I’ll see you again. Go on, get outta here and sleep for a good 500 years for my reincarnated self grabs you again or until I play this game again.

      1. Skyward Sword definitely took a lot of getting used to for me (I had Twilight Princess on the GameCube, but I didn’t get far in the Nintendo Selects version for Wii). I can’t say I hated the motion controls, but neither can I say I prefer them over the button controls. Heck, I think Skyward Sword made me love Ocarina of Time 3D just oh so much more.

    2. Haven’t played Skyward Sword (yet), but I did enjoy the motion controls in the Zelda game from Nintendo Land.

  2. Cool cool. I got me a fancy 1 TB external hard drive.. so I don’t have to worry about space!!

  3. Gonna get physical version. I dont trust in digital content on Nintendo systems. I only buy digital from N if its only option.

  4. Alba tomorrow could you post the media create numbers for the weekstarting August 4 to August 11 for Japanese numbers. 50% of the total is all 3DS. Pikmin 3 was number 10 in most games sold with the 3DS dominating everything. It’s an interesting read for all Gamers. Wind Waker HD remastered is making me scrounge for loose pennies now, pro controller support is heaven sent :).

  5. If wind weaker hd doesn’t support classic controller, will the next smash bros game? I hope so, I can’t play smash bros without a GameCube controller.

    1. just get a pro controler, its nothing like a gamecube one, and my friend who loves sony thinks its rad.

        1. Except when playing Metroid Prime or Prime 2. Wii remote + Nunchuck beats the GameCube controller to death in those cases.

    2. Wii U Pro controller is your only option, since the wii u does not support gamecube controller(no port for them) but it would probably support using the wii remote with a classic pro controller or nunchuk

  6. Damn, was hoping there would be an option motion plus comtrols. Loved Skyward Swords controls.

  7. I dont remember when was the last time when 1 system had so much great exclusives comin on same year and when you count all those multiplats too you realize that you have to become an ultimate no life form in order to play them all and completely broke. WiiU is great system haters need to just deal with it. I never liked this console war business it clearly damages the minds of some who start to think that they are commanders in great war fightin for brand and for company. Do those people have jobs or life anyway?

    1. There has been any consoles with that kind of exclusives coming in the same year and I mean from no one not even nintendo. This goes to show that Nintendo realy support his consoles. Wish the vita has such a opportunity.

      1. Yeah but according to the latest gaming informer, Xbox one is suffering the same thing Wii U is in system diolouges. If you want me too, I’ll type in exacly as it says in the magazine for the artical of Xbox One.

  8. holy shit! only 2.6 gb, I’m fucking downloading that bitch. also thank your god it supports pro controller. no way I’m playing this game with that fucking gamepad.

    1. No have pro controller so I have no choice. Besides, I like the gamepad play. Monster hunter was easy to use on it…and the fact of no pause menu, miiverse direct in game, and simple navigation map without pausing is a blessing. Don’t know why you would not want to play on the gamepad when its featured an off tv play, but its your option. Give me gamepad anyday for zelda. :D

      1. Gamepad play is great, especially since you can quickly switch items as you like wihout going into a menu. Though the Gamepad is sorta heavy for long play sessions… Unless you’ve got huge manly lumberjack hand. I do not.

  9. Don’t forget that the GameCube discs maximum capacity was 1.5 GB. It’s not wise to judge a game based on its capacity, otherwise you miss out on some great game.

  10. Let me see if I get this right, a GameCube game had a capacity of around 1.4GB, and with the “graphical update” I’m guessing this game really isn’t big in the content department.
    There are Wii U games that weight even 20GB or so, and they want me to pay the same amount of money for a 10 year old 2.6GB game? They have an issue here, unless they lower the price of this game to half what Wii U games often cost I am not buying it.

    1. im guessing your not that big of a zelda fan. you really shouldnt count the game out, as it really does have a great amount of content. i have never in my life heard complaints os small gb size, whats wrong with you?

    2. This game is great and totally worth the money. What’s with all people wanting lower prices on everything these days? This isn’t some shitty iOS game.

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