Famitsu has awarded The Wonderful 101 with a near-perfect score. The Japanese video game magazine gave the upcoming action game a 39/40. Despite achieving the high number, the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, recently expressed his disdain toward review scores. Kamiya previously stated that he thinks the game will not need DLC. The Wonderful 101 will launch exclusively for Wii U in Europe on August 23rd and in North America on September 15th.



  1. I agree with Famitsu on this one. There is an adjustment at first of learning how to play the game but once you get the hang of it it’s actually a very fresh and fun experience. The only thing I would complain about would be the camera and that’s it.


  2. Famitsu as I mentioned earlier is the only gaming rating group to trust. Great score, even higher than Pikmin 3. That ign lady was on her crazy self again. Even gamespot gave if an 8. Wonderful 101 that is. People these days give a low score cause a game is hard. As all games with action should be.


      • No, Kezza is just bad at games like most mainstream and even smaller youtube reviewers
        I remember when the Metal Gear Rising reviews came in and all these morons didn’t know how to fucking parry, a system that took me 5 minutes to full understand, and criticised the story because apparently, Metal Gear Solid was a very serious game (oh wait), even though it’s not even the highlight of the game, and it’s Platinum, what did they expect.

        Yet everyone played it, fell in love with it, and i still had more fun with it than Bioshock and The Last of Us (but that’s not saying much considering those movies. Sorry, “games”.)


        • I agree with dragon, if she was the one who reviewed Xenoblade then yes shes’s a terrible reviewer. I dared anyone to read her review on xenoblade and tell me she did a good job…


      • I can’t tell if she is a man….. But I guess she is a girl. O.O Also, because a game is hard, doesn’t make it a “bad” game or “mediocre.” It’s like saying Megaman 2 deserves a 7.2 cause of it’s difficulty…. Or saying the game is just okay…. because you can’t get past the first boss.

        I’m not in anyway disagreeing with the score, I’m just not okay with the reasons given for the 7.4 score.


  3. Does this mean they will need more than the 30k copies shipped to Japan? This game is growing on me. But this holiday is going to be hard to choose from so many games.donkeykong,mario,sonic everything will be impulse buys so I must choose carefully!


  4. REVIEWS… Some people don’t always love great movies and even if I said something like, I don’t know, this person didn’t like The Godfather, a movie a high percentage of people who love movies would say is one of, if not the best, some of us/you would say, “Godfather? That movie was slow and boring”
    And so it goes… This game is probably awesome and a complete experience and I am pumped to play it. Fuck it if a few people don’t like it… It’s bound to happen


  5. You guys know that 7/10 is a good score, right guys? And you guys know that the IGN reviewer has played the whole game and you haven’t, right guys? And you do know that a game review is subject to the opinion of the reviewer, for positive or negative, right guys?

    Fucking hell, guys. 7 is good. Accept that the game might not be the best thing sliced bread for everybody and move the fuck on. Seriously, you’re making the rest of use Nintendo fans look bad.

    (inb4 Xbot/Sonyfag/whatever presumptuous shit you sling my way. I got the Wii U at fucking launch and like the console.)


  6. Didn’t a Fighting game based off an anime series get a perfect score? So, a liscenced game on the Ps3 scored better than W101 did. That says a lot.


  7. Nice to see the comment section of is just as vitriolic as ever since I last came here two years ago. Now I remember why I stopped reading this site to begin with. :|


  8. I dont trust Famitsu, I believe they gave FFXIII a perfect score (40/40) back in the days when pretty much everyone else admitted the game wasn’t that great. They’re from Japan and seem to heavily favor japanese games. I’m not saying some american sites dont do the same, but I just can’t help but feel like they are heavily biaised. The game still looks great, just far from near perfect score.


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