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Famitsu Awards The Wonderful 101 With A Near-Perfect Score


Famitsu has awarded The Wonderful 101 with a near-perfect score. The Japanese video game magazine gave the upcoming action game a 39/40. Despite achieving the high number, the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, recently expressed his disdain toward review scores. Kamiya previously stated that he thinks the game will not need DLC. The Wonderful 101 will launch exclusively for Wii U in Europe on August 23rd and in North America on September 15th.

186 thoughts on “Famitsu Awards The Wonderful 101 With A Near-Perfect Score”

    1. Ok, hold the phone, when ign awards the game 7.4, you say they suck, or that scores should not exist,when famitsu awards it, it must be great! contradicting motherfuckers

      1. The thing is… we tried the demo. They say it’s hard to draw shapes like a hammer when it really isn’t ._. it just takes more time to draw since the hammer is OP as fuck. That’s the point. Yet for thar reason, Keza gives it a 7,4.

        1. They have a history of giving shit scores to Platinum games. Look at the God Hand review. It’s literally the worst videogame review of ALL TIME.

      1. I’ve already had the “pleasure” of meeting your Dark version…

        Quite an obvious Xbot considering he has the abomination Xbox Done on pre-order…

          1. What’s the point of the demo then? Just to look pretty?

            Also, why attack the IGN reviewer when she clearly played the entire game? Nintendo drones are so stupid lol.

            1. The point of the demo is to show you how the game plays and runs, if you think you can judge a game by it’s demo, you’re stupid, you might as well say it was too short, for crying out loud.

              1. The point of the demo is to be able to judge the game as to whether you like it or not and so if you want to purchase it or not. I’m still going to purchase it, but the control scheme is frankly not great,

                1. Yes, I agree, I disagree with the control thing tough, I found it to be fluid, and really fun, it does have a steep learning curve though, I’m sorry for being a bit rude, I just thought you were a troll, I understood you wanted to review the game based on the demo… anyways, I’ve played the demo 5 times already, and you get better with each playthrough, maybe you should try it again, of course, if you simply dislike the control scheme, then that’s really not my problem :P

                  1. The game is great, it’s just the controls is what I dislike :P

                    But then again, I liked Kid Icarus controls :P so meh, we’ll move on!

      1. So why is it Nintendo fans get angry when people give it a bad review and attack that reviewers credibility? That person had played the game, but the fans haven’t. Kind of just ruined it for your drone friends.

        1. History is a great teacher. Keza your reviewer girlfriend from ign gave Xenoblade chronicles an 8. Xenoblade chronicles is now $90 used, go figure. Just straightened and corrected you. By the way Xenoblade chronicles got a 97% from Famitsu :).

          1. 8/10? And you’re crying like a little bitch? $90 used at gamestop … I got it brand new for $67 the other day …. Gamestop are ripping people off ….

                    1. Can I have a proper reply, Nintendo Commander, or are you just going to admit that you just said that because of your lack of understanding?

  1. I agree with Famitsu on this one. There is an adjustment at first of learning how to play the game but once you get the hang of it it’s actually a very fresh and fun experience. The only thing I would complain about would be the camera and that’s it.

  2. Famitsu as I mentioned earlier is the only gaming rating group to trust. Great score, even higher than Pikmin 3. That ign lady was on her crazy self again. Even gamespot gave if an 8. Wonderful 101 that is. People these days give a low score cause a game is hard. As all games with action should be.

    1. Yeah I have never trusted IGN scores. Famitsu is usually pretty on but youtube reviewers are usually the best place to find video game reviews.

        1. I used to read all of Nintendo Power’s reviews because they were pretty close to my tastes. The best place to go for just a pure score is Metacritic in my opinion.

            1. Yeah rev3games is probably my favorite youtube reviewing channel. Sessler, Scoville, and Strong are usually dead on. Plus they really know their material and cover all things videogames and not just AAA titles.

    1. Why? Because she expressed how she felt about the game? I think you and all those sexist pigs who attacked her should feel ashamed.

        1. He is like a failed cloning experiment from the original Gamer…

          Nice to see you again…

          As odd as it might sound…

            1. Well the Wii U is finally getting the real games with Pikmin 3 and TW101 as the beginning so I can’t complain much…

              The 3DS still going as excellent as ever…

              It’s shaping up to be a pretty good generation after all for our Empire…

              1. I know :P as soon as Pikmin 3 hit, I pounced :P

                Awesome, Xbox dead yet? With all the 180ing they’re doing, I’m just not going to bother with them.

                1. Even with their “180” why should anyone trust them anymore?…

                  I just don’t understand sometimes (even though I do) how people can still buy things from companies that wanted to screw them over…

                  After all, Microsoft’s policies are that they can change them whenever they please, that alone should make anyone with a decent brain to reject such a company…

                  I really hope they fall flat this time around, letting our Empire and the Sonyans regain their corrupted sector once again…

                  We cannot let gaming fall to the ways of sport…

                    1. I don’t mind the characters. What I hate is that it dosnt feal or look like killer instinct at all. IMO

                    2. MarioBro2012 eh? Snowman009. As for the new KI, 8 characters is not enough for todays gaming but I can’t just take anyones word for it. I have to play it if I want to judge it for myself. I saw it in action, but no play just yet.

                  1. I want to see Nintendo and Sony come together and take out Xbox. Oh, what a glorious day that would be! :D

                    1. Nintendo Commander

                      Agreed, atleast to the point and for the sole purpose of destroying them once and for all…

                    2. I’m not sure if I really want any of the big 3 to drop out since I like having competition drive the industry to innovate against the competition but Microsoft does appear to be the scumbag of this upcoming generation. So I take it you got a new Wii U? You should add me sometime. My NNID is MarioBro2012.

                    3. Nintendo and Sony will dominate the console market while the Xbox One won’t be selling a single unit this November. Jellybean946… welcome back and congratulations. It’s never the same without you.

                      1. Hiya N-Dub, It’ll just be Japanese figures worldwide ;) Xbox will be soooo lonely hahahahaha!

        2. No, Kezza is just bad at games like most mainstream and even smaller youtube reviewers
          I remember when the Metal Gear Rising reviews came in and all these morons didn’t know how to fucking parry, a system that took me 5 minutes to full understand, and criticised the story because apparently, Metal Gear Solid was a very serious game (oh wait), even though it’s not even the highlight of the game, and it’s Platinum, what did they expect.

          Yet everyone played it, fell in love with it, and i still had more fun with it than Bioshock and The Last of Us (but that’s not saying much considering those movies. Sorry, “games”.)

          1. I agree with dragon, if she was the one who reviewed Xenoblade then yes shes’s a terrible reviewer. I dared anyone to read her review on xenoblade and tell me she did a good job…

        3. I can’t tell if she is a man….. But I guess she is a girl. O.O Also, because a game is hard, doesn’t make it a “bad” game or “mediocre.” It’s like saying Megaman 2 deserves a 7.2 cause of it’s difficulty…. Or saying the game is just okay…. because you can’t get past the first boss.

          I’m not in anyway disagreeing with the score, I’m just not okay with the reasons given for the 7.4 score.

          1. Funny that you mention Mega man 2. The American version has got two difficulty modes, but the hard mode is really just Japan’s ‘normal’ mode. That always bugged me. lol

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    3. i might pick this up and blacklist, im super stokes for blacklist though, cant wait..
      PS Pikmin 3 was Awesome! ^_^

        1. Well that’s good. I loved the W101 demo (Used all the uses already ._. ).

          jellybean/gamer? I’m sorry, what?

          1. I think he was implying that you were the imposter Gamer. Anyways I am actually glad to have you back and I as well loved the Wonderful 101 demo. Finally a fresh experience where I actually had to learn how to play the game before I got good at it.

            1. I won’t be back for long :P I got a newborn to look after :P I just thought since this is like my first day off I’d see what was in the news XD

              Platinum Games are like one of my Favorite developers now! W101 could be my GOTY in the end :)

              1. Well congratulations! Yeah it’s because of Platinum Games that I have a bad taste for Team Ninja games. No one can really touch the level of quality and uniqueness that Platinum Games brings to the action genre. I heard that the ending sequence alone of The Wonderful 101 is two and half hours so I doubt this game will be as short as everyone fears. I feel that my pre-order of this game is justified and I agree that it could be game of the year. I think it’s biggest competition will be from GTA V, Blacklist, and Watch_Dogs.

                  1. Definitely! If only he could give us Viewtiful Joe 3 and Okami 2. I’ve always respected Kamiya because he is the one guy that will always give us a fresh experience and he is devoted to gaming. I think he forces himself to play through 3 NES games a week.

          1. Reverse Jellybean946

            If doing whatever you please includes complaining about all things Nintendo, then you have been replaced by a few people. However, if you’re into having serious conversations about gaming, then please stay!

              1. True that. I’m going so broke (good thing I got two new jobs with better pay) just this month alone with Pikmin 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. I also plan on buying Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV, Batman Arkham Origins (both Wii U and 3DS versions), Call of Duty: Ghosts, Yoshi’s Island 3, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I wonder if I’m missing anything? When I really think about it, I’m spending over $1,000 in gaming in 2013 alone.

                  1. Im like that, i still need to beat it. It feels a bit bland… The only thing thats honestly keeping me going is to get to the boss battles because the music is insanely good. It’s better than Sticker Star but still lacks that “umph”

                  2. Truth be told I only bought and haven’t played it. I don’t have anytime between taking summer classes, student government, cross country, work, etc. From what little I have played, the game is hilarious and the gameplay is just as good as ever. If you want a fun light hearted RPG then definitely pick it up.

              2. sup jelly bean, welcome back bro! you seem to have bought a wii u again so send me a friend invite when you get a chance. my NNID is pheonixmetal60. also, congrats on being a dad and your right, theres no reason to complain anymore.

      1. Believe me, this is nothing compared to the Ridley related outrage that happened everywhere Super Smash Bros. related on the internet from Smashboards to Gamefaqs because of the misleading picture of the Day. I had to leave Smashboards for the day because everybody had their panties in a knot. *shudders*

          1. Nothing much, I plan on pre-ordering a PS4 since I have a way to make $400 a month. Gonna get a PS4 and the Wind Waker HD bundle (if the rumors are true)

      2. Sheeeeeeeet, it’s jellybean.
        What do you think of the Vita price drop? xD about fucking time, now i’ll happily buy one.

        1. Sony might finally sell the damn thing! And Woooo! Borderlands 2! And Minecraft!

          Why MC isn’t on Wii U though I don’t understand ._.

          1. Yeah, but still no new BIG game for it.
            But i’ll happily buy it for P4Golden and a bunch of PSP games (never owned one).

            Im just glad the bloody memory cards have been reduced in price though.

            As for, i never really liked it xD but i don’t get why it’s not on WiiU, there’s not much excuse as to why not to put it on, it would barely cost anything now due to the way indie titles work on WiiU.

              1. Im honestly not fussy about either of those after the recent ones in their series but Sony need to put something on there, and not a Vita version of an existing game, but something original, or a returning old franchise, exclusive to the Vita, that’s what made the 3DS so strong. But for now, P4, Muramasa, and a few others will do me fine (and Dragons Crown, when it gets here -.-)

                  1. I would’ve but with W101, Saints Row 4, Splinter Cell, and tons of other stuff and the Vita price drop…it’s hard to just buy it xD

                      1. Oh god, i forgot you lived in Aus. That shit is so stupid haha but yeah, SF4…looks pretty stupid, but in a good way.

                1. I think Sony’s problem with the Vita is the same problem Sega had with their handhelds. They focused so much on trying to outdo Nintendo with a “better” handheld that they end up with something that’s just uninteresting to the mass market. Nintendo knows that a handheld is first and foremost designed for fun play on the go. Sega and Sony basically went for a portable version of their home consoles.

                  1. You have a valid point.
                    But really you can have the best of both world…Sony’s just not doing it…for some reason.

          2. Nintendo should just make their own “create your own world” type of game. I’m actually drooling at the possibilities of a game like that coming from Nintendo.

            1. True that.
              I honestly don’t get why they haven’t already done it.
              People talk all the time about a 2D or 3D Mario where you make your own levels. Considering the main 2D and 3D Mario’s only get released once or twice a console, it seems like a good step, it’s not like they’d make less money because people would make levels instead of buying a new game because the new platform would create even more possibilities.

    4. Does this mean they will need more than the 30k copies shipped to Japan? This game is growing on me. But this holiday is going to be hard to choose from so many games.donkeykong,mario,sonic everything will be impulse buys so I must choose carefully!

    5. Im so not in school this friday when this game comes out!!! Fuck the school, i got better things to do!!!!

    6. REVIEWS… Some people don’t always love great movies and even if I said something like, I don’t know, this person didn’t like The Godfather, a movie a high percentage of people who love movies would say is one of, if not the best, some of us/you would say, “Godfather? That movie was slow and boring”
      And so it goes… This game is probably awesome and a complete experience and I am pumped to play it. Fuck it if a few people don’t like it… It’s bound to happen

    7. You guys know that 7/10 is a good score, right guys? And you guys know that the IGN reviewer has played the whole game and you haven’t, right guys? And you do know that a game review is subject to the opinion of the reviewer, for positive or negative, right guys?

      Fucking hell, guys. 7 is good. Accept that the game might not be the best thing sliced bread for everybody and move the fuck on. Seriously, you’re making the rest of use Nintendo fans look bad.

      (inb4 Xbot/Sonyfag/whatever presumptuous shit you sling my way. I got the Wii U at fucking launch and like the console.)

    8. Didn’t a Fighting game based off an anime series get a perfect score? So, a liscenced game on the Ps3 scored better than W101 did. That says a lot.

    9. Nice to see the comment section of is just as vitriolic as ever since I last came here two years ago. Now I remember why I stopped reading this site to begin with. :|

    10. I dont trust Famitsu, I believe they gave FFXIII a perfect score (40/40) back in the days when pretty much everyone else admitted the game wasn’t that great. They’re from Japan and seem to heavily favor japanese games. I’m not saying some american sites dont do the same, but I just can’t help but feel like they are heavily biaised. The game still looks great, just far from near perfect score.

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