Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Announced By SEGA

During the European edition of yesterday’s new Sonic Lost World trailer SEGA announced that consumers will be able to pre-order a special version of the game titled Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition. This special version of the game includes DLC that adds NiGHTS into Dreams boss battles with The Deadly Six for those that pre-order the game.



  1. I’d rather have a combo edition with the Wii U and 3DS versions together at a discounted price. But alright, I’ll probably be preordering the Wii U version anyway.


    1. so basically you don’t even know what you’re talking about 9/10 times when you’re saying stuff about games on wiiu, the wiiu system etc?

      now i understand the hard defending of nintendo all the time even when they make bad decisions for customers… you’re not affected by don’t have the console.


      1. I’ve been with Nintendo ever since Game&Watch, I don’t need to have a Wii U to understand and see the injustice done upon it and our fans…

        So your point is invalid…


  2. Why would you put two fucking sonics I was going to buy this game but the two sonic fuck it up for me so in the next if sonic is only playable one again I will Agggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Cum down he will be playable again ok yes I don’t like sonic only and I was just like you but I came to see its not that bad of a game so just cum down now ok I will love if tails was playable but I think they are just fixing sonics game play so we don’t get a 06 again and I know everyone doesn’t wont that again so just be p and as soon as we know it he will be playable again ok ^_^


  3. Come on if tails can’t be playable in this game at lest make him playable on 2 and 4 player mode come on no one don’t wont to play clones of sonics come on Sega that is so Danm lame what the fuck where you thinking!?


  4. I hate that you can’t play as tails at last make him playable on 2 and 4 player mode why the fuck do I need to play as 4 sonics if you going to do this to the tails fans than I am done with you games and if you kill tails I will never play a sonic game again because I loved tails since I was A baby and if you kill tails you killed me as a baby


  5. Cum down ok I understand how you. Feel I wish he was playable to but at lest try the game I hate it at 1st but now I can’t wait for it to come out don’t worry miles prower tails and knuckles would be playable again just be p and when they’re are playable again it well be the best fucking sonic game since the 90s it Make the Wii u 3ds and ps4 Sell very good so just be p they’re just fixing sonics game play so it would be easy to play so don’t get so mad over this just because its sonic colnes which it’s very lame it could halp them fix his game play faster so we can play as tails and knuckles again so just be p ok


  6. I want to play as tails plz it will make the game sell more plz make him playable and if you do make him playable i want him to be playable for both viruses come on Sega don’t you care about the tails fans not everyone wants to play as just sonic I don’t want to play as just sonic I want to play as tails it would make the game so much cooler plz why is tails not playable it’s not far


    1. Stop!!!!! I mean it you need to cum down ok hay of you like tails like I do go to the App Store and buy sonic 1 because guess who is playable TAILS ^_^ I am going the buy that and buy this game to. So don’t worry he will be playable if they didn’t care about the tails fans he would not of baen playable in sonic dash or sonic 1 so plz stop getting so mad yes I am not to happy about him not being playable but he could be playable in the next sonic game it could be SA3 who knows


      1. No fuck you tails126 tails needs to be playable or if he is not I will make sure everyone don’t buy this bullshit he is not even in the story sp it is a fucking gay game


  7. Ok you need to stop!! I fucking mean it!!! >_< you are making me mad now and tails is in the story so is Amy and knuckles if you just go look at the Danm vid you will see that tails is in the game!!!! Ps I am sorry I got so mad at you but plz just cum down what if I was the r tails and you said that f word to me it will make me sad I know you i like you to you are one of my fan boys or Gris so don't worry I will be playable again what if I told you that I am just taking a big Breek a fox need to rest to you know so just cum down ok and plz don't do that to the fans of this game if you are a big fan of me plz don't do that to the p who wants to buy this game ok love tails to one of my fans


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