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More UbiArt Framework Games In Development


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that the recently announced Child of Light from Patrick Plourde, director of Far Cry 3, is only one of many UbiArt titles in development. The UbiArt framework has solely been used for Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins. Guillemot says that the gorgeous engine is being utilised a lot across the publisher’s business and there are “many titles” in development. The games aren’t ready be announced, but they are coming.

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55 thoughts on “More UbiArt Framework Games In Development”

  1. After playing Rayman Origins and the Legends demo on PS3, Rayman kicks the ever loving shit out of the 2D Mario games.

    1. True that. But are you really getting the PS3 version of Legends? The Wii U and Vita versions are basically the definitive versions.

        1. Let’s be realistic. They will probably copy and paste 90% of the last game and call it new. Plus who needs 2D Mario games when you have Rayman. Right :D?

            1. Sorry that this is off topic, but I remember you from the nintendo3dsblog. You helped me on how to get a avatar. I don’t remember saying this, but thanks.

          1. the only new thing about nintendo, is how they can make every next game they make more dull. zelda, mario cough cough. mario bros copy and paste, all the sheep “how innovative my body is reggie” duuuurrrr

  2. I have no doubt that these games will come to Wii U. Power is no problem as proven by the fact that Origins was on the Wii and 3DS.

      1. yes he is, he’s going to the all you can eat kfc buffet!! then hes going to go shit it all over the in denial nintendrones faces!!

        “how innovative!!” a cat suite!!!!!!

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  3. One week, Nintendo is trash.
    Next week, Nintendo’s getting cool games, ruling the charts, using engines that we were told the Wii U ‘can’t handle’ (lol).
    Child of Light > Steal cars killer 5

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            We got a new sword! Its name is Dark Repulsor.
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  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ubisoftians announced their own home console in the future at the rate they are going…

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