Level 5 Announces Wonder Flick For Smartphones And PS3/PS4/Vita/XB1/WiiU


Level 5 has announced their latest project which is titled Wonder Flick. The project is designed by Akihiko Hino with Final Fantasy XII artist Nao Ikeda and Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu helping out. The game will be released on a number of platforms, with smartphones getting the game first in 2013, while consoles will receive Wonder Flick in 2014. Here’s a few details regarding the intriguing game.

  • F2P with microtransactions
  • Character creation and equipment customisation
  • You flick medals (which represent commands) onto the enemies during battles to attack them.
  • It’s designed for quick play sessions so you can enjoy the exciting feel of a RPG in 3 minutes while on the go.
  • iOS and Android in Japan this November, the other platforms in 2014.


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    1. They should stop wasting their time trying to develop for a Betamax VCR from Microsoft and a controller named vita from Sony. Enjoy your 360, the last almost console from xbox lol.

  1. Sounds interesting.
    Hate the f2p with microtransactions but apart of that it sounds cool.

  2. Lol i know they will release the game on smartphones for 0.99 and they will release the exact same game on the consoles but for 15 bucks

    1. Did you miss the part where they said it’s a F2P game? As in, “free to play.” As in, it will not cost “0.99” or “15 bucks” as you say.

  3. I really don’t like games with microtransactions. It’s cool they got guys from the final fantasy team but that’s the ONLY cool thing.

    1. I might try this on Wii U(if it’s localized of course) after watching the gameplay trailer. It’s a shame that it’s not on 3DS.

  4. Another game coming to PS4, Wii U and Xbox One…. I feel like Patcher is going coco in his old age because it seems to me that a lot of third party games are coming to Wii U that are also going onto the PS4 and XBox One.

    1. As we approach the Holidays and now that a nintendo first party game has sold well Pikmin 3, third parties shall be bringing their games. Imagine how nice it is, I can play watch dogs, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D world, mh3u, blacklist and Assasins creed 4 on one system. Incoming destiny :). Pachter know nintendo owns all :).

    1. Well at least it didn’t do an Elder Scrolls Online and forced you to pay a monthly fee AND had microtransactions.

  5. Seems like the wiiu version will be the most superior

    “WonderFlick will incorporate a second screen. On the PS4, this will be done via smartphones and tablets. On Xbox One, Level 5 will use SmartGlass.”

  6. This game looks boring to me. Good thing Nobuo is helping with music, we should get it juz because of that and enjoy our smartphone touch-minigame RPG that looks like it has no actual exploration at all. I love it when people show big expansive environment in a trailer, like that cliff scene they showed twice for some reason, but the map is bland and only the rails/paths must be taken. Each area looks like it is just “touch here to go here”.

    Why would anyone care about this garbage. Plus it’s going to be F2P/Microtrans, that alone screams that it will be all kinds of bullshit.

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