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New Wii U Gamepad Battery Lasts A Definitive 5 To 8 Hours


A Japanese gaming website called Game Watch has put Nintendo’s new battery pack for the Wii U to the test. The new battery claims to last 5-8 hours due to its 2550 milliamps per hour as opposed to the original battery’s 1500. Game Watch tested the new battery with the gamepad on its brightest setting, without the power saving option on, running the opening movie from Monster Hunter 3 over and over for several hours. It turns out the battery lasted a full five hours and 12 minutes in this state – as advertised, a definitive 2-3 hours longer than the original battery would have survived.

Due to the battery’s larger size as seen in the above photo, it must be inserted horizontally into the gamepad, whereas the original battery sat vertically in the device. While third-party companies have attempted to create longer-lasting batteries for the Wii U, this is the first time Nintendo has produced its own in-house battery. Although it is currently only available in Japan, the battery’s success could result in a European and North American distribution as well.

Are you satisfied with the length of playing time you get out of your current battery for the Wii U gamepad? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

89 thoughts on “New Wii U Gamepad Battery Lasts A Definitive 5 To 8 Hours”

    1. Don’t bother. Might was well get the Nyko Uboost. I have it and it lasts up to 10 hours. It’s a little big, but totally worth it.

  1. Actually… No, I’m not satisfied with it.

    Thankfully I have an outlet available nearby where I use so sit and play the Wii U.

    But I wonder how difficult was to presume that the original Wii U game pad battery would struggle the use of it.

      1. Hey, Commander!

        I meant before the releasing…

        Anyway, I hope this new battery price tag is affordable – if it is going to be released outside Japan.

        1. Let’s hope it is…

          Although it will probably be sold for 200€ here in Sweden as always…

          Sometimes I hate this stupid nazi country…

            1. Jo jag får nog göra det när jag köper min Wii U…

              Jävla Xbox älskare…*wink*

              När köpte du din?…

                  1. Det var ett bra pris faktiskt…

                    Jag får kolla runt en del senare för att köpa den till ett rimligt pris under 3000kr…

                    Min Wii köpte jag för ca 2500kr i GAME så en Wii U för ungefär det priset är rimligt tycker jag…

                      1. Yes, I agree. My gamepad lasts 4-5 hours on full settings right now and I’m also near a plug as well. I suppose the added time is great, but at the moment with how I play my games and constantly use different controllers, I never have to worry about battery life.

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                                  2. The current Gamepad battery definitely loses charge fast so this will be a good thing to own.

                                    But personally I think the Wii U firmware should give you more control over the Power Saving settings. For instance, if you play a VC game there’s no reason why the image should be displayed on both the TV and the Gamepad at the same time all the time, and while you can turn off the screen yourself, you need to go through a few menu screens to do so. Adjusting things like this should help save power a little more.

                                      1. Like I said in my post, you can turn the display off but the Gamepad itself is still on and consuming battery. Shouldn’t be too hard to make it turn off completely like when you’re using the Wii partition.

                                    1. I don’t really care since my charging cable is right where I sit to game anyways. But at the end of the day I’m pretty sick of getting the crap end of the stick for being an early adopter of Nintendo hardware, first the 3DS, now the WiiU. Don’t get me wrong I love both, but it’s pretty damn annoying.

                                      1. Someone has said elsewhere that Nintendo is the first company to sell DLC hardware… This is not true, but I confess that that commentary has very sharp sense of humor.

                                          1. Yep they definitely punish you for being an early adopter. Again, I fell for it with the 3DS and then the Wii U, shame on me I suppose. Never again will I buy a Nintendo product inside the first year of release.

                                        1. This is the one thing that bothers me about the console. Thankfully I have a wall outlet right next to my sofa, but it’s not ideal – playing a device designed to be moved around while tethered to something is counter-intuitive.

                                          It got the point I’m used to always playing the games that use the GamePad’s extra functions the most first, while the battery’s still charged. Say, if I intend to play ZombiU and Monster Hunter, I’ll always play ZombiU first since I may need to lift the GamePad around, and when the battery dies I can plug it in to charge and start playing Monster Hunter.

                                          This is the first time I seriously thought of getting a third-party battery for any device.

                                        2. I have an outlet near by, and rarely spend more that a few hours a day gaming – so it is not a big issue for me. However, I would definitely get one of these if/once they hit North America.

                                        3. While the battery life time is bad, it doesn’t affect me ehile playing alone. Playing a party game like Nintendo Land, though, where you’re sending the gamepad around, it’s really annoying!

                                        4. I can do with taking the plug into other rooms when I want to play from bed. There’s a power-bar and extension cord plugged into every wall in the house. When the battery eventually DIES-dies, though, they’ll probably replace it with the new one when I send it in as per repair protocols.

                                        5. I actually think the battery life was just fine, but it’s always nice when they sell a longer-lasting battery for those that would like one.

                                        6. I can’t really complain about it. Lasts about four hours depending on what I’m doing. If I need to charge it then that’s what I do. What would be nice though, would be an option to disable the gamepad when you’re doing something that doesn’t necessarily require it, i.e. Virtual Console games. Turning off the display doesn’t help the battery life at all since it’s still running.

                                        7. I can’t decide if I should pick this up or not. I do run out of power the odd time. For me, I’m going to need it when X comes out. I just wish there was an easier way to replace and charge the batteries or maybe have 2 wii u pads for switching between the charged ones…. for X.

                                        8. this means less charging time and less relying on the charger and hope it comes to n america. 2-4 hrs vs 5-8 is a huge difference but my settings is on the lowest brightness, and power saving, speaking of there should be an extended battery for 3ds xl that is 8-10 hrs since i do play the most outta it and lots of people do too

                                        9. isnt this the thing that makes it so the gamepad doesnt collect a mountain of dust on it??

                                          like insert it and the dust doesnt collect anymore?? IM SICK OF THE DUST!!!!!

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                                                  2. I never pay attention to battery power. I always play PS3/WiiU with the controllers plugged in unless I have a bunch of people over.

                                                  3. I really don’t care. If the battery is low, I play as it is charging. People go spoiled last gen with wireless controllers. Remember when all controllers were corded? That wasn’t such a bad thing.

                                                  4. “due to its 2550 milliamps per hour”

                                                    it’s not milliamps PER hour it’s milliamp hours i.e. they’re capable of delivering a current of 2550 mA for 1 hour technically speaking (mAh)

                                                    it makes zero sense the other way round

                                                  5. I’m happy with longer battery life. I’ll look to import one should no retail outlet in Europe take these on board. Hey, I like official stuff.

                                                    After all, while we can leave out Game Pads attached to the mains, it doesn’t exactly help with ‘portability’ or ‘freedom’.

                                                  6. I just hope it’s no more than $10. They should just give it away to current Wii U owners and say “Sorry for such a bad battery life”. But this fits in the gamepad without any problem? Curious, it’s almost like they may have planned this….

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