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Kamiya Changes His Tune, Says He No Longer Wants To Work On Star Fox

star_fox_wii_u_rumorKnown for his forthcoming nature, Hideki Kamiya says he no longer wishes to work on Star Fox. Back in June (and again in August), the Wonderful 101 director expressed his interest in working on a new Star Fox game if Nintendo approached him, but it seems like Kamiya has had a change of heart. In a recent interview with Polygon, Kamiya has seemingly given up on Star Fox due to the “tendency for this to spread” within the media.

“I’ve been known for saying I want to work on Star Fox, but the tendency for this to spread and people constantly pestering me with questions, like ‘How would you do this? How would you do that?’ … Quite frankly, I’ve decided I don’t want to work on Star Fox anymore.”

However, when asked about one of Platinum Games’ characters – Bayonetta, for example – appearing in the Super Smash Bros. character roster Kamiya said he’d be “extremely honoured”. Let us know what you think of his statements in the comments below.

“Even if there’s been discussion between me and Mr. Sakurai, obviously it’s something I wouldn’t be able to talk about, but I’m a Nintendo fan at heart. Even creating games with the Nintendo logo on them is really impactful for me. So if there was ever the opportunity to feature one of my characters in a Nintendo game, obviously I would be extremely honored.”

59 thoughts on “Kamiya Changes His Tune, Says He No Longer Wants To Work On Star Fox”

    1. It’s not the journalists, it’s the fans at fault. Unless the journalists are the fans as well that keeps pestering him with the same questions all over again.

  1. dont understand people’s obsession with being 1st to comment
    but i believe kamiya should be taking this thing in stride
    i would be very interested to see what direction he’d take star fox in

    1. If Nintendo acquires them I think they would make a great choice, imagine if they acquired platinum, Sega and atlas, they would be own the rpg market and own the eastern market. All they need I’d to get some western love

  2. Basically, he’d love to, but the media would just hype it up and blow it out of proportion, and he knows that until Nintendo say “go ahead”, the media would just be hyping up a pipe dream.

    We know he loves to troll.

  3. Damn you journalist. Spies of Microsoft send to steal his games ideas and designs at least Sony waits for the game to be finish to copy it :P

  4. Ok, this is what I think; Platinum Games to be a second party developer for Nintendo. Then maybe add Bayonetta. If they do add her, I would love to use her (but not as much as Mario, Luigi, and Chrom).

      1. dumb like a fox. if it wasnt for rare nintendo would be dead they saved them with franshises like starfox banjo goldeneye kirby and donkey kong. Wtf is nintendo just mario and zelda who cares.

        1. your right about them saving nintendo in the 64 era.

          yeah they made the good dk games and a star fox game. they dont own starfox though or dk. kirby either. seriously. those are all nintendo creations.

          rares franchises were banjo conker perfect dark golden eye, killer instinct and jet force and some more.

    1. Trolls now a days are starting to act like Popstars now a days…. they are more boring and have less talent every passing year.

      1. no im saying what the annoying whinney fans say. thats what they do, they bitch and whine on peoples twitters, and it drives them nuts. am i not right??

        yeah i am because thats what they do. unless your just retardedly not getting on what the guy in the article just said!!

  5. Oh well, at least he can spend more time getting his ideas flowing for that Nazo no Murasame-jo reboot since he’s already playing the original game (Famicom Virtual Console Version) on his 3DS for ideas at the moment.

  6. We have someone who curses the fans out because they’re being annoying. I would do the same thing!!! Stop bothering the man.

  7. See Nintendo fanboys? That’s what happen when you get annoying. It’s just like back then, when he told Smash Bros fans to fuck off because they wouldn’t stop bombarding him with ”put Bayonetta in SSB4” when he had zero control over it.

  8. I don’t mind that he isn’t making it so long as any respectible developer is that will put their heart and soul into a traditional Star Fox title for our console.

    1. Retro is never going to do it. They’re doing the idiotic DK Game that no one asked for. And they are DEFINETELY doing Metroid afterwards (they should have done Metroid instead of DK since EVERYONE wanted Metroid). Rare isn’t Nintendo. Miyamoto is busy on his new IP. FUCK!

      1. Dude just stop. Everyone doesn’t want Metriod. Stop trying to speak for everyone. I hate when people do that shit.

        1. What? Are you serious? The two games thought to be in development by Retro were Metroid and Star Fox. People said Metroid cause its what they had been waiting for ever since they announced the “secret game”. I hate when people jump to conclusions without thinking, I just hate that shit.

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  10. Are you kidding me!!!? Those DAMN JOURNALIST!!! It wasn’t the fans, it was the IGNorant and fucking annoying ass game journalist! Nice job crushing the hopes of gamers Kamiya…

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