Attack On Titan Announced For Nintendo 3DS


Conception II and DanganRonpa developer Spike Chunsoft has revealed that they’re hard at work creating an Attack on Titan game which is due to be released in Japan this year. More details about Attack on Titan will be made available in the October issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which is due out on September 9th. You can check out the game’s website, right here.


  1. Announced a while ago. I fact, we already have the first details. It’s an action game called “Attack On Titan: The Wings Of Counterattack”.

      1. pretty sure that’s just the browser game. while i don’t read kanji, the symbols here are definitely very different from the beta test site of that game. i think this will be different entirely (wings of counterattack is a turn-based rpg).

  2. Oh gosh this is so late I thought it would be new info on this game…oh well…I’m worried they’ll ruin it if they make it too fast. ;v;

    1. No More Heroes on Wii is just as bad. Wish people would quit thinking that Nintendo can’t have Violent, Gory, Mature rated games.

  3. the series was mediocre by all means… it’s an interesting enough premise and i tried really hard to like it but it was ruined by the archetypical characters that are utterly unbelievable… like so many animes

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