TechCrunch Says The Death Of Nintendo Has Been Greatly Under-Exaggerated

Nintendo senkt Gewinnprognose

Popular technology website TechCrunch has written a damming article suggesting that Nintendo really needs to write off the struggling Wii U console as soon as possible. The publication also claims that Nintendo has failed to make great products for a number of years now and have also failed to adapt to the changing market taking place around them. You can read the full article, right here.

As anticipated by some (cough cough), the Wii U is a dud. It’s actually much worse than a dud. As of right now, it’s a colossal failure. Maybe some key holiday releases alleviate the issue. But the fact is that it’s a poor concept accentuated by poor hardware. If Nintendo was smart, they’d write it off right now

The excuses go on. The key here is that Nintendo is on the path of failure for a couple very simple reasons: They have failed to make great products for a number of years now.
The market is rapidly changing around them.


  1. *cough* *cough*… points out to all the 3ds is doomed articles threads and blogs that were proven soooooo wrong

      1. I must do say Nintendo shouldn’t of made a tablet controller, they should of just went back to a basic controller, also really want them to expand, make their own tablet, should kind of be like a wii u controllerr.

          1. “The fact is that Nintendo has never turned around the failure of a console or handheld by doing a price drop. What’s more, every system they’ve had that had a price drop within six months turned out to be a commercial disappointment.”
            This is what part of the article says and I think it’s hilarious how stupid they are

        1. If they went back to a basic controller, nobody would care and think it’s just a regular console that’s weaker than the competitors and with nothing special. Nintendo is now the innovator in the gaming industry and if they had basic controllers, they would be easily overlooked.

          1. The figuring bundle has more market space to fill and is more limited so is more likely to be sold than something that will probably be the main sku.

            1. well, I think he meant the Wii U WindWaker system bundle, but what was actually reported was that the game itself with the bunlde of the little figure had sold out, and least at gamestop… I wouldn’t have expect the system bundle to sell out, yet if at all

          2. It’s the game+figurine that is sold out, not the console bundle. And that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe they limited it to 5000 copies and 5000 copies is absolutely nothing nowadays. In fact, it’s pitiful.

        1. Special Vita bundles and games get sold out all the time, yet people say that the system is doomed/dead.

          People will talk nonsense no matter what.

  2. Nothing much to say here…..but…..go Nintendo?
    Do your best? o -o

    I just hope the new games that come out next year (Like Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8) will increase the sales of the Wii U.

  3. Everyone said the fucking same about the PS3, and now, it’s selling well.

    Same goes for the 3DS.

    Stop your shit, and wait until games come out. Just because a console failed does not mean “oMg ninTendO iZ Ded!!!!!”.

    1. “They have failed to make great products for a number of years now.”

      BULL. SHIT.

      The Nintendo 3DS is amazing! It has a lot of fun games, especially indie games, and it is amazing in general! Same for the DS, Wii, and maybe even the Game Boy Micro!

      You are just being up your ass, where consoles exist and not amazing handhelds!

  4. Aren’t they still making money? I know they take a loss on each console sold, but they were making money after 1 game was sold for each console. Maybe that changes after the price cut? Or, has production costs fallen any?

  5. “No meaningful products during a couple of years” I forgot that consoles and handhelds should be released yearly.

  6. Nintendo got a lot of money and 3DS is a gold mine, so Nintendo won’t die so soon, anyway IWATA must be fired, because the mistakes made with the Wii (poor hardware, poor online, poor support after 2010), with the 3DS (launched with no games, price too high, incomplete OS) and with the Wii U (wrong name, wrong shape, both too similar to the original wii, zero ad, wrong marketing, poor hardware due the retrocompatibilty, launched with few new games, OS still incomplete, and last but not least he never replies to devs who says that this console is a piece of ****

    1. I think Sony and Microsoft wish to make the mistakes Nintendo did with the wii and the 3ds I give The wiiu a point in your favor.

      1. Wii could sell more with an hardware a bit more powerful (I don’t mean as powerful -and expensive- as 360, but with an HDMI exit at least) and a good online, the original wii in 2011 and 2012 ruined the image of Nintendo, and Nintendo has left the console to the dust. Now some people think that Wii U is only a wii with HDMI and new pad, some others think that is a new pad for the old Wii,-.-
        Nintendo has lost a loto of money during the launch of 3DS due the mistakes made with it. Oh yeah, now 3DS sells a lot, but the launch was a disaster and it’s very hard to make a mistake like that with a gold mine like the 3DS.
        that’s why I think that Iwata isn’t the right man for Nintendo, he cames from a little team (HAL Laboratories) and he’s completely out of the actual world, in my opinion.
        I hope you understand me, as you can see Engleish is not my mother language :)

        1. If the wii indeed was a bit more stronger than you suggest many of the wii advantages like all games being 50 and low developing cost also the console costing 250 at launch. Nintendo could easily have done a console 4x stronger than the ps4 but the third party bias would have not used the power of the console in any way.

          1. CoD:MW3 used all the power of the console, but I agree, it was the only TP game that did it.
            Anyway the Wii is only a modified Gamecube (a bit of more ram, same cpu but a bit overclocked and same gpu with same libraries with a little overclock). The prove is the fact that after Zelda: Twilight Princess the only game that used the hardware better was Mario Galaxy, but in mario galaxy worlds are very little, so there are no much things on screen

    2. No mistakes were made with the Wii, man: it freaking won the generation. The Wii U name is no longer a problem since Microsoft did even worse with the Xbox One. As per the lack of games at launch and other technicalities, I believe your vision of what Iwata does is slightly off. His job is to apply a strategy (decided by the board of directors) to the company in order to define an operative policy that expresses this strategy.

      What so many people doubt today is this specific strategy: the values that Nintendo wants to express about how to make enjoyable videogames. The market has no problem with what Iwata does, which is close to perfect actually.

      1. Oh yeah, from 2006 to 2010 I agree, then I see only sales drop, few games and many friends passed from wii to PS360
        friends that now believe that nintendo can’t make good hardwares

        Now, do you really think that a 1:1 porting of an old zelda game with the HD and an “already seen mario 3D and already seen Donkey 2D” will save the console?
        this console needs mario kart, smash bros, X, a new “unseen” Mario 3D (as every console had in the past: super mario bros, super mario world, Mario 64, mario sunshine, mario galaxy…every mario is something new, something that you can’t find in another console) and games like these, a better online, a complete OS, a true account, and most of all a lot of advices

        1. To bad for you than your friends are retards. I bet his favorite game on the Xbox and ps4 is 8gigs of ram.

          1. i think your the one who is a retard for saying 8gigs of ram is a game…
            can you blame his friends if those games from other consoles entices and peeks their interests?

            i will be keeping my wii u because we both know that there are great games coming for it…
            but calling other people a retard for shifting to other consoles is just plain bitterness..

    3. Yeah, wouldn’t he be so much cooler if he was like those execs from Sony and Microsoft who speak so fluently and passionately about games and have experience as programmers?

    4. Are you trolling?

      Because you just said that there were mistakes with the Wii… It’s sold over 100million units, I don’t think the fact that there are online problems and hardware limitations changed the fact that it was an amazing console.

      And I don’t know how you can say the Wii U has a ‘wrong’ name. Nobody is confused about it, that’s like someone getting confused over a PS2/PS3/PS4 just because of a minor change in the name.

        But then when the wiimotion become something “common” and only few games used it in an interesting way many user have abandoned the console. Nintendo did the same, after 2010 only few AAA games have been released and the hardware looked older day after day. The fortune of Wii was in teh wiimotion innovation, not in the right choices made by Iwata ;)
        if you talk with non nintendo users they always say “Nintendo makes old an poor hardwares” “Nintendo’s online services are poor, servers are solow” and things like these…and that’s because: 1) the original wii ruined the image of the company in 2011 and 2012 when it looked outdated and ps360 become cheap. 2) Nintendo is not doing anything to explain what the Wii U really is and what it can do. Zero marketing, zero advices on tv and no response to the devs that say the hardware sucks. I know the hardware, i know that is not so powerful as new console, but is more powerful than PS360…i know it, but most of the people doesn’t know it and still think that is an “old gen” console

        1. The wiimotion desition was made by iwata and the board. Stop damage controlling the wii success it won’t change history outcome now.

        2. It failed so hard that it sold more units–and will have sold more units–than either the PS360 will ever sell.

          It failed so hard that both of its competitors copied its innovation.

          It failed so hard that all of the best-selling console games from the last gen were on Wii.

          Please, let it go…the Wii was a massive, massive success by almost any measure, ad you do yourself no favors playing backseat CEO at this point, where hindsight gives you the leisure–and no risk–of replaying the past, where you can state, unequivocally and with no evidence that had Iwata done XYZ they’d still be #1 by a large margin.

          Just stop.

    5. You sir are the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. The 3ds had some great launch titles that were mostly undiscovered I do give you credit on the price is to high but the incomplete OS came from the demand of people wanting the system now and so they released it fairly soon afterwards which led to an incompletion based on not having enough time to complete the whole system and also there was a push since nintendo had already released the console in Japan months before.
      The WiiUs name is not a bad choice for a name it’s actually very creative once you know that the U stands for unity it was meant to unify gamers into one crowd instead of being separated by console boundaries. Also if you say there is confusion to the name then would the Xbox One not sell because its name is misleading. The answer is no. The shape is not very similar to the Wii especially in comparison to the PlayStation line since they have had the same shape since the slim version of the PS2. There has actually been alot of advertising of the WiiU so you are blatantly wrong there. The Wii also did not have poor hardware seeing as it produced game such as the Xenoblade Chronicles which also shows that you are wrong about the Wii having no support after 2010. The online on Mario Kart Wii has also been revered therefore almost all of your arguments are completely and utterly invalid.

  7. Fanboy article abuse of jurnalistic powers

    Nintenro nerds to go awsy so tue article writen can feel secore holding hiscduaoshock

    Phycologically analist this article clear as day anti_nintendoism and clear as day wriren by a fanboy

    Seen it all before has been going on from 1980s lol at the insanity

    Wiiu needs to stop just as things are about to go nukular lol said the samr INSANE SHIT ABOUT 3DS


    I hate nintendo im butt hurt il write a nasty about wiiu then fo play my vita

    Lol wanker im a stock market investor I have never ever lost a penny and always profited I just dropped 10 k pounds uk stesrling on nintendo IWONDER WHY HHHMMMMmmmm

    Idiot and his article why am I sharing this planet with mentally deranged twats

        1. I knew once that the Sterling was a strong but it was so long ago is good to know is even stronger now.

  8. Really? So I guess all the profits that the Wii made for Nintendo was a failure, huh? In fact, the Wii failed on much, that their competitors copied it’s motion controls. 3DS is a failure? I think not. It’s the number 1 selling piece of hardware. Also, Wii U a failure? In sells for the moment, yes. But that will change. In advancing gameplay ideas, no! Why? Again, Nintendo competitors have come out with their own version of 2nd screen gaming, which developers are more than happy to use. Don’t believe me, look at Ubisoft. They said that thanks to he Wii U, they are able to replicate those 2nd screen experiences on the PS4 and Xbox 1 to a certain degree. I’m so tired of this biased gaming media!

  9. “Poor concept” – the game pad is such a poor concept that it’s led the two titans of the gaming industry to innovate from said idea? Nintendo are far from dying. The 3DS is the best selling console at the moment and Nintendo prove time and time again that their innovation, alone, is enough to keep them in the game.

  10. Funny thing is Nintendo stock has moved back up since all this doom and gloom began. Not to mention, they were added to Japan’s prestigous Nikkei 225 index.

    Also 3DS had abysmal sales the first year as well, once the software picked up sales went through the roof.

    I have bought more Wii U games than have I ever with previous Nintendo consoles. Many quality IP and third party software coming out.

    The discount on console and bunlde deals is half price of what XBOX One and PS4 will sell at, so parents will be hard pressed not to buy the Wii U this Christmas.

    Everything seems fine to me

      1. Since February i got over 15 games, 5 that are Wii U games. Would have more if system worked on Christmas or if it eas sent to where they fixed it earlier than the last week of January.

    1. Notice one dating more than a year before the console’s release and the other on launch day.
      And he points to them to call WiiU a poor concept and a dud? Wow.

  11. if it was dead they would no longer be a company and be declared bankrupt…so its over exaggerated, not under

  12. A dying site creating an article to gain enough clicks to stay alive as long as they can to feel relevant. If any of you clicked the link to visit their page, you just fed the troll a delicious steak. Come on guys, even Michael Patcher would laugh at what these guys are saying, it’s so obvious that this article is bologna.

    1. Well they’re already 4 million sales ahead, with no 3D Mario, no Zelda, no Mario Kart, no Smash Bros.
      Hell is gonna break loose in a few months.

  13. They’ve failed to make great products for years? The 3DS is definitely the best games console currently in production and is probably just a Pokémon away from being my personal favourite of all time. I know little about TechCrunch, but they strike me as the type of people who think that something like the 360 is good hardware.

  14. Looks like the relevancy of “TechCrunch” is greatly over-exaggerated. I didn’t even know the website existed until this “controversial” post. This guy “loves Nintendo”, but he is joining all the doom-n-gloomers? That doesn’t make sense. I take this as one man’s opinion and nothing more. Nintendo, at least the Wii U, is in dire straights, but I don’t really think that dumping their “newly” launched console is going to shift the balance in their favor. They are trying to evolve with the changing market and unfortunately that evolution is not as simple as a bulbasaur turning into a ivysaur. It takes time for some companies to transition and I certainly hope that Nintendo’s transition gets smoother from here on out. I am hopeful that Nintendo will continue to make great gaming experiences that me and my family will enjoy for years to come. I don’t know about all of you on here, but I read this guy’s whole article and he seems to be sucking on Pachter’s you-know-what and unfortunately that thing spews a vonomous hatred for most things Nintendo related, so this guy has been poisoned by that and is blaming his rant on the Wii U. Read this article and his, but take it all with a grain of salt, as this person is miffed about Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS not being an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch… which to me seems quite ridiculous. They are not the same, but they are doing ok at the moment, I can’t say the Wii U is doing well, but WWHD Limited editions have sold out so far in the US, so that’s a good sign right? Maybe.

  15. I needed that laugh :)

    Nintendo is very healthy at the moment, and the only hardware company to ever really make sustainable money from the industry.
    The 3DS is without doubt one of the best and most characterful pieces of hardware ever made as was the GBA, Gamecube , DS , Wii , Wiiu and so forth.

    Nintendo likes to do things differently to make themselves stand out, Nintendo would be much worse now if they tried to blend in with the other competitors.

    Wiiu is not a ”colossal failure” either. Sure it’s had a poor start due to lack of consistent software, but by the end of the year it should be in an OK position , maybe about 6M+ consoles sold.

    Nintendo is the best player in the industry, nuff said. Always have, always will.

  16. what kind of collossal idiots keep writing these flamboyant articles?

    it’s a waste of time typing them and it sure as hell is a waste of time reading them because overexaggeration like that is not going to convince anyone who wasn’t already convinced before

    get these guys a real job maybe it will make them shut up…

    1. about 2/3’s of gamers love reading Nintendoom articles, they get a little kick out of it for whatever reason. So these types of artices get lots of attention…

  17. Never heard of them. Couldn’t even finish reading the article. I feel asleep about a third of the way through.

    Open by saying “I love Nintendo”, then write drivel that represents some form of doom eulogy? Nothing new to see then?

    1. Yes, I feel asleep. Feeling asleep is the new falling asleep! XD

      It was so sleep-inducing, I made a typo! w00t!

    2. They only said “I love Nintendo” so they can claim to have credit an people can’t call them Microsoft or Sony fanboys… I hate when people do that. No, they don’t love Nintendo, because all they are doing is spreading hatred about them. 💋

  18. Lets talk about ps4 and xboxone. Crappy hardware, non ugradeably and underpowered PCs (thats the way they choose to go) PCs path for them, they are going to be nothing in 6 months.

  19. 3DS is a success, Wii was a success (sales-wise), DS was a success… don’t know why they think Nintendo hasn’t had successes in years when they have had many and even have a success RIGHT NOW!!- The 3DS!!! 💋

  20. Frankly this is just one of those articles to bring in hits like a pachter story and nothing more. Nintendo didn’t have the best launch with the 3DS, but it’s been the best selling console for the past 3 months here in america and even longer in Japan, it’s making them a fair amount of money. There’s also software sales, because Nintendo gets a majority of money from it’s games, Animal crossing: New Leaf was a major hit on the platform in addition to other games. Let’s not forget, the X and Y bundles sold out within 9 hours on amazon japan and the game has received an untold number of pre-orders. The wii u isn’t having the best of times right now, this is do to the same thing that hurt the 3DS and that’s a lack of games, though those are coming in. I see a lot of negative comments regarding Iwata, but it should be said that Nintendo has made more under his tenure as CEO than any of the others.

  21. The Wii U technology can’t be that fucking bad since Kick starter copied it and wants it for other platforms.

  22. As someone whos now living in off shire guernsy and had tax free bank accounts full of nintendo stock profits cash and as I write this im standing on land I own watching pesents build my house

    I recomend you ignore and invest

  23. Is his definition of a successful console a console that barely differentiates itself from its competitor(s), and has a userbase that mostly consists of dudebros?

  24. I just don’t get why they need to write stuff like this, is it impacting on them so greatly? The Nintendo fans will always buy the console because of brand loyalty and because the games are so good. I have had my Wii U since Xmas and have really enjoyed playing it and can’t wait for this holiday period due to the release of some great games.

    The release of Pikmin 3 this summer was genius, it’s my favourite game on the Wii U so far, even over NSMBU. The release of Wind Waker next month then the other games in the holiday period will produce sales, I dunno why people feel the need to write off this console so early.

    Also saying that Nintendo has failed to make great products for a number of years… the 3DS may have been slow to start, much like the Wii U, but is doing very well now what with new releases coming up all the time, New Leaf obviously made a large impact and the release of Pokemon X and Y is certainly going to boost sales especially coming up to the holiday period.

  25. If the did write off the Wii u, they will repeat sega’s mistake of the genesis and the sega Saturn mix up.

  26. the console isn’t even a year old yet. retards are jumping to conclusion too early again. everybody needs to calm down and wait till at least mid 2014 before dooming the system.

    1. I’d would go even far: we need to wait until mid-2015, at least. For a fair comparison, all of us should wait to monitor what is going to happen with Xbox One and PS4 in the economic reality we’ve been living. It’s totally senseless to compare a 1 year old console to two machines that have been in the market for 6-7 years.

      Along these lines, I’m really unsure that PS4 and Xbox One will attract that attention and adoption in short-term. I cannot see too many people being able to afford buying the new consoles and developers abandoning the already-, widely-established userbases of PS3 and X360 either.

  27. I read this article and I feel the guy’s only gripe is “It’s inconvenient for me to enjoy Nintendo games.”

    Nintendo’s quality of games haven’t diminished since NES/SNES… they were just more popular and more convenient to play back then.

    But this guy made almost no valid points.

  28. Great… Looks like Mr Patcher has got a couple of Fanboys, Nintendo will never die you mark my words…

  29. They spelt Microsoft wrong and its the Xbox One. Wow, they really need to work on there spelling because if you confuse a great company like Nintendo to an actually doomed company like Microsoft is just insulting.

  30. Is underexaggerate a word? Wouldn’t that mean “to not exaggerate enough.” That would imply that TechCrunch believes the reports of the doom of the WiiU aren’t distorted enough.

  31. The only thing I can take away from this is, oooo when is Wii Fit coming out on the Wii U, the picture reminded me of it.

  32. Whoever wrote this article obviously just hates nintendo for whatever reason. They want to see nintendo fail so they blindy write this crap. Sure the Wii U is not doing well but it will take off eventually, every lagging nintendo console has (except virtual boy, ill give you that one)

  33. why doesn’t anyone ever comment on sony being doomed? they are the ones with a foot in the grave being in debt, if the ps4 doesn’t sell well then no more sony.

  34. 3DS? Wii? Hello whats the #1 most sold systems the past 2 systems? Wii and now 3DS. Someone is just a hater looking for views.

  35. “This is Nintendo. We are going to keep serving the same Menu over and over and over. We might add a little bit of salt and pepper to change things a bit but it’s basically the same Menu. The same Kids Menu we served you when you was a kid. We are not going to change our dishes into a teenager/adult content Menu. When you finally grow up and get tired of our Kids Menu, we will still be serving it to your kids and then the next and the next.”

    “Actually a few years back we used to have an adult/teenage Menu, we used to own awesome 2nd party developers like Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), Left Field (Excitebike64,Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside), the special relationship with Factor 5(Battle for Naboo, Rogue Squadron games),Retro Studios (Metroid games). All these amazing and talented western studios used to make dishes for our adult/teenage audience, but we decided to shift our focus on our Kids Menu and sell all these western studios (we only kept one).”

    “You already could see our change in focus on our last product the Wii. It had a lack of more mature/teenage content. We believe there is no audience on our restaurants for these type of dishes. Yet our fans were clamoring for an adult/teenage Menu. It took “Operation Rainfall” to convince us to release Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower on the West, as we know our market and it is centered at kids. We still didn’t bother to release Fatal Frame 2 in the West, we know our audience and this type of dish doesn’t sell well on our systems.”

    “The only western studio we currently have left is Retro Studios and we ordered them to work on another Kids Menu dish (Donkey Kong). We could have given them the freedom to do their own dish but we told them to work on this kids dish instead as it is part of our Kids Menu program. (Obviously if you ask them they will tell you that they wanted to, we own them, they will do and say as we do).”

    “Come an enjoy our Kids Menu. We add new iterations of our popular dishes. Gone is the time when we made other type of Menus for our different audiences. Different people like different things but we aren’t interested in them. Our focus is our Kids Menu.”

    1. Super Smash Bros. of War. That would be a game that real men could enjoy.

      Thank God Nintendo exist, or almost literally the only choice we’d have in gaming would be FPS or third person cover shooter

  36. His wrote the article just as the price drop is coming the huge os update the huge mass of exclusives and the 2ds


  37. Written by someone without an understanding for business or gaming, for people without an understanding for business or gaming. Or recent history for that matter, as shown with the 3DS, the Wii and pretty much any game released by Nintendo… Well nearly ever really lol.

  38. Should’ve made the console less gamepad-centric, bundled the pro controller with the system to offset costs, and made the hardware about 80-100 dollars more powerful.

  39. Not a worthy click to their pathetic article. I swear, I thought that site had good reputation, I guess I was wrong.

  40. The hypocrisy In this industry is amazing.

    Nintendo wins last gen with a system that was underpowered and came out a year later than the 360 and was all but abandoned in 2011 and because the wiiu has struggled out the gate, they should leave console manufacturing?

    Let’s look at Nintendo since the DS
    DS: 150 Million plus
    Wii: just under 100 million
    3DS: approaching 35 million

    Plus the fact that their games have sold amazingly well, including their new ips like brain age and Wii fit.

    Now you look at Microsoft, they have lost billions since they entered the market and their own share holders want them to sell the brand.

    Sony lost over 3 billion from the PS3 alone, not to mention got spanked in the handheld market. They were selling the PS3 at a loss until 2011 for Christ sake.

    Their gaming divisions have been a drain on their respective companies, yet even with the wiiu faltering, Nintendo is profiting.

    How long can an industry last with business practices such as we see every day. A game like tomb raider can sell 3 million copies and still not profit? What the fuck is going on? Console manufacturers not making money, like at all.

    If there is a crash, Nintendo is the only one of the big three I see being able to survive it.

    Nintendo can operate for another 40 + years at a loss and not fold, shitty wiiu sales won’t cause that to happen.

    Maybe the western media should start running articles about MS losing money and their share holders demanding they sell the Xbox brand, or articles about Sony losing money hand over fist and their closures of facilities or how the vita is treated like their own version of sloth, being hidden and chained in the basement.

    Nintendo will be fine, and these doom articles are becoming retarded.

    Anyhow, that article was stupid and I wish this site would stop showing them.

    Remember, don’t feed the troll

  41. wow what a bunch of noobs, the ps3 wasn’t doing much better and look at it now B@*#$*s! So yeah, these guys have no idea what there talking about. Especially in that last sentence

  42. LOL! I can tell the everyone at TechCrunch is a bunch of boneheads.
    “Nintendo has failed to make great products for a number of years now”.. Seriously? REALLY? LOL! They must all be Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto fans.

  43. Nintendo needs a really great game, followed by more really great games. Nintendo needs some grand-slam home runs to make Wii U a success.

  44. I wonder if he has a Wii U or 3DS, NOT! Sony or Xbox fanboy with a blog to spread his hate. That’s it. BYE!

  45. The guy doesn’t lie. It seems like every week you read on here how another awesome game is once again skipping the Wii U. This is the 3rd console in a row that Nintendo has launched without a real SMB or Zelda game. Zelda Wii doesn’t count since it was released on Gamecube around the same time. Nintendo 64 was the last time Nintendo launched with a Super Mario game that changed everything. The stellar software that used to be there at launch is always like a year or more away now. Why does Nintendo continue to shoot themselves in the foot with lackluster launch titles?

    1. Are you serious? lol

      Gamecube – Windwaker, Twilight Princess, Super Mario Sunshine
      Wii – Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2 (which might I add are claimed by numerous sources to be the best games ever created)

      For the Wii U, you can’t say it has failed before it has begun.

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  47. They have failed to make great products for a number of years now. ?!?!?n64, gamecube and wii? best consoles ever…maybe not gaphic related but there are some great games on it

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