Namco Bandai Explains Why Soul Calibur 2 HD Online Is Skipping The Wii U


Namco Bandai has explained to the Examiner exactly why the recently announced Soul Calibur 2 HD Online is skipping Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U.  Basically, the reason why the game isn’t coming to the system is due to poor sales, which has resulted in a small user base for the console. The company says it will bring the game to any platform which will bring in the greatest sales results possible.

“We have always been willing to try any platform if there is enough demand. Project Soul doesn’t have any attachment to a particular console; only the desire to achieve the greatest results possible for the platform chosen.”

Thanks, Iceazeama


      1. So you would think that they would port the game over to the Wii U so that more people have an opportunity to buy the game.

        1. Out of all multiplayer the Wii U version always sells terribly. It’s not worthwhile making a Wii U version because it will just raise development costs, Delay the game and no more than 1000 people will buy it. Funny thing is… Nintenfags complain about the lack of 3rd party support yet they don’t buy any 3rd party games… Sad.

            1. Most Nintendo Fan don’t seem to buy 3rd part games, MOST not all. Plus, there is no reason to call fans of any system a derogatory name. Just not cool.

              I for one am more likely to buy a 3rd party game then a Nintendo game, well, with the exception of Zelda, which I would always buy over any game.

              With Smash just around the corner, I don’t think Soul Calibur would have sold well on this system anyways.

          1. It is a ‘port.’ There aren’t any major “development” costs. How can people complain about 3rd party games no being on the Wii U when you have stated yourself their aren’t any? And why would someone play full-price for a gimped version of a game when there is absolutely no reason for doing so other than to create a built in excuse for not making games for the Wii U in the future due to poor sales?

            Rich from ReviewTechUSA explains it perfectly here.

          2. Why are you here? Don’t lump in all Nintendo fans, I have bought most of the games for my Wii U. I love the thing. Also I don’t know what they are talking about because I have seen nothing but high demand for Link to be in the game which would raise sales tremendously. So why don’t you go to myxboxnews or whatever the hell you play.

          3. Actually, based on the number of wii u owners. The Wii U still has the best attach rate for most new multiplats, especially Rayman legends which has the highest sells even with the smaller population.

          4. Because Third Party Devs keep gimping their Wii U ports. Look at Sniper Elite V2. HELL, Look at about 2/3 of Wii U news on this site!

          5. But in this case, it’s irrelevant. The Gamecube was the worst selling console of its generation (barring the Dreamcast), and the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2 sold the most. If this came to the Wii U and included Link like the Gamecube version, it would easily sell the best out of all versions.

          6. We’d like DECENT third-party support, not
            -“We’re taking away online features.”
            -“We’re cutting the framerate.”
            -“We’re not giving you the patches other consoles got.”
            -“We’re releasing your version several months after it comes out on other consoles.”
            -“We’re porting this former exclusive to other platforms.”
            -“We’re giving you inferior textures and models because we didn’t take the time to learn how to use the hardware.”
            -“We’re not giving you the DLC we also have available for every other console.”
            We must be entitled to want an equal multiplat. Yet it’s a TRAVESTY when Bayonetta is ported to the PS3 with a lower framerate than the 360 version, or when Dark Souls is ported to the PC without being optimized for it.

      2. Ness shut the fuck up you little worm soul caliber 2 feat link was the highest selling out of all versions so tell me you little worm if the console is dead why do you linger around here you’re like a fly buzzing around with no purpose what’s so ever

        1. And this is the Wii U we are talking about here… Not the GameCube…The Wii U is actually doing worse than the GameCube….LOL

          1. It did briefly before Pikmin 3. Just wait and see when all of these games come out you will be eating your words. You know the ps4 and xbox one are both going to struggle right? All systems struggle when they first release.

      3. And greed plus ignorance of these fucking companies like EA is the reason why gamers of today is completely twisted to follow consoles only for graphics, money and power.

        That’s the reason why everybody is giving Nintendo tons of bullshit because they do things differently that they fear or too stupid to learn from. Gaming of the West is too FPS mainstream to realize the real basic truth of gaming, why Nintendo has survived for so long due to receiving more acclaim than anything of the gaming market combine.

        Oh and explain why there are increasing rates of game studios closing and kick starter programs? I’ll tell you why. Look closely at what EA is doing with their shitload of unnecessary Microtransactions. Like I said, its greed and ignorance thats poisoning/spoiling gamers plus the people’s incredible level of retardation thats allowing this to continue.

    1. Yet, their logic makes perfect sense. If they could put it on every platform they would.. but if they could pick one, why go with the most risky?

    1. The console is fucking dead in the water, no one wants to develope for this crap because there is no reason to. Low install base, underpowered and mainly targeted towards kids… Who wants to develope for that?? And it’s NINTENDO’S job to increase the install base NOT the 3rd parties.

      1. Yeah. Just like the 3DS is. Just like the DS was. Just like the Wii was. Low install base, underpowered (what a ridiculous term), targeted towards kids.

        ………..whoops, isn’t the 3DS the fastest-selling console of all time and number one console worldwide right now? Isn’t the DS the best-selling console of all-time? Isn’t the Wii the 5th best-selling console of all time? ALL without 3rd party support?


        1. The Wii U is in a much different situation than the 3DS. The Wii U has been out for almost a year now and the sales are still absolutely embarrassing. The 3DS got a price drop a few months after it’s release and that’s when the sales picked up.. The Wii U only JUST got a price cut by an insignificant amount and almost a year after release… And it will continue to tank… You why? The PS4 baby :)

          1. After a record-breaking 2012 holiday season of over 400,000 in two weeks after launch. 1.7 million in December after launch, and 3.06 million units in 45 days.

            The facts show that when the Wii U has games, people buy it. This holiday season the Wii U will have…..

            Super Mario 3D World
            Sonic Lost World
            Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
            Pikmin 3
            Wonderful 101
            Wii Fit U
            Wii Party U
            Mario and Sonic: Winter Olympics

            And to top it all off you have WindWaker HD, a Wii U deluxe bundle that INCLUDES that game, and a $50 price drop.

            If you just want to focus on the negative and ignore the positive that is your prerogative. It doesn’t have any bearing on the facts. As miserable as 2013 has been for the Wii U, it could literally wipe out all of that in a few months. Historically Nintendo products sell like hotcakes in the holiday season with or without huge titles. I worked for GameStop for 5 years so I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes.

            Once the Wii U sales take off, the excuse from 3rd parties will be that they don’t want to go up against Nintendo’s 1st-party line-up. Well, too bad. You had a year and did nothing but push year-old, gimped shovelware (if anything at all on the Wii U.) So it’s their own fault. People with brains will not shed a single tear. Guaranteed.

            1. It the Wii U has NO HYPE… The PS4 and Xbox ONE have a lot of it… The Wii U has 1st party titles… The Ps4/xbone have 1st party titles and 3rd party NEXT GEN games. Hmmm I wonder who will win…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              1. do you really hate nintendo that much? why is your name ness anyway? isnt that a nintendo character? just saying.

              2. There’s a thing you forgot to mention: The Wii U is $100 cheaper than the PS4, and $200 cheaper than the Xbox One. That will have a significant

              3. There’s a thing you forgot to mention: The Wii U is $100 cheaper than the PS4, and $200 cheaper than the Xbox One. That will be a significant benefit for Nintendo in the holidays.

              4. You should shot yourself, dude. To be that much of a troll using a Nintend. Icon as your profile name.

      2. And yet the biggest games found on ALL microsoft and sony console are third party: CoD and Fifa. These games are what bring the vast majority to those console.

      3. Dead in the water?\

        Is that why it’s on par with sales from previous generations, and outsold the 360 and PS3 in their same respective launch windows by hundreds of thousands of units?

        Is that why Rayman Legends sold primarily on the Wii U, despite the delay? Is that why preorders for the new Wii U bundles are through the roof, even sold out, in some cases?

        Yes. Last quarter sucked, no denying that. But, Christ Almighty, would it kill you to look at the whole picture?

        And more importantly, to -learn- what the hell you’re talking about?

        1. Lol at this point the PS3 and 360 has surpassed the Wii U. And Rayman is a platformer so it’s no surprise that it’s selling on Wii U. The only limited edition to be sold out is the Wind waker HD special edition which is NOT a Wii U bundle. Try again.

          1. You are telling me that a console with a installed base of 80 millions consoles are having a hard time out selling a game in a console with 4.5 millions? Your math skills are amazing please don’t reproduce.

          2. What is wrong with you? I am a proud owner of all three consoles. I play each for their exclusive titles and they all have their positives and negative aspects. I also preordered a PS4 and Xbox 1 and I’m excited but guess what I’m more excited for the games coming out for Wii U. I dislike people like you who are ignorant and so close minded to see that the Wii U is a console with a lot of potential. Sales will pick up it’s only a matter of time. I feel bad for you especially if you feel only PS4 will provide all your gaming needs.

      4. And there reason to not develop for Wii U has no reason itself. Same old BS we heard from Wii’s days but that excuse was valid. Not anymore and its because they want to kiss fancy PS4/One’s ass just for power of their tech.

  1. I think it’s more on they’d need an agreement from Nintendo to use Link in the Wii U version (as per the GameCube version), and they’d rather not pursue that avenue.

    Didn’t the GameCube version of SC2 sell the most copies of the three? Also, they’re collaborating with Sakurai’s team on the new Smash Bros.

    Seems to me it’s an opportunity missed. It would sell, even if the userbase is currently ‘small’. I don’t think the game will sell upwards of 10 million units across the PS3/360, perhaps 3-5 million globally.

    1. I d buy it on 360 but i dont think it will sell up to dat. Recently i went looking for a copy on Gamecube, I found but hesitated bcos of prize, by the next day it was gone

    1. Its these stupid ass developers thinking backward that pisses me off incredibly to a point of not supporting them at all because they’re not thinking of the fanbase but their wallets.

      If you can’t deliver what the consumer wants, how the fuck do you expect to earn money from them at all? Ask these dumbass companies this question and you’ll be seeing them stuttering or walking away like asses.

    1. They just don’t think Wii U owners will buy it. Tekken Tag Tournament did terrible in sales compared to the PS3 and the 360.

      1. 3 moths later and 100,000+ sales at 60 for a port sounds to me like they make a profit nit has big has they spected but profit. Tank tank tank floped but that was their fault.

      2. I bet it had decent sales if you do sale per install. It’s kind of unfair to compare the sales on a platform that is brand new to one that has had years to gain a footing.

      3. Tekken Tag 2 didn’t sell “terribly.” It sild pretty well. It just missed it’s mark by a little bit and in this day and age if the game misses it’s mark by even ONE copy it means no more support from that company… It’s not the 3rd party developer’s faults, it’s the awful economy that’s terrorizing the whole world right now. 💋

  2. This is bullcrap. Wii U owners want the game.

    You know what? Screw Namco Bandai! I’m going to pick up an old copy of SCII on the Gamecube instead.

      1. Leave the Xbone and PS3.5 out of this. This is the Wii U we’re talking about.

        Either Nintendo needs to own up and start pressuring third party companies to bring the games to the console or these companies stop being pussies and bring the games to the console.

        I don’t understand this!

    1. Essentially they don’t feel there is any real demand on the platform for the game and they feel that costs will probably outweigh any possible gains.

      1. If they had said that I would understand but hiding the true reason makes them look biased and I doubt a HD upscaled game can cost much.

    2. Well by issuing this statement they are hoping you can surmise your own reason for why it is being made for other platforms… basically, it isnt being made for Wii U due to low sales… so with that info we can make a solid educated guess that they are bringing it to PS3 and Xbox 360 due to them HAVING solid sales. 💋

  3. Don’t complain about Nintendo not supporting you if you don’t support them with anything or the bare minimum, like lazy ports.

  4. This game will be played for two weeks of release then it will die out like all fighting game hd remixes

    1. And what is the reason? it dosnt say in there. What it says is why is coming to the other plats not why is not coming to wii u.

      1. It says right in the statement that the reason SC II is skipping Wii U is because of poor Wii U sales…. I don’t know why people even need 3rd party developers to say why their games aren’t coming to Wii U anymore. If a game isn’t coming we can all pretty much guess that it is because the Wii U hasn’t been selling well. 💋

  5. It makes sense. Why support a Platform that doesn’t have a big install base? Otherwise you’re just putting money into something that Won’t equal out your investment. From a gamer’s perspective, this doesn’t make sense but from a business perspective, it does. Sure you need a large install base to acquire support for your given system. But on the other hand if you don’t support then you’re not going to be able to Grow your install base. And that’s a problem. But if Nintendo’s is able to grow its install base with all these new releases, AND THERE ARE PLENTY ON THE WAY. That doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get a special edition of this game later on. From what I’ve read, Nintendo has been pursuing a lot of developers just as long as it doesn’t come out of the pocket.

    1. So that means none of these games will appear on the PS4 and XBOX One either according to that logic.

      For a port of a decade-old game development cost really are the issue. At least they should be. It’s not like they are making the game from scratch.

      1. No, because 3rd party companies are banking on the idea that PS4 and Xbox One will sell a shitload and they’ll make tons of money.

        They were not so sure about the Wii U at first, because it’s “Nintendo” and they saw what happened with 3rd party titles on the Wii. Once the Wii U failed last year they realized they made the right choice not supporting the console in which case they would have lost money on their games.

        They think PS4 and Xbox One are going to be a hit. They obviously never believed in the Wii U to begin with. Without the sales to back up the Wii U’s cause, they were never even planning on supporting it like they do with Sony and Micro. 💋

        1. The PS4 and XBOX One will be more expensive in a worse economic climate with less games. If the point is to make money now on a established install base then it makes no sense to put games on the PS4 or XBOX One either for the same duration of time because it is ludicrous to believe that the PS4 and XBOX One install base will ‘surpass’ that of the Wii U in one year.

          You use common sense.

      2. I think placing some common sense would be just as important. I’m sure stating that the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t out yet should be common sense for why it doesn’t have an install base where as the Wii U has been out for almost a year and hasn’t grown much as Nintendo would of liked. After all, common sense should be applied when using logic. Anyways, I’m planning on buying a Wii U long before I buy a PS4 or Xbox One.

        1. You really need to stop with the “common sense” line. It’s condescending and makes you sound immature. You ‘opinion’ is not common sense. You have your opinion and I have mine. Neither is right or wrong.

          In my ‘opinion’ 3.3 million console going into the holiday season with a truckload of 1st-party Nintendo titles is more than enough of an install base with the capacity to grow to at least double it’s current tally by the end of the fiscal year.

          The decisions of 3rd party developers to not bring games to the Wii U has little or nothing to do with it’s install base. That is just a convenient excuse. The most believable lies usually have some truth imbedded in them to twisted to meet their purposes. Yes, the Wii U does have a small install base. However the PS4 and XBOX One have an even smaller install base (assuming the people that pre-ordered will pick up day one.)

          Developers have absolute no idea on how the PS4 or XBOX One will perform and based on how the public at large STILL won’t cut Microsoft a break because of the backwash of the DRM fiasco, the XBOX One launch is even more perilous.

          Yet, the XBOX and PS4 are getting games that the Wii U isn’t. Makes no sense. The Wii U is about to blossom.

  6. I know you have to make money when you start to sell your game, but if companies like this keep avoiding Wii U like the plague, do they seriously think the Wii U will magically get better on it’s own? It’s ironic when companies blame inadequate user base when the reason is themselves.

      1. Actually is everyone’s job to increase their respectively areas.
        Third party’s want their games to sale on Nintendo console they have to do it themselves.
        Nintendo wants more consoles out they have to do it themselves.
        Third party’s want everything being done for them instead of by them.

        1. “Third party’s want their games to sale on Nintendo console they have to do it themselves.”

          I love what you just said. Its so true. They shouldnt be complaining about games selling so bad on N system when all they give is half assed shit with missing stuff.

        2. No, it’s Nintendo’s Job to make the Wii U sell and to make it look worth while for 3rd party developers. 3rd party devs don’t give a shit about the Wii U unless it’s going to make them money.

          There isn’t any “Oh, I’m going to make my game for the Wii U for the good of the community and to help Nintendo”

          It’s more like “Fuck the Wii U, because it’s sales suck. I’m making my game for PS3 and Xbox 360, because I’ll make money. I’ll also maybe make my game for Xbox One and PS4, because they look like they’ll sell better than the Wii U.”

          No one trusts Nintendo or the Wii U unless it has the sales to back them up! Like with the 3DS. You think it would have all the 3rd party support it does if it had sucky sales?-NO! It’s because everyone knows if you put something on the 3DS it’ll make you moniessss!

          So yeah, it’s Nintendo’s job to sell Wii U’s with their first party software. If Nintendo fails to do this then Wii U will be a failure and they’ll have to discontinue selling them early and move on to a new machine that is more expensive and more powerful than the Xbox One and PS4.. 💋

    1. Well, the DS, Wii, and 3DS did. You know? They turned around without 3rd-party support. At the end of the day all this does is expose the fact that developer and intentionally boycotting Nintendo. There is a reason and I’m sure they keep that reason amongst themselves as cowards often do.

      I think in the simplest terms companies are salty that despite not having their support Nintendo console sell anyway proving that they are not NEEDED. Would Nintendo like to have better 3rd-party support? Sure. That would just mean more money. Do they need 3rd-party support? The DS, Wii, and 3DS called. They said, no.

      1. thx for the answer.

        so for a retail game this would mean 50.000 copies if they take 20 dollars a copy. That’s easily achieved. The only detail is that ports should be released at the same time as the other versions and with at least the same content.

    1. A retail game can be ported on wiiu with just 1 million and this is a HD upscale that I doubt it is costing them more than 500,000 to make on both ps3 and 360 so a port on wii u would be 250,000 or even less.

  7. didn’t the gamecube have a low install base, but it was the most successful? if they ported to wii u it would be the most complete version of the game

      1. From what i’ve read most soul calibur fans bought the ps2 and xbox version then traded those just to get the gamecube version. When another soul calibur comes out they need toask nintendo for ganondorf, Link, and zelda. You are promised money from zelda fans without any problems

        1. They could even ad some fire emblem characters with no problem. I hope this namco position means that at least the numbered entry will come instead.

    1. Same here! Maybe it’ll happen if SC II sells well on other consoles and they feel risky enough to try Wii U? 💋

  8. and y’all call that supporting the “fans”….lol smh GTFOH that is skr8 bullshit and y’all know it. It Look Nintendo gains more haters everyday

  9. That’s a lame excuse. Instead of being like Activision/Ubisoft, helping the system gain more of an install base through release of wanted games, you choose to not release games on the system because of the small install base. Namco Bandai, you all obviously don’t know how counterproductive that is

      1. Its not really suppose to be a system seller, it just gives more games to the library. I believe some nintendo gamers who haven’t played the series before would give it a go when they see link on the cover.

      2. And how many people are out there than want to play the ps2 version of a game that everyone knows the best version was the gamecube and Xbox?

  10. This game is old as fuck anyway why should they care it ain’t like all of the other HD rehash games are making that much money……y’all just following in everybody else foots steps but I already know what’s the real reason is y’all just scared Nintendo fans are gonna draw them away from the Ps3 and Xbox 360 version of that game because the Wii U is much better console overall

  11. The Wii U version would be the best one since it would potentially have all of the guest characters from the original release. Heihachi, Spawn and Link.if they think it wouldn’t sell on Link alone they’re really retarded.

  12. You can all play SC2 right now on your pc




  13. Wii U bad selling?, worst console?, yeah isnt selling same as wii but is selling the same as PS4 and 360 @ their beginning.

    Buy i am glad Nintendo is the refefence for big sales. :-) long live Nintendo

      1. At the begining it sold as fast as Xbox 360 and PS3, but it quickly dropped off and hasn’t even been selling more than the Gamecube and is falling behind the Wii at this point in time. Xbox 360 and PS3 “KEPT” selling, whereas te Wii U has not. That’s the difference between the Wii U and PS3/360. The Wii U is like Nintendo’s “Vita.” No one will support it despite it being great hardware. 💋

  14. Off course its not going to the baby U. My grandchildren dont even like that baby garbage. They play cod and GTA, beetus. The real reason they dont want to bring it over to wii u is because the nintendo fans still where diapers, diabeetus.

      1. Sorry sometimes its hard to have diabeetus. Your grammar is also horrible go to school. Its further truth why you nintendo fans where diapers still.

        Im not going to have my grandchildren grow up as pathetic as nintendo fans.

  15. It was awesome On The GCN!! People would still buy it because Link was the est character in that game…I get why there not, but the Wii U’s eshop has been a healthy place for games to live…and namco is continuously skipping wii U titles even though they have been helping with smash, I don’t know just figured we would see more support from them..

  16. Its not coming to Wii U it will sell shitty only a few people would buy it. It would be a waste of money and time and it will proly be nurfed in some way like other 3rd party Wii U games

  17. nobody will give a shit about this when brawl comes out anyway so no reason to bring i to wiiu. plus if I want to play sc2 I could easily download and play it on my wii.

  18. I didnt’t need them to make a statement regarding SC II… I knew it was the same reason why every other 3rd party developer was skipping the Wii U. 💋

  19. Why would they bring this game to the Wii U. Everybody knows that only baby games sell well on the baby console. The babies can’t even appreciate a game like the wonderful 101 hence the poor sales in Japan. I thought the babies told me that they care more about gameplay than graphics, yet a game like the wonderful 101 has sold poorly in Japan (and will do so in the West too). The real answer is that the babies only want Pokemon and Mario games.

    1. No, it’s hardly because the Wii U is a “baby” console. It is because it has no sales. Plain and simple. 💋

  20. No it’s because dumb Nintendo is doing nothing about getting 3RD party support Hell stupid Nintendo won’t even fight to try to get full features compared to other consoles. And isn’t Namco supposed to have helped with Smash Bros for Wii U. So Namco is a back stabber and Nintendo does nothing about it.

  21. Nintendo gotta start putting they foot down and tell these other publisher like look we want this game no matter how good the sell are…as long as the fans happy then we all can be 1 big happy family…..but that won’t happen because Nintnedo don’t wanna share with everybody else they like to work alone

  22. I’m going into Game Designing school after I graduate where I’m at. That won’t be until 2015 or 16 though as I may also go back to get my teacher’s certification in grad school. When I get older I want to teach History and coach football. But while I’m young I want to be a game developer, and work on my music simultaneously. I want to make video games strictly for Nintendo and Sony. I don’t plan on being a small indie development company long, but I’m have to at the start. I’m dreaming of a way to build a giant empire after a while. I would love to put games on the Wii U, or whatever console they will have next. These hating ass big developers are just pissing off these up and coming indie developers who actually want to work with Nintendo. Not all but those who do want to work with Big N. When some of them expand into AAA gaming development expect more and more 3rd party support coming in Big N’s way.

  23. wow really wtf nintendo gives them the privaledge to develop ssb4 and this is how they repay us i love that game my favorite SC one of the top reasons was that links in it i mean really wtf namco

    1. It’s dumb Nintendo’s fault for allowing Namco to take a percentage revenue off SSB4 yet no Soul Caliber. Is the CEO’s of Nintendo a coward or something? They don’t defend or prove shit. They deserve to see the Wii U fail. A mother always told me a closed mouth doesnt get fed,

  24. LINK DAMN IT!!! I want Link in Soul Caliber 2 HD, but you can’t do it unless you have it for the Wii U. Nintendo, DO SOMETHING! Link is one of the main reasons why this game even sold in the first place. Sure, it’s a great game, but for us, we prefer Link in this game or we’re not getting us (Well, some of us anyway Lol)

  25. Ps2 version WAS DOG SHIT
    Crap graphics and controls and cameo character

    Cube version best graphics best colour and by. Fucking 100 miles best extra character LINK

    Who cares its the dog shit ps2 version with no graphics improvments just hd DOG SHITE

  26. The damn developers are never going to understand that if they release their f* games, the people will buy the damn games and the damn console! -.-

  27. Well in the UK (actually I can say for sure in Europe), the main issue is the console being expensive and people saving their money for the xbox one (yeah I know lot of retards) or PS4. hence why the poor sale

    TBH I would have bought a WII U if the price was right (£250 is too expensive for me and not worth the money) and if I did not have to catch up with 30 games + (PC, GC,WII, NDS, PS2 and PS3). personally £200 is the rmax I would fork out for this console and I think more is not worth it.

    There is also another reasons why the sale are so low, one of them is the retailers are not ready to get a decrease of their profit margin, therefore the WII U will never go down under £250 unless they don’t selll any. I think you saw some new on this blog where some store drop the price… Yeah for a few days or few hours even. Now I really think that if the Wii U sale @ that price (£200) it will become the new 3DS in term of sale.

    I am convince that lack of 3rd part will not hurt Nintendo cause they have a tons of IP and they limit the DLC business which a lot of intelligent gamer want to see and retarded one criticise.

    Oh BTW why do I catch up with PS2/PS3? It all because I managed to get a old PS3 fat for £20 and a lot of games for £5 or less (more than 30 games and 3/4 of them were under £1).

  28. So Link will be gone from it. What I don’t get is, if Namco is so blind to care about low sales figures then why are they still helping with Smash Bros?

  29. Its their lost I don’t give a shit I just want naruto n DBZ. the wiiu will make money from its first party and Nintendo will make money from the 3ds and 2ds. Wiiu is better than the ps3 and stupid box. Playing the game while the TV is off and playing the game in a different room. Hmm winning.

    1. “. Playing the game while the TV is off and playing the game in a different room. Hmm winning.”
      Um no, showing off games in an adventure platformer with unique and original game plays is a win. After all NSMBU and Nintendo Land didn’t do shit.

  30. It’s weird how Iceazeama keeps giving them all of this news to post on MyNintendoNews. Yet he was banned just a few days ago. I seriously don’t understand how things work around here.

  31. I’m sick to death of hearing all of these companies excuses for why they’re not bringing their games to Wii U. Gee……I wonder why the Wii U isn’t selling too good right now? Hmm……maybe it’s because every freakin’ company keeps avoiding bringing their games to the Wii U.

  32. At last an honest answer companies are always bullshiting. But this is can accept the sales are simply not what enough.

  33. Do not blame Namco for this its nintendo s console and they have totally failed to provide. since the snes era we have seen that nintendo has not layed importance on external support.
    I don’t say it bad or a good way but for what it is.

  34. #LOVE
    That is the only command.

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    and now reach beyond the clouds. From the palest skin to the darkest,
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