Aonuma Says He Initially Kept The Zelda Wind Waker Art Style Secret From Miyamoto


In a recent interview with  MTV Multiplayer, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has explained that he initially kept The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker art style a secret from legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto. Aonuma acknowledged that it was such a drastic change from what had gone before that he wasn’t entirely sure what Miyamoto’s reaction would be, so he and the rest of the team decided to keep it a secret for as long as possible.

“When we were first working on the toon shaded Link, and that graphic representation of the Hyrule world, because it was such a drastic change, we actually kept it a secret from Mr. Miyamoto in the beginning. We had actually recently shown an example of what the next Zelda might look like, based on the ‘Ocarina of Time’ graphic style, and because this direction was so different, we knew that Mr. Miyamoto wouldn’t approve it as it. So, I worked with my team to at least get it to a point where a battle sequence between Link and a Moblin would actually work in this world, and then that was the first time that we brought it to Mr. Miyamoto. That was only time we felt comfortable bringing it to Mr. Miyamoto.

“It’s not as though we were consciously keeping it a secret, but when Mr. Miyamoto would say, ‘Hey, you got anything to show me?’ I would kind of just push him off, and buy time as much as I could. But, at the same time, I think Mr. Miyamoto also understood that we were working on creating something, and just weren’t ready to show it to him yet. Honestly, I don’t know how well we kept it a secret anyway.”


    1. Back to the article, the art style I think is a good choice because look how beautiful it looks in HD. Also I think it was a great way to have this Zelda game have its own theme.

      1. I don’t think they have developer kit for HD back then during Gamecube era. I think this is just luck in the past and I don’t think they have plan to release it again in HD.

    1. ive played WW before the WW HD was announce and to be honest the cel-shaded still holds up, still looks as beautiful and when I first played it years ago..

  1. This sounds like many of the art houses I worked at in other industries. Don’t tell the boss until its ready to be shown in a state it won’t get shot down.

    1. He meant at the time there were first working on Wind Waker. It’s a paraphrase, they had a Ocarina of time looking sample.

        1. I do, too.

          I’ve disclosed before that I didn’t like WW art stile. At all. Maybe because I was expecting something along the lines from the 2000 Gamecube tech demo in which we had Link and Ganondorf fighting with swords.

          I’m picking WW HD soon, though. Maybe my taste has changed…

          1. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. Ocarina of Time had a young Link and a teen Link. We hoped in the next game on the GC we would get our adult ass kickin’ Link. Then outta left field we get this cartoony Link. I didn’t question the new direction and it was a BLAST! I read back in them days, people said it was like a 100% playable Disney film.
            Maybe this Wii U version will be that game that I would daydream about?.? Knowing Nintendo, it’ll be something great!

      1. herpa derpa lets spoil the last boss of M&L dream team for everyone. oh is that a dreamstone on bowsers forehead oh yea obviously. must be the final boss

  2. As much as i like the WW art style i hope the next zelda is not the same style.Zelda needs to have a dark/evil touch to it at parts,i didnt feel that WW had that.Regardless roll on oct 4Th :)

    1. WindWaker is more grittier and darker than TP, and it rwally is, a world flooded just because their godddess didnt find another solution? also Ganondorf is a tragic hero here, not just evil incarnation, windwaker is awesome

      1. They ruined the story of windwaker by changing the triforce quest >_< all the triforce shards were meant to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

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