Aonuma Says New Zelda For Wii U Isn’t Inspired By Skyrim


Despite saying previously that the next Zelda game for Wii U will take inspiration from the incredibly popular Skyrim and other open world games, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says this simply isn’t the case. Aonuma claims that he started playing Skyrim because the name was so close to Skyward Sword and he wanted to see what it was all about. He concluded by saying that the next Zelda game for Wii U won’t be inspired by Skyrim.

“I just wanted to say, I’ve been a bit surprised by the focus on my comments about Skyrim. I started playing Skyrim because the name was so close to “Skyward Sword” and I wanted to see what that was about. [laughs] I didn’t pick it up because it was popular or because it was getting good reviews or anything like that. I just wanted to take a look at it. “Oh, okay, this is what this game’s about. There are some things in here that are sort of Zelda-esque and maybe some things that aren’t.”

“But there was no inspiration taken from Skyrim. It didn’t impact what I was thinking about for future Zelda titles. I’m always thinking about, “Okay, next time, what are we going to do with the next one?” As a producer, whenever I can find more time to play games, I’m taking that free time to go out and play other games just to play them and see what’s out there.”

“As far as whether or not those are inspiring me or influencing my decisions, I guess it’s probably the same way as when I talk to young developers or new people on our staff, or when I read interviews with other people saying, “Yeah, this game was influenced by my experience playing Zelda as a kid.” Or, “Zelda really impacted my design decisions going forward.” I think the problem with that is that everything you play influences what you’re thinking, but I’m not looking at other games to try and find inspiration. If it happens, it’s a natural process.”


    1. Good evening Mr.erich…

      I second that motion…

      Zelda is a sacred artifact from where you draw inspiration from, not the other way around…

      1. Agreed, Commander!

        Zelda series is undoubtedly a wellspring for others developers.

        On a side note, while you’re already taking your well deserved rest, I’m still in the middle of my daily chaos – here is 11:03 am.

        But let’s keep pushing!

        1. Well atleast a few hours…

          Tomorrow begins a new day of physics torment…

          Atleast I’m starting to get thimgs now…

          1. Zelda should take inspiration from Skyrim, you idiots, you fanboyish handicaps, you retarded stupid-ass imbeciles

            1. I agree it should take elements from Skyrim. But you should fuck off. If you can’t make a point without being a child, then don’t bother. No one’s interested in what you’ve got to say.

      2. What are you guys talking about a Skyrim inspired Zelda game would be awesome. An open world Zelda game with tons to do would be the best. That I would definitely pay to buy.

        1. Zelda needs to be Zelda, however a bigger world is welcome…

          But my primary demand is to finally have a 3D Zelda with very hard bosses…

          1. Replace DD with Shadow of the Colossus and i’ll agree. DD is so boring haha

            The grabbing onto things mechanic from SOTC needs to be in more games. I want giant Zelda bosses.

            1. To each his own also I can’t give a opinion about shadow of the colossus since I did not play it.

              1. Oh man you need to play it haha

                I just couldn’t get into DD, too much walking, and respawning enemies, and NPC’s that won’t shut up.

                The only reason i liked it was because it reminded me of Berserk.

    2. A vast Zelda experience that carries a high sense of exploration, does not seem like a thing to be worried about… instead it seems to be quite the opposite if you ask me. In fact, I think every franchise deserves to have that near-immeasurable depth to it.

  1. “Aonuma claims that he started playing Skyrim because the name was so close to Skyward Sword and he wanted to see what it was all about.”

    Am I the only one that finds that funny? Hahaha

  2. Too bad. I was really disappointed with Skyward Sword and think it could have benefited from a more open-world experience. Here’s hoping the new Zelda doesn’t repeat the mistakes of SS.

    1. They already confirmed that the next Zelda will have an open world. It’s not like Skyrim was the first one to try that out.

      1. I know Skyrim wasn’t the first, naturally. I’m just referring specifically to what they did (or rather, didn’t) do with SS in comparison to not only Skyrim but previous Zelda games – so I’m glad if they’re going to go back to what we’ve experienced before in OoT and LttP, for example.

    2. They were just trying to be too intelligent working within what they knew the Wii U did best, instead of trying to see if they could get it to do something truly amazing.

    3. It was also rumored that this they hired a lot of people to helped them and the cost and size of this game should be comparable to gta, also one dungeon is supposedly as big as hey rule in tp. I hope the game isn’t like after you get a new item all the old ones are kind of useless.

    1. Open World, with the Tech Demo Graphics, and a story line as compelling as Ocarina = pure awesome (at least to me). Is that too much to ask for?

      1. yes please this is all i want too,i want lots of worth while side quests too, skyward sword with its recycling dungeons was not good in my opinion, i would much prefer a game more similar to twilight princess or ocarina of time, those were the great zelda games along with the older 2d ones, zelda has just become way to easy and linear, i want new weapons and upgrades, not recycled ones only, the beetle was great in ss, the combat was fine too, but strangely i enjoyed wind wakers combat the most, the parry system, and the feel of it felt better then the other zelda games, all i want is a massive hyrule with the zora domain, the lake hylia, the goron mountains, the desert, the forest, etc but also new locations, i like the themes worlds like snow, water, fire etc if they give us this and the graphics of the tech demo then i think nintendo will make its core fan base happy!

  3. I’d rather see Zelda take some inspiration from Dark Souls.

    Looking at nonlinearity, the original Legand of Zelda and Dark Souls have a lot in common.

    1. Crap I posted the same has a reply above. I would have saved tons of time just posting “this”

    2. Oh man, that would be great

      The best, and one of the only good things about Skyward Sword is even the grunt fights are much more about timing, and bluffing your opponent, Dark Souls’ battle system is basically how i imagine the next Zelda to work. Throw in various moves like TP had, and stuff like parry, and that’ll be awesome.

      1. Yeah, that would be awesome.
        Heck, I always fantasized about a “remake” of the original Zelda that plays like Dark Souls. You start off in this monster-infested Hyrule after Ganon took over… people hiding in caves. And you’d just wander around with no fairy or sword spirit telling you where to go… and you’d meet so few people… you’d get that great isolation feelig and it’d just be the perfect modern experience of the first Zelda.

        1. I think the layout of Zelda game is perfect, but they need to make it more natural, and open ended.

          For example instead of prompts, give us a button to grab things at any point, similar to Shadow of the Colossus. Even though nothing in the level would have changed, removing a big “A” prompt make it feel like it’s you’re exploring, and figuring out, and that you’re picking/pulling/grabbing something to “see what happens” not because the game told you. Very simple things like that completely change how the game feels.

  4. That’s good.

    Honestly, they just need to expand Zelda, make the world more relevant, more to do, actually reasons to talk to people, much more natural, try to break out of that “dungeon, boss with big eye weak point, event, repeat 3 times, half way point, repeat first 3 steps another 3 times, end game”.

    And for fucks sake, if this game is talking to me 24/7 and holding my hand, so help me…

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to appreciate Skyward Sword’s dense maps when you visit every area during the story at some point… almost nothing to explore on your own.

      The sky disappointed me especially… defintely paled to Wind Waker’s Great Sea

      1. Honestly i feel the Sky existed solely for story elements and the fact they needed to illusion that the game was open world, like WW and TP were.

        It was just a pain because the flying is so dull and slow. Sailing/riding Epona is fun in WW/TP because there’s stuff to get distracted by, and stuff to explore, and before those things get dull, they give the ability to warp, which not only speeds it up, and makes it easier, the next time you get on the boat/horse, you’ve missed it, and you don’t mind. It’s amazing game design.
        The Sky had none of that.

        1. Besides the story, I also enjoyed the gameplay more than previous Zelda games…

          Specially in battles and bosses…

          Although the recalibration situation was a bit annoying sometimes…

          The music could have been better at times too…

          But the overall content was possibly the worst thing about the game…

          It just felt somewhat empty and too linear…

        1. The story elements in game were fantastic and this one of few zeldas i actually liked zelda as a character. I do agree some elements were stupid like Fi, the lack of a open world, enemy design sucked, and back tracking was a little annoying. Over all its a good zelda game, but i still prefer windwaker and majora

              1. yeah ive been hoping for that, an hd remake, but instead we get ageless WW remake…… i want a hd OOT and even more a hd MM. those are the only 2 games i want nintendo to make in hd.

                1. Well there is a rumor going around that the next zelda is a sequel to majora’s mask. We final know what happen to link between twilight princess and majora

                2. I think the 3ds remake of Oot is good enough and a majora’s mask remake is possible down the line since miyamoto says he would love to see it remade

  5. I am thinking some of the ideas from Capcom’s dragons dogma shall be in the next Zelda. Am happy Aonuma has shut down those blowhards at Bathesda.

  6. Unless Nintendo is just trying to somehow avoid any potential lawsuit or something. Not likely, but just saying.

    1. Open world is somewhat difficult to explain, but the best examples would be Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead series, Infamous, Prototype, a hard-Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, and a soft-MMORPG. That’s just from the world itself. There’s also the element of the game not being totally linear. Zelda games tend to be very point A to point B destroy the evil while technically running an errand (saving the land) for the Princess.

      The linear nature doesn’t come from the game world itself, but the story and that Link HAS to be the hero. Link doesn’t have to make choices or have moral decisions to make. It’s start from your village and sally forth. That’s also another thing with open world. It can go in two directions of “you’re playing THIS character” (Link, CJ, Tommy Vercetti, etc) and the adventure isn’t really yours it’s the characters and you’re just along for the ring or “you’re playing YOUR character and you develop him/her as you’d like. They don’t have to be a swordsman, they don’t have to be a good guy, they don’t have to do the main story yet, etc” (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc).

      You’ll get to the main story eventually, but in true open world games there’s usually plenty to do/explore without having to do the main story as opposed to there being stuff to explore simply because you’re going through this area on your main quest. You can also do bits and pieces of the main story as you see fit and still have stuff to do on the side before returning to it. It’s not like…you do the main quest, take a break, and there’s nothing to do for the most part (best example being OoT).

      Before LoZ would’ve been the perfect example of open world (and JRPGs would’ve been as well) purely from having large areas to explore. LoZ was also lumped in with RPGs purely for having fantasy elements and the soft RPG elements of the second game. By today’s open world games, I wouldn’t count LoZ as open world at all.

      Returning to the world element, open world could’ve been concretely defined by OoT at one time (especially if you hadn’t played Arena or Daggerfall before that), but now that would be a very soft example as the world of OoT was so sparse and lacked life and all establishment were on the borders of the main map with just that farm in the middle and I believe you and the runner being the only person actually populating the main map. OoT and MM would be given a pass since there were restrictions at the time.

      As a kid and leaving the village for the first time I thought “Wow! My adventure starts!” (same feeling I get whenever I finally finish the unnecessary pokeball tutorial in Pokemon), but playing roughly 10 years later (last time I played it was 2007/2008 I believe) and it’s like…”What wars did the King lose to have this flaccid excuse for a kingdom? This is a territory of a country or a region…and it’s desolate.” (…that’s another particular rant I have for JRPGs for another time)

      I had the same impression with Twilight Princess. I gave myself the excuse that darkness had enveloped the world and that’s why the world was largely deserted, but even then there would be some adventurers, struggling merchants, brave scribes, fleeing refugees, on the map.

      …I ended up settling on Hyrule just being an inhospitable place with poor kingdom management even when there was light and people just ditched it.

      Anyway, back to your question: open world is more of a seamless world (with expected map restrictions) coupled with largely nonlinear gameplay at the bare minimum. At it’s best, open world games have lively worlds, people, an actual culture to different parts of that world, and you have plenty to do besides the main story. I prefer to play as my character and not this destined character, but an open world game can be great with either.

      LoZ is a game that could’ve easily been a true open world game given that it has a very rich lore. Not only that, but if there were clear cut, consecutive sequels where Link’s adventures varied and he traveled to other lands (he’s this great swordsman and archer, there are other lands other than Hyrule, some are most likely in the middle or battles, and since Hyrule is safe maybe Link decides to ply his sword elsewhere or return when Hyrule needs him).

      You could literally have a particular Link’s entire life in one particular branch in the timeline/universe across several games. Basically LoZ across three or four games in the same timeline with the vastness and delivery of lore of a Elder Scrolls game and character development of say a JRPG or Mass Effect where you make your Link and your Link is unlike my Link–that would be an open world LoZ (and personally the LoZ to rule all LoZs).

      …sorry for the long ass essay. Open world, Mario, LoZ, RPGs, DBZ, metal, and wrestling are things I can go on with forever.

  7. If he should be looking at any franchise at all for inspiration, it’s a franchise that took a lot of inspiration from Zelda in the first place, but still managed to add some to the formula. So mister Aonuma should take a look at Darksiders and Darksiders 2. There were some awesome things in there. The art style among many things. Imagine a Zelda with the art style of Darksiders. That would be different and pretty cool in my opinion. And I still think we should bring back some form of XP system. It could be a simple one like in Zelda 2, or one in the style of Darksiders 2. A bit of leveling and different skill trees would be cool. One tree if you want to focus on the bow more, one for the sword and one for magic. Simple yet adds a bit of new stuff :)

  8. Zelda could learn a lot from Skyrim. That’s not to say Skyrim was the first to do things like having an open world. Ironically, the first might have actually been LoZ on the nes. Anyway, I’m seeing a lot of fanyboyish comments here saying that Skyrim sucks and that it’s good Zelda isn’t taking some inspiration from it. I’m guessing most of you haven’t actually played Skyrim extensively, or at all even. Get this, it’s a great game, AND it’s not made by Nintendo. Wuttt?? Also, that quote doesn’t really mean much. He previously said he was inspired by Skyrim to try and recreate some of the feel of the game with the new Zelda. Plus, he seems to be saying in that last paragraph here that he was indeed inspired by Skyrim, it’s just that he wasn’t playing it looking for inspiration, and there are other games that inspire him. The beginning of that second paragraph where he outright says it didn’t inspire him was probably a bit of a mistranslation or poor wording.

    1. Actually, in your opinion Skyrim might be a great game. It’s all about opinion. In my opinion, it sucked. It bored me to tears and I just wanted it to be over every step of the way. Skyrim felt like a chore to play, which is kind of sad, since I absolutely loved Oblivion.

      I have to say this though, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood made it worth the purchase. Those were the only good parts of Skyrim.

      1. Well, when I say “it’s a great game”, I mean that’s how the vast majority feels, and that the developers put a lot of effort into it. So people should give it a chance before saying it sucked just because it’s one of those games that garners haters here like CoD. That’s not to say some people can’t just legitimately dislike it though. I was just questioning whether the above dislike is legitimate.

  9. I do want the next Zelda game to be open, but of course, not too open like how Skyrim was I think. Just at least more open than Skyward sword’s main over world area under the clouds.

    Seeing this might make me worried though, since it might prevent them from making more exploration of any kind, probably not though. :)

  10. i would love a zelda game where you play as zelda and save link, or as sheik and follow the story of how you helped link from the shadows

  11. Shame the people for starting extremely absurd rumors of even mention Zelda was taking inspiration from anyone/anything.

    1. It wasn’t a rumor. Aounuma made it very clear in a previous quote that he’s taking inspiration from Skyrim, and that’s still true.

  12. Nothing against Skyrim, but Zelda has a different atmosphere and style overall. It’s good he’s not taking inspiration from that game!

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