Nintendo Says They’ve Got Free To Play Games In The Pipeline


US gaming publication GameSpot recently caught up with Nintendo manager of business development Dan Adelman and senior marketing manager for licensing Damon Baker at this year’s PAX Prime event. Both employees spoke to the publication about what the future holds for digital games on Nintendo platforms. Adelman informed GameSpot that the company has a number of free to play games in the pipeline, but wouldn’t specify for which formats. Which Nintendo franchises would you like to see go free to play?

“Free-to-play is something that’s relatively new to us, and we allow it and we’ve got some games in the pipeline that are planning on supporting that.”


      1. Lets hope they make a big online free to play battalion wars. Tanks, helicopters, bombers, Jeeps, artillery and every army and naval weapon and transport.

            1. Me too. It was just to tempting to pass it up. It would have been a epic funny trolling :) if it worked :(

    1. What about Excitebike 3D when the 3DS came out, Pokémon Basic Pokedex, Zelda Fourswords ….those are a few off the top of my head.

      I don’t think Nintendo is talking about their own games but indie games for the eshop.

  1. As much as I want to say yes to this idea, I can’t.
    Free to play games, though they would bring in more players to Nintendo Platforms, are you or are you not thinking about your viability?
    I don’t want to lose you as a hardware manufacturer!

    Nevertheless, free to play games are a good idea as long as you don’t rely upon it so much.

  2. The question is : will these games be real free-to-play or will they have a pay-to-win aspect ?
    I really hope Nintendo doesn’t take the path of the scam.

  3. Could someone elaborate more on free to play games, and what intrinc value they hold; apart from appearing to rip consumers off?

    Side note, what is the PS2 game that was released on the 3DS in December called? It is a wonderful RPG of great story and nostalgia generating qualities.

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