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Toki Tori 2 Sales Have Risen By 8027% Following Update And eShop Sale

Two Tribes, the development team behind Toki Tori, has announced via Twitter that sales of the game have risen by an impressive 8027% following the new Toki Tori 2+ update and the eShop sale. The game has received a huge sales spike after releasing the big update for the game and discounting the game’s price. You can view the changes that the new update brings in the video above.

70 thoughts on “Toki Tori 2 Sales Have Risen By 8027% Following Update And eShop Sale”

  1. worst case scnario, that im pretty sure all the trolls and hater gonna say, 8027% of zero it is still zero, well with one copy sold then, and 8027% increase, it is 8027 games sold, so it is good nevertheless

    1. Uh, no, that’s not how it works… increasing by 8,027% would just add another 80 games sold if the original number was 1. For an additional 8,027 games, they would’ve had to have sold 100 games first. 8,027% of 1 is 80.27. 8,027% of 100 is 8,027.

      Goodness, people, THE DECIMAL.

      1. Fine to make it easier it’s 45578% then…

        I just thought most wrote with that bloody point…

        I usually don’t though…

          1. Assuming our empire has so sold about 4 million Wii Us today, an increase of 45578% would make it around 1.823000000 billion units sold if my calculations are correct…

            Yes I love those numbers!

          1. Not true. A dot will always turn a number into a decimal number which changes the value of said number. But some countries don’t use a comma in the thousand numbers etc.

            1. no it won’t… over here a point is used as a decimal mark..
              the list of countries using a decimal point is actually longer than the list of countries using a decimal comma

              gosh why do people not know this

        1. Yeah, to separate thousands, you use a comma… not a decimal point. Otherwise, yes, you’re telling us that Wii U sales would increase by less than half of 3.61 million… or to be more specific to your percentage, an additional 1.44 million sales, which wouldn’t be all that much in the grand scheme of things.

          1. and to you aswell: not everyone uses the dot as a decimal mark
            in many european countries it’s exactly the other way around
            dot as decimal mark and comma as separator

            1. If you use a dot in porcentage instead of actual numbers you will change the equation completely.
              Example: you can say : wiiu has sold 200.000 console in the month of August a increase of 1,689% or 1689%.
              You can’t : wiiu has a sold 200.000 a increase of 1.689% cuz the meaning will change to 1 and a half increase in Spanish I could explain better.

              1. no you won’t
                how often do i have to explain it? in quite a few countries the point is used as a thousand seperator and the comma is used as the decimal mark
                a percentage is a number just like any other

                it’s always confusing, can’t change that just like it’s confusing for us if someone else types it with a comma because that looks like it’s “1 and a half”

                best way to deal with that is to use characters that can’t be confused such as a space or ‘ as a thousand separator and either a point or a comma as a decimal mark but we’ll probably never get there so you’ll have to get the meaning from the context

        1. Yes but you don’t add it if you are trying to say a exact porcentage in written form.
          8000% 8,000% =same porcentage
          8000% 8.000% = not same porcentage

        2. A dot means that the sentence is ended and a comma means that it is ongoing.
          So using a dot as a comma feels really stupid to me and if you wanna make a thousand just put a space between the 1 and the 0.
          1 000 = one thousand
          1,000 = one
          Why can’t every country have it this way, guess it’s UK’s and US fault, they even still use the measurement system from the stone age.

          1. You have it wrong lol also metric system and math are separate unless you want to have a total of 2 metric measures lol.

            1. no he’s absolutely right.. using a thousand seperator that can’t be confused with the decimal mark is the best way.. the decimal mark can then be either comma or point and it won’t make a difference

      1. Indeed it does…

        Once the Wii U starts dominating, we need to move to phase 3 which is Overkill…

        Specially on the Xbox Done…

        1. your welcome. dont you remember you dies this morning at 9 am. im sorry….. your death was…… your choice a suicide.

          thats why you followed mr ice in that advice.

      1. Ofcourse I did my reviews, checked out gameplay, and did my own decision from there. I would have never bought trine 2, neo assault neo, mutant mudd deluxe, might switch force: hyper drive edition, or runner 2: future legend of rhythn alien otherwise.

  2. That’s cool! They are some cool developers. Not only do they care about their game, they communicate with the fans on Miiverse from time to time. I support developers like Two Tribes.

  3. maybe people are buying out of desperation as there is nothing else on the WiiU.

    so i got a cutting edge console to play mobile phone games, yeah right.

  4. god will forgive fools who can not and will not evolve.
    god will, however, not forgive a corporation (Nintendo)that is too ignorant and uncreative to actually deliver on next gen promises that were made and costed a lot of money for us children of god. we could have bought wells for thirsty starving etheopians.
    i will let god correct my spelling mistake.
    i will forgive the usual sheep who will blast me for enlightening them.

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