EA Announces Andrew Wilson As New CEO


EA has confirmed in a press statement that it has named Andrew Wilson as the company’s new CEO. Wilson says that he is looking to focus on three main things for the company which are providing a continued transformation for our digital future, delivering amazing games and services across platforms and also instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth. Wilson concluded by saying that he will¬†provide a greater level of operational detail behind the plan that will make these goals a reality.


      1. Good for that fucker. Maybe that was due to whole “Wii U is Crap” woe, publicly lied about supporting the console and further tarnished the companies’s respect. Hopefully now this new CEO means some changes coming for Wii U like more support, games coming and hopefully no more bullshit over Nintendo for the future.

        Also, if the new CEO kills Origin and replace it with a more adequate service, then maybe I’ll come back at supporting their work. But for now, I’m only watching this new guy..closely.

        1. Origin is perfectly fine. I’ll be devastated if they got rid of it. The gaming community just hates because of the EA hate bandwagon, the gaming community is full of whingers. Like you.

          1. Origin is shit, and EA franchises has been degenerating for last 5 years.
            This is coming from a PC gamer, who played its last good EA game on PS 3 many years ago.
            Depending on how BF 4 beta goes, I might get rid of that crap for good.

    1. Andrew Wilson was EA Sport’s boss and VP of the company, same guy who said they won’t count the Wii U out. So it might be a good thing.

  1. No plans about changing their perception as the worst company in the world, I see. Meet the new boss…

    1. the worst company in the world…… yeah ea hardly has done shit as other companies have done to people, stupid typical gaming tard. they’re the worst video game company not worst company in the world….. do you know what going on outside your windows, or do you only know about fucking games.

      1. Didn’t we have this talk before? This is a gaming site, thus it’s pretty much implied that I’m talking game companies. Only morons like you would draw other things into the conversation that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

  2. ea is shit forever now, it wont matter…… its not to late to save nintendo though, iwata and reggie need to leave. just like that guy don matrick left.

    1. Don Mattrick was another royal fuck up that deserve to go. He almost single handedly killed the Xbox brand and reputation and gave Sony’s PS4 the biggest upper hand on the competition.

      EA, no matter who’s in charge or working there, will always be crowned the worst gaming company in history. I just hope this new guy, after From what I heard that he tried to defend Wii U once before, will prove me wrong and do something positive for the Wii U brand.

  3. He used to be the VP. Back in Aug, he was the one stating that EA “will not count out a return to the Wii U”. He in some ways (in interviews with IGN, and others – throughout Aug) ran a little damage control – talking about a long standing good relationship with Nintendo, and looking into where it “makes sense” for them to revisit the Wii U. So while there is no confirmed info, it does seem that he may be more friendly in re-approaching that relationship. There are some good games they publish, and it would be nice to see they work things out (assuming he does not have his head up his butt). I am a fan of the Need for Speed series, and would love to have that on the Wii U (as most wanted was great).

    1. I like Mail Order Monsters and Pinball Construction Set, hmmmm I wonder if those on there bullet list to do ;).

      Yeah I hope he is better than the last few.

      1. seriously nobody should give a crap about a missed spelt word unless they are losers. it was a typo we should all know and not care. thats why i never fix the freaking word.

    1. Same here! Cuz I don’t have any other system right now must count in my decision also people dosnt see it yet but next gen consoles comes with tons of hidden things to pay.

              1. Iwata is not president of noa the only part he got right is that Reggie is a COO and iwata is noa CEO.

                1. He’s the head of all Nintendo branches and yes I think HE should step down and take a break from ignoring the gaming world of today. As much as hate hearing people bashing Nintendo a bit too far, I will agree with some valid points like Nintendo is not aggressively pushing Wii U to new boundaries or further enough to gain attention, in other words, I can sense them holding back and its not just because people are out suing quick cash out of them and their innovative work or Sony itching to ripoff another great offering from Nintendo, but they’re a bit trapped in their own bubble thinking all of their old ways still works in the new age of gaming when its only slipping away by new coming gamers.

                  1. You say this now, but Iwata will prove that he is not averse to intrepid paths of the future, no… he will go boldly where no CEO has gone before, he is the patriarch of gaming and he will show us where the industry must go to stay relevant.

  4. I don’t know what this means for dickhead EA but I’m praying this new guy will at least rectify the company in a good sense and finally hold up their “once false” promises of supporting Nintendo.

  5. Even with this, nothing will change.

    I doubt they’ll reconsider not making games for the Wii U due to that fact they’re still mad that Origin isn’t on the Wii U.

    Though perhaps the new CEO will get rid of Origin.

    1. I think it has more to do with used games DRM, which BOTH next gen twins support , if publisher wishes to use them.
      And you can bet your ass EA will use them.

  6. Whether this is a good thing for Nintendo or not…only time will tell. However we still don’t need EA.

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