White Wii U Pro Controller Being Phased Out?


We’ve heard that a number of retailers are discounting the white Wii U Pro Controller presumably because Nintendo are looking to phase out the white 8GB Wii U basic package. Now US retail chain Best Buy have the white Wii U Pro Controller on clearance for $24.99. Unfortunately most of the stores have now sold out of their limited inventory. However, the black Wii U Pro Controller is still $49.99 at stores nationwide.

Thanks, Mickey


  1. Would be cool if there would be lots different WiiU pro controller colors, silver would be badass.

  2. People just makes real dumb assumptions. I bough the collector edition halo 3 controller with master chief figure for 27.99$ and a wired controller for 15$ it must have been cuz the 360 was being stop being produced.

    1. Because they have to import it. Combine this with the several rumors that the white wii u will be phased out and the upcoming Zelda Bundles, it makes sense.

  3. I thought you could now get a deluxe in either black or white now? So wouldn’t people want a white controller to match?

  4. What’s the point of this controller? Isn’t the Wii U’s biggest feature it’s new special controller w/ the screen?

    1. Yes it is, the Wii U GamePad is the main feature of the console, but there are some people that don’t like to have the GamePad funtionalities all the time, that’s why Nintendo made this Pro Controller.

  5. They still need to fix the one flaw with this controller before I buy one — give it analogue triggers. Seriously, that kills 3rd party support for games like Saint’s Row, GTA, many racing games, and much more. It also makes Gamecube Virtual Console games like Super Mario Sunshine impossible to play as well.

  6. I might have to pick up a few of these before my Zelda Wii U even ships. $50 dollars for a controller is atrocious! I won’t let this opportunity pass.

  7. the fucking 8gb model should have never existed. Nintendo, sometimes you wonder what the fuck it’s thinking.

    1. There was nothing wrong with the 8GB model. Foe people like me who doesn’t care about downloading stuff, it’s perfectly ok.

  8. Yeah, they WOULD do this. Since the white one is the one I would have bought if I had the Wii U. Nintendo seems to be doing everything to piss me off. I don’t think I was meant to own a Wii U.

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