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Over 2 Million Copies Of Monster Hunter 4 Shipped In Just Four Days

Early figures are in for Monster Hunter 4, and Capcom, who predicted astronomic sales for the title, were right on the mark, as they have now announced that the game has broken 2 million copies shipped out in only its first four days on the market. The title also hit a milestone for the Monster Hunter series, bringing series sales to over 25 million. Additionally, reports indicate that Monster Hunter 4 is currently third on Japan’s eshop all-software chart.

The 3DS exclusive release of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan has been marked by great reviews and long lines of gamers waiting to get their hands on a copy. With this much momentum for an exclusive 3DS title, Iwata’s sales goals for Nintendo’s handheld should be well within reach.


  1. fail nintendo you ruin mh like you ruined my life man thats how you all know i wear diapers still, because i have a disgustingpotty mouth and still live with my mom.


      1. I dont get whats the big deal of GTAV, i mean sure Gta games are cool but Destiny would be nicer to have on WiiU since its something new.


      2. The only thing I like in any big open city games is braking the law and running from cops. Fuck the missions. That’s what I’m going to be doing in watch dogs.


    1. I got it at midnight, a lot of people were there. As for GTA5, It just isn’t as good as I’d hoped but it’s still a decent game, it would have been better on the WiiU I think.


  2. I hope this version comes to USA on 3DS and Wii U, and I hope this beginning is less ambiguous than Monster Hunter Tri was, I was lost and didn’t know what was going on.


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