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DuckTales: Remastered Wii U Coming On Disc To North America


Capcom has announced that the well-received DuckTales Remastered will be released on disc in North America for Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The disc based version of DuckTales Remastered will be coming in stores on November 12th for $19.99, that’s $5 more than the downloadable version on the eShop.

65 thoughts on “DuckTales: Remastered Wii U Coming On Disc To North America”

        1. Hi erich…

          Yes the very first game in the series…

          We need a complete reboot where the characters, monsters and plot makes more sense…

          I don’t like games and movies that act to be serious yet makes, let’s say a man become a 100 meters tall freak monster…

          It’s so stupid…

          That’s why I love Resident Evil 4…

          It made more sense…

          1. Did you play RE4 on the Gamecube or on the Wii?

            It has been passed almost a decade without playing any RE game, except for Revelations, which I own for the Wii U. I need to get used to the controls, though – I do not play too many FPS games, and the last ones I played I could use the Wii remote + Nunchuck support, which is perfect for that kind of game, in my opinion.

            1. I have both versions…

              I absolutely replayed it to death on the gamecube competing with my brother about who could complete it the fastest with the least deaths…

              When the Wii version came out, I bought it right away and the new controls made it even better!

              We competed again with the same conditions but adding a new one like, only 2 weapons the entire game or no grenades etc etc…

              1. Look like we’re on the same page, commander. I do replayed it to death on Gamecube even the Wii as well when I was a kid. It was the best RE series by far imo. Not to mention that game helped me developed bravery for all creepy and scary things I find.

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  2. Well, since the downloaded version did well they decided to release a physical copy.
    I dunno but maybe if the downloaded version of Ace attorney does well a physical release can be seen in the future as well. One can only hope as I like collecting the physical releases, but I’m not going to let my pride or feelings about the company stop me from buying the digital version since I love the series too much for that. xP

    1. I waited!! Muhahaha!… well I guess you can’t call it waiting if you didn’t know about it, but doesn’t matter cause I’m getting the retail version fo’show!!! 💋

  3. from what ive played on the nes version….. it sucked, the music was the only good thing. are you sure that this game isnt just nostalgia?? their is a lot of great nes games, that still are great today, this one didnt do it for me.

        1. Its better in the fact its more fleshed out, but if you don’t like the source materials or the gameplay of the original then you probably won’t like it.

  4. Wow Capcom thanks for giving me another reason to hate you. Announce a disk version a month after the games released…smh

  5. It seems like a really weird game to be popular. I don’t care what other people say. I’m really into strange phenomenon like this. I ignored it at first because it looked really boring. But I’ll be sure to pick it up when it comes out.

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  7. What a ripoff! Crapcom, I want my money back.

    On second thought, maybe I will double dip and get the physical copy unless its like the PS3 version.

  8. Why do we have to pay $5 more? I mean, games that were physically released first are $40 and then Nintendo released them on the eShop for the same price. I really don’t care about paying $20 but it’s just unfair, why don’t they reduce the price on the eShop games then? or why don’t they sell this game for the same price as it is on the eShop? I’m not getting this game now ’cause they’re just f*cked up.

    1. Because it costs more money to make a retail game than one on the eshop. $5 more is actually a really good deal! I would have expected $10 more at least! I also never bought the game on the eshop so this is a must buy for me! I also got New Super LUIGI U retail. I am loving the collectables!! :D 💋

      1. I know that but the point is that why don’t they just reduce the eShop games then? by this they’re telling us that in fact a retail game does cost more, why don’t they cut the price on eShop games? I don’t buy eShop games either but it’s still unfair that they don’t listen to the customer and they just do things to steal people’s money.

    2. It’s obvious why this would be $5.00 more. It’s a PHYSICAL COPY. That extra 5 dollars is paying for the case and the disc. Well worth it for me just to get the physical copy I was SO hoping for.

  9. F I N A L L Y !
    Some GOOD news, which I was in serious need of. This is what I was hoping for. And even though I don’t have a Wii U yet, I’m SO buying this when it comes out. Same as I bought New Super Luigi U. Man, I’m gonna have a pile of Wii U games even before I get the console.

  10. I’ve already download the game week ago and now a physical copy is coming?! Seriously, why couldn’t Crapcom do that in the first place when the game was first available to the public? And now I gotta waste more money for you assholeans. Like WTF?!

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