Rayman Legends Has Already Dropped To £20.99 On Amazon


Ubisoft’s lavish platformer has already dropped down to £20.99 on popular online retailer, Amazon UK. The price drop follows news that the Wii U version of the highly regarded game has completely dropped out of the UK individual formats charts, with only the Xbox 360 version clinging onto number forty. Will you be purchasing Rayman Legends at this price point?


    1. Pretty much it. The PS3 version actually selling a lot worse than the Wii U version which has 1/16th it’s user base is pretty pathetic.

      1. They can’t blame wiiu owners for this it was foretold that this was going to happen if the game was released in September against heavy hitters and nintendos best. They would have sold a lot more has a timed exclusive. Hope they learn from the real mistakes instead of the guesstimates. ( lol guesstimates is a real word lol)

    2. The price drop on origins happened about this quickly to.Only suckers or people with to much $ by rayman the first month of release.

    3. the game is only £20.99 on PS3, but the wii u version is still normal price it has not been reduced so why post this? they probably reduced the PS3 version because it has sold the worst!!

  1. Hmmm the same happened recently with Splinter Cell.I’m going to wait a week for Batman before I buy it maybe the same will happen.

  2. Yup. If it drops in the States, I’ll buy it immediately. I’d buy it at full price once I finish my current backlog of games.

  3. Sad really. We were all ready to pay full price for this game. But then they burned us by delaying AND multiplating and pushing into a time of blockbusters. They didn’t really think we were gonna drop $60 (or equivalent prices) for it after all the BS they pulled did they? I am gonna wait for the price to drop lower. It sold best on the Wii U anyway so there’s no reason to buy it at full price. Might as well get it out of a bargain bin….

      1. I would’ve too if two criticals things would hace change.
        1. I had a wiiu.
        2. Money to buy the game.

  4. I had this pre odered at the time but now my moneys going on zelda. I was never that crazy about the game but now theres to many other options. I was so mad at the time oh well there loss.

    1. It’s a great game but Ubisoft really dropped the ball regarding the release dates. There are much bigger games available right now. I want this but its not on top of the list of games that I want to get atm. But it would have been back in feb when there wasn’t as much choice..

  5. Take that Amazon page and give it to Flubit, and you should be able to get it for about £16-17.

    Waiting for my offer now.

  6. A 2D platformer would have sold mega in 1993 and before, when 3D platforming was all but a dream. Then Ubisoft delayed because Microsoft policies and Ubisoft’s greed led them. How many people have suffered due to Microsoft ? LOL, EA with xbone DRM, wait they are EA the are bad, SEGA for online, RARE!

    1. Microsoft didnt screw Rare and Sega. Sega was losing the battle when Ms decided to do Xbox and Sega even gave their ideas to Xbox. Rare lost most of its talent who went on to work in Free radical games which is Crytek Uk nowadays btw, they were the guys behind Golden eye and perfect dark. Infact Perfect dark zero shitty sequel to original was in development for GC, Nintendo knew that Rare had lost their golden touch unlike ms and thats why they sold their share. Rare ruined themselfs end of story.

      1. I forgot to say that Sega even wanted the Xbox to be compatible with Dreamcast :) Dont be a fanboy.

              1. So i should go away because i dont join in your “quest” to destroy everything non Nintendo, ok then.

  7. I hope Amazon US follow suit, then I’ll get one… The game just came out yesterday in my country along with W101, I chose wonderfully (pun intended).

  8. i’ll buy rayman when its $9.99 @ gamestop i had it pre-ordered then they changed the release date so just like they changed there mind i changed mine and decided not to buy this game r.i.p rayman blame ubisoft!!!

    1. Did the same i switched my preorder for sonic lost world and now i have windwaker sonic and pokemon X and Y for me and my girlfriend preordered in october no time or money for rayman i bought wonderful 101 also this month to soften the wait for zelda that was one of the best games i played these past few years i kept laughing till the end it’s really a good game the demo doesn’t do it justice

      Back on topic Ubisoft shot themselves in the foot with this decision and it’s not the last of many stupid decisions no The Crew on wii u ?? yeah we’ll see how much that will sell

  9. I’m not paying $60 for a 2D Platformer.

    If it was 3D, then I would gladly pay $60.


  10. Actually the wii u version of rayman legends sold the most. The wii u version sold 50k while the others sold 40k or less.

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