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Call Of Duty Developer Says “Games Are Becoming Harder And More Expensive To Make”


Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin feels that games are now becoming harder to make and also more expensive to make as developers aim to produce AAA games which demand a much higher budget. Rubin says that consumers now want better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets, and that all ultimately comes at a cost.

“It’s a scary thing, and I’ll take my Call of Duty hat off for a second here, but games are becoming harder to make and more expensive to make. And I feel like smaller studios are having trouble. I can’t speak for them, but I would think they are having trouble making big games that hit the big AAA market because they’re harder to do. People want better and better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets, and that comes at a cost and that’s a hard thing to have to deal with.”

93 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Developer Says “Games Are Becoming Harder And More Expensive To Make””

          1. It costs more to develop in HD, but game worlds are also getting larger, and it’s expected they will bust with content. There are also the orchestrated soundtracks to consider, and branching story lines that require voice acting from six interchangeable characters playing in minutely varied scenarios.

      1. but here the problem. he said “People want better and better graphics, they want more realistic looking art assets,”
        …………………………………………………………….. you see it funny cuz Nintendo is making ALOT of money and they don’t even be focusing on Graphics like that much…
        Nintendo now have Graphics Raw Power on the Wii U but it looks like to me that it look more like 1080p 60 FPS on Nintendo Games on the WIi U then graphics focus….I might just be tripping thow….

        1. There is nothing to read into… even a “simpleton” could figure that much.

          You didn’t read the article before you posted. 💋

        2. It appears to me that your comment was aimed at Call of Duty. I don’t understand why when this article isn’t even about that series.

  1. Well well well…

    And who’s fault is that Mr Rubin?…

    Blame yourselves for prioritizing graphics, power and details instead of innovation and fun…

    1. “Blame yourselves for prioritizing graphics, power and details instead of innovation and fun…”

      You have no idea what you are talking about. First of all if Cod is all about power why Cod titles were released on Wii and DS? If Cod doesnt do anything innovative why there is support for wiimote on Nintendo systems? Why they make new modes? If its not fun why many people play Cod multiplayer and Zombie mode?
      Oh yeah i forgot, you cant afford Cod games thats why you hate them.

      1. Compared to the other versions, Nintendo versions barely sell half the amount the other versions do so it doesn’t matter…

        And I own 3 CoD games myself but I got bored of it after Black Ops, basically because it’s the same game over and over again and because specially American servers are so boring and have all these nonsense rules that you can’t do anything to have fun which is why I stopped playing…

        And EU servers are just boring most of the time…

        Bunch of crybabies that can’t even hit me 5 vs me having machine guns, snipers and what not while I only have a knife and run towards them like a nutcase…

        And maybe you should put down the booze first before going after me slave…

      2. Didn’t your blind ass read the last sentence of how consumer’s needs of sheer graphics is what those developers are caving in for to satisfy them calling it (paying the ultimate price)? Stop riding that fanboy dick and think for a second.

        In one way about this argument, Rubin makes a point. But at the same time, when it comes to Call of Duty and if it was only about COD, he shouldn’t be talking about building (rehashing) COD being harder and expensive because its now nothing but a disease to the FPS genre or overall gaming.

      1. Seriously, this is your “best” comeback? I’m LMAO inside already.

        And you should follow your own post’s advice because all I hear from you is “Blah blah blah I’m a fu**ed up 12 year old COD fanboy and I don’t care nor understand rational facts of anything blah blah blah! I’m gonna go camp over for 10 straight minutes spraying with my LMG-Target Finder and say I’m the best and COD is the best game because I don’t have to do anything to show how “skilled” I’am in a spam of a video game that I SHOULDN’T BE PLAYING. I should thank my dumbass deadbeat parents but I’m too busy masturbating to Ghosts’s updated “dated” graphics in the basement closet”

        Here’s my one hand clapping to you and your fanboyism. *clapping silently* B| Truth is the reality you douchebags refuse or scared to accept and that is FACT.

  2. How can it be harder when you’re making the same shit again and again.
    If this dick tried something different it might be a little more believable.

    1. He’s not just talking about Call Of Duty dude, he’s talking in general. Video games are becoming harder and more expensive, he’s right.

      1. BUT at the same time, he shouldn’t be referring COD in the argument either because COD is consistently the same material thats dying out fast and I don’t see it being hard or expensive to spam the same familiar crap every year.

  3. He has good point. I think that WiiU,XboxOne,Ps4 will be longer in the market than systems before them. I also think that Ps3 and Xbox360 will have few good years in front of them.

      1. The Sonyans never said anything to anybody so stop lying to yourself and to the rest…

        This is what happens when you drink too much ladies and gentlemen, you start to see and imagine things that aren’t there…

        1. No this is exactly what happened. You either werent there, or are in denial. Graphics have always been a crucial part of gaming, and nintendo use to lead that forefront up untill the bullshit “gameplay over graphics” that Nintendo came up with to compensate for the weak specs the Wii had.

  4. I think us as gamers in general are expecting too much in too little time, every two minutes we want the games to be more realistic as soon as possible, but when these realistic games need professional equipment and expert designers who charge more then the average designer, hit the shelf with a high price tag in order to cover costs as well as make a profit we all bitch that it is too expensive, I think that although Im a gamer myself, my opinion is that gamers, are kinda selfish, short tempered and fickle always complaining about something

      1. This^^^

        Not only are games cheaper, but they (developers and gamers) seem to forget that the tech at time was expensive as well and hard to use. This discussion always comes up every time a new gen shows up. What I do wonder is why some games like “anarchy reigns“ manage to sell well when its price at $30. hell most RPG’s during the SNES gen cost over $60 to $80 new.

  5. If I was a video game publisher/developer, I would make Wii U my main console. I would develop for Wii U first and then port the games to PS4 and Xbox One.

    Why would I do that you might ask? Because my guess is that developing for Wii U is cheaper because it’s weaker than PS4 and Xbox One. So I would develop for Wii U first and then port the game to PS4 and Xbox One if the demand is high.

    PS4 and Xbox One seem too expensive to develop for, Wii U seems cheaper and more fun to develop for because of GamePad.

  6. Well, that’s not entirely true.
    Costs of technology balance out.
    If you have ridiculous Ubisoft budgets where they spend millions on crap like, giant pirate ships to put in the LA harbour, then yeah maybe.

    Im sure there’s alot of developers like Platinum, Nintendo, and Sony that actually know a thing or two about balancing costs.

    This whole ideal of “WE NEED MORE POWER” that people have, especially PC elitiest, isn’t helping however.
    But if they want to spend $80 on every game in the future so be it.

  7. while I agree that graphics are important (to an extent) I would not if I were a developer focus more funding on graphics but perhaps more on the story, main, side missions, multiplayer server moderation and efficiency and overall content of a game, when I play a game I look at if the game delivers a wow factor and not a “oooo pretty pictures” factor, metaphorically you could say “you can dress and makeup a cat so it looks like a dog, but at the end of the day its still a cat, meaning that you can make a game LOOK like the best thing since the invention of cake, but it doesn’t mean it will be as savoury or sweet as it appears

  8. Should make CG movies instead. Costs almost same and does not need bad designed “interaction”. Not a big difference since singleplayer of those “games” is scripted from beginning to end, but there would be no hardware power limits for the result. =P

  9. i feel like everyone should have found a way to make these high end games more cost effective before being urged into a new gen

    1. So does this mean don’t expect many 3rd party developers to use PS4’s hardware to it’s full potential since all developers can’t afford it? But they have to differ PS3 from PS4 more. I guess that’s why Knack, and Killzone looks like it does.

  10. No shit.
    Maybe instead of spending all the money on ultra-realistic graphics, devs and pubs should focus on great and fun gameplay and spend the rest on actual marketing.

  11. Hey, I’m a gamer and I never demanded better graphics and more realism.

    You know… I recall Earthbound recieving criticisms of bad graphics and not realistic-looking when it first launched on SNES. But loom.p… it has released 20 years later with a lot of love coming from Newcomers to the series.

    What will these games with “better graphics” and “realistic art assets” be worth to gamers 10 or 20 years from now? Will they be like “Oh yeah, that’s still a fun game to play!” or will they be eating up whatever the new thing is of that time? (Probably Assassin’s Creed 24)

    1. This is why our empire will last for a much longer time than anyone else…

      Even when new players arrive in future wars, there will be nothing like the experience and fun that Nintendo games have…

  12. Can’t be that fucking hard taking a shit on a CD and shipping it to millions of sheep. Maybe the developer needs to up their fiber intake…

  13. Yet, indies seem to be working on the Wii U eShop… I think the Call of Duty developers are living in their own AAA “bubble.” It is because they are IN the AAA market that, that is what people expect of them. If they didn’t go after the “Big Bucks” then they could make a lot of tinier less expensive games that make money just as well when added up. 💋

  14. Harder because it’s been the same shit. If developers feel it is expensive to make games then come to the wii u. You wont over do it like say a ps4 or an xbox one.

  15. duh. new standards are made when a new gen arrives. personally I blame the graphics whore era. like reviewtechusa said on youtube, a crash needs to happen to the gaming world and a restabilization needs to occur.

  16. Imo this vision of game making is flawed. I’m more interested in compelling artstyle than realistic graphics. I don’t think games have to be expensive to be good and the best selling games are mostly made by Nintendo so it looks like the general public isn’t buying it either.

  17. Thats partially their own fault, along with the fault of many other developers.The way I see it, every 2 generations is a revolution and an evolution. The evolution typically puts development costs down and doesn’t add much of anything different.

    Even then, there are companies like Nintendo for whom an entirely new full fledged Fire Emblem gamewould need to sell 700k to be viable, as in decently profitable. On the other hand, there’s square enix, where 4.5 million sales is bad

    1. MS and Sony are going to get crushed with their precious AAA games.
      Soon you’ll notice only indies making games for PS4 and XBOne.

      MS and Sony cant put out cash for devs and publishers forever.

    1. Of course, it’s so they can have the monopoly. If smaller studios can’t afford produce games for Ps4/xbone then the big boys will get the sales. And we’ll delve further into a world of endless CODs, FIFAs, and GTAs… Wow…. Three games a year? Good luck with that.

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  19. Rubin sucks cock and didn’t do shit for THQ which was making the best games in its history, I don’t like him, he is a Playstation fanboy.

  20. Well, thank your “hardcore” 12 year old audience who wants more realistic and bloody graphics each year so they can feel all grown up before they hit puberty.

  21. I guess his actually referring to the old ps360 consoles. And I guess it’s not that weird it’s harder to make anything better with those consoles. They’re outdated!

  22. if theese games are be coming more expensive to make then don’t make them. america should be investing their money on something to help kids’ hunger in africa or another forien place.

  23. Hi there! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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