Amazon: Official Wii U High Capacity-Battery Is Coming To Europe On October 4th


Popular online retailer Amazon says that the Wii U High Capacity-Battery and the Wii Remote Fast Charging-Cradle are both coming to Europe on October 4th. The Wii U battery pack should substantially improve the battery life for the Wii U GamePad which has come under fire for running out of juice too quickly. Will you be picking up the Wii U High Capacity-Battery and the Wii Remote Fast Charging-Cradle? €29.99 / €39.99

Thanks, Adam F


      1. I could afford it, but for a battery that should have been included when I bought the console, it’s too much.

      2. This. I mean I’m extremely excited for the future of the WiiU but to say I’m satisfied with the present would be a lie. I’ve yet to find a reason to buy a pro controler and I’m certainly getting that before the battery. Plus the battery might make it heavier.

      3. NEVER believe Wii u was sold at loss, the only thing I forgive Nintendo is the quality of the hardware they made.

    1. Yeah there is. I don’t need to list them for you, because inevitably a list is practically posted on every mynintendonews article. 💋

      1. Do you know if I’ll be able to use this and the nyko u boost at the same time, because it would give me almost 15 hours of battery life!

  1. The wii u is almost $ 400 here :(
    Way too expensive to buy…
    However, the higher capacity battery life is a great idea :)

    1. God is coming to you with a high capacity can of whoop ass. How dare you say wii u aint interesting. Give it sometime.

  2. Hmm, maybe later, when X comes out, stuff like that. When I know I’ll be playing much, though I can just play with adapter, no big deal.

  3. There should be a free replacement program on these batteries for older Gamepads like Wii Remote wrist straps due to unforeseen inferiority done on customers.

    1. No there shouldn’t. If anyone buys the Wii U they should know what there getting them selves into. Low storage (32gb) low battery life for remote. Lack of games etc so you buy it at your own risk so when Nintendo announces things like new extended battery life or price cut blame your self for buying the Wii U early. nintendo doesn’t owe people anything for buying the Wii U early

  4. Nintendo should have planned ahead and implemented this high complicity battery in the gamepad instead of making people to pay more for something that should have been thought of from the start.

    1. They don’t care about the consumers man. That’s why the early adopters got nothing when the price cut was announced. First price cut. Then separated extended battery and watch next will he a higher storage Wii U about 64gb or even 128gb and when that happens im going to laugh at all the idiots that bought the Wii U early XD

      1. Yes and its because of people like you that Nintendo keeps ripping there customers off. Oh you can just buy an extra extended battery at the shop (even tho it should have been included in the the Wii U gamepad to begin with) idiots man idiots

      2. Hardrives go cheaper in price and they give you the option on whether you want to buy one straight away, later on or not at all. Yeah, how dare they give you options and I wasn’t even talking about the battery.

      3. The battery was an example that you didn’t understand smh. Anyone that has 32gb storage on the Wii U is going to end up buying extra storage at some point since 32gb is shit. Bottom line is that they can add more storage to the Wii U its just they are just too cheap to do so and give excuses that sheep like you accept and believe

      4. Do you lack at reading comprehension? I said hardrives get cheaper over time. You can get one whenever you like. I do understand what you said about the battery and I’m not sure why it wasn’t already included in the Gamepad.

      5. That doesn’t have to do with what I said. If hard drives get cheaper over time then including a hard drive with more memory In the Wii U should be cheap too

      6. “next will he a higher storage Wii U about 64gb or even 128gb and when that happens im going to laugh at all the idiots that bought the Wii U early XD”

        Yeah you clearly weren’t talking about the hardrive. -_-

        Do you also not understand the term ‘over time’?

      7. then what the fuck are you doing here, why are you so concerned about Wii Us lack of storage space, if you play a lot of games one is bound to buy an extra harddrive, you can call us sheep until your little pussy turns blue, but it is because of us sheep that Nintendo is still around, soooo that means

        1.) its your time of the month
        2.) your a stupid douche who hates Nintendo yet continues to check and post on a Nintendo news site
        3.) you were dropped on your head as a child and as a result cannot process simple logical processes

        so Nintendo is still around because of us fanboys, and therefore will still be around

        deal with it bitch

      8. Lol nothing to do with what I’m saying that was just angry fanboy talk. Reality is Nintendo is ripping its fans like you off. I’m really sorry that’s the reality man lolol

      9. cool let them rip us off, the sad part is why YOU are the one feeling ripped off, I sense you have unresolved issues

      10. When it comes down to it. The reality is any product you buy, You are being ripped off. microsoft,sony, apple, nintendo, ford, toyota, samsung, If you are so concerned about being ripped off I wouldnt bring up a gaming company but start by gathering your community and fellow citizens and get your government to stop all of the cheap, planned obsolescence products and get them to make things that last and can be upgraded.

      11. No it’s not. If they included a bigger hardrive it would of raised the price and it would of put some people off from buying it.

      12. Irrelevant. If a power house lime the ps4 which is way stronger than the Wii U can have 500gb of storage and cost ONLY $400 than the weak U can have at least 200gb and still cost $300

      13. They’re selling it at a loss and you have no idea how much the Gamepad and hardware of the console costs. Yeah and it’s so powerful that it’s struggling to do 1080 60fps.

      14. It hasn’t used its full power for games yet and Wii U would never In its life be able to run battlefield 4 online with 64 players at 720p 60fps.

      15. You say that like it’s a fact. We will probably never find out as we know what EA is like.

      16. So. No one is buying a Wii U anyways so that’s not working out for them. Plus Nintendo lowered the price of the Wii U so I’m pretty sure they could justify adding more memory. Look at the PS3 and 360; they have WAY more storage space than the Wii U and they’re last gen.

      17. Haaa…. -_- yeah that’s what were talking about the Wii U.. you know how its been out for 7 years… use some common logic jackass.. OF COURSE WERE TALKING ABOUT THE XBOX/PS3… moron

  5. I don’t know why people think the Wii U and 3DS run out of battery too quickly. I never seem to have any problem. If you are playing something for more than 3 hours straight than I think you may need to stop, rest your eyes a bit and go outside to see some sunshine. 💋

    1. I found the original 3DS to be very problematic. Always running out of battery, especially if it was in sleep mode with streetpass enabled.

      But my 3DS XL seems to last forever.

      1. Really? I have a normal 3DS and I once played it for a little bit, folded it up and took it to a 3 HOUR movie! Then opened it up and played it a little bit after the movie and it was still green. I played for an hour-hour and a half. I turned it off before I ever saw the light turn from Green to Red. 💋

  6. eh.. larger batteries have been available for a while already from 3rd party manufacturers.. and they’re cheaper aswell

    1. Yeah but it isn’t always safe to use 3rd party batteries, or 3rd party replacements on 1st party consoles in general. They can sometimes be made cheaply and won’t work. With this battery at least you know it is quality, because of Nintendo’s logo. 💋

      1. snakebyte’s for example
        they’ve been making good quality console accessories for years
        battery packs too

  7. More memory storage and better battery life should have been implemented begin with not sold separate BUT if you sheep are ok with paying $50-$100 for an external hard drive than $30-$40 shouldn’t be much either LMAO. Nintendo proly said “if you want more battery life you can just buy it separate” just like they said “if you want extra memory storage you can just buy it separate” and all you dumb asses say that’s its ok and that’s why Nintendo continues to RIP YOU OFF because you just except anything from Nintendo smh

      1. Ignoring that 500gb can last you a systems life time. Stop man. I had 250gb on my 360 and it lasted the whole time. I installed all my games, bought alot of online content and not once needed an external hdd for it because 250gb was enough but if it was the Wii U I did that for I would have been forced to buy an external hdd since 32gb is shit

      2. Wow so what. I plan on buying physical copies on my Wii U like I mostly do. If I need a hard drive I’ll buy it and use it for Wii U and the console after that never breeding to buy another hard drive. And if someone else has a Wii U I’ll just take my super smash bros game and my little hard drive and connect it to their Wii U. Big deal.

    1. how is that worse than paying 100-150$ more for the console with an integrated hard drive? are you daft? it’s not like that extra storage in the wii u would have been free…

      1. It wouldn’t cost anywhere near $100-$150. Ps4 comes with 500gb and only cost $400 how the hell can making the Wii U at least 100-200gb cost them shit. Truth is it wouldn’t. Its because there using flash memory but if they switched it to non flash and regular storage like the ps4 then it would be cheaper and easier to put more memory in it

      2. It only costs 400$ because they know their people (fans) will blindly buy the PS4…

        And if you didn’t know already, the PS4 will be sold at a loss…

      3. There going to make up that loss with there games, psn, etc so the loss doesn’t matter, also the ps4 is a better purchase than the Wii U in every way

      4. That’s entirely subjective…

        I love how everybody talks on how our empire “rips” people off and yet you Sonyans are happy to pay to play online even though it should be free to begin with…

        And then I’m betting that most of you think that the Vita Controller as it is today is better than the U Gamepad…

        And their games pale to the core games of our empire…

        Who ever remembers any Sonyan game today that came out more than a decade ago?…

      5. the only ones that really stood out to me were the Jak and daxter games and GTA san andreas, those were the only reasons I owned I ps2

      6. You get real SERVICE with paying for online unlike Wii U,s free and shitty connection and with paying for online you also get Ps plus not a rip off and if you think paying for online service is a rip off then stop paying for internet connection since that’s what service is

      7. As if they are the same thing…

        One is necessary while the other should be included no matter how good or bad the “service” is…

      8. No none are necessary since you don’t NEED internet you want it not NEED it since you can live without internet

      9. these days the internet is generally considered a basic right
        and that has no relevance.. i’m paying my ISP for actual services that is: supplying the infrastructure that they have built so i can use the internet

        what am i paying sony for? online servers are either supplied by the developers or the PS4 itself hosts the game so there’s no infrastructure sony has to maintain
        what am i paying sony for?

      10. You can live without internet if you prefer to live like an old school farmer but otherwise Internet IS required today…

      11. Yet Sony fanboys were praising free online and giving crap to those who paid. So much irony in your comment.

      12. These “Sonyans” are not happy to pay online. It was seen last gen between the PS3 and 360 that in order to have a more secure and overall better online experience there needs to be some sort of payment. This is why the 360 had and has a much better online experience than the PS3. Saying it “should be free” is irrelevant. Gaming is a business, and businesses need money one way or another. Sony can sell the PS4 at a loss but make their money back with a subscription based service; the same applies to Microsoft (and Nintendo if it were implemented)

        Speaking to Sony games that came out over a decade ago: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy VII.

      13. Yeah will I’ll buy an external hard drive put my SSb game on it and take it to whatever Wii U console that has it. Bam problem solved. Then when next Nintendo console comes I can keep it so I actually get my moneies worth. You just have a 250g in your 360 you never used and could have used it in your Bone.

  8. those motherfuckers should have been smart and tested the gamepad a little bit more before packaging that shit with the wiiu.

    1. again Nintendo doesn’t care because they know the sheep will buy extra battery for $30-$40 since they are ok with buying extra storage for $50-$100 anyway. Blame the fanboys for not speaking up

      1. Yea man keep telling your self that. When over 60% of purchases on the Wii U are digital not to mention they keep promoting digital downloads. More GB is needed in the main console but sheep like you are just in denial and can’t see what Nintendo is doing

      2. The only thing I need to know from our empire is that aslong as they don’t apply online pay, DRM crap and other nonsense, just the games matter…

      3. Ignoring the numerous Xbox 360s sold. from 2005 to 2013. Didnt Xbox last 360 get designed to look like Xbone? That cost more than an extra battery.

      4. Also ignoring you cant play a Ps3 controller on PS4 ánd ignoring that you got to buy an Xbone controller as a second one even though its the same design from Xbox 360. Ánd ignoring you need both a PS3 and Ps4 stored in your home to play games.

      5. Nothing to do what your saying? Lol. Yeah right you buy a 360 then they changeit for better specs so yyou buy it again. If Wii U had a better spec version you would bitch about the same thing about a better for a GamePad.

      6. They never released a better “specs” 360. A different design yes but not better “specs” same specs in each design so fail man. And I wouldn’t bitch that’s just your assumption which means nothing

      7. Would you rather pay $400 and an extra $50 a year for stuff you don’t need (PS4) or $300 for all you need to get started and then pay extra as you go (Wii U)? Your logic makes no sense when looking at other companies.

  9. Nintendo should give one free to everyone that has a WiiU, my WiiU is not yet twelve months old & they want me to spend £30 on a new battery that they should’ve included in the first place,, you cannot tell me that battery technology has improved this much in a year.

  10. If you want a second screen for next generation consoles, you gotta buy the proper hardware in order to do what Wii U can do. Sony doesn’t care for their Vita customers, now they are just marketing it as a controller. Hell Vita TV doesnt even presude people to need a Vita. Just more money from consumers.

    1. But why would those who buy Ps4 and One want them to do the things the WiiU does, if they want WiiU experience they probably buy WiiU, if they arent fanboys.

  11. I have my Gamepad hooked tons 9ft USB cable plugged into the front of my WiiU. So I’m good.

    Still, nothing wrong with adding a little stamina to the gamepad.
    The more stamina you have, the more fun you can have in one play-session.

    1. Well I wish I could say you are insane but honestly after looking at your avatar I can see what you mean, its actually… interesting hahe

  12. HAH! No deal, as nice as it would be to have gamepad last longer those prices are too much imo. Im sticking with my WiiU Pro Controller which Never loses its batteries.

  13. So if you like Kinect, each xbox console will have it huh? So more crowded stuff in the living room. Yet, I can use the same motion sensor from my Wii to my Wii U. Also can store my Wii storage to my Wii U. I can play my Wii games with the same remotes. I only bought a pro controller not because I needed one but i choosed to buy it. Yet you got to buy an all new controler for your PS4/One. Also I don’t need to buy a battery for longer life I plug it up and take a break. Or use another controller. Only thing I may need is an external hard drive that I only need to buy once. Then I can keep it for Wii U and next generation Nintendo console. Yet you buy a console with 500gigs and when PS5 comes out, those gigs still wasnt used. But I can use my same hard drive for next Nintendo. That’s more efficient. It saves Nintendo and consumers money in the long run. So it keeps the price down. But you Sony drones buy a 500gig internal hard drive increasing the price then you buy another internal hard drive when next gen Sony arrives. Waste of money.

  14. This just shows how much they care about money. They forgot what quality is, and the most important thing is that they forgot how to please their customers. Lately I’ve been just so disappointed on how Nintendo is running the company.

    1. If they cared about money, they would’ve sold the Wii U for $400 so that they could give you a huge battery life that a large majority of people won’t need. I don’t see why people can’t just plug in their gamepads.

  15. That’s quite pricey for a new battery. It should be at most half that price. I wouldn’t want to pay more than £20 tops personally.

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