WayForward Wants To Create A Pony Game


WayForward, the developer behind DuckTales Remastered and Shantae , have revealed on Reddit that they would love to make a game in the My Little Pony series. WayForward’s Game Director Adam Tierney explained in a Ask Me Anything thread that there’s a lot of developers at WayForward who would absolutely love to work on a Pony game. Tierney said that if people want a My Little Pony game then they really need to contact Hasbro.

Oh, and we’re 100% not kidding, people – SO many people here at WayForward wanna make a My Little Pony: FiM game. Lauren Faust ROCKS. Make it happen, Bronies!  You guys should email Hasbro – tell them how much you’d like to see a WF-developed FiM game

Thanks, Kevin


      1. However, WayForward has been putting out nothing but gold recently it seems, so it’d actually probably be pretty good haha.

        this is what you sound like right now.

    1. What’s a brony? First time I’ve heard this. From what I understand when reading this blog, they are older men who are into little girl pony shows and probably get sexually aroused when doing so.

      1. False, there is a separate name for the ones who make and watch porn of it (and there are, there is porn of EVERYTHING! Welcome to the internet). But Bronies are people who have seen the show, and have actually liked it. Because it’s not made like other littler girl shows, it was made know…be a decent show. Creator Lauren Faust has worked on Fosters Home for Imaginary friends, Powerpuff Girls, and I think Dexters Lab, among others. So she knows what a good cartoon is. Yes it has ponies. Yes it has subjects mostly girls care about, but it’s all still done in a way that anyone can enjoy, with lots of older humor and classic cartoon tropes snuck in.

      2. a brony is someone (usually male, between the ages 16-25) who enjoys watching the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

      3. well from my point no they might or might not get sexual im a pegasister thats a girl so go on youtube and look this up Let’s Go Meet the Bronies then you will know

      4. No! Nonononono. If you look into the Brony community, you will see not all of them are like that. Many make beautiful works of art, music, and fiction.

      1. (\

        I don’t know why people are upset. You’d be happy if WayForward wanted to make a game out of your favorite show (like they did for Adventure Time or Regular Show), but throw in ponies and it’s suddenly a different story.

        This is just hilarious to watch, anyway. You people, man…

      2. Difference being that Adventure Time and Regular Show are actually good shows, so they deserve games. MLP: FIM isn’t a good series. MLP has never been good, it’s not good, and it will never be good. Just something bronies have to come to terms with.

        Although, maybe a game like this is a good idea, because… despite how shitty the idea actually is, it’ll sell like hot cakes because of those pony loving freaks. But personally, I think this is just a joke, either by WayForward or a pathetic brony pretending to be WayForward. If it is WayForward, they’re probably joking around, because no self respecting people would want something like this.

      3. I’m dumb for thinking that Regular Show and Adventure Time are good and that MLP is shit? Yay! Double standards, bronies. *slow claps*

      4. Well, the thing is that you are taking it as fact even though it’s just your personal opinion, MLP FIM has a huge fanbase, HUGE, so obviously it isn’t that bad. I like the artstyle, and the characters. I love Adventure Time because of the artstyle and the characters. I have to agree with the guy above you though, your comment was really dumb. You made it sound like “Because I don’t like this it’s a terrible show. Only stuff that I like can be good.”

      5. How is it a terrible show? Besides the fact that it was intended for girls? And I want parts of the episodes themselves that you dislike.

      1. I actually did, 60$. I didn’t say anything about cancelling it because of these MLP claims though, it’s more because I can’t afford it this month (Have to ge a 3DS and a ton of games in October), it was just a coincidence.

      2. …That was a bit odd, you know. Especially in a comments section like here.

        Also, yeah, I hear ya on the saving money bit. I want to make sure I get Pokemon X at launch.

      3. Totally. I’m getting Y myself, and since I’ll procceed to buy all 3 Shantae games available on the 3DS, I’ll be giving them money regardless, so I thought it was a better idea. It’ll be funded anyway.

        My fiancee still kept her 60$ pledge on it though, so I could say that’s our pledge.

      1. Right, because finding posts here and there from people on the internet saying which cartoon pony they’d like to fuck isn’t disturbing enough…

      2. Were you born fucking retarded or did you hit you head recently?
        MLP is a great series so if you don’t like GTFO!

      3. I said fanbase… I’m not criticizing the series itself. I never watched it so I can’t.

      4. Bro I can guarantee that anything that has physical characters, someone will make porn of it and fap to it. Just get mad at Perverts and the Internet in general if you don’t like it.

      5. Hating on fanbase is definitely shallow.
        But hating on people just for disliking what you like is even worse.

      6. See? This is exactly why normal people don’t like bronies. “MLP is a great series, so if you don’t like it, GTFO!” Ha! HAHA! So much for love and tolerance. “LIKE WHAT I LIKE OR I WILL INSULT YOU!” The story of the majority of bronies… ha… HAHA!

  1. I’m sure my niece will love it!
    Unfortunately, I don’t have the extra money to get it for her :(
    So, I’m hoping its for the regular ds, so it would be much more affordable :)

    1. If it’s on the regular DS, though, it’ll have way worse graphics. I don’t think the affordability is worth it. Plus, nobody buys DS games anymore, so it would be a bad idea for them.

    2. Good luck waiting in line to get a copy for your niece. You’ll probably have to stand between a couple of overweight, neck bearded, constantly sweating men… that’s a really disturbing thought… that I actually have to warn someone about the fanbase for a little girl’s show…

      1. I feel like buying a couple dozen speakers, placing them around my neighborhood, and blasting this. The reaction would be priceless haha.

      1. Because I’m sick of the hate we get. So god damned sick of it. Especially on a Nintendo site. I mean look at Kirby, and Yoshi for god sake. I love them, don’t get me wrong.

      2. I mean that show was aimed for little girls so you can’t just attack everyone bro. Not that I have anything against bronies, but don’t care what the haters say. Just enjoy your life :)

      3. I’m a mother of a 7 year old girl, the fan base is probably 95% little girls. Every girl at my daughter’s school loves my little pony. My daughter collects the cards and has plushies. I came on here hoping to see an eventual wii u game released for it since my daughter has already beat Mario 3D World. The fact that MLP gets so much flack because some teenage boys like it really gets on my nerves. This is a child’s show, let the childern have a video game for God’s sake.

    1. Don’t forget, they are aimed at everyone, MLP is aimed at little girls, stop being butthurt people don’t like it

      1. I never said you didn’t have to like it, I’m saying don’t hate on people who do. And no the series is not aimed at little girls, it’s also aimed at everyone.

      2. It’s initial target audience was little girls, Mario and Pokemon have always been aimed at everyone

      3. First of all, why does that even matter? And second of all marketing does not equal intention. The writers write what THEY find entertaining, and most of them are guys. I’m not arguing the show is good, it’s a matter of perspective. What I am arguing is why does it matter what somebody watches in their spare time. THEY ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE!

      4. 1. You were the one who brought up Mario and Pokemon were kid games

        2. Then why would you bring up Mario and Pokemon as an example to spite people?


        Bull-Fucking-Shit, say one bad thing about MLP and they jump on you, not a fan? You’re automatically a hater

      5. You know you can just…wait for it…ignore them. And that’s not even close to ALL fans. And you do realize that’s every fandom right. I can say the Wii U is a shit underpowered console (not my opinion) and I’ll get attacked here. Every fandom has their extremes. But for the average brony, who watches is and doesn’t care, what’s the problem?

      6. “You know you can just…wait for it…ignore them.”
        Not when they’re everywhere

        “And that’s not even close to ALL fans.”

        “And you do realize that’s every fandom right.”
        Oh I know, but Bronys are the worst

        “I’ll get attacked here.”
        Probably because this is a Nintendo-themed website

        “Every fandom has their extremes.”
        And Bronys being the most extreme from experience

        “what’s the problem?”
        I never once said there was a problem

      7. I don’t care, from the majority of bronys I’ve seen, most of them were negative and attacked me when I mentioned I wasn’t a brony, leaving a negative impression on me

      8. dude did you know that brony fandom is now one of the biggest fandoms ever and still growing we have acroding to a survey 783 mill
        so it is getting bigger than twilight fans themselfs

      9. Well, why don’t you follow your own advice and ignore those “haters” then? And I do agree with F, the MLP fandom is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
        I personally can’t understand either how grown up men, or hell, even grown up women, can be into a cartoon that is directed towards little kids. I’ve also seen enough sick shit bronies make out of that show and it’s just disgusting. I do understand that not all bronies do that, but that still doesn’t explain why grown up people are into it. And you can keep that “IT DOESN’T HURT ANYONE” to yourself because there are many other things that do not necessarily hurt anyone but are disgusting and sick nonetheless.
        Besides, you can’t say a MLP game doesn’t affect any Nintendo gamers because it very well does. It just adds to the claim that Nintendo is supposedly a company that offers games for kids only, shovelware, nothing for “real gamers”. And when I see things like this, I do understand why people actually start thinking things like that. About Nintendo only, that is. Or do you see and MLP games on Sony’s or Microsoft’s platforms ? The sad thing about this is, no matter how much the loyal fans of Nintendo are against this, they won’t be able to do anything. Nintendo knows they will make money with games like MLP because kids will be wanting it and parents will buy it for them. Nintendo is a company after all and they do want money, so there’s, unfortunately, nothing to do about it. To put it short, saying this won’t affect Nintendo’s fans at all is silly and simply not true.

      10. What?! Just don’t buy it. I mean it won’t affect Nintendo fans. And the whole disgusting thing is a matetr of persecptive. Just simply don’t look at it. I’ve seen some sick shit Nintendo fans have done. I mean google Zero Suit Samus. And Sony and Microsoft fanboys will find any way to call Nintendo kiddy. That’s what makes them fanboys. And yeah there plenty of kiddy games on Sony platforms. Go look at the shovel ware. So again ignore it.

      11. Also it isn’t the abundacne of “kiddy” games, it’s the lack of adult games. Where’s Lost Planet 3, Dead space 3, Battlefield 4, GTA 5, Bioshock Infinite, Metro, Killer is Dead, Mad Max, Max Payne 3, Saints Row 4, and so many others.

      12. Oh really ? So you say a naked Samus is as disgusting as ponies from a kid’s show penetrating each other with their horns or other extremities ? We’re talking about a kid’s show here. Sorry, but nothing from Metroid, Mario or anything else can reach that level of sickness, don’t even try to defend that disgusting shit.
        Plenty of kiddie games on Sony’s platforms ? Well, you seem to have missed both the DS and the WIi because those two consoles alone have probably 3x more shovelware and kiddie games than all of Sony’s consoles combined. I love Nintendo but the excessive number of kids games is undeniable.

      13. I agree with you on the ignoring, I mean it doesn’t really affect me,
        people who like MLP can play the game if they want too.If somebody doesn’t like a video game or cartoon or whatever should they protest against it or enjoy the things they love? When October 12 rolls around I’m probably going to be sucked into my Pokemon Y game,I won’t even pay attention to almost anything anymore.

      14. The same could be said about Sonic Fans, COD fans and the list goes on.
        Every fanbase has their Crazies and normals dude.

      15. No. It isn’t aimed at everyone. It’s still for little girls. I don’t care how you guys try to rationalize it. The show’s for little girls. It’s always been for little girls. And it will always be for little girls.

    2. It’s almost the same kind of heat that came with the artwork one comic book artist did with Zelda as the hero and Link as a prince in a idea for a title that would be WILDLY different for the LoZ series. People lost their shit.

      Or whenever a company that makes games–some of which could’ve been made on Wii U and would be a welcome change in regards to what the Wii and Wii U have been getting–say they won’t be making games for Wii U (or Wii at the time) and its automatically “Their games suck” and “Good riddance we don’t have to get their shitty games.”

      …it’s that same family of heat and disdain.

      With MLP: FiM game it would be one game and they want to do it. Every company should get to make one game on a series they feel strongly about or enjoy…hell even if they make sequels it’s of something they enjoy. It’s not like they would stop jumping hoops for everyone else and putting out games that their core fanbase would enjoy.

      …WayForward isn’t going to Metallica late 90s-mid 2000s you, people.

      1. Not sure why I would be butthurt about this, I think it’s good news, and you definitely agree with me. :)

  2. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt?!

    1. If they want to make a game because they see a series is actually decent or it can make them money, and you lose respect for them simply because you don’t like it, then you didn’t have much respect to begin with, and I’m sure they will live.

      1. lol, MLP isn’t decent. It’s just a cash cow that WayForward can milk. You know… that would actually make sense if it was Capcom or EA… but WayForward? Oh well… it’s just something that would make money because of the stupid fanbase who would buy any piece of shit MLP merchandise.

  3. Bitch all you want, but WayForward makes quality games, regardless of franchise.

    Besides, I love the disparity between people liking the idea of an Adventure Time game vs. that of an MLP: Friendship is Magic game. Them double standards.

    Still, to be upset over that is just stupid. You’re not going to buy it, so why the fuck do you even care?

  4. I’m personally not a big fan of MLP. Am I gonna get irate about this? No. Because an MLP game isn’t MEANT for me then and regardless of whether they make it, it doesn’t affect Shantae of the Mighty series.

    I say let them. They’re good devs to do it.

    1. I am right there with you. I’m not a brony but I’m not going to bitch. The Bronys will like it and that’s what games are about. Pleasing people

      1. The show is kinda alright but I got bored of it halfway through season 2. Whether I like the idea of the game or not doesn’t matter then. Because it’s not FOR me.

  5. okay, internet, here’s the deal. from this moment, we’ll not mention this project. bad publicity would still be publicity. keep as quiet about this as possible and the general public is less likely to get wind of it. if this is kickstarted, hopefully it won’t get funded if we keep people from knowing. let’s avoid adding more cloppers to the stable

    1. 1. Why in the world would this game being made be a bad thing? It might actually drive Wii U/3DS sales.
      2. Why is every brony now automatically a clopper? Do you assume because there’s Rule 34 Transformers/Mario/Harry Potter fan art that all of those fans get off to that?

      1. First of all, the 3DS is doing just fine, so it doesn’t really need anything right now to boost up its sales. And the Wii U may be doing poorly at the moment, but we really, REALLY don’t want THIS THING to be the console sale booster! It’ll give all the Sony/Microsoft fanboys the okay to call us all a bunch of Nintendo babies because THIS is one of the best selling games on the Wii U.

        No one wants this to happen…

        And as for cloppers… not all of them are cloppers, yeah, but a huge majority of them are.

      2. in fact bronys are against clopping too that is why the meme “ew gay” came from featuring lyra

      1. >Implying anyone likes sonic

        Keep being delirious and get better counter points you autistic brony

      2. Yes, now what? What do you want? Why did you post this? Why do you think we care? Are you just looking for “epic comments”? Why don’t you go on youtube videos then? When I came here this evening it wasn’t to view an advanced screening of “Autist From Outer Space” starring you. Faggot


  7. Seems like if a company could make a great MLP game, it would print money, because all the bronies would buy it. (I know I would)

  8. WayForward: “We are interested in making an MLP game because we enjoy the series.”
    Various people: “I’ve lost respect for you and want to stop supporting you because you enjoy a show that doesn’t suit my personal tastes.”

    I’m certainly no brony, but that whole “love and tolerance” thing should be more common. Why does it matter that they’re making an MLP game if you’re not planning on playing it? It still has every right to exist and it doesn’t make them any less passionate about developing quality games. Accept it, ignore it, whatever, but don’t villify them for something so trivial and harmless!

  9. for everyone wondering why a lot of people are so against more MLP thing, it’s because of the sick clopper subculture. there was a quote by yahtzee (not about MLP) that sums up my feelings on MLP and probably everyone else’s who holds a disliking for ponies:

    It’s not pleasant! […] it gives me the same feeling I get from watching midget-on-giraffe porn, a sense of “I’m certainly not getting off to this but I know someone in the world is and /that’s/ what makes me uncomfortable.”

    so there’s a bit of a reason why some people don’t want wayforward to make a game about it. anything to keep from raising even more potential bestialists

    1. And again, even if they do clop, who are they hurting? It’s not like it’s a real horse, they’re fucking. I mean, I find it a little gross, but hey if it makes someone happy, who am I to stop them?

      1. i don’t know about you, but i respect anyone who masturbated to ponies who have the mental age of a 5-9 year old girl/boy and then masturbate to them. it’s even worse when they give them sexualised features. Would it be acceptable if i got lisa simpson, gave a voluptuous female body and masturbated to that? no.

      2. Yeah, leave pedofiles alone! If masturbating to child porn makes ’em happy, then who’re we to judge?? So what if they go playgrounds&watch children play? Pedos will be pedos!! So what if they offer them candy? Don’t YOU do the same on Halloween?!?!?!

  10. ppl that say MLP is for little girls have never watched a single episode: the whole thing is pretty unisex. It just has a higher number of female characters.Oh, and it always finishes with a some sort of morale message.

    I dunno if I would BUY a MLP game, but knowing that WayForward could develop one makes me feel like they would go a good job

    1. MLP is for little girls. lol, I’ve seen the show, too. Funny… didn’t you just say that people who say MLP is for little girls have never watched a single episode? Guess I’ve just proven you wrong.

      Also, ending your statement with, “and it always finishes with some sort of morale message,” really doesn’t get your point across. Shows for young kids tend to end with moral messages, so… this is a show for young kids.

  11. Guys think of this from a business view…
    Brony fanbase is huge which means? Lots of Money, and if this becomes a Nintendo and Sony Exclusive? They’ll make a shit ton of money i promise you that.
    Also this double standards bullshit needs to stop, if i can watch Powerpuff Girls without people giving me shit then the Bronies should not be given shit either, And Powerpuff Girls was targeted for the girls when it first came out so don’t give me that Bullshit crap. Hell! The same can be said for any video game/show that targets children.
    As a Nintendo Fan i am in disgusted of the reaction the Nintendo fans are giving.

    1. I agree, people underestimate how much a fanbase, like the Bronies, can drive something, like, to put it into perspective, when the Homestuck game was added onto Kickstarter, it raised $2 million in 2 days.

      I’d like to see what the numbers are liked when this game is released, and I’d love to play it if it’s on a system that’s available to me.

  12. I’m really glad we can get a nice game company to cater to little girls. Always good to see more children get into gaming.

  13. So, they want to make MLPFiM game with their generic 2D-sprite-artstyle and it would most likely be a sidescroller with ‘good’ gameplay?

    1. Yes, because going after a HUGE fanbase will make ’em bankrupt. Think from a business stand point my boy.

      1. what fanbase. only preteen girls would buy that shit. it’s a fucking rainbow pony game for crying out loud.

      2. You don’t seem to know what bronies are. They’re full grown men who love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And there a… a LOT of them, as sad as it is. So… this game, if it’s actually made, will sell really well…

      3. what are those sites suppose to prove. you think cause some dude’s in the military then he’s manly hahaha. get real. motherfuckers can continue to like this shitfest. what they really are inside will never change.

      4. They’re manlier than you that’s for sure ;)

        What you are in the inside will never change, just a sad lonely individual, who’s only lashing out for attention. Feel free to keep trying to prove me wrong, boy, I’m having a blast.

      5. trying to project yourself onto others I see. sad pathetic clown you are. keep loving your happy pony show dude. that shit probably makes you feel better about yourself I bet. hahaha.

  14. The Brony culture started at 4chan. just so you know what kind of person compose the majority of the MLP fanbase. And before anyone keeps saying OMG 99% OF BRONIES ARE NOT LIKE THAT, I can tell you that easily 40% of the fanbase is composed by cloppers with a good 30% more with a latent possibility in becoming cloppers too. Its a matter of time, over exposure to anything media related starts causing all kind of urges and sexual associations in males, special with these new pony designs which is why the reason it became so popular to begin with.

    1. If that’s your logic that would mean roughly 40% of any fandom is sexually attracted to its content, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

  15. i see nothing wrong with this or bronies. Us girls can watch stuff like power rangers, collect action figures, and read comics without getting a bad name, but god forbit guys like my little pony.

  16. MLP is great! I’d buy this game on day 1. It’s about time that someone expressed interest in the series. A video game could be fun, like Spyro or something

    1. Nobody even mentions WayForward did a TON of shitty Barbie games, and THEY STILL DO IT. They’re utter shovelware. I can’t believe a MLP game would be any different.

      1. I’ve actually played a few of the Barbie games for the computer. I thought they were pretty fun. The Horseback game had good gameplay and the secret agent one was awesome!

      2. Never….have you even tried those Barbie games? Maybe they haven’t all been excellent, but those two are must buys for all gamers


    1. I think Anti-Bronies would be a better term since they have clear hatred and animosity towards anything Pony related. Non-Bronies would be the people who don’t care either way.

  18. I think it’s silly that a lot of people are having such strong animosity towards a developer for enjoying a show. Chillax, dudes. I totes encourage WayForward to make whatever they wanna make.

  19. If you make Pinkie Pie as a playable character, the game is a must have. But if she isn’t a playable character, I’d still buy the game.

    1. Calling people who don’t watch a cartoon aimed towards little girls, faggots. Yes… WE are the faggots for not liking technicolored ponies.

  20. I like how no one cares about Wayforward making a crapload of barbie games but all hell breaks loose because of one MLP game.
    I’d say grow up, but it’s redundant since you all most likely still play Mario and Pokemon games.

    1. wayforward’s a bit of a mixed bag. they’ve got a lot of licensed games and shovelware under their belts but they also have a couple established franchises like shantae with them and a few simpler games with interesting enough ideas. most people would either scoff at or just outright ignore all of the barbie games but MLP is strongly opposed mostly because of its fanbase. it carries a horrible stigma thanks to the portion of the fanbase that has a tendency to openly and unapologetically JERK IT TO HORSES. you may say it’s not hurting anybody but it’s still messed up and i imagine gamers don’t want these types to become associated with them by way of where they get their entertainment

      you could say that many other things have porn of them too but you’d only be paraphrasing rule 34. the most common examples around here are nintendo games and sonic. while it’s true that the deviantartists in the sonic fandom can be into some messed up stuff, it’s still not the trait that has become the first thought someone thinks about when another person tells them that they play sonic games. and there’s a reason for that. simply put, video games are an interactive medium first and foremost. people don’t see a person playing a sonic game and think “that guy probably jerks it to hedgehogs”, they think “that person likes sonic games. don’t see that everyday!” games are there to be played. it’s hard to jerk it while executing gameplay, unless it’s one of those japanese games specifically made for pornographic value. however, someone being caught watching an anime with a fandom infamous for getting off to horses isn’t going to have as high a public opinion as they did before. that’s just how it generally goes. i don’t write these rules, i’m just making an observation of the general public

      as for your final statement, i feel obligated as a person to point out the hypocrisy. there’s a reason that games like mario and pokemon are rated E for EVERYONE (just in case you didn’t know before) and not EC (early childhood). they’re something targeted at everyone, of course including kids, teens, and adults. to reject something as kiddie that’s acceptable for kids as well as anyone else is childish in and of itself. it’s that high-school freshman teenager mentality that makes them reject anything that kids can enjoy and makes them aim for the more ‘mature’ things, which ironically is why most M-rated games are targeted at teenagers rather than actual adults. a person who thinks players of mario and pokemon games need to grow up is a person who needs to do some growing up of their own

  21. You guys really need to learn how to separate things from their fanbases.

    A lot of bronies are just painful to be around but I’ve seen the show and think if Wayforward had a shot they could make something pretty good out of it.

  22. I can’t believe that so many people are losing their crap all because of one game WayForward wants to make… I mean seriously, it’s not like this will have any effect on their other games.

  23. Wayforwards work is awesome. This has so many fans, if they get the idea approved by hasbro or whoever this would make bank. Even if it went to kickstarters it’d make so much cash fast. I won’t be contributing though, ugh. Not like this game will need any help from me.

  24. I’m not a fan of MLP but i can’t wait to see more raging sperglords going apeshit about this. Everyone following “le fedora neckbeard clopping meme” lol

    1. Same here. People all over the internet overreact if you so much as mention ponies. For hating it so much, they give it a lot of attention.

    1. Could say the same about you bronies and your constant shoving into our faces that you love a cartoon intended for little girls. You bronies bought this upon yourselves! If you guys stopped trying to force your opinions upon those of us who hate the show and have SEEN it, no less, then this hate probably wouldn’t exist. Great job, guys. You gave us a reason to hate you, then you wonder why… Fuck off.

  25. You all make me lol in my neutral chair.

    All I know is, if WayForward WANTS to make it, it’ll probably be a solid game.

    The quality of the game is important, not that it’s a pony game.

  26. I actually watched a few episodes once.

    Did not see the appeal at all… And still not even sure if the general appeal is sincere or ironic.

    1. It’s not ironic, lots of people enjoy it. It usually depends on the episodes you watch first that leave a good impression or not. The first two episodes aren’t great if those were what you watched. The show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. but you gave it a try at least. Thanks for not getting mad and making a big deal out of it like a lot of people did in previous comments though.

  27. Although I feel “My Little Pony” is a strange enigma considering it was designed for little girls yet created a cult fanbase of “Bronies” and middle aged men, this may not be a too bad idea if you hear me out, Consoles need games that sell, if the Wii U gets this game it might boost the sales because of these “brony” freaks, I mean it does make some sense to take advantage of “crazes” and this could be one of them, but then again it could be a pathetic idea, to each his own I suppose…

    1. What’s a brony? First time I’ve heard this. From what I understand when reading this blog, they are older men who are into little girl pony shows and probably get sexually aroused when doing so.

      1. A Brony isn’t necessarily one who’s sexually attracted to the equines (a lot of people here like to think that, but it’s not). They ARE out there, sure, but most Bronies are just fans of the new show, Friendship is Magic for the very fun and solid writing, characters, animation, and music.

        People just have this strange idea in their head that liking My Little Pony goes against some sacred order or something and HAS to hate it and go bonkers about it.

  28. Man, I HATE the new look of My Little Ponies. They barely even LOOK like ponies anymore. Nothing beats the classic 1980′ My Little Pony.

  29. SHUT THE FUCK UP. One more ”What’s up with the fur/ponysecution” and I’m fucking up your job, you mentally ignorant retard.

  30. Sweet Celestia of Equestria; just look at all these butt tears.

    Hey WayForward guys, THIS GAME NEEDS HAPPEN. If you put up a Kickstarter, I’ll donate $100, right here, right now. More if it looks promising. Chop, chop! Get to it.

  31. Well, i guess i will never buy another wayforward game. Fuck those guys anyways. Thanks for ruining 5 minutes(possibly more if they game actually comes out) of my life, wayforward, you overrated fucks.

  32. Holy shit the hatred here is powerful. Morons who are insulting Bronies and WayForward just because of a TV show that they do not have to watch. The only reason at all that you brainless, opinion less drones hate it is because it is My Little Pony. Get a mind of your own and please just shut the f*ck up.

    Also, this game needs to happen. This is an awesome opportunity!

  33. “A game about a tv show that I don’t like but a lot of other people do? It won’t affect me in any way if I don’t play it? I WON’T STAND FOR IT!”
    The majority of these comments in a nutshell.

  34. WayForward has balls for posting this. I respect them for that.
    But all the games I’ve seen from them were fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the greats as well. This would be a game that I’d like to play, even if I wasn’t a brony. (And yes, I am a brony.)

  35. Excuse me while I vomit a little bit.

    WayForoward, what are you THINKING?! Don’t cater to the lowest common denominator. A community comprised of nothing but neckbearded manchildren? Please don’t… just… please fucking don’t.

      1. I’m not going to watch that. I prefer to stay as far away from that show and its fanbase as possible. Hate everything about it.

  36. We’ve got bronies on the left trying to convince other people that their show is God’s gift to man and trying to shove the show into other people’s faces.

    We’ve got haters on the right that get so upset at the sight of a technicolor horse that they hate anything that gets associated with it, even if it’s a thing they enjoy.

    And then there’s the people who don’t have autism that just want to play video games.

  37. Ok so im kinda 50/50 on this. Bronies get a game. Good for them. But i honestly think the brony/anti-brony war is pointless. The bronies are a little too pushy and at times a little bugging but the anti bronies are no better they are judgemental and i find even moreso irritating trying to push me to hate it

  38. Hi, I would love to see a video game for MLP. My daughter would absolutely love it! She loves MLP and loves playing video games. 7 yr olds don’t go on the internet like the bronies and non-bronies do and really don’t have a voice because of this. My daughter and her friends would absolutely die over this game! Please make it!

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