FIFA 14 On 3DS Adds No New Updates To Gameplay Or Modes

fifa_14_on_the_ballNintendo of Europe issued a press release this morning containing their usual downloads for the coming week, but hidden in the summary of FIFA 14 for the Nintendo 3DS was the inclusion of a major detail. If you were looking to pay the £39.99 price tag, you would find updated kits and squads “but no updates to gameplay or game modes”. The news adds further insult to injury as earlier this year EA confirmed FIFA 14 would not come to Nintendo’s home console the Wii U after disappointing sales of FIFA 13. Plus, FIFA 13 for the Wii came under fire last year for being too similar to FIFA 12. Is it best the latest instalment didn’t make it to the Wii U? You can check out the official description from Nintendo’s press release below.

“FIFA 14 Legacy Edition delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes. It features 30 officially licensed leagues, 50 real-world tournaments, and 500 authentic clubs. Play traditional matches or free your game in epic 5-v-5 street matches with 3D effects. Play as a real-world superstar or re-create yourself. Optional touch screen controls deliver pin-point shooting and passing at your finger-tips.”


    1. Who the fuck even plays these games!? If you want an authentic soccer experience…go outside you lazy ball suckers!

        1. I believe majority of gamers have leg. but I don’t know, they are probably too fat though so not fit for playing real sports.

    1. It’s not the responsibility of the developer to sell consoles. Developers put time and effort into platforms with install bases, where people buy software. That doesn’t happen on Nintento platforms, so there’s not a large incentive to put the resources into the platform.

      1. Moron, Monster hunter 4 just sold more copies than there are PS Vitas in Japan. Great third parties sell on nintendo consoles from the very beginning. Am sorry Microsoft is not paying to be creative, or are you an EA employee. You are defending foolishness really?

        1. EA’s still mad that it’s dumb Origin service is not on the Wii U. That’s why EA has not shown any support for Nintendo lately. Forget what you heard otherwise.

          1. Funny things is that the ones that sell are the ones that developers put effort in. That’s strange isn’t it?

                1. So many games. I guess if you want to go with some recent ones, The Wonderful 101, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Puppeteer, Pikmin 3, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Gravity Rush, Dragon’s Crown, etc.

                  Literally hundreds could be listed. That’s why people call them, “sleeper hits.” Great games that go under the radar of the masses every single year.

                  People tend to gravitate to popular ongoing franchises that they’re familiar with and well marketed games.

                  You say, “the ones that sell are the ones that developers put effort in.” Yet, year over year, the biggest sellers are usually games like Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty. So…. Yeah. Think about that for a moment.

  1. FIFA on PS360 has been pretty much the same game since about FIFA 09 anyway. Don’t get me wrong, if you like football games like I do, it’s the same very good game, but the same game nonetheless.

  2. Pro evo 2012 on 3DS was AMAZING. It’s like they managed to fit almost the full console game onto 3DS. Looks and plays like a dream has online an everything. Fifa 12 on 3DS was a fucking piece of shit. the ball feels like a brick that doesn’t want to roll around. Terrible and no online….

    EA can screw themselves.


  4. If anyone was ever wondering if EA or 3rd party companies were try to sabotage any and all Nintendo hardware with lack luster ports.. This is it..

      1. I understand why they do it on vita but not on the 3ds still I just know what company to blame when the industry crashes.

      1. Actually I don’t think that’s EA reason. Other company’s I kind of belive them but not EA specialy after battlefield 4 recommended specs. ” EA recommends VISTA and windows 8″ that’s the most suspicious thing ever.

  5. The worst company in America two years running, should be nominated for worst company in the world. Am sorry if you mom or dad work there, maybe you do. This is just plain EVIL! To those of you that don’t know that word evil in the politically correct world, it’s what people worse that bad do out of spite. EA pride cometh before a fall and we that shall seek righteousness shall see the wicked fall. Wow!

    1. I hear that they have a specific day in the week just for drowning puppies, “Drowning Puppies Tuesday” they call it..

  6. Nobody cares, and whoever buys these games for specially a handheld console should be sent to the pits!

  7. It’s not just 3DS, the “legacy edition” Aka “cash in”, will be on Vita PS2 and Wii I think? still doesn’t excuse it though….

  8. the new CEO claims EA is the best developer in the world yet the company releases a game with just roster updates…….glad i didn’t buy Fifa 13 for Wii U.

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