EA Says Miyamoto Is Falling Down On The Job


EA’s Chief Creative Officer, Richard Hilleman, says that Shigeru Miyamoto has fallen down on the job and has handed over the gauntlet to Steve Jobs and Apple. Hilleman says that children used to learn from video games designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, now they are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to get their handheld gaming fixes.

“I thank Miyamoto for that,” he said of the Nintendo designers historical contribution to games. “But he’s falling down on the job. And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino.”

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      1. According to angry gamers on the web who voted on a public website. Anyone who genuinely thinks EA is the “worst company,” needs a reality check.

              1. I dunno maybe the chemical companies that pollute rivers, tobacco companies who essentially sell cancer to people, pharmaceutical companies who charge millions of dollars for the drugs and equipment to treat said cancer. Oil companies that create massive oil spills like BP.

                But no sure, the company that may or may not have been involved in a bad ending to Mass Effect 3; is clearly by far the most heinous company in existence.

                    1. Not even. There are devs who have complained about poor working conditions, terrible pay, stand against and refusal of basic human rights, consumer cheating, etc. from certain game companies.

                      I hardly see what makes EA the worst. EA’s policies toward consumers haven’t been the best in recent years, and PR hasn’t made it any better, but I wouldn’t say they’re any worse than companies like Activision, Disney Interactive, Take Two, SEGA, Capcom, and so on.

                      The main thing that started off this whole, “EA’s the worst company” was a bunch of hurt fanboys who didn’t like Mass Effect 3’s ending and zealots protesting over microtransactions and online passes (which other companies have used).

                    2. ooooh yes they have. They’ve bought and sunk MULTIPLE COMPANIES just so they could get momentum off of IPs that never originally belonged to them.

                      RIP Pandemic.

                1. it’s not just ME3’s ending, EA has a long history of buying game studios and running them to the ground, see: Bullfrog, Westwood, Pandemic, Maxis and Origin

          1. so that makes EA the worst company? with companies like goldman sachs around? really?
            YOU are the one who needs a reality check

        1. Are you fucking slow? This right here is EXACTLY why they’re voted the fucking worst and it will continue until it dies.

          1. are YOU fucking slow? the vote was about the worst company in the US.. not just gaming companies but ALL companies.. and the internet user voted a gaming company.. a GAMING company.. the worst company of the US while other companies are on the verge of being outright criminals, ruíning peoples lives and whole *countries* economies (such as goldman sachs) and getting away with it

            are you for real now?

      2. Technically, a large amount of that was likely /v/ canvassing and using proxies, etc. to cast multiple votes.

  1. Wow. Let’s just outright say that the guy who made the games industry what it is today is a worthless sack of shit.
    Good one, EA.

    1. Haha, yeah, right. Let’s fire the guy who founded gaming and TO THIS DAY makes some of the funnest and creative games in the world, such as Pikmin 3, all because some guy from EA, the company who updates rosters and repackages them as a brand new $60 game every year, says he’s “falling on the job”. Well some nameless hack at EA said it so it MUST be true, right? That means Nintendo should hire new people, right? Time for new blood perhaps, right? Gimme a break, you can’t be serious.

  2. So they really think we’ll listen a company who re-released reskin FIFA game with 2014 slapped on it?
    Pfft. Such a toxic EA, in all it’s glory. Go and die already, nobody want you.

    1. This^ . How can a bunch of thieves who reskin their games talk about Miyamoto this way? the creator of Mario and Zelda and more…

      1. Not only is Lord Miyamoto the creator of those sacred franchises, he is the Lord of Recreation!

        In the time before time, when the evil Atarians almost destroyed or entire gaming universe, our empire gave birth to our Lord Miyamoto and he alone saved the G-Universe from the evil Atarians…

        The rest is history!

        Leave luck to heaven!

        1. I’d heard that rumoured but never believed it… Miyamoto is, in-fact, our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

      2. hey nintenward, its been a long while since ive commented. but i agree, i doubt nintendo is gonna go out of buisness, considering the 3ds…..

      3. The difference between EA’s reskin FIFA 14 and Nintendo’s 30 years of their most famous franchises in history is that NINTENDO CHANGES GAMEPLAY OFFER FOR EVERY GAME (except New Mario Bros.)

        Get your judgement right.

        1. This right here^
          Mario is a game that cant really be changed much… but it still goes strong because hes the mascot (they dont want him to die out) but all their other games change in a way

  3. The only reason that EA is saying this is because Nintendo is pummeling EA right now. I mean, look what they did with FIFA 14..

                1. So tell me what this means: ” I mean, look what they did with FIFA 14..”

                  Especially when he was just talking about Nintendo “pummeling” EA right now, in what I assumed was sales of some sort.

                    1. And if that’s what they meant, that’s all they had to say. Yeah, the legacy edition is pure rubbish. I was pissed when I got FIFA and Madden for my Vita (and FIFA for my 3DS) last year; Same thing happened.

                      Although I fail to see the connection between that and Nintendo “pummeling” EA. ;/

  4. utter bullshit. So some daft kid spends a few bucks every week on a game they will not even play the following week certainly does not make it an industry… makes it what EA have doing for years….making nothing at all and charging current prices for it.

    Who here can remember most of the levels from every Mario game on NES/SNES? And who can remember the 2nd level from an EA game? Lasting legacy is the key here, not faceless profit in a greed encrusted world.

    1. agreed! i am getting news apps all the time on my boyfriends tablet, have many times hav i used them? once. maybe twice. Nintendo for daysss! (sorry for errors, phone is not displaying the text for some reason so im typing blindly haha)

  5. Said by the company’s that’s killing their franchise by trying to cater to the cod market.
    Plants vs zombies = cod edition.
    Dead space = cod edition.
    Battlefield = cod edition.
    Madden + fps mode = cod edition.
    Also EA is sad that Nintendo exposed their scam with fifa 14 on 3ds vita and ps2.

  6. Obviously, Miyamoto can think of more original ideas than EA with their Generic Shooters and Generic Sports games.

  7. I’ll consider this news when it comes from a company that hasn’t systematically dissected and destroyed an entire wing of the gaming industry over the entire course of their lifetime.

      1. Stop defending the douchebags like a douchebag. And lets rephrase it properly: EA: THE WORST “GAMING” COMPANY ON EARTH. Happy?

  8. EA fell down the toilet many many years ago. Miyamoto remains the worlds most influencial and famous figure in the Industry. Iphone/android gaming is a fucking piece of SHIT compared to what Nintendo and the other real gaming company’s have created.

    What a laughable article… EA are a cash cow company for idiots.

    1. They lost my support forever when they pulled the plug on Spore…

      I wish High Command gave me some special orders to abduct Electron specimens to examine their retarded minds…

        1. Indeed…

          When they pulled the plug on it, I have never been so disappointed ever since we lost the Rare Team…

          Spore could have been a masterpiece but like everything else, they just don’t care…

          I have hated them ever since…

  9. yeah, cause kids can totally play Animcal crossing: new leaf, Super mario 3D land, Nintendogs, or Nintendogs + cats on their “child friendly” smartphone/tablet

  10. Well, that was an unprofessional statement. Atleast I know where EA stands as a company and why I should stay clear of them.

    1. This isn’t as a company statement. This was an individual employee of the company replying to a question in an interview about the state of the industry.

        1. Not really. It wasn’t a press release, he didn’t say, “it’s EA’s belief (or stance) that..” and so on. Employees/individuals are allowed to have personal opinions.

          You are led to believe it’s EA because of the heading of the article. If the article was entitled, “Richard Hilleman says Miyamoto is falling down on the job,” I’m sure you, along with most other individuals making comments, would have reacted a little differently.

          1. Hilleman doesn’t have to say “It’s EA’s belief …” at all. He is an employee that works for and represents the staff of his company, therefore, any statements he makes in a public setting is also put on the company as a whole.


            1. Even most business classes will teach that employees are meant to represent the company when questioned in a business context.

              If this weren’t true, Adam Orth wouldn’t have been totally canned. Yeah, that wasn’t the official end to his career, but let’s face it, they pretty much forced him to resign.

              1. Which in turn goes to show that the company did not agree with his views or the way they were expressed. In other words, it wasn’t a company statement.

      1. Still he is a presenter at conference so he is in fact speaking on behalf of the company in a public setting, so he does represent the company. If he leaves or is laid off, he would have sign a severance agreement stated he no longer worked for the company and more than likely he signed some sort of hiring contract that says that he represents the company in a public setting as a professional is being very unprofessional. I read the link where its sourced from. There was a professional way to say this, but this wasn’t it.

        Its this kind of attitude that turns me off to games and certain companies. There are tons of games and limited time for me to play what I want, so this narrows choices for me personally. Not that it matters to them, its been years since I bought anything from EA, though the last Need for Speed peaked my interest.

      2. I would lose my job if I made a public statement against another company, especially if I singled out an employee.

        We’re responsible for the companies image inside and outside the walls of the corporation.

        This is not professional business behaviour

        1. Not saying it was professional, but I’m saying he isn’t speaking for the company. While it still reflects badly on the company, these are his words, not theirs.

          Still, he was asked a direct question and answered it. While he could have declined, I think we should focus more on the media who keeps on bringing these topics up. Why do they keep asking these specific questions?

      3. Its the head of EA talking shit out of unprofessional fashion over Origin and now got exposed for attempting to scam Nintendo gamers of FIFA 14’s repeated built.

  11. Fuck EA those pieces of SHIT! I want this piece of shit company to go bankrupt. I HATE this company. Talk shit now mother fuckers but once Miyamoto bitch slaps you in the face with his new IP and makes you suck his Asian Cock you wont be able to say SHIT cause your mouth is to full.

  12. “And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino”

    What is that supposed to mean?

      1. So, he is not only been disrespectful to the livings (Miyamoto) but to the dead to (Steve Jobs) in the same sentence? That is a unholy amount of douchebaggery in one single sentence.

    1. He’s taing about Steve Jobs, a visionary man behind Apple who changed the world of his technological ideals who died of cancer two years ago.

      This is border line of sheer disrespect to both all of Apple and Miyamoto.

  13. Do they actually develop anything? Seriously, do they, or are they just a publishing company anymore? (And sports games don’t count, I can go outside and play sports).

    1. EA? Er… yes? Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield, The Simpsons, Plants vs Zombies, Dead Space, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, SimCity, The Sims, Titanfall, etc. are all developed by EA owned studios.

      1. I like how your response to “do they develop anything” is “yes, here’s a bunch of things that other people developed”.

        Do you know the difference between developer and publisher?

            1. DICE = EA, Maxis = EA, PopCap = EA, Visceral = EA, EA Mobile = EA, Bioware = EA, Criterion = EA. The only one that I misfired on was Respawn (which is indie) doing Titanfall. I was thinking DICE was doing Titanfall. My mistake.

              All the rest are EA subsidiaries and studios. Just like Monolith = Nintendo, Retro = Nintendo, Sony Santa Monica = PlayStation/SCE, Japan Studio = PlayStation/SCE, etc.

              1. They will be restructured and their IP die so what it matters also you killed my dreams and the ideas I forced upon me so I could buy one of their games :'(.

              2. I hope you understand that they don’t mean paid by EA but genuine EA franchises and if you look at it like that none of the games were EA originals as an example Criterion made the Burnout series Maxis made Simcity DICE made Battlefield 1942 and Popcap made Bejeweled
                This all happened before EA bought them EA just bought some big franchises and is killing them now thats what they mean with EA is not a developer but a publisher and a bad one also everything they touch dies

                1. Then they should have said, “does EA come up with any original IPs.” Because they said “does EA develop anything?” Two completely different meanings.

          1. You mean EA’s name and money are on them. Why do you keep misconstruing facts to put yourself in the right? It’s a false position you’re putting yourself in.

            1. It’s pretty funny that you keep singling out my comments for criticism, but have yet to say something or bring facts that shows that my statements are wrong.

              Okay, thanks.

        1. That’s my point, they don’t seem to actually dev anything at all (anymore). So it seem funny that they would knock an industry loved developer/designer, when all they do is fork out money and take the credit for other peoples work.

  14. Thats messed up about steve jobs calling him a dead guy. Refer to his name. Yeah apple is huge with its phones and games but thats no way to disrespect miyamoto. He cant do everything himself. Hes had so many unique games that actually changed gaming forever. Ea doesnt even support nintendo and hes acting like the ds 3ds and wii were nothing

  15. Considering the downward spiral every single EA sports game took this generation, this guys comments have zero validity. but hey, NBA Live is back this year!

  16. EA: “We have a tremendous relationship with Nintendo”, sounds like they’re making a real effort to keep it that way doesn’t it?

    1. It makes one wonder how much worse it was before if this is what they call “unprecedented partnership”…

      1. They basically referred to the last two Nintendo consoles as “crappy hardware”, lied about the capabilities of the Wii U, then decide to pull support for it while making a few jibes at Nintendo via the media.

        Hardly “tremendous” regarding this “relationship” IMO…

        1. It’s just so unprofessional and plain retarded…

          It should be enough to say “they don’t appeal to me”, end of story…

  17. My view is that EA sucks. Only reason they think androids and smartphones are good is because they bought Popcap and with their awesome but corrupted new game Plants Vs Zombies 2, Miyamoto will always overpower EA and thats is not much of an achievement.

  18. “But he’s falling down on the job. And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino.”

    1. EA is NOT in a good position to be criticize A huge legend such as Miyamoto.
    2. I’m not fond of apple, but please don’t address Steve Jobs as some “dead guy”. It’s disrespectful.

      1. I don’t understand why EA would say like this? What is the motivation behind this announcement or statement? All they doing is to cause trouble for Nintendo and Apple… I don’t think that is a good partnership at all…

        In an other word, what EA got to gain from all of this statement?

          1. Oh that’s make even more sense. The Headlines is just misleading. If I was him, I wouldn’t say that. Heck this make its harder for EA to prove their partnership with Nintendo and Apple.

        1. They are so far beyond their limits that their only path is extinction…

          Going against 2 more powerful forces at once?…

          A Nintapple hybrid species in the works?…

          You’re all dead Electrons…

          1. Like Simply G said, this is an statement from the employee. But I agreed that this make it harder for EA to prove themselves. I am a little worried for that employee. He probably going get fired by EA or write an apologies letter.

            1. The Electron was talking to an audience in the Electron Army base D.I.C.E…

              So clearly this is not him representing his own opinions but representing the Electron Army as a whole whether it was his intention or not…

              But knowing how these Xbot Swedish Zealots loves to hate us, it must be true…

  19. This ignorant guy is just jealous ’cause he will not be as legendary as Miyamoto. Miyamoto will die as a legendary designer, EA has just become a joke in the gaming community. Steve Jobs didn’t make games, from what I remember. So yeah, two different people. Ignorant person saying ignorant shit.

  20. low rent comment from a low rent company, and a seemingly low rent, low class person.

    might one ask, what exactly are kids learning from call of dookie XXXVLIIIII?

  21. Someone’s jealous aren’t they?

    Give the guy his meds and hop him back to bed. We’re all meant to be taking our tea break here,

    1. -Calculating potential salvation-

      This Electron specimen has a salvation rate of 0% chance…

  22. I just ignored EA until now. I havn’t bought or done anything with them since Battlefield 2. I nothinged them…. But it’s like he’s begging us to hate them.

  23. I’m getting really sick of people saying that smartphones are taking away from portable game sales, because they’re not. The 3DS hasn’t sold as many units as the DS, but the DS didn’t exactly hit 154mil units overnight. It took 9 years to get there. The 3DS is at 34mil after about 2 years, and sales have been picking up. At the average rate of 17mil per year(which is the approximate average right now), it would hit 153mil after 9 years. HOW BOUT DAT SHIT. ONLY 1MIL OFF FROM WHAT THE DS SOLD. SMARTPHONES AREN’T DOING SHIT TO THE PORTABLE GAMING MARKET. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SAYING SO.

  24. >EA
    Do they really think anyone cares what they have to say?
    EA’s just been trying to shit on Nintendo all year, so anything they say will be disregarded by me. And plus, they have no right to talk, maybe they should learn how to make some decent games before trying to down talk one of the biggest and oldest gaming companies in the industry.

  25. In other news: EA’s Chief Creative Officer, Richard Hilleman, has been placed under FBI Protection for fear of Nintendo assassins.

  26. Handed the job over to Steve Jobs? A dead man? Yeah, that makes sense.

    Anyone using smartphones and tablets just for games is NOT a true gamer anyways.

  27. In all fairness though, Miyamoto’s presence has waned quite a bit in recent years. Yeah, he’s still relevant and influential and he’s making new IPs and training the next generation of Nintendo artists, and yeah, he doesn’t have to constantly be present in every bit of gaming news, but it’s like the world has finally finished growing up on his brand of nurture and are ready to move forward with what he has taught. I think, whether we like it or not, we’ve already moved on from Miyamoto. So let’s try not to disappoint him and carry on his crazy, whimsical vision.

  28. kind of true. The newer gen is growing up with art phones and tablets in the house so it’s not surprising they prefer shit ios games over true handheld games.

  29. Well, Good to see EA has now taken it upon themselves to personally disparage others and judge their business decisions.

    As usual, people who know nothing about business are defending EA’s shitty business practice.

    This isn’t a blogger with an opinion. This is someone representing a gaming company that has corporate responsibilities to be professional…but then, we are talking about EA. So this is actually expected behavior.

  30. So in reality, Dick is saying who will we fleece ideas from now?

    Still there is some truth to it.

    Personally I find the new head of Mario games a really bad choice. Look at the games that have been released as a result of his handling of that franchise.
    Lazy regurgitated half-ass cash ins with no clear distinct style or renovations to the same slush.

    Still, I could care less about what EA has to say about anyone.

  31. EA sucks. Literally. Ain’t even getting into that crap. As for Nintendo… I think the company is falling. However that isn’t Miyamotos fault. Its Iwatas. Nintendo needs a new president. One who can connect with the core like the old man did RIP.

  32. EA still talking dumb unprofessional shit. Now watch when their stock takes a dip and be voted again as the worst fucking gaming company but not just in the US but the world.

    This is fucking beyond the lowest form of disrespect and unprofessional behavior in so many ways that you just itching to punch and shatter everyone’s mouth in EA and make them choke on their own several broken teeth. And making fun of a famous dead guy Steve Jobs who has no relations to their businesses whatsoever?

    EA can only wish their BS practices and game can reach the levels of fame and accomplishments as Miyamoto and Steve Jobs combined 10000x over.

    EA can eat their own undersized genitals and go to hell with all of their garbage.

    And I’m gonna write an ema about this. There no fucking way I’m gonna let this shit slide.

      1. And this has nothing to do with Nintendo solely jackass.

        This is about respecting boundaries in business and personal no matter how bad things go down between parties and this is EA crossing one line too many. Its bad enough they still talk stupid shit against Nintendo but involving a dead man, who died of cancer before he happily forged a partnership with, into the mix and curse his name in sake of feeling tough and special stupidly degrading Miyamoto? So how about you get EA’s baby cock out of your AIDS-filled mouth and ass?

  33. Miyamoto: revolutionized video games multiple times and is still making pretty good games.

    Steve Jobs: visionnary man who made apple what it is today.

    Richard Hilleman: producer of many sports games.

    1. No doubt. Why do these subpar developers always get delusions of grandeur and start talking as if they are somehow legends. Just because you’re in the presence of giants doesn’t mean you yourself are one.

      Miamoto: Creater of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Pikmin. Last amazing game was released 30 days ago with Pikmin 3.

      Hilleman: Creater of roster update for several past iterations of sports games. Last amazing game was released…. [crickets chirping]

  34. Ignoring all bias surrounding EA, and the attack on Miyamoto in particular rather than Nintendo as a whole, this is ultimately a fact. Nintendo was always the one “family friendly” console, with the best games that weren’t too violent, so my friends and I grew up with Nintendo as our sole ruler. Today, that just isn’t the case.

    1. But that is no fault of Miamoto, as this hack is suggesting. That’s just the times we live in. Unless he thinks Miamoto has the power to alter history and prevent any further progress in technology, there’s nothing Nintendo, Miamoto or ANYONE can do to change the fact that the telephone was invented, which evolved to the cell phone, which evolved to the smartphone. And Miamoto was supposed to prevent that from happening, how exactly?

  35. Is it me or is the entire industry trying to “nudge” Nintendo in to going multiplatform…?

    I just get that feeling..

  36. Yeah, let’s fire the creater of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Pikmin, the father of modern gaming, a man who TO THIS VERY DAY makes some of the funnest and creative games in the world, the most recent example being Pikmin 3, all because some nameless hack from a company that updates rosters and repackages them as new $60 games every year says he’s “falling on the job”.

    If Miamoto’s falling on the job, then that guy must be taking a swan dive off the EA corporate headquarters…

  37. EA have damaged the industry. They’ve turned what could have been amazing franchises into annual re-release tosh.
    Miyamoto just released a game recieving close to perfect scores (that didn’t involve horrndous violence and bloodshed).
    And Mr Richard Hilleman doesn’t understand the paradigm of the industry. Apple phones aren’t becoming the defacto standard in games, smartphones are NOT overtaking the games industry. The massive growth in that area was purely down to one reason.
    Everyone in this day and age above the age of like 7, are now recieving smartphones by default. Cause families never want to lose emergency contact with their kids.
    These phones as they currently stand, have diluted, but wont outpace the gaming industry. In light of uber high performance hardware, new and improved controllers, exclusive titles by the bucket load, Kinect 2 tech, online gaming infrastructures, motion controls etc.. console/PC gaming is here to stay

  38. says whom? a guy working for the elected (few yrs in a row now) worst company in the US..

    What a pure wanker..

    Shigsy has single-handedly done more for the industry than the whole of EA ever..

  39. Can somebody please tell me the appeal in mobile gaming? I played Angry Birds, Temple Run, Plants Vs. Zombies, Jetpack Joyride, and even Tetris on my Ipod Touch. I played them for a couple of minutes, and I don’t even bother going back to them, except for Tetris. Am I missing something?

    1. I feel kind of annoyed when retards minimize the effort of people like Dennis Ritchie or Shigeru Miyamoto in the name of a piece of shit scumbag whose only triumph was stealing the works of others and selling it as overpriced, user-unfriendly gadgets, namely Steve Jobs.

  40. “EA Says Miyamoto Is Falling Down On The Job”

    I hope hes ok, I mean, hes not a young man anymore so falling down on the job is a big deal at his age.

  41. Doesn’t anyone know if this faggot Richard has a Twitter/Facebook because I want to have the pleasure to shut this big mouthed prick up quick.

  42. Anyone trying ti side with EA has bastard issues

    They are untalented bloated no profit making runni g into the ground buying devs destroying them nickle and diming the consumer and building garbage sofware

    And still building gamed as if its ps1 for ever and ever

    Madden not enhanced go wii rrmote plus and gamepad NOT NRXT GEN

    Fifa not enhanced to wii remote chuck and gamepad NOT NEXT GEN

    Fps games with auto aim and on rails hollywood semi interactive bull shit aiming with analog sticks NOT NEXT GEN

    Ea games are a fucking prize winning joke making soulless out dated trash

    Fot out dated controllers and making you pay to finish games and go online SCUM BAG COMPANY

    They slander shigsy call a dead guy out

    sick people

  43. Only scumbags need to focus on others if ea were any good thry would be focused on that instead

    Vile trash company there slandering just as the ex president dies DISRISPECTFUL SCUM

    Every time thetes nintendo news EA DO THIS


    Just as wiiu is anout to take of they try to spoil thr party just as thete legendery president dies they slander nintendos imagine

    Dirty disgusting vile excuse of a company

  45. So they kiss the ass of the man who stole ideas and sold them as overpriced, user-unfriendly devices over the man who saved the gaming industry, the one they live off of.
    No wonder they failed to address Dennis Ritchie when he died a week after Jobs; the man to who they owe the capacity to program in C++.
    Yes, all revere the stupid dumbfuck who made millions out of dumbing down the world of computers not the men who invented the most used programming language and saved one of technology’s most important branches.

  46. These have been milking their franchises and skimping on online and graphics lately. Iwata en shin su sun effing Japenese gangsters taking advantage of their loyal fans and all the newcomer casual from the Wiii.

  47. That is not true, I feel sorry for children who have not played Mario games, I am disappointed in the performance of the Wii U and the lack of Video games, I don’t know who to blame but it’s got to be fixed right now.

  48. EA has nothing on Miyamoto so they can keep their mouths closed. Every Year Nintendo comes up with games that achieve insane critical acclaim. I’ve never heard of any criticism about Nintendo, with the only exception being a few things about Pokemon, but that was a very long time ago. We were all educated about Jinx being based off something from Japanese culture, so that criticism is over and done with. The Sims and Mirrors edge are the only things that catch my eye from EA, whereas Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey kong, Pikmin, Pokemon, and many more. EA, you’re the one who’s falling, and please remind us who won worst company in America twice in a row, Not Nintendo.

  49. this industry has become a shithole. i hate the suits that have taken over, constantly pulling off sideblows to their competition like polititians do. i am bored to death by most triple a releases on the consoles, mobile games lack in innovation and quality often. nintendo and indies is where gaming is at for me these days. gaming without nintendo would be a boring mess. they are as important to the industry as ever, even with a soso selling wiiu. the industry has changed, sure, but for the worse. ea should ask themselves if it really is all about the money…or if life should be about living a vision, about passion and believng in what you’re doing, to be yourself first and don’t sell out about trying to make this vision coming true. nintendo games are positive, they bring joy and fun to people no matter the age, that’s the vision, the job they do. they’re still doing an awesome job. what miyamoto created in his time as a game designer is pure gold, timeless gold .thx for that…

  50. to sink to this low is even worse than EA have ever done before its trully disgusting aND TO TRY AND FOOL EVERYONE ITS generation 4 not 8

    is 1 down right insanity

    2 stating only sonys consoles matter

    3 ignorence to the facts nintendo disrupted the american compute businees twice gen 1/2 and gen 7

    there trying to pretend this didnt happen



    EAs whole way of thinking is stuck in ps1 era with a sprinkle of digital down load mixed in




  51. It’s such a sad thing to see Nintendo go bust. I mean they are really struggling with 249,321 3ds sold worldwide this week, and 1,778,558 copies of Monster Hunter 4 sold in the Japanese market alone. Miyamoto should just bow down to the mobile market and stop publishing these highly sold games.I’m sure if Nintendo were selling games on mobile devices for 3 euro a pop rather than the 40-50 that monster hunter is they’d make more money.


  52. EA is down billions of dollars in revenue a year, Sims and Madden are selling poorly, and he wants to criticize Miyamoto?

  53. Honestly, if some people think that Nintendo will be cancelled because of the creater dies, I don’t think Nintendo can end there. The Wii U came out for almost two years ago and I hear they’ve already made quite a few games for it, and I’m excited for the new Super Smash Brothers for 3-DS/Wii U, and I KNOW it will turn out as good as other popular games, and I don’t think it should stop there. All I’m saying is that I think there CAN be another chance for Nintendo if they can just find like a replacement for the creator of Nintendo.

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