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Nintendo Shelf Space Severely Reduced in Tesco The UK’s Largest Supermarket


A number of members of NeoGaf are reporting that Tesco is severally reducing Nintendo shelf space throughout the United Kingdom. My local store has completely done away with Nintendo games and peripherals and is devoted to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Skylander figurines. Tesco is the largest supermarket in the United Kingdom and is thought to be doing away with Nintendo sections to make way for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Both Morrisons and Asda stopped stocking the Wii U earlier this year.

Thanks, Nick


    1. Yeah, that’s really stupid. I know that the Wii U is struggling, but the 3DS is doing great, with a good library of games.

  1. Is it really a big deal there? I’m not sure how it works. Here, most supermarkets don’t even have video games for sale.

    Some larger retailers that may have groceries, like Wal Mart and Target have gaming departments, but they also have clothing, housewares, and all that other stuff. Regular supermarkets don’t usually get involved.

    Anyone care to explain how things are set up over there? What kind of supermarket is Tesco?

      1. Ah. Okay. I guess that is a bit of a concern then. ;/ Why would they remove all of that space for Nintendo? Is Ninty really doing that poorly in the UK?

      2. It’s a general estimate but not completely accurate. Not all retailers or publishers report figures to them. Nor do they count digital sales.

      3. Ahh I see, well as long as there not way off on their numbers, I use them as sources from time to time.

      4. Well, there’s no real accurate way to measure. So, I guess it’s sufficient for now. But I would say the best bet for accuracy is a statement from the publishers.

      5. They’re not 100% accurate, but they are the ones with the tools to get the best view – since they have analytics for the digital sales and direct contact with retailers for physical copies of games.

      6. Also, sometimes they are slow to post up to date numbers. But at the same time there isn’t a whole lot of information like that going to the public so not another option except you trying to add it up yourself.

      7. VGchartz is almost as bad as Gaf. It’s forums are full of and dominated by Sony fanboys who have all but force Microsoft and Nintendo fans out of the site. I wouldn’t touch that site with a 10 foot pole.

      8. we only have Game that sell gaming stuff, other than that it is just supermarkets & ASDA has already dropped the WiiU, only Tesco & Sainsburys left, the other Morrisons only has done the odd x360 & ps3 games.

      9. Walmart is the biggest supermarket in US, Tesco is biggest in UK. Tesco is like Walmart

  2. I can understand why they would reduce the Wii U shelf space, but reducing the 3DS space is ridiculous when it is dominating right now.

      1. 360 and ps3 have more sellers. If the wiiu had the same amount it would have more. Same thing will happen with ps4 and 360.

    1. 3DS is not dominating software sales, the X360:3DS software ratio so far this year is ~5:1 and 3:1 for PS3:3DS. Maybe that is why they reduced shelf space, but read below…

      However, that really isn’t fair, because PS360 are 8yrs old and already have a massive install base compared to 3DS which is has only been out about 2.5yrs. So, obviously PS360 would have higher software sales.

      If people at tesco, ASDA, etc. are only looking at recent/current sales while ignoring everything else, then they don’t know jack about the gaming business.

  3. The solution is to put the Nintendo Wii U next to the diapers or the toilet paper. That way parents can remember to buy this crap of a console for their precious little babies.
    Buy a Wii U and get a box of free nappies, would work wonders for all the mediocre baby games out on this failure of a console.

      1. Actually, that strategy works better on Nintendo, that’s why Sonic games sell better on them.

    1. If it wasn’t for Nintendo gaming wouldn’t be where it is today. So be greatful you COD addicted fanboy prick.

      1. What exactly can you confirm? That their is alot of tescos or that they sells many games from their stores?

  4. It’s a shame but Nintendo just are not current anymore. They rode a new wave with the DS and Wii changing game play and opening a market to nans and moms who normally would never game, unfortunately these demographics were a fad crowd who eventually gave up on wii fit (since this lot give up on their own gym memberships etc) the mom on Wii fit goes from fad diet to fad diet, this consumer goes through endless cycles of what can gthey do in the home to help them stay in shape so their self esteem and beer gut husband doesn’t leave them. The move from shake weights to ab crunchers, slim fast shakes, spending $$$$ non stop to change their appearance and probably added to Nintendo Wii sales that didn’t reflect to the actual games sales market. This group has moved on to new ways to shape a butt with less effort, and the DS? Well the business man on the train to work now has everything on a smart phone, DS success broke just prior to the next gen of app phones. The DS worked because of commuters who didn’t want to immerse themselves into a gaming experience (psp/vita) because they need to concentrate on when their stop is coming up etc. So a DS game like brain trainer etc is that perfect journey game (obviously didn’t work to well as the old market segment forgot about Nintendo) so with Wii-U who was it aimed at? It wasn’t relevant to be a success and it is revolutionary enough (NES/SNES/Wii) to be a success. Add into the fact that the marketing push that started with SEGA pushing harder more violent games to the big brothers that are the cool games for the younger brothers etc has now become the main stay. Eight year olds want COD?! Not Mario etc and now the parental generation for the first time in our history are all gamers. Remember the day when your day came home with the Nintendo/ SEGA and wouldn’t let you play because he’d bought it for him not you? No!!! lol the kids of today are a generation raised by gamers, so back in the day if SEGA said we have blood and gore? Parents said well we will get little Billy a NES but now the dads want to play the blood and gore and they see game violence differently to our dads!

    Just my view x

    1. Well you are making this comment on an article specifically about the “UK.” This article doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. In America, Nintendo is completely current and sells perfectly fine. Same in Japan and in France and in other countries I just don’t know about. The world doesn’t revolve around the UK. 💋

      1. Yep because the UK is a market region that I live in and I feel that I made an elegant point about the nature of the UK games market. However only a fool ignores a small markets transformation and ignores it. What occurs within the boundaries of one distributional region may hold foresight into eventual transformations and declines in other areas. I love Nintendo I am a 1981 gamer but would suggest that the firm pay close attention to this event and use this a a catalyst to augment strategy to stem the tide and start R&D in the next gen of relevant Nintendo. I mean they took their eye off the ball and ended up with a disc drive that became ultimate competition (PS1) a cartridge system, out of date only supported and loved for Goldeneye and a perfect analogue stick with a Virtual Boy mixed in, then a cube that couldn’t support dual media purposes….

    1. Talking about the 2DS, I got to play with one last week. It was surprisingly comfortable and much thinner than I thought it would be.

      I still like the clamshell design better, but the 2DS isn’t that bad either. I think the screens are slightly smaller than the regular 3DS though. Not sure, I didn’t do a side-by-side comparison. That’s just how it looked in my hands.

      I might go as far as to say that the 2DS is more comfortable than the 3DS with its shape and the fact that the shoulder buttons are at the top of the device.

  5. What is with the “UK hates Nintendo” stigma? Is it really that much of a cultural difference compared to America? The Nintendo shelves over here are just fine. I don’t get why Nintendo sells less in the UK… 💋

  6. How pathetic..
    I just see it that way.
    I feel bad for any UK Nintendo fans, that’s pretty much a slap to the face for them. But of course, Sony and Microsoft fans get the special treatment. Even in my local Walmart, they practically pushed Wii and Wii U games into the same section to put in a pre-order section for upcoming games, I find it really fucked up because games like Watch dogs don’t even have a Wii U pre-order card.. Not really helping with marketing the Wii U at all. No wonder people mistake it for a Wii add-on.

  7. The UK man…sure is non important for Nintendo. Why bother giving a crap about a UK grocery store and Nintendo. Those don’t go together anyway. I don’t know anybody who actually buys gaming stuff from a grocery store.

    1. Uh no. Xbox One and PS4 will repeat what the Wii U did. Xbox One has nothing worth while till Halo 5 a full year after it launches. PS4 IMO has nothing till Destiny (A Multiplat) which is half a year after PS4 launches. Both will sell out at launch then get small sales here and there for a year. Its cause Casuals have lost interest in consoles, that’s why sales are not what they were last gen.

  8. In other news: This in no way pertains to me, or the rest of the world, but since this is a site dedicated to Nintendo and based in the UK I guess it matters to some people. Sorry, this is just underwhelming news as are most of the Nintendo UK related news bits on every site right now. If Nintendo only sold items in the UK then this would be a real “doom and gloom” situation for them, but since they sell Globally, this is irrelevant to the rest of us. Also, *severely*, not “severally”. Just stating the obvious. Nintendo will still do just fine without shelf space at Tesco in the UK. The Wii U is struggling, no doubt, but the 3DS is dominating across the board and is not showing signs of stopping anytime soon. The Wii U could fail, completely, and Nintendo would still be just fine with the 3DS. Not that I want any one country to lose out on the fun any of Nintendo’s consoles offer, it’s just that this news seems rather… meh. Don’t hate me because I state the truth.


    XBOX FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is crud. I slightly understand pushing the Wii U away, but the 3DS? Why?! The 3DS is selling very, very well. What a slap in the face.

    If this continues, this could very well make the Wii U the Gamecube of the generation.

  11. It’s now a fact : british people have no taste in video games. Most of the time, I see that the most sold games there are CoD, Fifa and Activision/EA shits like that.
    It’s like a country full of people who would go the cinema only to see Hollywood crap. Oh wait, that’s happening too…

    1. Japs have bad taste in games, too. Games made to appeal to their public usually fail everywhere else. Over there, games like Zelda or Metroid aren’t as appreciated or sell as well as in NA/other regions.

    2. Omahgersh sumone dosent like teh same babie gaymes that i do dey officially haz bad taste in gaymes made for teh legion anti social loosars!

      1. If you haven’t grown up with Nintendo games, you would not understand why people like them.

  12. My local Tesco (a pretty big one) has been like that ever since the Wii U was released, with it’s Nintendo shelf..

  13. I realise this is probs bad as it means sales are bad, and also kids won’t see the games in the shops, but really, most gamers buy from better shops like GAME or even online like amazon, so I don’t see a major problem. I would never buy from a supermarket…


  15. i’ve seen this in several shops. they need space for x1 and ps4. shame really. i play on 3ds and wiiu the most these days. the mainstream is a strange beast. people go crazy because of gtav but wont even look at a copy of marioluigi dream team, fire emblem or w101, which all are true videogame gems.
    industry is going down the drain. it’s sad. what’s wrong with the kids these days. probaly all brainwashed by too much tv and marketing.
    make up your own mind. don’t believe the hyperbole.

    1. i’m not from the uk by the way…happens in other european shops as well as we speak. they really are preparing shelf space for x1ps4 and it’s wiiu and 3ds that lose space, while they have deals and bundles for ps360.

  16. Okay? Aside from the fact most people buy online anyway, games at supermarkets are there for casuals who don’t know a thing about what a good game is, they just walk in there and go “oooo i enjoyed Aliens, i’ll buy this Aliens: Colonial Marines game”

  17. I’m sorry but Asda is the UK’s largest supermarket. I know your from the US but get your facts right. ( Anything to get a story.. )

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