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Infinity Ward Says There Was No Way They Were Going To Do Modern Warfare 4


Call of Duty community manager Tina Palacios has revealed that Infinity Ward had decided it wasn’t going to develop another game in the Modern Warfare series once development of Modern Warfare 3 was wrapped up. The development team thought they needed a fresh start after the mass exodus suffered by the developer back in 2010.

“After Modern Warfare 3 ended, we already knew from the beginning that we didn’t want to do another one. There was no way we were going to do another one. We wanted to go in a new direction.”

“I feel like it’s not necessarily the game that gave us that sense [of a fresh start], it’s more of moving into a new studio. It’s a unique situation to be in for any studio because for us making Ghosts, not only are we putting our heart and soul into the game but we’re still really close friends with other developers. I think what we’re trying to do is create a game without anything else holding us back. We really just want to focus on creating an experience that’s new and fresh for us because ultimately if we don’t enjoy what we’re doing we’re not going to be there.

“So yeah, our main focus is just making sure that we ourselves would go home and play Ghosts without thinking of anything else on the side.”

36 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Says There Was No Way They Were Going To Do Modern Warfare 4”

      1. Mario: New levels, new powers, new graphics.
        Pokemon: New region, new characters, new pokemons, new moves, new grapichs.
        Animal Crossing: New main character, new town, new missions, new grapichs
        Megaman: New powers, new enemies, new levels, new story, Fuck you CAPCOM.
        COD: Same weapons, no story, same grapichs, same gameplay, tons of expensive DLC’s, the only new is the dog….

        1. Stop being a Ninten-fag. Rich guy has a point.
          I dislike CoD, but they have NEW weapons, DIFFERENT story (in fact more story than Mario would EVER have SADLY. They need to consider going back to Sunshine format or Super Mario 64 where they don’t even need a story but yeah CoD has a LOT more story than Mario.)
          Mario games always have the same gameplay. NSMB, NSMB Wii, NSMB2. It’s the same. Don’t defend Nintendo out of it’s obvious need of change. The DLC is probably the only part you’re right about. CoD also has new maps, that you can consider those new “levels.”

          Just because you like a game more, doesn’t mean you go against the obvious facts. Mario needs to do something new.

          1. 3 games that are from the same series does not in any way describe the total amount of Mario games out there whether they are main Mario games or Spin-offs so stop being such a blind Xbot….

            1. Pretty weird how your mind wanders to xbox, when we’re talking about a game that comes out on all consoles, even stuff like pc and nintendo ds and wiiu.

              I detect a sort of bias.

        2. Lol what a joke. Typical Nintendo fanboy. Mario: all the games are pretty much the same. How many times more do you have to rescue Peach? If she a princess you would think she would hire a body guard after the first time she was abducted. Goal: Rescue Peach another thousand times.
          Animal Crossing: Same game it always been. New town? Yeah a town with a few building and lots of trees. Must have taken them years to design that new town. New Main Character? What? lol New graphics? Even the objects that you collect in game, most of them look pretty much like they did on the Gamecube years ago. They can’t even bother to redesign all the objects with more polygons and better textures. Nintendo can’t even bother to add online to this game. Welcome to 2013. Nintendon’t know how to do online yet, they still trying to figure it out.

        3. Call of duty has a new story every time…. And normally they’re pretty good, in a “Michael Bay Mindless good time” kinda way. Plus Call of duty always has new modes, and sometimes they throw in new weapons, and this new one has thrown in destructible environments. None of the things they add is ever anything that hasn’t been done before, but if you’re going to say the mario power ups are new, when they’re normally just pulled from previous games, or that all that new stuff in pokemon really makes a difference, when the overall gameplay remains similar, then all this stuff counts too. You can’t just pick and choose just because you don’t like Call Of Duty. I’m no COD fanboy, and I love all the Nintendo games mentioned above (And Megaman) but I’m a gamer, and I’m gonna give every game a fair shake. Even a game like COD.

        4. Well, if stuff as minor as that counts as a new game, then i guess john madden and fifa are brand new games each time as well!

          Mario does change it up every few years or so, i guess, but NEW! super mario bros us so same, and comes out so quickly, that it doesn’t matter

          Mega man, animal crossing, pokemon, the changes these games make are all superficial. They don’t keep it from feeling stale, especially since the latter two are meant to be played for hours, days, even. A few new Chores/pokemon and a bit of a facelift just don’t cut it, and at the end of the day, they really just like call of duty, right down to the rabid fans that keep this shit alive years after the fad died.

          Anyways, by your logic here’s the changes for Call of duty: Ghosts – New/enhanced maps, new weapons, new mechanics, new single player story, female soldiers, and enhanced graphics.

  1. Hah, as if. There’s gotta be some sort of pragmatic money-related reason why, this is CoD we’re talking about after all.

  2. Did Sickr finally ban ice? it seems nice around here, just didn’t know why till now. Justice has bee served to scumbags everywhere!

    Now back on topic. Just please stop with the cod….. when will it end? Will it ever end, why do people buy the same exact boring game every year.

  3. In infinity ward’s defense they do put out all their effort when porting a Nintendo version of Call of Duty. Just the online implementation and controls compared to Splinter Cell— very wide gap.

  4. OMG no MW4? I like totally was looking foward to one where they like somehow bring Soap back, dude. I hate that they killed him off just to be like totally unique, dude. That’s why I like totally stopped buying their games after they totally killed him.

  5. Wasn’t it mentioned somewhere that the reason they didn’t go with MW4 was because it would sound too close to CoD4 (2007), thus confusing the public?

    Heh, as if they’re not already brainwashed by the series :P

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