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Majora’s Mask Has Been Spotted In Zelda A Link Between Worlds Video Footage


Earlier Nintendo of America released some sumptuous new video footage of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds during its Nintendo Direct presentation. Interestingly, a Tumblr user has spotted none other than Majora’s Mask in Ravio’s item shop. There’s no word from Nintendo as to whether it’s just a decorative accessory, or if it’s a fully fledged item. Still, it’s certainly a nice touch.


    1. wait, two zelda games, with three zelda refrences in them, my god….3 refrences, half life 3 confirmed

    2. We all know Majora’s mask 3D will come sometime. Miaymoto said if they did it, it would be AFTER A NEW ZELDA ON 3DS, well we all know that new Zelda 3DS game now, its A Link Between Worlds. So I could see next year holiday season we get Majora’s mask 3D for 3DS, and the Wii U HD Zelda game.

    1. I guess this is where the Mojara’s Mask ended up, since the whole Termina fields stuff never happened on this timeline.

      1. I’m going to take a guess and say that this guy is the happy mask salesman from majora’s mask before those events happen. Sure, it messes with the timeline, but whatever, the timeline is subject to change anyway.

      2. Oooh snap, that’s a good theory. And I don’t think it messes up the timeline.

      3. i agree, i was thinking that too since he is wearing a mask and never had a proper name. and why does he have to be part of the majora timeline, 3 different timelines, 3 different mask sales men.

    2. Well, Miyamoto and Aonuma have both teased the idea of a Majora’s Mask 3DS remake on occasion, and then the Club Nintendo Platinum Elite reward was a copy of Majora’s Mask OST. All of this combined leads me to believe it’s a hint, teasing fans about Majora’s Mask 3D.

    1. ALBW takes place in the time line where link loses to Ganon in OOT. MM takes play in the time line where young link beats Ganon in OOT.

  1. Off topic: So if i plug my Wii U in the car adapter, going on long trips with my family, I can play Wii games. Only one problem, you need the TV only to find the port and click it. That’s the ONLY problem. Any suggestions?

    1. bring the consoles sensor bar, and continusly chick till you find it. just for god dont go into tv mode.

      1. I find out if you hold “B” once you turn the console on, Wii manual opens. However once You open Wii U manual, you can’t easily go back to Wii without a TV.

      1. If you are in the Wii U manu and you click the Wii icon, you gotta click a confirm with the wiimote which is not shown on the GamePad.

  2. this is hinting of the new legend of zelda for wiiu it will continue off majoras mask because link never found navi and had to put that off to stop the moon from destroying everything but after he saved everything he went back to search for navi which this will take place in the next zelda game an continue the story of the hero of time and then a expansion pack will be made so u can play the remake of majoras mask as dlc and then because of this great announcment ssb4 will have young link return in ssb4 with his majora move set and be able to change masks by hiting down b changing to a zora,deku, and goran and his special being FericeDiety Mask and then every one will be happy the end. watch me be right ;)

    1. even if its a refrence, itsvstill Majora’s Mask, and only one person owned Majora’s Mask, the happy mask salesman. if this masknexist in this timeline, than means Termina was never destroyed in this timeline.

  3. How about not giving away the Easter eggs before we’ve had a chance to find them ourselves jackass.

  4. I know this is an EXTREMELY big and dumb thought, but their are a few posters of Skyward Sword in OOT, so does this mean that the next Wii U Zelda is an MM sequel? (No, it doesn’t, just thinking what I want :P)

  5. well we all know majoras mask is next so it could be a reference

  6. It’s a decoration. Are we that desperate that we blow every small thing out of proportion and read too damn much into everything.

  7. Ravio is a mystery … Not only he has the greatest evil mask .. also all the powerfull items found in the sacred temples and dungeons .. it’s like a business mercenary link

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