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New Kirby Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS Next Year

A brand new Kirby game has been announced as part of this afternoon’s Nintendo Direct. The game hasn’t got a title yet, but it will be launching next year for the Nintendo 3DS. Make sure you check out the trailer above to see Kirby in action – at one point he even sports a little green hat and a pirate costume. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Never got into Kirby, but it’s totally my preference in games. I’m glad others have fun with him.

    Back to work, for me. Way to crank out the news Shadowfly! ;D


  2. support your shitty wii u!! im not into kirby like i was when i was younger but gosh….. another game for 3ds, who would pick this up when there are so many better titles for 3ds??


    1. Theres still trolls insultibg the Wii U? Time to go back in the time capsule.

      Aw that’s cute. You think other games are better than it even though the game itself hasn’t been out yet. Way to make yourself look more retarded:). Hypocrite.


  3. Kirby is so underestimated >:D everyone who hasn’t played needs to give it a shot. It’s action-packed and Abilities are so fun to work with.


  4. Ehh, it doesn’t interest me…just like Yoshi’s New Island for 3DS doesn’t interest me…. I love Kirby, but his formulaic gameplay gets pretty boring.


  5. Looks great, cool to see a beetle hat (i think thats what mean by pirate hat)
    i hope that it has some serious length and difficulty. I know kirby is an entry level gaming franchise but sometimes i wish it was longer.
    i have finished them in under 5hrs before.

    also really cool to see that beetle fly towards the screen and around kirby


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