New Sonic CG Cartoon Series Announced


Sega has confirmed today that Sonic is returning to television in his first-ever CG animated series which is coming in Autumn 2014. The animated series will debut first on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France, with a global rollout to follow. The 52 eleven-minute episodes is co-produced by SEGA of America and Genao Productions. Creation of the series is being overseen by Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka.

“Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.”



  1. knuckles looks…. ewwww… sonic too… i can tell by the shadow… USE THE ORIGINAL DESIGN!!!

    1. I think sonic is wearing something, like a vest or jacket. Amy appears to be wearing something other than her trademark dress, and knuckles shadow could be caused by the angle of the sun plus the distance from the wall (he could be farther way from the wall than sonic and friends)

  2. Holy Christ look at Knuckles. Can’t tell if I love it or hate it, there is no middle ground for me.

  3. NOOO! I love Sonic and all, but no more stupid animations based on video games, same goes for pokemon.

  4. They should let it be available on the Wii U and the 3DS, would work as some sort of commercial for Lost Worlds.

  5. I’m glad Amy is getting a prominent role. Knuckle’s silhouette looks odd. Hopefully we get a closer looks before the debut next year. I’ll be sure to keep this on my radar.

      1. I wonder what that quote was in Japan, since he was never Dr Robotnik there to begin with.

    1. Actually, go play Sonic 2 and look at the top of the airship in Wing Fortress Zone. It says “Eggman-01” on it.
      Plus there’s been concept art ever since Sonic CD (which was initially scheduled to be before Sonic 2) that says Eggman on it.

  6. Yo, why is Knuckles jacked up as fuck?!

    If it looks good, i hope it become the new style for Sonic. They need to do a rebrand to get the bad taste of current Sonic out of everyones mouth

      1. If I had an entire year, I couldn’t cover the magnitude of how utterly, embarrassingly wrong that is.

  7. ……and I was really hoping that they could finally make a really good Sonic cgi cartoon. What’s with the designs!? This really reminds me of Pac Man’s new TV show and That Is Not A Good Sign!!!! I’ll watch it since I’m a sonic fan but….wow. Why must it be a comedy….>_>

      1. Yes, although I didn’t really mind his for the game. I don’t even mind it for the show…it’s just that the show is just sooooo kiddy. No offense to anyone who likes the show. I think that it can be amusing and once in a blue moon, it’ll have a really good episode. (Pacinator mass murderer episode anyone?) It’s just that they have so much crude humor and bad jokes in it. If Sonic is anything like that…then I’m basically doomed. Sonic, Tails, and Amy look fine. Knuckles just looks really weird and I’m hoping that it’s just misleading. He may look better in the real show

  8. Awesome! Amy Rose is like my fav, so I hope she has a major role and maybe I’ll watch it :3 💋

  9. I lost it when it said it was gonna be a comedy. And look what they did to Knuckles.

    I don’t know if I’m ready for this..

  10. Can we get other characters like Shadow, Blaze and Silver in here, especially those last two? They haven’t been in a Sonic toon yet.

  11. Tails is literally the only one that looks normal. That and Knuckles needs to stop his steroid addiction, by the looks of this picture.

  12. Okay, I’ve just got one question: If this show is supposed to introduce a whole new generation to the world of Sonic, then why make Knuckles look so different? Don’t you think that’ll throw some kids off if they decide to play a Sonic game?

  13. I wonder if this will be similar to what happened with the Looney Tunes characters in that old Loonatics Unleashed show, where they got a bit of a makeover. Though technically in that show they weren’t the same original characters, but characters loosely based on their appearances. Because Knuckles looks huge and Sonic’s definitely not looking as sleek as usual.

  14. lolz…how do you even know that even knuckles…this is a NEW COMEDY Series….I think just is just probablly someone else…

    if it is knuckles…then we gotta see him…not his shadows…ka mon people…

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