Project Cars Developer Reveals Wii U Technical Information

Slightly Mad Studios, the development team behind Project Cars, have provided details of enhancements and improvements for the Wii U version of the game. The team released five brand-new builds of Project Cars last week, and here’s a look at the most recent changes.

  • Wii U Thread Setup for RVM/Envmap and Phase3 rendering
  • Wii U – tweaked Gamma down again
  • HUD Mirror rendering optimised for WiiU – uses it own aliased targets for phase1/2/3, removing a texture copy. Increased Mirror resolution + all in MEM1
  • Wii U Increased thread priority for RenderThreads
  • Wii U – various command buffer call state fixes + redundant sampler setting caching
  • Wii U warning fix (CarPreviewObject)
  • Rain lighting corrected – ambient-and-shadow buffer alias created for particles shadowing
  • Wii U shader parameter setting optimisations
  • Support for rendercontext SlopeScale bias (polygon offset in GX2 speak) : fixes shadow z-fighting/motherships

Thanks, Svenson


    1. Svason is the same Nintendo fan that was calling ice Jew but since we don’t fallowed his retardation back then he troll us in revenge.

  1. This Game is beautiful. It now is a certainty, the WiiU is covered in every genre of gaming. Before small minded people arrive to spread malice, let us discuss the significant beauty and gaming gem this title is shaping up to be.

  2. so when is it coming??? seems like ages ago we seen this game announced. a wiiu version trailer would be good. :)

  3. SICKR could you upload the Formula Gulf, Project cars comparison that Player essence has up on his Site. That would greatly help gamers know what the wording and specifications above in tell.

      1. Svenson… in all due respect, I have to agree with you. Project CARS DOES look fantastic. BTW, you’re truly a good man… and had a good laugh at your past trolling.

          1. The only trolling I realy got mad was the one from the death kid, that’s realy unacceptable.

                    1. Why would the news be trolling? They are good news. If you though we would be sad cuz it dosnt look better than PC you are trolling.g the wrong people ;)

    1. Its possible that it may happen, but I will own it and be happy that I do. I knows sales are #1 most important for a company, but when your releasing a game over multiple platforms you will make a return, if your game is good, so why not support as many consumers as you can. Plus sales numbers do not affect me as a consumer cuz im buying the games, why is it that this has become an issue amongst non Nintendo gamers. It seems as the only dig people have on Nintendo now is sales, and then complain that a game is coming to the U as if it affects them.

                  1. All day…

                    Looks like someone is here all day long every day and it’s not me…

                    Stop exposing yourself ape…

      1. ;D What if I have a “Mr Fusion” or I just ~happen~ to know where lightning will strike?

        When that happens, you’re going to see some serious shit.

  4. To be honest…. Grand Turismo 6 looks better… I’m sorry watching that video of the side by side with a Real Racer and Project CARS its painfully obvious which one is real life and which one is the game. Still I love racing games and I’m going to enjoy playing Project CARS on my Wii U :)

      1. Good for you ^^ I respect your opinion, even though I hate the Xbox One I’m still trying to be less aggressive to people who like it. Thank you for the very passive reply.

  5. PLEASE UNDERSTAND ,I spoke to lead game designer of watchdogs today and he said the Xbox One version and Ps4 version are the definitive versions,better lighting textures and detail,and refered to the Wii U version as current gen and the PS4 and Xbox One version as Next gen,But also said Wii u version is slightly better looking them Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions.

  6. please understand this is not trolling this is a fact I even have a watchdogs pen and badge to prove it I was with the lead game designer,I even played Xbox One,forza 5,and I played Knack,Xbox trigger vibrations are brilliant,Forza 5 graphics are next gen,But Mario Kart 8 graphics blew away what I saw from the competition,Knack was not even better then Rachet and Clank Graphically.

    Thank you

    1. Nice visuals boring game play. Let me guess you hold “X” to go use the analog to steer. At least Mario Kart you can attack. But that’s what happens on reality based game limited changes to gameplay but increased graphics.

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