Nintendo Says “We Want Wii U To Be The Console Every Developer Wants To Publish On”


Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt, EVP of Sales & Marketing for Nintendo of America, has stated that he is confident that third-party developers will support the Wii U despite global poor sales. Moffitt told the publication that the company wants the Wii U to be the console that every developer wants to publish on and believes console sales will improve this holiday season.

“We don’t see this as an either-or proposition. Nintendo is in the unique position of being both a hardware manufacturer as well as a software producer. We want Wii U to be the console that every developer wants to publish on.”

“A key way to make that happen is to grow the installed base of Wii U owners, and we know that current Wii U owners are very happy with their purchases.  Our great lineup in the second half of the year will create more buyers, and beyond that third-party support is important to attract as diverse an audience as possible.”

“[It’s] just the start of a steady flow of great games coming to Wii U, with lots more to come in 2014.”

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        1. When that dude said “Nintendo is dominating the handheld market” it means that its obviously apparent that its true because that’s been the case since the. Gameboy in 1989 and no he’s not playing the Patcher card because Patcher just loves to say all kinds of “Mayans 2012” BS predictions to have more blind followers and graphical nut jobs to swallow any negativity about Nintendo to feel all special about defending Graphics > Gameplay brainwashing notions.

          1. I mostly agree with you but Patcher is facing bad news not only for Nintendo but for Sony and MS too. He mostly predicts but for example, if he says Wii U is more current gen TECH wise HE IS RIGHT. No one can deny that…..

    1. Even though they clearly don’t deserve it anymore. Sony’s become arrogant in recent times ever since the PS3 has come out.

      1. How don’t they deserve it ? Not trying to kiss Sony’s ass, but unlike Nintendo, Sony offers us both great hardware and fantastic gameplay experiences. They’ve been listening to fans, which clearly reflects in the PS4. Honestly, as much as I love Nintendo, Sony deserves it more than Nintendo, in my opinion. Saying they don’t deserve it just makes you look like a silly fanboy who can’t accept that there are other companies doing some things better than Nintendo, sorry.

        1. Nintendo and Sony both deserve it, Nintendo focuses on gameplay more than anybody on this planet. Don’t be giving Sony to much credit.

          1. Yes, Nintendo definitely does deserve it, with all the remakes and sequels over sequels to already existing game series they keep giving us. /sarcasm
            I’m sorry, but Nintendo -used to- deserve it, but now, they unfortunately do not anymore. In my opinion, that is.

            1. Yes only in your opinion that is. I love how you criticize Nintendo for making so called remakes and sequels when Sony is doing the exact same thing. Sony fans are one of the biggest hypocrites known to men.

              1. Yes,because Sony makes 5+ parts of the same game and uses the same franchises for 20+ years, am I right.
                And what do you mean by “so-called” ? Or are you going to deny the remakes and endless sequels to their series ? It’s just hard to believe that there really are Nintendo fans who think it’s okay for a company to give us no new franchises for severeal, several years.

                1. Sony doesn’t have a franchise over 20 years old, because none are worth keeping around that long. The ones they have currently? How many God Of War games have come out? 6? How different are those 6 games from each other? Compare the first 6 main Mario games. The first 6 Zelda games. First 6 Metroid games. There is more variety in those Nintendo games than the first 6 GoW games, or 4 Halo games, 3 Uncharted games, 4 Gears of War games. Mario 1 compared to the 5th main game (Mario 64) is vastly different from Mario 1. Metroid 1 compared to Metroid Prime is a whole different beast. Zelda 1 compared to Majora’s Mask? Please.

                  Nintendo has put out new franchises on each and every single console it’s ever created. What do you mean by several, several years? Nintendoland, Wonderful 101, Wii Party U are all new IP’s from Nintendo, and Miyamoto is working on another one. “X” is shaping up to potentially be a new IP, unless it’s directly tied into Xenoblade. Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, Wii Sports, Wii Fit were new IPs on Wii. Steel Diver, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Harmo Knight, Steel Diver were new IPs on 3DS. Wake up dude, there are dozens and dozens of IPs, even old ones can come back and basically be a new IP. Look at Kid Icarus Uprising. Nothing like the old Kid Icarus, but I guess that’s just another endless sequel, right?

                  1. Good points. You have no idea how much I hate people bitching about new IP’s when we just had W101 a while ago.

            2. I agree with you Zelda…. its not any more the same Nintendo. Sony is the old Nintendo in most cases.

        2. gameplay experience like what ? playing game that is like watching a movie ? a game heavily based on story line, cinematics and graphics with very weak gameplay ? never seen a sony game that offers unique actual gameplay (not story shit experience, those are for movies).

          1. What ? A game heavily based on story line is something bad to you ? Well, you sure are one odd person then. I personally got bored of the whole “princess kidnapped, save princess” stuff a while ago.
            But anyway, if you say that Sony’s exclusives aren’t good, then I don’t know how to help you either. I can understand if you say that they’re not your type of games, but saying there simply are no good games made by Sony is nothing but a ridiculous lie. Just because a game is not of the type you enjoy playing, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game in general. And no, good story lines definitely do NOT belong in movies only. That’s something really silly to say. I bet you’d get way harsher replies than mine to that statement, by the way. Anyhow, Sony has developed many, many fantastic games that offer amazing gameplay experiences, and that is not merely an opinion. A simple look at the scores their latest IPs on Metacritic might help you realize that. I’m not saying Nintendo hasn’t done so though, because we all know they have, but personally, I think it’s been a little a while since the last time they truly did. This, on the other hand, may be considered as a mere opinion, that is up to you.

            1. of their latest IPs on Metacritic*, sorry. Though you may also look up their not-so-recent IPs as well, there won’t be much of a difference.

              1. Please don’t use Metacritic anymore. All the fanboys or fangirls corrupted that site a long time ago. They either give 10 or 9 to Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft exclusive games or an 0, 1, or 2 to Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft exclusive games.

                I used to check the user score but… its got corrupted by blind fanboys and fangirls. I was hoping a bunch of scores so close to together. For example, the user score is 7.6 but there are almost no 6, 7, or 8 scores. They are all 0, 1, 2, 9, and 10…

                I just saying don’t use Metacritic to prove your point. But I do agreed that Sony make excellent exclusive titles like inFamous, Gravity Rush, Motorstorm, and etc.

                1. Oh, I wasn’t referring to the user ratings, those really aren’t any useful, that’s definitely true. The actual Metascore is what matters. It’s the average score calculated with all the ratings a game gets from respected video game websites. So it’s neither based on only 1 review/opinion, nor on biased fans.
                  But I understand that what I said was kinda misleading, so thanks for the advice anyway. (:

                  1. Metacritic is a good place to find good games (exclusives), especially if you own consoles JUST for exclusive titles and PC ofc for PC exclusive titles and multiplatform games. So….. you just need to search for games from cca 60-70 score to 100, thats it :)

                    Im a Sony/Nintendo/PC fan and in general, i dont agree with Metacritic scores most of the time. For example, GTA V gets 10/10… im not saying GTA V is a bad game but i dont agree it deserves 10/10.

          2. “never seen a sony game that offers unique actual gameplay”

            Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, LittleBigPlanet, Sound Shapes, Ico, The Unfinised Swan, Flower, infamous, Ratchet & Clank, Heavy Rain, flOw, LocoRoco, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice… I could go on

            Also, you’ve obviously never played Sony’s story focused games such as the The Last of Us or Uncharted because the gameplay in those is not amazingly innovative, but it’s rock solid.

          3. I am done with movie games! This generation is full of them. The problem is that a lot of people like those movie games and they are selling and getting good reviews. Gameplay should be the most important aspect of a game, story should be the least important.

            1. Story to be least important? hmm i just cant agree with that. What avbout graphics?

              I do own a relatively good PC but honestly, graphics is not the most important thing for me.

              1. Games are getting more focus on story nowadays. Older games used to have almost no story or simple story and still be a great game. Save the princess, save the world, good against evil… doesn’t matter. What matters is a fun gameplay! My favorite games have almost no story to tell.
                Graphics isn’t much important too. But art design is a big plus to delight the eyes.

        1. They develope for Xbox too, they develope for Nintendo too…The third parties develope for all the three consoles not only PS.

            1. Actually is not but is nit based on preferences but sales. And cross buy is not liked by developers.

              1. thats true, cross buy butthurt developers, suck them up, its their fault for making triple a games that sucks anyways.

      1. Companies are developing for Sony is because the PlayStation consoles has a better graphic card then Nintendo and Microsoft consoles do (excluding PC), thats why a lot of people buy PlayStation consoles and companies makes games for Sony

        1. spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

          because a gaming console is just a graphics card with a system around it… right? GTFO!

  1. Yeah that won’t happen until people like Sean Malstrom are banned from the video game industry. I’m aware that Nintendo needs to change their business strategy in several areas to better accommodate this goal but it’s really the propaganda spewing elitist console tards, retro fags, and whatever the hell Michael Pachter is that are doing the most damage to the industry and one company.

    1. You mean like more shooter on the console, re-re-use the same controll as the Ps1, Use a handheld as a controller when you have the same cheaper or exclusive that are response to other popular franchises like Killzone, GoW or Litlle big Planet or PS All Stars Battle Royal…yeah Nintendo should be more like Sony. LOL

          1. You are aware that changing the wii u and upping the price this early in its life would be a very stupid and suicidal business move for nintendo, right?
            Or do you just want them dead?
            I’m betting so.

          1. You are not making a point with insults. We can’t be reasonables if you haven’t started your comment won’t have started with “peace of shit”.

            1. Okay, let me correct myself.

              My comment: Should of made this low spec console more like a PS4’s hardware

              My reply to you: I ment power wise you guys

              Sorry that was immature of me :(

              1. The funny thing is that no developer that has worked on it has said is weak. Hard to work yes but no weak and those who have said is weak have either lazy ports or nit made a game at all.

                  1. As far as I can tell that holds some truth. I can’t think of any dev that has actually worked on it, saying it was weak.

                    1. spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:


            2. And what did power get the Ps3? What’s the good in having three different consoles that do exactly the same thing?
              In my own opinion Xbox and PS are the same consoles with different makeups so own either a PS or Xbox and then own a Nintendo console. I own a 360 a Wii u my next console will be either x/one or ps4 depends on which ever appeals to me more. Right now it tends towards the PS 4

      1. Well, that is why everybody bought the wii u, because it is better them the ps4 lol, you stupid piece of shit

        1. Hey don’t shit PS4, it hasn’t started yet. I have Wii U and plan for PS4, I support them because they give me the games I want.

  2. Nintendo is like a freight train… it takes them a while to get started, but when they build up a good head of steam you better get out of the way because ain’t no stopping them.

    1. yeah because thats what totally happened with the wii. there more like a poodle shaking with its tail in between its legs while bull dogs are barking at it. a helpless and hopeless poodle that doesnt get the attention because its weak and has gimmicky hair cuts.

        1. That’s because a bunch of casuals bought it. People who never really cared for video games, but jumped on the fad. Look where that got them with the Wii U by aiming for those people again. I can’t stand it when people act like the sales for the Wii automatically make it a good console. It was one of the worst main consoles by Nintendo, but sold well because of casuals being enticed by motion controls and all that. If you look at it objectively, you can see that this was only a good short term success. Long term it’s not helping Nintendo because the casuals don’t have any loyalty to Nintendo, as we have seen with the Wii U. And a lot of former Nintendo fans felt burned by the attention that the casuals received while they were cast to the waist side, which also contributes to the lack of sales thus far. However, I am holding out hope that Nintendo can turn things around for the Wii U.

          1. And the 80 millions ps3 and 360 where bough by retards that not knew that those consoles had the worst breaking ratio after their 3 console?

            1. That literally had nothing to do with my comment. I said nothing about PS3 or Xbox 360. And even if both systems were total dog shit (not saying they were), that doesn’t mean the Wii was spectacular or something. If you have to point out that the other systems were bad, that isn’t making a point to show that the Wii was good. Personally, I don’t care what the other two systems did. That doesn’t change my opinion on the Wii at all. That’s like saying you’re the smartest person with down syndrome (Waiting). My comment was solely on the Wii, so don’t spout stuff about the other systems please, as quite honestly, I never owned them.

            1. Dude, I read your comments all the time, and agree with you at least 90% of the time. I am a big Nintendo fan, but I am never afraid to say when they’re screwing up. I can’t stand blind fan boys on all sides.

              1. Only REAL Nintendo fans would criticize them. The drones would just bury their head sin the sand and let them continue to flounder.

                1. Real Nintendo fans dont listen to lies and half truths and any old propoganda the media spurts. Real Nintendo fans think for themselves.

                  You know nothing about hardware. Let Iwata school you on how he runs this shit. Y’all are gonna be eating crow and sitting pretty come 2015. Acting all high and mighty like any ol good “pretendo”

                  1. Lol! I can assure you I know much more about console hardware than you or Satoru Iwatawatawatawatawatawatawata ever will.

                    Weren’t we supposed to be eating crow when Wii U launched? E3 2013? When Pikmin came out? When W101 cam came out? When Zelda HD came out? So now it’s “wait until 2015!!!”? ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Everyone bought it! Not just the bunch of casual it was something new and fresh.. Will someone admit it’s the best console? I hope not. And i gotta say the Wii has some excellent games. And loyalty… really! i mean if Nintendo fans would have any loyalty they would probably never touch the Wii u because of the “specs”. Who would buy a Nintendo console because of specs Nintendo taught us to love games not the consoles. And if you’re just hoping something for a console you might just leave it. The Wii u is probably the best Nintendo console since Snes, and that my friend is a quality console right there (THE SNES) – this is Gamer Peace Out!

            1. I never said people besides casuals didn’t buy it, so yes, you’re right, everyone bought it. No argument there. And yes, the Wii did have some excellent games, but not nearly enough in my opinion, especially compared to previous Nintendo consoles. As for specs, I didn’t mention specs, and don’t see how that really applies to loyalty anyway. I am not big on specs at all. I prefer gameplay first to specs, so you must have somehow mistakenly inferred that I care about specs. As for the Wii U, I didn’t say it was necessarily bad, just that its sales were bad. The Wii U has potential, but Nintendo has to kick it up a notch, as the first year has been really lackluster in the amount of games compared to games they promised. And that is the aspect where I hope they can turn it around.

              1. Wii had lots of good games.

                Its just there’s just way too much shovelware clogging up the 120+ retail games that are worth it on the system. Also the virtual console/wiiware stuff

            2. No, just..just no, how an you even compare them, snes had all the third party games and first party games, wii u doesn’t even have the first party games, yet you say “it’s all about games”, shows how ignorant you are, and yes, specs are important because they bring you fucking 3rd parties on board.

            3. yeah everybody has a wii…. in their closet. thats how great the thing was. nintendo fan loyalty, nintendo abuses the fans loyalty, they cater to the casuals more than their loyal fanbase (where is there old franchises, why is there so much shit like wii fit, and why the fuck do they only give us an unoriginal mario and zelda now!!) also there so behind in everything, the ps3 and 360 do more still than wii u.

              wii u is the best console since snes?? are you fucking getting me!! the n64 was the best nintendo system since snes, then gamecube, then way back there wii and wi u.

              1. If Nintendo doesn’t give us the experiences they do, who else will? Who else offer games like Mario? Luigi’s Mansion? Pikmin? The Legend of Zelda? Fire Emblem? Animal Crossing? Kid Icarus? Pokemon? Metroid? Donkey Kong? Smash Bros?
                Do you think we all would really be better off without all these games?

                1. Those are just names, like iphone, ipad, and other i shit, some people don’t like them because they think they are not upgrading enough between gens, like nintendo games, just wait till someone makes a better mario, like rayman legends is better them mario bros u

                1. I hope this wasn’t directed at me. Because if it is, you are mistaken. I had a GameCube, a Wii, and I have a Wii U. Whether or not it was directed at me, dropping F bombs is unnecessary, immature, and pointless. If someone criticizes Nintendo, they aren’t making an assault on your personal life or criticizing you. So there’s no reason to get so worked up. In the future, try to use less profanity, as it doesn’t give your comment any strength or validity.

              2. Yeah that’s for sure, I throw my Wii in a box like a year ago, U now, I can play those games on my Wii U ;)
                Good luck trying to do the same on a PS/Xbox
                And, maybe it’s not as good as the SNES, but at least you can play those games on it as well!!

          3. “People who don’t really care for video games”.
            I’m sorry, but if you think that’s the only kind of person that makes up the casual gaming base, then you have a sincere lack of understanding about the casual base.
            They’re no less of a gamer for being a casual one than you are for making it a huge portion of your life.

            Don’t try to downplay the success of the system by condemning the kind of gamer that bought it.
            It doesn’t make any more sense than saying the PS3 was a horrible system because it catered mainly to shooter gamers and people who only cared about games with a T or M stamped on the box.

            1. First off, if you’re going to quote someone, you might want to get the actual quote right. What I actually said was ” People who never really cared for video games, but jumped on the fad.” Meaning that after the Wii came out they started to play video games. When you see parents and grandparents playing games when they never played before, that is a casual gamer.And since it’s not obvious to you, I don’t mean EVERY SINGLE CASUAL GAMER. I don’t mean that is the case with all of the casuals. Don’t be so literal when you read a comment. It’s a large portion of the casuals. And yes, the people I describe are less of a gamer because they don’t play video games all that much. They hopped on the motion stuff, got bored, and probably haven’t played with it much since. And again, I’m NOT DESCRIBING EVERY CASUAL. Gamers play games. Just because someone kicks a soccer ball around once in a while, that doesn’t make them an athlete. I don’t watch soccer except for the World Cup/Olympics. Would you say I’m equal to soccer fans who watch every season and every game? No, you wouldn’t. And as for your last paragraph, you might want to reread what I wrote. I never said the Wii wasn’t a success. I said it was a success. I wasn’t downplaying it at all. I was merely pointing out the fact that the casual crowd is extremely fickle and Nintendo will not sustain the kind of success they had on the Wii because the casuals could care less about Nintendo. They have no loyalties to the company, and couldn’t care less if Nintendo somehow went bankrupt. I did say the Wii was a bad system compared to previous Nintendo consoles, and that is fact. In Nintendo’s eyes, it wasn’t, because it made them A LOT of money. But in core gamers’s eyes, the system was disappointing. As someone mentioned above, it had a lot of shovelware which vastly outnumbered the good games on the system. And as for the PS3, I don’t care about the PS3. I didn’t own one, and have nothing good or bad to say about it.

              I’m not saying casuals shouldn’t play games or anything like that. I’m not attacking casuals either. They have every right to play games just as you or I do. But when Nintendo focuses more on them than it’s loyal fans, that is just bad long-term business. Sure, in the short-term, they made bank and are rolling in the dough from what everyone says (the billion dollar war chest as I’ve heard it referred to), but long-term, it is not a good policy to follow. If they stayed that course, the casuals (the type I described, not all of them) will get bored and go elsewhere, and the loyal fans will give up on Nintendo. So you’ll have people watching as Nintendo goes into bankruptcy and not care at all on one side, and on another, you’ll have former fans telling them that’s what they get for their betrayal. Again, this is long-term (not something that would happen anytime soon), and only if Nintendo were to continue to cater to casuals the way they did with the Wii. I think they may have learned their lesson a little, and won’t be going that route, but that’s just a hypothetical of what would happen if they did. So I don’t think that’s going to happen. So far, I have enjoyed the games available for the Wii U, and I think it has potential to do good. Although the drought really did not help at all, nor did the lack of marketing, or the fact that they named the console “Wii U.” But if they make the right steps, they can turn it around.

        2. Ignore the troll who just failed 12th grade for the 10th time and lashing at anything he stupidly hates.

          1. enjoy supporting nintendo in digging there own grave, because you retarded sheep support nintendos many fails.

              1. I think you mean Micorosoft.

                Killzone is the only “gritty shooter” I can think of that Sony publishes.

    2. Agreed. While they have made many mistakes with the WiiU, and need to adjust some view points and approaches, they always do extremely well in the long run. Even if the Wii U is another GameCube, that is not a altogether bad thing (in reality). Nintendo is Nintendo, and does their own thing. Comparing them to other consoles is just not valid. The Gen-Wars are always Xbox Vs PS (with PC destroying everything :P). Nintendo will be fine. I think this holiday season will be positive, but 2014 will be the real start.

      1. Well, that’s just how it shouldn’t be, if you are a sony fan and only care for sony’s or microsoft’s exclusives, you’ll get both 1st and 3rd party on your console, if you’re into nintendo’s exclusives’ you’ll need to have another console for the games you’ll miss, that is not how it should be

        1. The games “Wii” miss
          GTA-MADDEN-FIFA…And stuffs like those.
          I think most of people that loves Zelda-DK-Mario-Fox-Samus And other Nintendo games, don’t really care about those games so, “Wii”ll be fine ;)
          And just saying, how can people complain about lack of games? It’s been a year since the system came out and I already own 11 games (some great, some crap) + 4 downloaded + all the VC games and guess what? None of the Nintendo AAA Games has come yet!!! And that’s + ?? Games, so… If more 3rd party want to come, would be great, but if they don’t I’m sure almost nobody will notice

  3. Im sure the wiiu users install base will grow, but not like theyre expecting… at least this year, but next year is the key to make the install base grows even more.

  4. The Wii U has a great future, in time. It’s already beginning to show. Whether or not the price drop had anything to do with it. The Zelda Wind Waker HD bundle was just the start, and was my purchasing point. Hoping for more original experiences on the console, much like The Wonderful 101.

  5. Cant nintendo and its publishers that makes games see that the wii u is way much more expensive than its worth??
    The Nintendo 3ds sales are prolly it’s best bet!!
    The wii u doesn’t do any better of a job than the 3ds and the 3ds is half the cost….
    I hope nintendo realizes that before its too late,
    Either that or create the next gen console that can do a better job than the 3ds and is NOT twice as much of a price this time??

  6. It’s an amazing console with lots of potential. I absolutely love mine, it’s one of the most enjoyable consoles I’ve owned and that will get more and more concrete as the games come out.

    1. It’s one of those things that you have to get your hands on to understand. My Wii U has not see a day of being off, since I got it back in July. It is a great console, and the gamepad (when utilized properly – as with Splinter Cell Blacklist and Pikmin 3) is awesome. It does provide a new level of interaction in the games.

      1. Well said. I find it funny how people question its status as a next gen console. I have had 3 Xbox 360’s , 2 PS3’s and a Wii. The Wiiu makes them all look like old, white dog shit.

        The Gamepad is just brilliant. Nuff said.

          1. No whats been a disaster is Nintendo’s marketing and THQ/Lucas Arts getting canned. (They had 6 games that were going to be on the WiiU, 6!)

          2. Still an annoying troll I see?

            As I just said, I personally love my Wiiu. It’s one of the funnest consoles I’ve ever owned and has LOTS of potential.
            Sure the sales have been poor but that has nothing to do with how much of a great console I think it is.

  7. The problem there is that Nintendo is also the software company no developer wants to compete with. If you’ve got a scrappy start-up game that needs a little extra love and care, do you really want the clueless grandmas of the world to have to decide between it and Mario? I guarantee the worst Mario spinoff will sell better than even something new and brilliant like Armillo or Shovel Knight.

    I’m starting to agree that Nintendo should go multiplatform, but not necessarily to get out of the console business: more to put pressure on everyone else to step up their game because Nintendo’s breathing down your neck.

  8. they already fucked up to bad, every developer is abandoning the disaster that is the wiidust4u. who would want to develop for a vacuum instead of a real video game system?? there is no interest an ubisoft is going to abandon ship with the rest while sega screams for help ” GET ME OFF THIS FUCKING SHIP ITS SINKING!! UBISOFT THE REST DONT LEAVE, WHY DID I DOOM MYSELF MAKING A DEAL WITH NINTENDO!!!!” #WII invite U to DISASTER

  9. the industry will have no choice but to surrender to Nintendo

    im sick of ms and sony and there NOT NEXT GEN SYSTEMS

    1. not now they aren’t. Steambox may have pissed off their (MS and Sony)fans and with framerate and graphic issues(which the weaker console doesn’t have), so far the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t ”next gen”.

      1. I play Nintendo and PC only. There is no point in Xbox or PS4, when virtually everything on those consoles I want to play are on PC, and I have my choice of controls on PC. I do support Ubi on the Wii U, and am happy I did, cause Splinter Cell is awesome with the gamepad. Nintendo has so many great 1st party titles, and some solid 3rd party titles too. But if I only played Nintendo and indie games on my Wii U, and everything else on PC – I’m fine with that. I am more than happy with my Wii U.

    2. MS and Sony both have next-gen consoles. The PS4 and the One are more powerful machines than the Wii U….

      Doesn’t make them better. I love my Wii U. I didn’t go into the Wii U expecting a bunch of multiplatform games. I wanted to buy first party Nintendo titles, and that seems to be what I’m getting. Shame about the sales, though.

      1. They’re also weak shitty ass pc rip offs.


        The WiiU is a tricked out customized race car.

        Except its got no gas in it right now.

  10. Too bad Devs these days are assholes.
    But hey, oh well. I’m happy with the Line-up they’ve shown so far for 2014. I’m sure more will be added into that later on. Time will only tell, but I’m sure more devs will make games for Wii U after this holiday.
    If not? Oh well, tough shit, I’m alright with just Nintendo made games. I’ll just get a PC or One if I want most 3rd party games or shit like that.

  11. I just want my X… And more ganes that I like. Metroid, JRPG’s.. I still only have NintendoLand, Ninja Gaiden and Darksiders 2 apart from 3 vc games and DuckTales Remastered.. There’s just not much for me yet..

  12. A wiiu mini without online conection and for 150$ would expand the market. Most people see the wii as a complementary console so why dont you give them that?

  13. I have stated this before, but this guy need to be fired of Nintendo. He is the real cancer of the Wii U. Hope this guy leave asap.

          1. oh HAHAHAH wtf!! that fucking happened, what a FAIL!! THEY FOOLED US DIDNT THEY!! they made the worst launch line up in history with this thing!! i cant believe how much those two fail, this is further proof that the sheep will try to damage control to there defense.

            that whole presentation was a fail, it sounded like teletubbies. #WIIFAILEDU

  14. I don’t doubt it. although they don’t seem to care about the constant gimped wiiu games that keep being announced. not the right path for wiiu.

  15. This sounds far too vague and hopeful to be realistic. What are your strategies for increasing the user installed base? Delaying games? More HD remakes? Come on Nintendo, throw us a bone!

  16. Well when your console is going to be yet again behind in power in the new generation at the cost of a gimmick “Want” is suddenly a lot more reasonable of a target than actually being said console.

  17. “We Want Wii U To Be The Console Every Developer Wants To Publish On”

    HaHa what a joke. If a developer wanted to publish something on this underpowered baby excuse of a console, they would have to go back in time 7 years ago and develop their game with the old technology that was available at the time.

    “…Wii U owners are very happy with their purchases.”

    Another joke? The only ones who are happy with their Wii U are all the babies playing their almost soon to be 3 Mario Wii U games.
    Who would be happy after missing on playing GTA5 (best selling game in history!) and all the rest of triple A games that weren’t released this year on the underpowered baby console, only babies would. The babies are happy with their 10 year old Zelda remake game and their Mario and their Pikmin. Give them more Nintendo. They have completely lost it, Nintendo is delusional. They living in baby la-la-land.

    1. Again, with the fanboy insulting. I am actually very happy with the ”baby” console and games. Why? Because its what I like to play. Period. If you want to play Nintendo games, buy a Nintendo console. Otherwise, stick with the other guys. Thats how easy this is.

    2. I actually am happy with my Zelda remake as I never played the original, and I am glad to have played a NEW Pikmin game as I now love the franchise. I’m not a baby though :P

  18. Well sell Wii U to the devs as inexpensive to develop for. Im not familiar with Wii U’s architecture but if it were close to xbone n psr then market it at that. If the architecture is way different and ps4 and xbone is alike then Nintendo will have a hard time. Not only will the devs put extra effort but they have to compromise becaise of the lower specs.

    1. The hardware isnt hard to work with, its just it requires you to be a better developer to get the most out of it. The other consoles are PC API’s. X86 hardware.
      WiiU is power PC. Much more efficient device.

  19. Who ever said I was happy with my Wii U Nintendo…. I am happy that we are finally getting some GAMES!

  20. You guys can say all you want about how the Wii U isn’t weak, but the fact that it’s a proven fact that it’s weakER than the other consoles puts a major dent in its image. Not to mention its name associates it with the severely underpowered Wii and its crappy Wii party games. That’s its problem. When the average teenage boy hears Wii U, he’ll either ask “What’s that?” (and think it sucks because he hasn’t heard of it before) or “You mean that baby console?”

    It doesn’t matter that they’re wrong in thinking it. It just matters that they are. Sony and Microsoft don’t give off a “baby” image. Sony and Microsoft don’t miss out on ANY third-party titles (except exclusives). Sony and Microsoft have everyone’s attention. (Okay, not quite everyone but a LOT of people.)

    1. Sorry, but being weakER isn’t as huge a deal as you make it out to be.
      If it were, then the weakest system wouldn’t traditionally win the console wars.

  21. I want it to as well, but market it more, Nintendo! There used to be Wii commercials on all the time when it came out. There were as well when Wii U was first coming out (first month). But now there are NONE. Granted, I don’t watch as much television as I did in 2006, but I never, NEVER see a Wii U commercial. I see PlayStation commercials all the time (granted, they don’t even say PlayStation is a video game console; thus it is confusing.) Get a huge marketing campaign (Ads on YouTube, GameSpot, IGN, TV, and even websites that are not gaming-related to draw casuals in) and make sure they cover every aspect of Wii U and do NOT show Wii Remotes in there. Only the Pro Controller in the GamePad. I have an idea…

    It starts off on the console, focusing on the Wii logo, then dissolving into Wii U. A narrator says “Welcome to Wii U, Nintendo’s brand new home console, and successor to the Wii. Then focus on people playing Super Mario 3D World, saying “The Wii U’s new GamePad and HD graphics completely redefine the gaming experience. Switch to Wii Sports Club, and continue on with “Old classics are even better on the new Wii U”. Black out and display the Wii U logo with an emphasis on the “U” and display the text “Out now. Go to to learn more.”

  22. If this guy as a twitter account, here’s what I would say to him:

    “If you want the Wii U to be the console every developer wants to publish on, why did Capcom and Namco Bandai come out not too long ago saying “We are not bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur II HD to the Wii U?”

        1. Proving someones point is never good especially if they are insulting you. Let me explain the quote for you. What they say is that they are goin to change that. Change means to stop doing something for something else. So those third say that now but nintendo is doing something to change it.

  23. Bring Contra, Castlevania, Mother, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Starfox, Punchout, Duckhunt HD, F-Zero, and Ice Climbers to the wii u and only then will Nintendo revisit the Glory Days.

  24. I got to say that nintendo have something that sony doesnt have tha is gut, nintendo is the only company i now that was brave enough to make a huge bet that is the wii u but sony with the ps4 they just make a console that take the idea of a touch pad or screen from nintendo, my opinion

  25. I personally love Nintendo.

    I have never been disappointed by their products.

    They keep amazing me with each new console.

    Play station move didn’t do that much more than the wii motes.

    Xbox kinect didn’t make much sense. It sounded really good but with all the misreads by the camera on most of the games made it drop like a rock.

    Nintendo might not have it all. But all it have is always performing very well.

    1. How he know that people who own an Wii U are happy? I’m not really happy with it. I wish they put the games on it THAT I like to play and not some dumb overrated indie games. I play Toki Toki 2 and I just realize it that game is really not that good. I think it is worst game I have ever play.

      1. It’s just PR bullcrap. Many people, myself included who own or did own a Wii U have not been satisfied with the console at all. I think the only one’s who are completely happy with the system are Nintendo fanboys.

      2. im one of those people who are not happy about this shitty system + all the fucking lies “my thought was if there was not going to be a price cut in years might as well buy it” bitches. havnt touched the thing, it sucks for to many reasons that im sick of stating. the system sucks and its like i dont even own one, what a fool i was.

        1. Lol you really are stupid. You bought it like an idiot, use the damn thing.

          Its a damn good system. If anyone is lying its you. Get some games, play some shit with it. Fucker.

          1. oh look its damage control.

            “my thought was if there was not going to be a price cut in years might as well buy it.” they lied like a bitch, companies never do that about price. years before a price drop, yeah right. never should have got it, even for 300 it would be a waste.

            it has no games, and isnt a good system, it will be like the shit wii damage control.

            1. Yeah the wii is shit, no wonder it sold more than anyone can count, people were just humouring it, Iwata is a moron compared to you, I wonder why he is the multimillion CEO of a 1st rate company while you are the trolling douchesnozzle on a computer with your hand grasping your little dingle bitching about Nintendo while they are making money by the truckload, you go on many websites even Youtube for only one reason: to bitch about Nintendo, yet the Wii U is actually being bought by thousands of people each week, and you are just whining like a drunk hippie at the airport screaming: “THE END IS NIGH” you are such a retard :-P

              1. HAHAHAHA that was pathetic!!!! also try to find me on any other site besides this one, loser. your one of those losers who google search this name i created and it shows me here and youtube. that is sssooo many websites.

                1.… there was some other jackass whining about Nintendo and calling everyone sheep, his name was also the same as yours, its common to use the same username on multiple websites, so either you (the Jackass) and the other jackass are one and the same jackass, oooooorrrrrrrr, you are the hipster slave sucking that jackass’s dick

                    1. probably got kicked off for being so whiney and paranoid, I suppose that the guy on Youtube with the exact same name as you as well as his whingy little comments similar to yours is no coincidence either, you really don’t have anything better to do then whine about Nintendo, and on Nintendo news sites no less, you honestly love complaining about shit, but deep down you actually love Nintendo otherwise you wouldn’t visit those sites at all, face it you dipshit, your a closet Nintendo fanboy, congrats!

                    2. glad its funny


  26. Sorry, morons just give too much of a shit about a triviality such as graphics for this to be happen. And considering a majority of people who play games are morons…

  27. im not happy with my Wii U at all. i feel that i wasted 350$ buying a box of disappointing feelings. i have never felt so much disappointments in my whole gaming life with a nintendo product, i even bought a gameboy micro and i never felt disappointing. the wii u ugh, lack of games, lack of features(mostly the features) and many many more. right now im trying to sell it to get atleast a fraction of what i spend. but nobody wants to buy this horrible console. -_-

    1. I know how you feel, I didn’t buy the console my sister bought it for me on my birthday. I’m going to get a ps4, but i do hope you don’t sell it. The Wii U is starting its momentum and I doubt the new consoles will have tons of games its first year. Nintendo has theirs lined up and its only going to get better. Only game I want is X since xenoblade was my favorite game on the wii.

    2. its really strange that the 3DS and the Wii have some features the WiiU doesnt.

      They’ve really been beta testing it lol./

        1. @Adarazz,
          Will you stop pretending you hate Nintendo? NOBODY would come to a Nintendo site nearly every day unless they was a fan. You sir are a closet fan.

          1. I don’t hate Nintendo. I’ve owned nearly all their systems and many of their games. I nust hate what they’re doing with the Scam U.

            By the way, I only come here like once a month now lol.

    3. @ Luis,
      I doubt that it could hold a candle to how I felt when I bought the original Xbox (a lesson learned). That thing was the biggest piece of CRAP I ever owned. The only cool thing about it was the CD Ripper.

  28. No shit, that’s what Sony wants, and Microsoft and Ouya and everybody. But until you get the admins fixed on Miiverse I wont even consider putting any future IP’s of mine on Wii U or 3DS. PC ONLY. I got my 2nd perma ban on Miiverse cause a stupid kid doesn’t like me so literally 24 hours after my 2 week ban from him expired he reported me before I even did anything and got me falsely banned PERMENANTLY. Then a friend of mine got a 2 week ban from him cause he was defending me…

  29. If i were nintendo to maoe this happen i woul launch a wii u mini without internet adds and making it price down to 150/100$ that would encourage people to buy it because there are A LOT of people who likes nintendo games but dont want to spend a huge amount of money just for them (they see it as a complement for ps4 o xbone) making this they would increise it sales and also games sales wich would make people to buy more wiius and understand how awesome this console is. Im pretty sire that most of this people would pick them wiiu (normal edition) to experience all the miiverse and stuff so “normal” wiu sales would increase and nintendo would rule the land (which they deserve really)
    This is just something i thought i dont know anything about marketstuff so i may be wrong. JUST AN OPINION dont pretend to offend and dont take to seriusly.

  30. Well, Nintendo certainly don’t ACT like they care about the Wii U. Nearly a full year since it released, and they’re STILL not advertising it. And I still have yet to see a single Wii U kiosk in any store I go to. The Wii U games are almost always fully stocked. Like nobody is buying any.

    I’m saving for a Wii U. I MIGHT have the money by the end of the year (or early next year). But I swear, it better not be one of those consoles that gets recalled due to poor sales (like the Virtual Boy). Or I’ll be VERY unhappy.

    The REAL truth (besides Nintendo’s poor advertising) to why the Wii U isn’t selling well is because of the world’s hunger for sex and violence. Everybody has a boner for Playstation (and Xbox) just because there’s so many violent, bloody games. Just goes to show how corrupt this world has become. It’s sick. I’m glad I was born in the decent, innocent Nintendo era.

    1. oh dude stfu……. the innocent nintendo era, is that why you still where diapers like the corporate slaves and nintendo employees are required to where.(tho think like a baby you got to act like a baby) i got fired when iwata and reggie came aboard because they pulled employees pants down and said “see those boxers you all are wearing….” then to my horror they both took there pants off too and behold thee diaper!! then they finished saying ” you are going to wear these now, there is going to be a change here at nintendo” i refused and fought but everybody else gave in and i got….. fired that exact moment.

      iwata pulled out the wii remote and numbchuck out of reggies diaper and said “this is the future WHERE SHOVELWARE AND GIMMICKS RULE THE WAY!!!! NO MORE CATERING TO OUR DEDICATED FANS, THE CASUALS ARE WHERE THE REAL MONEY IS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY SCREW FRESH GAMES AND FANS!!!!!!” there eyes were so red, i knew the nintendo we all knew and loved was no more…….

      1. Looks like someone forgot to take their Ritalin, diapers, really? Corporate slave? what are you some paranoid hippie from the 70s thinking the government is after your thoughts? and yes we are sheep, stupid Nintendo fanboy sheep, you however are a paranoid, hippie, trolling chicken, or mule, your choosing

  31. Nintendo believes their lineup in the second half of 2013 is great. What great optimism! Keep it up! Lol.

  32. well gd luck with that..they will need to seriously change their attitude towards 3rd parties then

  33. Yes, the Wii U has giant potential to be the best thing ever (and already has really good games on it) but they really delayed on developing games and promoting it and I think that honestly their ship has been sailed and it will take a LOT of effort to get it back. I have some faith though because they did it with the 3DS!

  34. PLEASE UNDERSTAND……..iceazeama came at the Nintendo headquarters at the time when we were going thru the R&D phase of the Mighty Wii,codenamed revolution at that time,and Yes its true myself,Reggie and Mr Miyamoto were present and so was iceazeama,and we were wearing diapers as mentioned by iceazeama,we were testing the effect that the Wii remote and its vibration feedback would have on players and because iceazeama showed extreme gay tendencies we decided to test the Wii remote on him but shoving it up his wide big gigantic A-hole,and he loved the sensation too much he begged us to take the prototype with him to Iraq his place of residence,we refused due to the fear of our technology being stolen by Phony and Microdick,so because of that,he started having intense hatred for us,Nintendo and our supporters

    thank you

    1. your nasty, im afraid you are a corporate slave, are brainwashed and are ruining my story. you are no better than how you say sony and microsoft takes others ideas.

  35. Heh heh heh…

    I’m not worried about the Wii U after I saw the latest trailer for SM3DW…

  36. Who’s everybody, I’m not exactly jumping for joy here. Ive beaten the 7 games I’ve purchased and without patches, dlc and/or a playable online right now I’d just rather play 3rd party games on my xbox 360

  37. before the WiiU was released Nintendo said that they had the backing of all the developers & publishers.

    1. @ alan666,
      I remember that. They made me think there was going to be TONS of games coming out on the Wii U.

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