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Rare Developer Compares Kinect Sports Rivals To Wii Sports And Mario Kart


Creative director of Rare, Simon Woodrooffe, has stated that he wants Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One to stand the test of time the same way Nintendo’s Wii Sports and Mario Kart games have. Much like Wii Sports, Kinect Sports Rivals features sports-based mini games like soccer and bowling. The title, which was recently delayed from this holiday season to Spring 2014, is the follow-up to 2010’s Kinect Sports. Woodrooffe said he hopes gamers are still purchasing the game along with an Xbox One console for years to come. Here are the director’s full comments on the matter:

“We think–well, we hope–that this is the sort of game that’s still one of the first things that anyone who buys an Xbox One gets even two or three years from now…sort of like Wii Sports and Mario Kart for the Wii.”



    1. I must say even though the connect and ps plus was more accurate, since the wii came first it makes it so much better, and it seems like the motion control hype has died down.


  1. lol thats sad… there will be only one halo. one call of duty, one mario kart, and one wii sports… sorry kinect is the worst thing i have even wasted money on.. Nintendo should change their motto to… Nintendo Often duplicated never imitated….


  2. Retro>Rare Rare should just sell their IPs who’ll use them effectively like to Nintendo… I know guys it’s never going to happen! :/


    1. No point in doing that, Rare isn’t what it was before, The main members of Rare moved to Retro so you could say Nintendo already has rare. What there missing though is there IPs. All rare does now is make bullshit, the’re not even allowed to work on their own franchise Killer Instinct, which was given to Double Helix


      1. Not all main members are in Retro, Golden eye and Perfect Dark devs went and formed Free Radical Entertainment which became Crytek uk.


  3. No offense, but honestly, I don’t think XDrones are as accepting as Nintendo fans.. Lol just analyze their comments; the majority of times, they try dissing Nintendo that their too kiddy, and granted their most memorable titles are, but the depth of gameplay is what makes them stay & continue to want Nintendo’s products, because they’re dedication to gameplay mixed with kiddy visuals. I’ve never played Kinect sports, but Im just going to go and guess it didn’t do too well on sales. & now they’re gonna be making another one? Maybe I would have faith in their work if it was the OLD RARE, but its not..


    1. Says The Barbiedoll FuckeR are serious? You try to bash Ms for having games on their console you dont like? Grow up and stop the console-War.


    1. I got this guys. It’s either the Nintendo Wii that just got a price cut, the 2 Dees, or the 3 Dees.
      But seriously though, NIntendo NEEDS to advertise!!!


  4. So Rare is truly dead. to think that Kinect Sports is better than 1 of the best selling franchises and the Wii’s best selling game, which is also part of 1 of the best selling franchises.


  5. Rare is like shattered glass nowadays, the good parts are lost and its just broken memory of the past when you used to drink from it.


  6. Wii sport is caca wii utanic is trash shitendo now copy like gyro and hd oh btw xbox one preorders are through da roof xbox ftw


  7. comparing kinect to wii and wiiu WTF EVER

    lol waving at lag cameras vs precision mouse pointing to the mm and advanced motion plus and physics
    vs waving your arms about FUCK OFF RARE


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