Sonic Lost World Wii U And 3DS Demos Now Available In Japan

sonic lost worldJapanese Sonic fans are the first to get their hands on the demo version of SEGA’s Sonic Lost World for Wii U and 3DS. The Wii U demo reportedly allows players to navigate Windy Hill Zone 1, while the 3DS demo takes players on the Window Hill Tutorial and Window Hill Zone 1. There’s also a possibility you’ll be able to bring your scores over when you’ve purchased the game. With Japan’s demo versions now available, the North American and European demos shouldn’t be too far away. Sonic Lost World for Wii U and 3DS will be released October 18 in Europe and October 29 in North America.


  1. They vetter hurry da fuck up because I really want to see if it’s fun or not.

    I would have never thought about that Rayman game if it wasn’t for the demo


  2. Considering Sonic Lost World is due for release on the 24th October for Japan, I’d have expected Europe to get the demo first, then Australia then Japan, then North America.

    So that it actually fits with the release order. But that would just make far too much sense…


      1. Yes, I meant beforehand, but still corresponding with the order of release.

        So, Europe should have the demo now. Then Australia tomorrow, Japan in a few days time and finally North America next week sometime.

        Or all at once, I wouldn’t mind that. But it just doesn’t make sense to release the demo first to the region whose order of release is third.


      2. We would not get a demo at all. If the last country on the release line gets a demo is pretty certain that the others will not get it.


      3. I’m guessing it’s because SEGA and Nintendo have there main headquarters in Japan though, and nothing but that.


  3. Another reason why Nintendo is stupid. Why would you just release a demo in Japan and knowing the Wii U console sales are down globally?


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