New Wii Party U Trailer Shows Even More Mini-Games

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their latest mini-game bonanza, Wii Party U. The trailer shows off a veritable smorgasbord of games using each player’s Mii character, including foosball, cooking, and a space adventure, just to name a few. A new Wii U bundle including the game has just been announced for release in Europe on November 15th. At an excellent value, Wii Party U by itself comes packaged with a Wii Remote, giving gamers a chance to add that extra player in their during home party competitions. Wii Party U is set for release in just two weeks, on October 25th.


  1. Not bad although humans in general are so filthy, a lot of primitive diseases will be spread around this world…

    1. Online games are so overrated because as soon as you own players online, they just rage quit or hack…

        1. For my personal taste I don’t really care but Mario Kart and Smash Brothers can be enjoyed more online than a party game as some mini-games require precision or other features to win…

            1. Yes but it doesn’t really interrupt the flow of the game, you can easily find a new game but party games tend to take a while before you complete it…

                1. Party games tend to end much faster than Smash bro or Mario kart.Why not Online for all games.And Why should anyone cheat or Hack on a Party game…^^

                2. If it’s only mini-games yes but if it’s a long game and somebody decides to leave the game or disconnect for no reason, it just destroys the fun…

              1. You are no longer the Nintendo Commander. You have been relieved of duty. I am taking over. Bow before a true Nintendo fan. Online play is a MUST! Rage-quitters suck but its inevitable. But I want the option to play with friends who don’t live nearby. Or family. Or random people. Like you!

                1. The spy is in fact the leader of Xbox live’s first-year students.
                  His cronies believe that he hates jokes since he’s always so serious. In truth, he is in fact an amateur comedian. You can now dismiss everything he says with laughter, as it will fill him with happiness.

                  1. You’re talking to someone who has never owned an xbox system, nor any other non-Nintendo system besides a PS3. I’ve been hidden in the shadows watching the game war from afar. But it is time to rise up and take my online throne of Nintendo Star Command. You have served well for what it’s worth but I am here to propel this ship to new heights.

      1. That’s true, if it is competitive. Playing with your friends, however, is a major draw for players. I understand Nintendo wants that couch coop style, but the modern gamer has friends that don’t live down the street. Online makes playing with others so much easier.

        1. I think High Command needs to find some sort of balance…

          Right now I agree with most that they are barely doing much for online multiplayer…

          I really hope they have more in store than Smash Brothers and Mario Kart for the sake of sold units…

          1. One of the reasons I don’t own a Wii U yet (other than a new Zelda not yet on the horizon) is the fact I have no one with which to play. Everyone is working different schedules or in another time zone. With xbox/ps, a text or simply seeing each other online can prompt a multiplayer session. I love nintendo games, but my 3ds is Nintendo’s true current gen console atm.

            1. Same here in a way…

              I can buy a Wii U now any day but I’m too busy to play anything these days that it wouldn’t be worth buying a Wii U right now…

              I don’t want it to become a Wii Dust for U but obviously not because there are “no games” out there…

                1. Another good reason to avoid them all…

                  Although I would avoid any Xbox even if they wanted to give me one for free!

                    1. I don’t want a Pandora’s Box filled with virtual diseases near my base…

    2. I agree that the Wii U needs more online multiplayer games if it expects to keep up this Gen

          1. As commander and chief I now declare war against the Nintendo commander and Sony commander4

            1. Isn’t your leader Bill Gates and the rest of your leaders?…

              Because if you are the leader of leaders of the Xbots then no wonder you guys try to corrupt innocent gamers…

              1. We don’t try to corrupt innocent games we just try to create profit just like Nintendo and Sony

                1. He’s a fake Nintendo commander. Anyone that doesn’t own a Wii U can not call themselves a Nintendo commander

    3. I’m only one of my friends who actually owns Wii U so i prefer these oldschool offline party games. Playing games with good friends and drinking beer is awesome. Problem with Xbox and PS3 is that there isn’t much non-sport partygames to play with friends when they’re visiting.

  2. The biggest problem I see, along with any multiplayer Wii U game, is that game pad. I love the idea and the technology behind it, but man does every kid just want to fight over it. I mean, if given the choice, of course I want to use the new awesome controller instead of the testy, unreliable wiimote. At least this one seems to utilize sharing/combining it as part of the gameplay.

  3. This is a piece of shit. Sorry I love Nintendo but I’ve had enough of the shovelware. Where’s my Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero? They’ve become so lazy, wasted Retro’s talents, they are liars. They said they were going to attract the hardcore gamer back. Lies. I paid €400 for a console with awful NintendoLand, more casual muck. The console is barely more powerful than current gen, will get washed away again when PS4/XB1 release. Where’s the 3rd party support? Gone, won’t be coming back and will only get worse. Sorry this has to be said aand trust me I could say more.

    1. 1. It’s barely been out a year, 4 more years to have any of those titles…
      2. Retro chose to make DKCRTP, not High Command…
      3. Third Class games not selling well is due to these lesser forces, not our empire…

      1. “milk it for all it’s worth”
        “the rotten core inside”
        “things couldn’t get much worse”
        “you know your end is near”
        “you greedy little bastard, you will get what you deserve”


          1. We are glad that Nintendo our greatest ally, picked up where we left with our dream. Second screen, trying to connect people all over the world, uniqueness etc. You Sony drones just have ps1 with different name and specs, thats all. Oh you guys cant even create a mascot, all i see is people crying for sonic and bayonetta for your ps4, isnt that sad that they dont care about knack that much? Even Microsoft has their own mascot.

        1. They dont Sell the HD Wii? They dont want $400 for a weak ass Console?They dont Milk Mario?They got Still no 3rd Party on the table for next year? Nintendo is not Greedy Please Understand.

          1. You know that “HD Wii” means that brand new more powerful console can also play games from older system from same manufacturer.

            Like PS2 games in PS3 or PS3 games in PS4… Sorry i forgot Sony was greedy and took that PS2 compatibility away. Playing PS3 games with PS4 is something that we propably won’t see working too soon in Europe.

      2. NES-Good
        Wii U-Mehh

        I can see how it reminds you of Nintendo.

        1. I agree 9001%. The GCN is still to me the greatest console ever made. After that Nintendo went down hill. Their handheld market is still good but besides that nothing is.

  4. That looks awesome!

    In a few more years Nintendo will finally figure out how to do online and they can add that to this same game and add “online” to the end of the title and sell it like a brand new game. (Just like they did with Zelda Wind Waker “HD” , they just added the letters “HD” to the title and sold the same 10 year old game as a brand new game).

    I love how the characters actually have arms now, unlike those armless Wii Mii’s. Those extra 70 polygons must be taking a toll on the underpowered Wii U though. In another 5 years they will actually have mastered the true “power” of the Wii U and they will be able to add individual fingers to those characters and maybe, just maybe they can have real faces too! Wow, just wow, so excited for this game and the future to come.

    1. This Nintendo gen.mostly Hd remakes. Nintendo is not greedy How dare someone call them Greedy.They dont charge you for Online…Because no one use it.!

      1. that was due to the casuals but the casuals have grown up and Wii U will loose this generation to Xbox one

          1. I agree you guys have the upper hand right now due to a minor error at E3 but trust that we will pull thru this generation much better than Nintendo and possibly Sony

                1. Sony and ms commander are just bitter that they dont have sonic and bayonetta on their new systems. Dont mind them Nintendo Commander, Sony still today hasnt created a true gaming icon.

    2. Lighten up Katamari, this is likely to be a great game. Wii Party has bags of charm and playing it with friends has brought me many hours of fun. The Derby Dash game alone has so many subtle mechanics in it that you can play it time and time again and still enjoy it in multiplayer.

      1. Yes…someone who posted a rather negative song and saying “reminds me of Nintendo” on a Nintendo site is kinda bad.

              1. And what you get? Not very good 1st party titles, thats for sure. Even Microsoft has better 1st party games than Sony. How many of those Sony 1st party titles are dead? .

              2. “Toaster” where did I hear that before? Let me not say names or he will come crying that is nit him even with the evidence XD.

  5. This is why Wii U is failing. Imstead of amazing games the fans want like a new Metroid F Zero or Earthbound… they give us this crap. Nintendo needs to fire Iwata. Hes destroying them almost as bad as Obama is destroying America. Well… maybe not that bad.

    1. How the hell are they going to pull off a new Earthbound game and Itoi clearly doesn’t want to get involved anymore? Besides, Retro will take care of Metroid after DK Tropcal Freeze in the first place! At least they don’t quit unlike the bullshit Kamiya pulled with Star Fox “because of the fans.”

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