Square Enix Confirms Deus Ex: Human Revolution Costs $50 On Wii U And $30 On PS3 & 360


Square Enix has confirmed that the Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will cost consumers $20 more if they opt for the Wii U version of the game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut will cost $30 on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, while the Wii U version will set you back $50. The company has yet to explain why the Wii U version of the game costs gamers $20 more.


  1. no reason for it to be more expensive, actually ridiculous. and then they will complain that wii u version sold least. LOL

      1. They don’t lack it. They have the gamepad functionality.

        PS3 uses the Vita for gamepad functionality. 360 uses smartglass for it, however ridiculously impractical and cumbersome that will be.

  2. Meh, release the games and we decide if we buy them or not. This will be another just cause 2 scenario in wich they droped the game to 20 then they raiced to 30$.

    1. yeah but just cause 2 was a new game which turned out to be amazing, deus ex HR is a terrible, old game so its not worth it

  3. How about you fuck off, Square Enix.

    For fucks sake, you, Capcom and Konami are just fucking shit now, it’s sad.

      1. Remember when you where a dumb fuck?

        If we didn’t take anything “seriously”, all we’d get is shite.

          1. Because you’re a moron.

            What, i can’t be a fan of something then be pissed off when a company acts like a bunch of assholes, trying to rip off consumers, spitting in the face of the fans and creators that made their company famous to begin with?

            Fuck you.

      1. Don’t know why they are charging so much in the U.S., the game as has been pointed out in the U.K. is only around the £23 price point (that’s around $35) on the WiiU, also almost nothing in price between the WiiU and PS3/Xbox360 versions in the U.K.

        From what I’m seeing in various sites the WiiU version is the version to get (and getting very favorable reviews), so it would be a real shame if people miss out and opt for the PS3/Xbox360 version instead just because Konami have misjudged the price point in the U.S.

        Personally, I think the WiiU needs a third-party hit to attract more owners and frankly other third-parties which are giving no/lukewarm support to the platform at the moment. Nintendo should have used influence with Konami here, the price difference (in the U.S.) will certainly hinder sales unfortunately, maybe Nintendo haven’t realized how good this game is (it was a great game even before the Director’s Cut…).

  4. I’m 100% sure this is being done on pourpose so they can justify the sequel not coming to wiiu.

  5. Putting a game on the platform costs money. They’ll sell significantly less copies on the Wii U, because, while a great console, it’s sold about 1,200 units. In order to recoup those costs, they’ll need to charge more.

      1. They’re in the business of making money. It’s not a charity.

        Additionally, they’re putting it on a system that has about 8 games on it now, most of which came out a year ago, so they’ve got an audience looking for content. Why wouldn’t you charge me?

  6. I hope Square Enix confirms that they’re going bankrupt soon because of stupid business decisions.

  7. These companies go out of there way to make Wii U owner not buy their games. Between stuff like this and others that announce just before the game ships that the Wii U version won’t be getting DLC. Most Wii U owners have other systems. Why spend an extra $20 on this one. As for me, I’ll but this one on Wii U still (even though I have a PS3 & 360), but not until it drops in price.

  8. Yeah, I’m not buying this until its price drops to more appropriate.
    With this Squeenix just confirmed they have absolutely no intention to support Wii U in the future.

  9. ouch. looks like se is trying to have reasons to not release games for the wiiu in the future, cause obviously this won’t sell well at all.

    1. SE make stupid business decisions? Never…

      Not like they’re releasing a sequel to game that nobody liked that was a sequel to a game that nobody liked.

      Almost as bad a EA and Visceral making Dead Space 3 shite after seeing the backlash of RE5 AND RE6, and being aware Dead Space 1 and 2 were so popular because they WERE the RE5 and 6 we wanted.

      God, companies are so fucking stupid.

  10. I don’t understand how these companies complain about not being able to sell games on the wii U when every time they shoot themselves in the foot in some way. Whether it be releasing an old game for full price, or making the game seem less appealing on the wii u by removing features, no DLC or anything of the sort. If you’re going to do stupid things you’re going to get stupid results.

  11. Am I the only oone who thinks this makes sense? Ps3 and 360 owners already played the original so of course it should be less. Same game just with added features. People for wii u never really played the game so it’s more. And we also might have a function the other systems won’t have………. Off tv mode.

    1. Thats the way I saw it, the thing is that Nintendo has almost always been a 2nd Console. So most people that own a nintendo system also own a ps3 or 360. Having a choice, you go for the cheaper price. I still own the ps3 version so im not picking it up even at 30.

    2. That “the console never had the game before” is most retarded reason.
      And Off tv mode does add’s next to none to development costs.
      There are a lot of people who has not played it on PS360, even though they own the console, should they pay more as well?

      1. A lot more people on the ps3 played it, it was free on plus and the dlc was discounted, regardless, it shouldnt be price at that amount.

  12. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s Deus Ex. It’s not like it is a game worth owning in the first place. I wouldn’t even pirate this crap title. Square Enix is a dead company, with tired titles. Let’s focus on what games worth owning are coming to the Wii U and DS.

  13. I’m speechless. This is so ridiculous, I cant believe a thinking human creature could have this idea. wow.

  14. Im always waiting for a company to give fair treatment to Wii U gamers, but it never happens. Honestly, im about done with third party games. Like how many times can they do stuff like this? If you don’twant my money then fine.

  15. The extra 20 is gratuity for Square Enix so graciously supporting our Wii U console as it, no doubt, is horrendous to develop on for third parties.

    Wait… that sounds like bullshit ahat I just said… Yet it seems to be true…

    What went wrong here?

  16. I made up my mind, to avoid alllllll 3rd party support for Wii U. Why? After buying AC3 and Legends, Wii u lacks features or cost more on its software. Fuck them all. I don’t give a rats ass if Wii u had no 3rd party support anymore.

  17. It wouldn’t it cost more money to have a SmartGlass or Vita as controllers since they aren’t naturally standard?

    1. The way I see it is a neck to neck race but square enix have strangers ips but square hasthe favor of all console manufactures.

    1. I agree, 3rd party “support”, is giving the Wii U a bad name, Nintendo should do their own thing, invest in smaller companies that want to make good exclusive games for your system.

      3rd parties aren’t the answer, Sony and MS have had that market sewn up for a long time, although what’s happening with Nintendo now, I can see happening to the others when Steam Box comes out..

  18. I wonder if this conversation happened with Square Enox’s marketing department:

    “You know, 3rd party software sales on Wii U have typically struggled. What can we do to help increase our sales numbers on that platform? I know! Let’s charge $20 more on the Wii U than on the other consoles, because that will increase the perception of value for that console!”

  19. If they made it exclusive as they planned before then that price would have been acceptable. But now? Meh… I’ll wait for a price drop.

  20. And these developers wonder why there games don’t sell on wii u and blame us but why should we buy there games when they pull this crap I mean why should we buy there games if there gonna price them higher or lack content at the same price it’s not like there’s a super must have wii u version specific feature

  21. Crap! Not getting this now. Unless they hav a really good reason. 1080p or extra dlc support something the other two don’t get.

  22. They will of course blame bad sales on Wii U, even when they know it costs almost twice as much. ;) They do anything to ruin sales on Wii U. Why???

  23. Well good thing I can buy it on the 360. Once again, I’m glad I waited for the complete version.

  24. Well I was on the fence but now I’m definitely not getting the game at that price. Fuck you Square Enix. Go suck the dick of mobile phones and degrade yourself more.

  25. Seriously f*** u Square Enix !!! Why u put 20 $ more on the Wii U version huh ??? U really want the Wii U not sold well in the future huh ??? Damn it Im tired of all of that editors crap about the Wii U !! Editors really want the Wii U to be dead !!! Ubisoft, EA, Activision and now Square Enix ??? And after all that people still believe its Nintendo fault ??? NO THATS A CONSPIRACY THATS IT !!!

  26. no wonder stuff doesnt sell on wii u… multiplayer, higherprices…etc. of course ppl chose the ps3 and xbox version.

  27. Hello!

    I’ve started the petition “Square Enix: Lower the price of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut on the Wii U.” and need your help to get it off the ground.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

    Here’s why it’s important:

    Asking Wii U owners to pay $50 for what was originally meant to be a Wii U exclusive title while the other versions cost $30 is wrong. This will hurt the Wii U both in sales and trying to grow a user base. This game needs to be lowered to be on par with the other versions. No exceptions and no excuses.

    You can sign my petition by clicking here.


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