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Nintendo Lowers Refurbished 3DS Price To $109.99


Nintendo has temporarily reduced the price of refurbished 3DS consoles on their website to $109.99, lowered from $129.99. Refurbished products are used, but inspected by Nintendo, brought back to factory specifications if necessary, and given their standard warranty. Thus, purchasing a refurbished 3DS is equivalent to purchasing a new one, with the exception of any cosmetic flaws the products may have. This news comes just after Nintendo of Europe announced new A Link Between Worlds and Luigi-themed 3DS XL consoles. Will you be picking up a refurbished 3DS at this new low price?


    1. definately a great price, who’s gonna buy a vita tv now that you get a real portable with great library for 10$ more…

    1. ALBW ain’t bad (mostly ’cause of the gold color, if it were all black, I’d pass on it, I wonder if the front part’ll be gold or black), but Pokemon XY Premium Gold LL beats it!

  1. I wonder if this’s cheaper than sending it out for repairs. Regardless of how well I took care of my 3DS, it has a problem that it shuts off if I completely open it, & I had to glue the plastic covering of the Nubstick to keep it from falling off. PoS…

    1. Adam,Sound’s like you got a rare lemon from Nintendo.I have never had any Nintendo’s brake on me.Well maybe the my first N.E.S I got way back in 1986.And it still worked with some fussing with the poor spring it had.But I guess for them to have all these refurb’s you must not be alone on this.The only system I have lost was the damn 360 with the red ring of death.Swore I wouldn’t buy their next system.But I’m weak for all thing’s games and am buying an Xboxone.If it dies I can only blame my self this time because I knew better.My launch XBOX is still going strong though. So if 2 out of 3 don’t die I can live with that I guess.

      1. @Anon-I read online that my problem’s pretty common. Seems to be a loose ribbon caused by&cheap manufacturing&opening&closing the 3DS. I’d repair it myself, but I dont have the proper tools. I unscrewed the first half, but the other screws’re too tight.

      2. @Anon-RRoD’s no one else’s fault but Microsoft. I’d give up after the 2nd or 3rd time, but no more. I can’t tell what to do w/Ur own money, but I can say Xbox1 doesn’t deserve it, they pushed their luck to see how much of idiots their fans were…

      3. *U

        (Seems their judgement was pretty accurate)&after they saw high rates of failure,these money hungry hypocrite scumbags “apologized”&retracted on their original plans. But there’s no guarantee that they won’t change their policy again in the future.

      4. I will set aside an oxygen tank for that day because I will be laugh my fucking ass off unconTROLLably!

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