Possible Game-Breaking Bug Found In Pokemon X & Y


A number of users have reported a bug in the latest Pokemon adventure, Pokemon X & Y. The game-breaking bug seems to happen when players encounter Lumiose City and save the game. Presumably when they start the game back up the file fails to load. This potentially game-breaking bug appears to affect Japanese and European copies of the game. Have you encountered a problem when saving in Lumiose City?

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      1. There is a bug in the Pokémon Amie feature.

        If you’re going to be like that, at least do it right.

  1. This LITERALLY just happened to me before I saw the tweet for this, I saved in the city, got the special Torchic, tried to load my save data again and BOOM. No save data loaded…

  2. Seeing how this is the first ever world release its not surprising. Japan got a few bugs before it was shipped to the US and UK so it was going to happen. They’ll fix it soon

  3. I haven’t even turned off X/Y yet…. The game’s been running in sleep mode or being played since Saturday.

    1. Yes but it is funny because nintendo fan boys always bang on about how nintendo games are flawless and perfect, and for the most part they are, but skyward sword had a game breaking bug, and now this.
      Seems that nintendo has dropped quality control, seriously in the past if anyone would have told me that a nintendo game had a game breaking bug i would have told them to fuck off! but now nintendo just isn’t even a shadow of their former selves!

      Such a shame too, the seal of quality once upon a time meant nintendo and third party games on nintendo platforms were flawless! granted they are not as bad as some, i am looking at you Bethesda!!!

      But still, this is disappointing! i expect better from nintendo!! i hope these mishaps don’t paint the picture of the future!

      1. your right, half of the time i think people just skip what you say because you write so much down, but you are pretty much always right. to bad too because your like one of the normal ones here.

        1. Cheers dude, yeah i tend to ramble LOL
          I LOVE THIS SITE and its community!! i love to read your comments and the comments of the regulars who come on here, who are passionate gaming fans like you and i.
          But man this site is infested with trolls and such a shame too!
          Its why i skip the comments section allot nowadays and haven’t been posting as much, its the community who make these sites great!

          I wish it had better moderation, but props go out to sickr for getting rid of that annoying ben sanders, THAT GUY WAS WACKO!! LOL

      2. A chance to educate. Games are much more complicated now then they used to be and on top of that they are also more expensive. If you would be willing to take a 30% increase in consumer cost and the added time it would take for a game to be released then I bet they would make sure everything is up to your “perfect” expectations.

      3. I agree, those fans were wrong. I mean look at OoT and Red/Blue/Green, a lot of glitches. But intermittent errors/bug, errors that require sequences or any other inconsistant errors/bugs are some of the hardest to fix during development. It’s ‘cuz they are harder to notice and are more likely to slip trough testing and QC.
        I took some a bit of coding and scripting classes and heard that in some a bug/flaw can show up after year and year of working just fine.

        Also, in the past, codes were shorter relative to today where ten of millions of lines of codes are common. The upside now, is that patches and updates can easily be made available, rather that a complete recall. It’s not just Nintendo, it’s becoming more common. Notice, how most consumer elecronics have updates, they’re are not just to add/improve features, but also to fix bugs.

      4. Super Mario Bros. also had the Nintendo seal of quality, but you don’t seem to remember the – world do you?

      5. You do realize that games are more complicated now and even Nintendo can’t find anything. I found a glitch in Super Mario Galaxy with the fight with Bowser where he slid and flew off the planet and just went into the background. That was my first and only glitch I’ve ever seen in ANY of their products

  4. Yay! Now some of the fanboys stupid enough to buy yet another shovelware title which is rehashing itself over and over again get their deserved “treat”.

    1. Damn those people for actually liking a game that has probably one of the best adventures in the series. Damn those people for actually doing what they want. With a new 3d environment, the ability to customize your avatar which has definitely not been rehashed from old Pokemon games, Mega evolutions, and an additional optional wifi transferring system. But obviously according to you (someone who has obviously never played a Pokemon game other than the first and maybe second generation) they reuse everything. Also keep praying, it’s only a minor bug to a great game that will be fixed.

      1. Coming from someone who’s given every series a chance, I can absolutely say X&Y aren’t the best. Sure it introduces some new features, like customizing Ur character’s looks (which may or may not be present in future games)…

      2. But that isn’t enough to redeem it. Only certain caves, single-battles only, interiors & battle animations are in “3D” which pretty much makes this another BW, except at the pricetag of 3DS game. And contains less than 70 new Pokemon.

        1. The stereoscopic 3D only works in certain places and single battles, but the whole game is still rendered in 3D. Absolutely not comparable to Black and White.

              1. I remember Colosseum…I can’t beleive I actually bought that game. Maybe the battle scenes and certain areas resemble Colosseum, but it’s still not there graphically. It seems to be getting there though. Maybe “Z” will do it right.

        2. Well I didn’t know about 3d until you said. And i don’t know if a lot of people really bothered, I hardly believe that you are bothered, but if you say so…
          Plus 2/3 of the pokedex is original 100 pokemon, which IMO better than any amount of new pokemon (weirder and uglier, as past couple generations shown us)

      3. And Mega Evolutions don’t count as new Pokemon, they count as new extremely temporary forms. Even DP had more than that&the worst part is how terribly half-assed the designs are.

      4. The whole gimmick of a new Pokemon title’s to catch new Pokemon just as much as (if not more than) new gameplay&the low count&terrible design’re a huge dismay. This game features the worst Safari Zone&Battle Tower yet. And the story isn’t very compelling.

    2. Yeah, man. We are so stupid. How dare we keep playing a game series we really love and enjoy. Pfft, idiots.

  5. that’s what happens when you don’t test your games before releasing it to the public. it’ll get patched for sure.

    1. im a programmer and in my opinion, its hard to test all possibilities to make a game crash, considering you have to consider all possible combinations if you really want a “bug free” game… at least, thats how i test my programs…

  6. Must be digital only, cause I saved in that city alot on X and turned off my system yet no issue, good to know for my Y version thats digital lol.

  7. Old.
    The save glitch seems to happens if you save near a taxi. And there seems to be temporary fixes, turn wi-fi off and/or remove the SD card.

    1. Weird, I have saved near taxis lots of times….Well luckily I am at the Elite Four…

      1. Really?
        Your quick, when I get a new game, I usually take my time on the first play through.
        It’s disappointing, I was going to buy it this week, but I’m gonna wait for a patch or new fixed shipments.

  8. Um, I really don’t give a shit how old this news is…I JUST got there, and happened to check MNN.

    Thank for posting this. I’m totally not saving in this city until I hear a permanent fix is in place. X.x

  9. I was actually joking about the possibility of this game having less than 100 Pokemon, but the sad part’s it was actually true… =__=

    I can agree that Gen 1 had Grimer, Muk, Magneton & Electrode…

    1. But XY’s compiled of even more half-baked designs&the starters are the worst yet. I thought DP was bad, but this game actually makes THAT look good. BTW, I actually kept true to my word of not supporting this lazy, greedy cash-in.

      1. I just can’t agree with you there. Can you give specifics as to which designs are half-baked? I can only think of Klefki, because it is a keychain. Slurpuff is definitely odd, but no more so than Jigglypuff. Other than that the designs are pretty on par with the rest of the series.

        1. Here’s a few:
          *Klefki (you already pointed this one out)
          *Phantump was an unnecessary pre-evo
          *Bergmite=ice shard w/eyes

          *Clauncher looks like a re-coloured lobster (U can argue Krabby=re-colored crab)

        2. *Vivillion
          * Barbaracle
          *Xernas (Neutral Mode)
          Mega Evolutions:
          *M Kangaskhan
          *M Venasaur=flower petal on forehead. Called it a day
          *M Blastoise=add a 3rd cannon coming out from the back. Maybe in another form, it’ll be coming out the ass lol.

        3. *M Ampharos
          *M Gardevoir
          *M Mawile (had more potential)
          *M Lucario
          *M Garchomp (design makes no sense, is he now a venus flytrap?)

          Mega Mewtwo Y showed some effort to look different at least. Though I think Mega forms are pointless.

        4. (Feel free to argue the ones U disagree on.)

          That’s not to say I hated ALL of the new ones. I liked Chespin&Fennekin until they evolved&though I didn’t potentially like Froakie, I didn’t mind having a frog as a starter for a change.

          1. There’s others I liked, but I’m too lazy to list ’em. Seeing how this seems to be based off Norse Mythology, I pictured Zygarade to be a longer, more menacing looking snake Pokemon. Maybe for “Z” it’ll get a form worthy of its origin.

  10. I hear the bug isnt on the NA version, ive saved in that town a lot and loaded the game fine.

    Ps: I have the NA version.

  11. Heard of this before! I don’t think I’ve had the issue, though. I’ll be careful anyway. Does this apply to the entire Lumiose? I’ve only been to the South part.

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