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Here’s A Better Look At The Zelda Mini Treasure Box Pre-order Item


Nintendo has given us a better look at the marvellous Zelda themed mini treasure box that comes with collectors edition pre-orders of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds at GAME. This little musical box not only plays a little tune once opened, but it can also hold Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS cartridges. The Treasure Box comes as part of a collectors edition for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in Europe and costs £49.99.


      1. Yes…

        I might buy the game soon…

        I didn’t like alttp much except Ganon but this might be more appealing for me…

      2. I have such a fond memories looking back when I used to play ALTTP on my SNES… :)

        ALBW is promising, indeed!

      3. I just hope the bosses are harder…

        That’s the only thing that keeps bothering me with Zelda games…

        Too easy bosses…

      4. I think TP bosses were hard enough, weren’t they?

        SS… Well, I didn’t like SS, so I prefer not to make any statement.

        I’m playing WWHD, by the way. Much, much better than the Cube version. I changed my mind about it.

      5. Me too dude. I still have yet to play a better game with more replayability. I still love playing that game, new games are sweet butvby the time you finish some games these days, you never wanna touch em again lol.

      6. Fact. There was some kind of magic during those days!

        ALTTP is awesome. I’m planning to replay it soon. But currently I have a lot of new games to be played in the line…

      7. Maybe the best Zelda alongside OoT.

        But not the best game of all time, in my opinion.

      8. I think you’re in the wrong universe…

        The Power Rangers are over there…

      1. Yeah, I know that. Problem is, the 3DS is barely documented – nobody can even do small homebrew for it, let alone document hardware/software spcifications to create a developing library and THEN make an emlator.

        It’s barely hacked to boot, the only thing that can run unsigned code on it is the GateWay, and that thing is encrypted, so nobody can mess with it / mess with a 3DS internals. An emulator will come around no doubt, but expect it to take 3 years at the least.

    1. actually in greece it is the preorder bonus, coming with both the packed game editions and with the 3ds limited edition bundle…

  1. Is there any video where I could see it “in action”. You know like the sound it plays when opened?

      1. Yay, we get a game earlier even though it really doesn’t matter, because we’d eventually get the game anyway Vs. Never getting a collectable Zelda themed treasure chest… I think I’d rather wait for Mario World than miss out on the chest.. 💋

      2. There’s room for Phantom Hour glass,spirt track’s,Oc of time,link between world,and Majora’s Mask.That can’t be a mistake.I am now 100% sure we are getting MM in the near future.This just confirmed it.

  2. me want! i wish Australian games were not region locked. i’d cancel my gamestop order in a heartbeat and get it from GAME

  3. And everyone else in the world gets it, but America, because we are the only ones who support Nintendo products without an added incentive.. (sigh) 💋

    1. In fact… NA Club Nintendo rewards are nothing special comparable to those Europeans get…

      I always wanted those Mario Kart trophies so badly…

      1. Ive always been jealous of Japan’s club Nintendo awards. Ive also always been jealous by the amount of downloadable Pokemon they get each generation. 💋

      2. I never paid attention to JP Club Nintendo Rewards… I’ll check it out…

        And get jealous twice!

      3. Oh and plus, Japan always gets to cool console designs like that Charzard 3DS. 💋

  4. I think Soundtrack would have been better, i dont see anything amazin about this. I loved 25th symphony cd that came with SS and Gold mote, but this looks lame.

    1. I think sound tracks are boring, because while I appreciate good music in game, I only listen to music that has singing outside of videogames. I wish Nintendo would release more art books with their games. I appreaciate something that I can hold in my hands and look at. 💋

  5. If it doesn’t come to America I’ll see how much they go for on eBay. If it’s cheap I’ll get it.

  6. I am not a fan of Zelda games (I know… I’m the only one here. Lol), but I am going to order and play this game, just for the box. It’s AWESOME!

    1. Funny I said Burger King toy when it was first announcedThe King alway’s had the lame toy’s.While Mc D’s were the $hit.Muppet Baby’s,Mc transformers,lego’s,Fraggle rock, and that’s just a few of them.I can’t even think of one BK toy worth remembering.lol

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