Poor Sales Is The Reason Why Need For Speed Rivals Is Skipping Wii U


Need for Speed: Rivals Creative Director Craig Sullivan was asked why the game is skipping both the Wii U and the PlayStation Vita despite the previous game being released for both formats. Sullivan says it’s mainly poor sales of Need for Speed: Most Wanted that ultimately drove the decision to skip both platforms with their latest release. Need for Speed: Rivals also uses the impressive Frostbite 3 engine which has not been ported to either Wii U or the PlayStation Vita.

“Honestly, it’s not the kind of stuff that I like talking about in detail, that much. We did a load of extra work on the Wii U version, and we had a lot of guys working on that stuff, you know? It didn’t really sell that many, in terms of the Wii U market. I would love for it to have, because we put so much effort into that, trust me. I’d love for it to be way bigger than it was, and the same for the Vita.”

“[Rivals] is going onto new hardware, and you have to work out where you focus your efforts. The 200 people working on this game are only capable of making so much, and doing so many different versions of the game, so we had to go with where we think the biggest audience will be for the game, and that’s where we are.”

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  1. I’m sure Mario Kart 8 will sell the Wii U. Or Ubisoft can make Just Dance a Wii U exclusive. That can sell copies.

      1. It was a good game, but the fact of the matter is IT WAS A LATE PORT. Call it definitive all you want, if it would of released on the same day as other versions, it would of sold about 4 times as much.

        I know a couple of people with Wiiu’s and current gen consoles who thought need for speed MWU looked great on Wiiu, but they had already played the game on PS3 or 360.

        It’s just common sense.

        1. It’s also common sense not to port a game that sold poorly. While I don’t care for EA games, it is a smart business decision. As they said there is only so much they can do with 200 people. I have a feeling it would have had poor to moderate sales.

          Btw, Hi NIntedward! Funny running into you. :P

          1. Hey, running into me? Have we spoken somewhere before such as Miiverse or Wiiudaily etc?

            If they would of release NFSMWU on the same day as the other version I can pretty much guarantee you it would of sold about 200% better.

          2. Smart decision??? They always throwing garbage on nintendo so the people don’t trust them. They have to make a start point, to support the same way the nintendo consoles in order to earn audience trust. It’s not nintendo’s fault.

            Of course somebody needs a fifa game or nfl a need for speed game but “of course” it needs to be proper not limited because we are paying too…

        2. Not only that, but it ostensibly sold for $60.

          I mean, everyone I knew bought it off the Origin sale for $30, but EA was supposedly selling it for double that at launch.

    1. What nintendo needs to do is,
      1) Refresh/Revive their old and forgotten IPs, like: Star fox, F-zero, Earthbound, Mach Rider, Startropics, Game & Watch, Murasama Castle, Joy Mech Fight, Custom Robo, Geist, Eternal Darkness, Ice Climber, Balloon Fighter, Pro Wrestling…. and list goes on and on…
      2) Revive “Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
      3) Keep supporting the Xenoblade, Dillon’s Rolling Western and Wonderful 101 franchises
      4) Do a better marketing job with the Wii U
      5)Maybe MAYBE create a FPS franchise

      Nintendo doesnt really needs to create a lot of new IPs, if they got a lot of old/forgotten franchises that can be revived, the gamers would love that, and the casuals(that dont know a shit about old old games) would see these revived franchises as new ones, everyone Happy :D

  2. Hmmm I wonder why… Oh yeah, because you FREAKING KEEP IGNORING THE SYSTEM!!

    Seriously, a lot of devs are looking for a lot of accuses not to develop for Nintendo yet back in the NES and SNES days they would gladly develop for their systems.

    1. This is a very biased comment, it does not matter if EA keeps on ignoring the Wii U, the Wii U isn’t selling well as of now because of a lot of reasons and EA is just doing the right thing for their part because seriously, trying to put a lot of effort on a game that didn’t sell well really sucks. As for now we wait for Nintendo’s console to rise back from the ground and I am pretty sure they are beginning to because tons of exclusive instant hits are releasing for the Wii U in the following months, if Nintendo will release a Mario Kart 8 bundle, I’m pretty sure that tons of people will know the difference between a Wii and a Wii U. As for now, keep faith and don’t blame gaming companies for skipping a console for bad sales, they made the right choice and until the console gets back to its feet a lot of devs will follow.

        1. No. His reply is great unlike your stupid original comment. I hope you are in elementary or at least middle school, that would make your original comment ‘acceptable’ otherwise I would be very sad with how stupid you are.

    1. Yeah, at least they aren’t saying its because of the hardware like they did a few months ago

    1. I’d like to disagree, the Vita is actually outselling the Wii U in Japan and much like the Wii U, it actually has really good games. For example, KillZone Mercenary was a fantastic game and it looked amazing. Many of the up coming Wii U games look amazing also.

      PS4 is awesome but it really isn’t as innovative as the Wii U, same goes for the 3DS which the 3D felt like a gimmick while the Vita tried something new with many different control layouts.

        1. To me its a great handheld but the 3D gimmick is just useless now seeing how Nintendo themselves aren’t using it as much.

          1. So, pokemon is released with some 2D and 3D effects and suddenly nintendo aren’t using 3D much?

            Welcome to internet opinions where facts and history are ignored and it’s all about the last move.

            Of course there weren’t any 3D visuals in Mario & Luigi, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem…. No sir, not one bit of 3D in those games.

            1. Wow, you really are an ignorant fanboy aren’t you.

              I said that many Nintendo games on the 3DS are actually starting to become more 2D, the reason why is because you NEED to get up to 60fps in order for the 3D to work full but in the end that takes time. Notice when you put the 3D on during Pokemon battles it become laggy as fuck. Most people hardly use the 3D and yes I’m aware those games had 3D in them but did you really need to be a snobby prick about them?

              I like the 3DS but to be honest its a gimmick that Nintendo shoved in to cash in on the 3D craze (Which didn’t last long) and now they are starting to advertise more that you can play your games in 2D rather than telling people they should continually use the 3D on the 3DS meaning Nintendo themselves are just planning on scrapping it, hell, that’s why the brought out the 2DS, not just for kids but for people who just don’t like the 3D at all.

              1. It´s a shame, because the 3D effect really enhance the game´s visuals. I alwyas play with the 3D on, and I feel that I miss it when not using.
                As for gameplay, it makes some suitable differences, but some that people won´t care much about. For example, when playing Luigi´s Mansion, it´s easier to aim at ghosts when the 3D effect is on, because you need to have an idea of the depth of the room to better capture them.

      1. I’m both a Sony & Nintendo fan.
        Sony for consoles and Nintendo for handhelds.
        But def not a Microsoft fan.

        1. I’m predicting a hard time to PS4… Although I’m grabbing one, I feel like it will lack big hitters during its first year in the market.

          The market is complaining about how bad Wii U is doing, but we have no comparatives so far. Once PS4 and XOne are out, we can make a judgement with regard to Wii U market performance.

            1. Microsoft have changed their policies and fixed some XOne issues as well. On top of that, the brand “XBox” has an incredible mind share in NA and EU, and we can’t rule it out.

          1. Ps4 will struggle. Since ms fixed the issues with x1, the people will just need to do a comparison of the games and xbone wins vs ps4, it’s not even close.

            1. One decisive difference between the two consoles is that PS4 will be initially $ 100.00 cheaper than XOne MSRP. But, you know, we never know what is going to happen…

              1. Actually from what I recall Sony is selling 2 PS4 for every 1 Xbox One that is sold in pre-orders… I think the Dreamcast Two sounds like a better name for the Xbox One right about now.

                1. Preorders don’t mean much, after about 6 months you will notice the x1 taking over this gen, it’s inevitable.

                  X1 has best 3rd party games, best support, superior network,
                  WiiU has best exclusives, superior controller
                  Ps4 has best ram?

            1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Dont ever compare mighty DREAMCAST that made my childhoods gamin Dreams true to that piece of shit called Xbox one or should i say Done?

              1. I’m using it as an example, I love the Dreamcast but it fail financially and the same could be said for the Xbox One with all the bad choices they made, making people want to swap over to the PS4 meaning sales of the Xbox One won’t be as high as the PS4.

  3. Video games not selling their products on the Wii U is the reason that the Wii U has poor sales. You can’t expect people to buy the console before people make games for it.

    1. There are currently over 100 games available on the Wii U. How many of those have sold well?

      This is the reason why third parties aren’t supporting it anymore. It’s a bit of a catch-22, but it’s also the reality of things.

      Until gamers support currently released Wii U games and buy more Wii U systems, devs will not make more games for the Wii U. Until devs make more games for the Wii U, gamers will not support the system; and the circle keeps going.

  4. Hum… I really liked Most Wanted on Wii U. It’s superb. Truth be told, Criterion Games made a fantastic job regarding that game. In fact, Alex Ward has told the press that the Wii U version of Most Wanted is the definitive one and that the would love to deliver their next Need For Speed for the Wii U.

    But… Rivals is being developed by EA Gothenburg… And we all know the rest of the story.

    1. Yeah, exactly. If this was NFSMW2 I would be upset we aren’t getting it. As it stands I’m OK going without another Need For Speed game. Just played the crap out of one half a year ago.

  5. The funny thing is that if Need For Speed Rivals sells poorly on PS4 and Xbox One, then EA will still put their next 2014 Need For Speed game on those systems so its not really about sales, its about Sony and Microsoft having a great relationship with EA. Nintendo and EA have beef with each other so EA is ignoring the Wii U.

    1. They Know that most of the Plasticstation and Xboners buy 3rd party.Nintendofags dont buy 3rd party(And Dont Care)the only games they want to play is Rehashed Mario and Zelda games.Sad but true.

          1. First and foremost, first party will move Wii U. It’s as clear as water wets. Third parties would be welcome, but we are already aware that they won’t release Wii U titles that often.

            But… To state that Wii U is now lying in the grave is too premature.

            1. How Many Games are planned for next year?8?not that much.Game droughts.Like this Year Wiiu dont Need.Please Understand.

              1. Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Zelda U. Big possibility for new Metroid, Luigi’s Mansion, 3D Super Mario, Mario Party, Miyamoto’s new game, etc.

            2. Assuming there’s a clear amount of first party titles that will be coming in. At best there’s like five, and they’re not nearly as hard-hitting as they were back then. A mario title sold truckloads back then; not so much anymore. All we know of Zelda Wii U is that they have a game in development, but only footage of the game is any real reassurance.

              1. Right, assuming a reasonable delivery of first party titles.

                I suppose Nintendo is already aware that they need to increase their pace so that Wii U cannot have its lifespan curtailed…

          2. “Game droughts confirmed for next year Without 3rd Party.”

            So you actually want to take that chance and assuming no games for 2014? OK. Next year when Nintendo annouces a never heard of Wii U game, where will you be when I expose you? Rember unlike you I never forget.

            1. Nintendo dont care that much about Wiiu they rather just push 3ds the ONLY selling Console by Nintendo.

      1. Ignoring Rayman Legends, a 3rd party game, sold best on Nintendo. But you rather play dumb as if that didn’t happen.

        1. I don’t think they will ever acknowledge that it happened, and if they do they will say that it’s because Rayman is a children’s game. Those same people saying how it is better than Mario just because it was multi-platform, they didn’t even want it.

    2. Not necessarily. They aren’t supporting the Vita either, a Sony platform that Most Wanted was on last year, because of sales. If companies are losing the money they’re investing, they will not continue to support the systems until they can see profit.

      This isn’t a fanboy war, it’s straight business.

    1. Ignoring that Wii U ain’t dead. It has exclusives behind it’s mask. After all according to you Nintendo fans like Zelda and Mario. So how could it be dead when you conflicted with yourself?

      1. I like your new alt a lot, jtz. XD

        I’m talking seriously! “Ignoring that…” is very funny and straight forward to start your responses!

          1. I did ignore that… :o

            Sorry, Ice! You’re a nice guy when you’re not saying the ambulance is coming – wiiu, wiiu, wiiu – to put Wii U under life support. :)

  6. Old port on a new system, I wonder how many people already owned the game?I had it for my 360 didn’t need another copy.

    Funny that it’s coming to the PS4 and X1 which have no guarantee to sell as much as they want, Will the next NFS skip them because of that? Nope.

    1. Look at the history of games. If the PS4 and Xbox One do not garner the sales that the company wants, you can be sure they’ll drop the support until they think they can make money off of it.

      As I stated to someone who made a similar comment, this isn’t a fanboy war, this is simply a business decision. They want money. It’s all about money. If they’re spending more money than they are making in return, they will stop with that venture until further notice (hence them dropping support for one of Sony’s systems and one of Nintendo’s systems).

      1. It’s not the fans i’m worried about, but EA have shown time and time again they don’t care about the Nintendo systems.

        At the E3 the Wii U was revealed, potential Wii U owners where promised all kinds of games, including Battlefield (which i’d say is EA’s biggest franchise) and then where told it just wasn’t going to happen.

        EA will still release the 2014 version of NFS on the PS4/X1 no matter how well rivals sells.

        1. I wasn’t talking about fans.

          If what you say were true, why isn’t NFS Rivals coming to Vita? It’s a Sony system too. NFS Most Wanted was on Vita. Do they hate Sony too? But wait, they are putting NFS Rivals on PS3/PS4. Do they love/hate Sony?

          EA bombarded the Wii and DS with games, TONS of games. The 3DS has 5 or so games from EA on it and possibly more to come (like PvZ 2). You guys are making this way too personal. EA doesn’t have some personal vendetta against Nintendo. They’re just putting games where they’re likely to make a profit versus a loss.

          If the Wii U sales increase significantly and EA sees potential, they will support it again with more of their franchises. If the Wii U sales increase, EA supports the system, and people do not buy their games for the system, then once again, you will see that support vanish.

          As for the PS4 and Xbox One, that’s testing waters like they tested out the Wii U to start and every other console. If they do not get the consumer support and sales EA is looking for, be sure they will not continue to put those franchises on the systems for a while.

          A crap load of companies did the same thing to PS3 in the early stages of its lifetime.

          True, it’s might have been better to wait at least until the second year of the system to make these type of business decisions, but they did it for the company and you can be sure that a lot of stuff was weighed.

          1. With what’s being said about Rivals, the Vita won’t be able to handle it, in any form.

            I’m not taking it personally, I’m just going by what I see, EA does need to make money, but when EA does decide to release a game on the Wii U, will anyone really care?

            Say it’s a few years down the line and it’s the first game they decide to release since NFS:MWU, i don’t think many will care, because EA haven’t had much of a presence on the system, Hell if they released NFS:R or Battlefield 4 on the Wii U, i’d buy it there instead of my 360 or PS3.

            EA promised full support, calling the Wii U revolutionary and what not, then for months started smearing it with claims of how it wasn’t as powerful as the PS3 and couldn’t handle their new engines… both have been proven wrong, by other devs talking about the Wii U and by EA themselves saying the engines do work on the system, they just don’t want to program it to work properly.

            1. Please… The Vita could handle it if it was ported well or developed from the ground up for it. See, you’re just making excuses now. That last paragraph shows that you *are* taking it personally.

              Plus, EA as a company never said those perceived “negative” things about the Wii U. Individual employees may have voiced their own opinions, but an opinion doesn’t reflect the company stance (thus the reason a lot of these devs put “my opinion does not reflect that of my employer” or something similar in their profiles on social networks or when commenting on these subjects… The media just likes to sensationalize it and conveniently leave those significant details out).

              1. I play more games on my PC than on my consoles, the only EA franchise i play is Battlefield.

                Individual employees did say so, but EA themselves never decided to say that those aren’t the views of EA as a company, like many other companies do, as to not lower their reputation with the general public.

                All we’ve seen is those employees close their twitter accounts.

                Even MS came out and said sorry for Adam Orths “#DealWithIt” outburst.

            2. Also, back to the Vita, in this very same interview they said there will be no Vita version for the same reason: Sales. Has nothing to do with development and hardware performance.

            3. Just proves that EA know nothing of the Wii U. it’s far more powerful than PS3, heck even the GPGPU in itself is better.

  7. I feel like if Smash Bros for Wii U and the new Zelda don’t sell well then that might be it for Nintendo making Consoles.
    Many might not even pick up SSBU since it’s also coming out for the 3DS, as for the new Zelda game, that could be what saves the Wii U.

  8. Yeah whatever as long as I continue with exclusives for 3DS and Wii U, I don’t give a damn. I got my Pikmin 3, my up coming 3D Mario World, DK TF, W101. Big deal so some boring racing game aint coming to Wii U. Hell I doubt that racing game is a top seller on PS4/Xbone too.

    1. And besides Wii U sales are picking up. But journalist want to keep society as if that aint happening.

  9. EA hasn’t supported Nintendo products for a couple of years now. Look at the 3DS, one game comes out a year, FIFA. All together I think they have had like 3 different games,1player Madden, FIFA, and a Need for Speed game.

    1. EA has put out a few games for Wii U and 3DS since their launch. As you mentioned, FIFA, Madden, Need for Speed, but also The Sims, and Mass Effect 3. But that’s not much different in comparison to the games they released on other systems in the same time period.

      1. Sims 3 the launch port that performed absolutely abysmally (technically and sales-wise)?
        Didn’t EA release a Sims game on PS3/360 last year and not on Wii U, despite the Wii version selling about 10 times more than the PS3/360 version of that game?
        That was a PROVEN FRANCHISE success on Nintendo, and they just didn’t want to bother with it, just in case they made a profit (the only reason I can see for them not releasing it for Wii U)

        1. Oh sorry, I was referring to The Sims 4, the announcement that it wasn’t coming to Wii U was last year.
          Despite Sims 3 selling many times more on Wii.

        2. No, no Sims game came out last year on consoles. Sims 3 came out on console in 2010 and I’m pretty sure they didn’t port it to the Wii U because the console versions of the game were crap and the Wii U was announced long after the games came out.

          Also, we aren’t getting console versions of Sims 4 on ANY system. Only PC. So it’s nothing *against* Nintendo.

  10. I was never a Need for speed fan. I am totally fine just having Most Wanted. It takes care of my racing fixes and is beautiful.

    1. its good, but the controls fuck you over quite a bit and the crash cam gets so annoying, like sometimes you are going 2mph and hit a wall….and you crash. stupid.

    2. NFSMWU was a great game, but I got bored of it and sold it.

      Project Cars on Wiiu, now that looks fucking hot. Racing sims have way way more lasting appeal than Arcadey racers.

      1. OH YEAH!!! Project cars is looking amazing! If im correct some of the project gotham racing devs are developing it!

  11. It’s really funny how developers talk about not bringing games to the Wii U because of poor sales or lack of install base YET they are bringing the game to the PS4 and XBOX One which have an install base of ZERO and even in a miraculous best of circumstances will not equal to a third of the total sales of the Wii U console(which is about 1 million a piece) for this time frame in which this game will be released. Even if that dies happen, the Wii U install base is still more than the most outrageous sales expectation you can realistically come up with for the PS4 and XBOX One COMBINED.

    Think about it.

    Wii U console – $299.99 plus tax
    NFS: Rivals $59.99 plus tax
    Install base – 3.6 million

    PS4 console – $399.99 plus tax
    NFS: Rivals $59.99 plus tax
    Install base – zero

    XBOX One console – $599.99 plus tax
    NFS: Rivals $59.99 plus tax
    Install base – zero

    Not only that, there is no guarantee that NFS: Rivals will sell well at all on ANY console. It could flop across the board. Or it could get lost in the shuffle with other racing titles that will be available at the same time. At least you know you have the sales on the Wii U of people who bought NFS: MW.

    At this point EA’s transparent hatred of Nintendo is becoming annoying. And yes I know it’s not coming to the Vita either, but Sony isn’t even supporting the Vita properly so it is not fair to expect 3rd party studios to do so. If this is a money issue than there is no reason to waste money bringing it to any 8th-gen console. The PS3 and 360 have the largest install base so that is understandable why you would want it on those consoles to get a better return on your investment. However if you are willing to take a gamble on the 8th-gen, not console is a better bet for a return on your investment than the Wii U for this game. If I’m buying the PS4, I’m thinking about DriveClub, not NFS. If I’m buying the XBOX One, I’m thinking about Forza, not NFS. The Wii U is devoid of an exclusive racing-sim. Sounds like a good fit to me.

    1. Ps3 And xbox360 Bitches Upgrade to ps4 and Xbox1 so the Installbase is much more than on the wiiu.

      1. The PS2 is the best selling home console of all time at 153 million. You know how much the PS3 sold worldwide at holiday launch? 1.3 million. The XBOX sold considerably less than that at 24 million. How much did the XBOX 360 sell at holiday launch? 1.2 million.

        Both of those combined are still far less than the Wii U sold in it’s initial holiday run. There is no way the new console will sell anywhere close to that at the current prices and even if they do, the install base is still smaller than Wii U. Period.

      2. Ignoring that 360 and Ps3 áre still showing strong sales and the only sign PS4 has is the pre orders. Lets see what happens in Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr. Will PS3 sales finally start declining or will PS4 sales lose to PS3? It’s rather stupid to still make games for ps3

      3. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Wii U still have a bigger install base than the PS4 and XB1? And before you shove your foot down your throat further by talking about casuals like I see many do on this site, answer me this: if the Wii only sold because it was a party machine, wouldn’t it be right to say the PS3 only sold as a glorified bluray machine? The only one made just for video games (360) was the worst one with that red ring of death. All of the systems had their ups and downs last generation, but this generation they will need more than just bluray, cameras, and sports. I don’t know if this generation will be good for any of the big three, but I still hope them all the best.

        1. “If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Wii U still have a bigger install base than the PS4 and XB1”
          I don’t know, PS4 áint out yet and plus it is getting the same 3rd party support as PS3. Im curious to know what will happen since journalist aren’t curious to know.

      4. Actually I don’t like either of those console and I own a PS3 and Xbox 360. I’m upgrading to the Wii U because dat shiz be tight

      5. … There is only 1 million on both the PS4 and Xbox One… Wii U has over 3.6 million… so really the Wii U has a larger install base now than both those consoles combined

    1. I highly doubt NFS for PS4/XBONE are going to show strong sales. Besides, all you are going to do is hold the “A” button and steer with analog stick and “B” for brake. At least Mario Kart and those other racing games that copied it, you can through weapons. NFS on Wii U and NFS for PS4 only differance is more section of courses, cars, tires and better graphics. And if you are way behind in last, you have to avoid bumping into stuff so you can get as close to first as possible since there are no items. Racing games based on reality are a bore!!!

  12. I’m sure this has been said before. But, it’s obvious if people keep skipping the WiiU when it comes to big titles, then less people are likely to buy it. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, what gets me is that they’re releasing it for the XBone and PS4, which aren’t even out yet.

      1. Ignoring that PS3 and 360 aren’t showing signs of slowing down in sales even though their predecessors arrive next month. But you rather play dumb as if that’s not an issue and it is. A rather serious issue.

        1. thats not an issue, its good. wii was dead since 2011 those two consoles are still doing good. just watch the same thing happen to wii u, oh wait it will discontinue in a few years.

          1. The Wii sold 5 million in late 2012 because of Skyward Sword. Far from being “dead.” Had Nintendo kept supporting the Wii U with games it would probably be at 120 million by now.

            1. SS cam out in 2011. yes we was a dead system in 2011. xbox 360 and ps3 wont be dead time 2014 maybe 2015.

              also ps4 and xbox one are getting way beter support than ii u, and the pre orders are very high, ps4 really high.

              1. The PS4 and XBOX One can completely sell out and it won’t come anywhere near the sales of the 360 and PS3 launch sales and certainly not anywhere near the sales of the Wii U last year which was 3.06 million in 45 days.

                The PS4 and XBOX One better have great 3rd party support because the 1st party support is virtually non-existent. Look at their launch line ups. Both Sony and Microsoft have less than 5 games a piece 1st party. So if they didn’t have great 3rd party support they would be really screwed. Just for the record BTW, out of the 30 titles in the launch window of the Wii U, only 5 were 1st party which is as much or more than what either Microsoft or Sony are doing.

                The Wii didn’t have great 3rd-party support and it is at 100 million. The 3DS does not have great 3rd party support and it is the fastest-selling console ever and best-selling console worldwide BEFORE the price drop, 2DS, Zelda: Link To The Past and Pokemon X and Y.

                It is already a proven fact that Nintendo does not NEED 3rd party support. Only amateurs think that or people refusing to look at the facts. The day of the heavyweight 3rd parties ruling are over. Evidenced by the financial struggles of companies like EA, Capcom, and Squaresoft. This generation will be about the independent developers and Nintendo has plenty of that in it’s corner.

                As long as Nintendo has huge 1st party titles the Wii U will sell just fine. The problem the Wii U had was the lack of 1st-party titles. Just like the 3DS sales picked up once Nintendo started banging out 1st party titles, the Wii U sales will do the same.

            2. Yeah but if devs are suoporting both PS3 and PS4, why would the majority of PS3 owners upgrade? Look how strong PS3 sales are. And then Sony doesn’t want to just stop the PS3 because it is selling well. That’s a problem. PS3 install base is big and full of hard core gamers, and PS3 has free online. Why pay for online for the same game when you you can get it for free?

              1. ok, your name fits you so well. your ignoring everything, “ps3 users are big and full of hardcore gamers.” thats exactly why they are going to buy a ps4. they want the new system. if they want to they will just keep ps3.

                1. Ignoring that over 100,000 people who just purchased a PS3 last week are less likely to buy a PS4 next month. After all Sony has alllllll 3rd party support right? All PS4 has over PS3 is a small leap in graphics.

                2. Oh yeah plus people who just bought a PS3, they also bought at least one controller. So if they buy a PS4, they have to have a PS4 controller for multi player and if they already have GTA V on PS3 , would they want to spend $70,000 for the same game with just better graphics for the PS4? And if the gamer were to buy 2 GTA V games for the two consoles, why would he/she play PS4 version online for a fee ,when they can do online on PS3 for free? 3rd party developers will be wasting more money making games for PS3 and PS4 combined then avoiding the Wii U. After all if you just got GTA V, why would you buy it again next month for $15 more?

                  1. Also ice man. Even if PS4’s pre orders surpassed wii U, what’s the percentage of those people who bought GTA V for PS3 and the chances of them not buying it for PS4?

              2. That is my whole point. It makes sense to make sure it is on the PS3 and 360 as I already stated earlier. The large install base is there. There is no install base with the PS4 at all yet they are developing for it. Not only that but by the time a consumer is done you are looking to have spend maybe $500-600 dollars by purchasing the PS4 or XBone, one game, one extra controller, plus tax. It’s even worse if you choose to purchase the camera. It’s not sweet for Microsoft either. That is a $600-700 dollar drop for a console, one extra controller, and one game, plus tax.

                I’m not sure what you were trying to say here. Especially about the online. I didn’t mention anything about that nor does it have anything to do with what I said.

          2. Yes it is, it tells you society isn’t interested in next gen consoles. After all its better to see PS4 outselling PS3, Wii U outselling Wii and Xbone outselling 360.

              1. That’s a pre order number. In reality how will PS4 match PS3 when online is free on one console vs. the other? PS3 has way more games and can also use Vita as a controller.

                1. Also PS3 is cheaper. Wii U didnt start picking up until it decreased it’s price. Watch Dogs: Free online on PS3 got to pay for onine for PS4. What’s worse, PS4 can’t even play PS3 games so you still need a PS3 and areas PS4 can’t cover.

                    1. They can coexist the same way PS3 and PS2 coexisted. Remember, the PS2 stopped production and game sales in 2011/2012; five to six years *after* the PS3 launched.

                      The difference is, the PS4 has a much better chance of early success than the PS3 did at its launch. The PS3 launched with “no games” and at a very high price. Yet, here we are in 2013 and it’s the second best selling console of this past generation (behind the Wii).

                      All we can say at this point is, “wait and see.” We can’t fully predict the outcome of these things, we just have to wait for official results.

          3. The Wii would have EASILY lasted longer than the PS3 and Xbox 360 if Nintendo continued supporting the console. The problem is Nintendo abandoned it to work on the Wii U. They figured they were new to the HD business and being a year ahead of the competition would give them time to reorganize. Nintendo will be busting out games like crazy now that they have a handle on how to do HD games.

      2. As you ignore that the PS2 had the biggest install base of all time and yet the PS3 only sold 1.2 million in it’s initial holiday run which is still 2.4 million LESS than the Wii U install base. When the PS3 launched in 2006 the PS2 was already at 106 million total worldwide. That is more than the 80 million the PS3 has right now. If you are stupid enough to believe even 10% of that will go out and buy PS4’s this holiday season there is no reason to discuss anything any further.

  13. Honestly, the only really good games for WiiU out now are the LoZ: Windwaker HD and Pikmin 3. The rest of them were amateurly made or not very entertaining for most. I’d totally see them getting better sales off the anime based games, Nintendo classic remakes, Nintendo’s mascot games (SMW 3D, SSBWiiU, DK Tropical Freeze, etc.) or games like Rayman Legends. Sadly, they are only going to get sales from games like those until sales are boosted and the system gets better public exposure. Til then people may figure it’s best to stick with the “True” next gen systems or the last gen systems, until things go uphill from there.

  14. More garbage uttered from the Electrons…

    You have not been supporting our machine ever since the beginning, enough with these silly excuses you twats!

    1. They think we are as stupid as they are. Only fools buy their drivel. And that’s why they keep failing too.

        1. Finally someone realizes that Cod and fifa are casual games, heck even Gta is casual game. Most people who buy those do so only to “belong” in some group, you know what i am sayin?

  15. No no, EA. You’re just spewing bull.

    The actual reason why NFS Rivals is not coming to the Wii U is that you’re still butthurt over the fact that Origins is not on the console. That’s what it is. Bottom line.

  16. can’t blame them. once the install base skyrockets by the end of 2014, that’s when we’ll see if the wiiu is a 3rd party machine or not.

    1. Pretty much this. At the same time, the Wii U owners can not just purchase Nintendo first party games, they have to support the third and second party titles as well.

  17. You, EA, yer gunna cry this February when Xbox One and PS4 fall over and die as the Wii U pulls out a big ol’ AK47 loaded with Smash Bro’s, Mario 3D world, and M Kart 8!

    1. Don’t forget Project CARS, X, Yarn Yoshi, and indie games like Armikrog, Assault Android Cactus, Cryamore, Knytt Underground, Tengami and The Fall

      and now DK Country Tropical Freeze and Watch Dogs (because Watch Dogs will be best on Wii U with the gamepad)

      The Wii U will be INCREDIBLE next year. We still don’t know what else Nintendo has in store for 2014. Zelda Wii U? Another Mario game? Kirby? Metroid? Star Fox? F-Zero? Miyamoto’s NEW IP!!???

    2. You know that if the PS4 or Xbone go through a similar thing to the Wii sales wise, EA will be backing those two consoles to the hilt. It took what, EA less than 6 months to abandon the Wii U?

      1. Not necessarily true. You guys are putting to much focus on sentiment and emotional attachment whereas EA is purely looking at things from a business standpoint and what is going to benefit them the most.

        1. Yeah right, we know why EA have dropped support. Politics, they did the same thing with the Dreamcast.

  18. Well Need For Speed: Most Wanted U was late, not hugely anticipated and it was released on a console that doesn’t have a huge install base. If EA took these into consideration they could have predicted a more reasonable range to sell.

    EA can’t just release a game on Wii U and blame the Wii U and it’s consumers every time the game doesn’t push numbers like 360 and PS3. They should blame themselves for not calibrating their sales expectations to fit the need of the Wii U and it’s consumers.

    1. ‘Tis a shame that Wii U owners didn’t even support W101 though. That’s part of the problem that devs are having…. It goes both ways.

      Devs have to provide compelling games and gamers have to support those games with their pocket.

  19. Personally I don’t see this as an excuse. I work in sales and do marketing and it does take matter how good they like to think they made the game and the wiiu community hated it the fact is its their fault for not making a more attractive game for the time of its release. If anything they should release the new game concurrently with the rest to show us that the game is worth my money instead of just walking away. That’s just bad business.

    1. Even if they released the game, made it the best NFS game ever, and made it a Wii U exclusive, it still wouldn’t sell well at this point nor would it move systems.

  20. Low sales is a convenient answer, we know that’s not the real reason. Besides I bought NFSMWU, I don’t need an annual update.

  21. The poor sales could be down to the fact they didn’t send any fucking copies to stores!! I have about 6 gamestores near me and I still had to buy it from shopto.

  22. seriously? they release the game almost 5 months late and use the “poor sales” bailout card?
    how cheap
    respect for a developer has been lost today

  23. But first excuse was Wii U was to weak to handle their engine. But when word got out Wii U was getting Far Cry 4 they went to Wii U install base. EA is just on BS.

  24. Anyone know a good (better) news site that accentuates the positive? Many gamers (myself) included, couldn’t give less of a shit about the seamy behind-the-scenes workings of video games. I just want news about games coming up–maybe a humorous article or two about raccoons stealing some fat kid’s 3DS and completing Streetpass Quest for him–not needless dissertations on why game so-and-so isn’t coming to the Wii U because of Obvious Reason #154.

  25. This is bullshit. Talk about lazy developers. Just give WiiU the same version as PS3 and Xbox360 and it will be fine, you´lll have your desired profits and a chance of better sales.

  26. More games = more console sales.
    If they just released all their games on wiiu more people would buy it thus creating a bigger customer base than just ps4 and xbone. Surely they want more people owning a console whatever their choice.
    More console sales = more game sales.
    They aren’t exactly helping themselves…

  27. I love nintendo ppl. Its one excuse after another, bad port, late port, missing features. When a high values game doesn’t sale it always some excuse. Its funny..

    3rd party sales are always poor on ninten do. History shows this. Look at the top 20 fow wii. Nintendo holds about 17 of them. Ppl buy nintendo for nintendo games. Its always the case and will always be, nintendo wants it that way.

    Wiiu users are to small to make any 3rd party profitable. Whe less than 5% of nintendo ppl buy 3rd party usually and there is less than 3mill wiiu. That means tiny sales numbers.

    Im amazed they release anything for wiiu right now. It needs about 10mil to make it worth 3rd party.

        1. Late and delayed (on specific console/s) multiplaform games don’t sell that well, no matter how good they are or what system they are coming.
          And yes, Most Wanted was the only game EA did not fuck up.
          Other than announcing before it was released, that NFS Rivals wont come to Wii U + other fuck ups they did that made many Wii U gamers steer clear of EA games.

  28. Shit game anyway, the wii u doesnt need anymore dead wood. Leave these games to the fast n furious fanboys who all own PS3s.

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