Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Has Been Listed Again For Wii U At Best Buy


Nintendo’s critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has once again been spotted on the internet for Nintendo’s latest home console, Wii U. The listing originally appeared on New Egg and this time it’s listed on Best Buy Business. Would you double dip and purchase Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon if it came to Wii U?

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  1. Interesting, if it looked really good in HD and had some worthwhile extra features I’d definitely consider getting it again

    1. Same! If they’ve done a proper job. One of the things that crossed my mind when playing it was first, that it looked absolutely AMAZING and second, it would look even better in HD with a bit of an upgrade.

    1. The controls worked well because it was built around simply locations to point your vaccum. It didnt need a second stick really

  2. Maybe if had a lot of extra content and few extra mansion plus if it also came with first one in HD then I’d consider it

  3. Yes port more games on Wii U, it worked very well ,and it will totally save this dying console. *cough cough*

  4. Meaning the first and original GameCube game with the wind waker style upgrade lol bit much 2 ask probely worth a ask tho lol

  5. A dark moon 2 would b good as the game was a bit on the easy short side even tho it was good a bigger hd game would b welcome just in time 2 finish year of luigi b a nice touch

  6. if this is true and it launches for 40$ ill get it afterr trading in the 3ds version, didnt finish it. lugis mansion is not a fucking game for a handheld. the switches are so little ill get stuck, but figure out there was a fucking chain switch in front of me the whole time but it was invisible pretty much!!

    if they can make it look better in graphics add like a mansion, boss ghosts like the first one and have it let you explore more instead of e gads stupid mission based garbage!!

    1. I actually agree with you. I did not like Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS. I would consider trading it in for the Wii U version, like you said.

    2. Yeah yo. I fuckin hated luigi dark doom. Linear and too short. I also liked the variety of boss ghosts in the first one too. Not these sameass looking ghosts in dark doom. NINTENDO. WII U IS ON LIFE SUPPORT. HELP IT DICKWATA.

    3. I had no problem with the game, and find it very fitting for a handheld. In fact, part of its reason being a handheld game is because, if I’m not mistaken, the original Luigi mansion was meant to be a 3D game, but the cost of the 3D hardware for the GCN would of been too much for the average consumer.

      I do agree that being sole mission based was the games main weakness. They should of made an exploration feature available upon beating each mansion instead of the lousy supplemental mission catching ghosts in a time limit.

      Other than that though, I found the game quite awesome and enjoy almost every bit.

  7. Should have been Wii u in the first place…..the 3ds is flying and has lots of 3rd party support to supply games. The Wii u on the other hand has nothing going too well at the moment so it would seem daft NOT to at least port it, never mind make a propper hd one!

  8. Would work a lot better on Wii U, I mean it’s much better suited to console than handheld. You could actually use a freaking second stick on Wii U, and the graphics wouldn’t be so unclear and icky either. Maybe if they added like an HD port of the first LM and a little bonus content, then it would be worth buying and would be a great addition to Wii U’s library

  9. I hope SO bad that this is real, and not just a mistake. And if it does come to Wii U, I hope it contains a remake of the original Luigi’s Mansion in HD. I LOVED the original.

        1. no it was. all the boss ghosts, better secrets. no constant backtracking and lame missions. more creative, more interesting and way better atmospheric. the enemies were better.

          if dark moon wasnt mission based it would be a lot better. also its super linear.

      1. Totally agree, the mission system of the second one killed it for me, I havent even finished the second mansion because I got frustrated at the hand holding, it never stops.

    1. You answered the author of this article’s question, if Nintendo rereleased Luigi’s Mansion would you double dip? Now the real question is, would you triple dip if they re-released it if you had three ball in your nut sack as to ball in caramel like apples for Halloween time!

        1. No it’s a sack. My sack to be exact! It’s a picture of my ball sack surgery a few years back.

  10. I’d totally get it, I reall like the first one but I won’t buy a 3DS for one game and a Wii U version with dual sticks and no jaggies would be awesome!!

    1. I don’t really need better graphics but just “clean” them a bit so that we don’t see those image ruining jaggies and give us a bigger field of view.


    1. Let me guess, like that chick from ign who rated the wonderful 101 lower than it should have been, was the controls too complicated for you?

    1. I don’t care if they put it on Wii U or not. I’m more for it since I favor Luigi over Mario anyway.

  12. Luigi’s Mansion on the GameCube is wonderful. I still don’t have Dark Moon, so I think when I eventually buy it, I’ll likely get the Wii U port.

  13. I wouldn’t buy “Dark Moon” again. Maybe if it is an all new Luigi’s Mansion game, but it would have to be REALLY good, because I was not a fan of the 3DS Luigi’s Mansion.

  14. If High Command did Wii U versions of 3DS it would make both the 3DS and Wii U pointless…

  15. I would get it, but I believe it is a BEST BUY error, they didnt show the Sonic Lost worlds till a week 1/2 ago, have wrong dates on DK Tropical Freeze and others. and I dont see it when I look.

  16. I hope this is a mistake and it’s really a port of the first game. I would hate to have to buy Dark Moon again.

  17. Even if I had the 3DS version I would still buy it if had a Wii U. Why not? If you bought Windwaker HD, if you bought Ocarina of Time on 3DS, if you bought Starfox for the 3DS, if you are planning to by Link To The Past on 3DS, if you bought Resident Evil: Revelations for any console other than 3DS, why does it matter?

    This is not even close to being an issue. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  18. Wasn’t Next Level games working on a “top-secret” game? Maybe they’ll end up explaining how Luigi’s mansion was rather more like 1.5, with a proper sequel to the first? On a side note, I think it would be pretty awesome if we could see a game where Mario’s using Fludd alongside Luigi’s ghostbuster. On Smash Bros, perhaps? *_*

  19. My comment gets deleted for saying that the site is slow to post things (which is true) yet they allow trolls named “Spock’s Nut Sack”. Logic.

  20. I would pick it up, since I haven’t yet gotten it on my 3DS. I never played the original, and have been meaning to get it on 3DS, but I’m so backlogged on games, I haven’t picked it up yet. If it comes to Wii U, I’d rather get it on that system, since my Wii U’s library is lacking compared to my 3DS library.

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