Zelda A Link Between Worlds To Have Reversible Cover In Europe

Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK have just announced on their Twitter pages that The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds will come with a reversible cover in Europe. As seen in the picture, the game can be displayed with either the all gold cover, or a multi-coloured version of the cover image. Nintendo seems to be pulling out all the stops with commemorative merchandise for this game, offering an exclusive edition through GAME, as well as a special Zelda-themed 3DS XL in addition to the reversible cover. A Link Between Worlds will release on November 22nd.


            1. Prove that i have lots of games?, im sorry but im not going to go out my way to convince your ignorant mind nor waste anymore time on a troll. Dont bother replying bro :)

      1. Good for them. I’m pretty sure our region will see these changes implemented as well. I like what they did to the inside of the Kid Icarus box art though.

      1. Castration Maiden?…Well at least your original I guess…people have twisted minds don’t they? Man…

      2. You’re severely creepy. But long as you aren’t trolling, I guess I’m okay with this.

    1. I do kind of give a shit. I mean, it wouldn’t matter if it didn’t have that cover, but it’s nice. I like it quite a bit better than the gold one.

  1. Wow, and we dont even get the musical chest at least. Reggie needs to GTFO of office.

    On a somewhat related note, and im not complaining, but why so much Zelda promotion when Luigi’s been getting so little of it DURING the year of luigi?

    1. because Nintendo is a business first of all, and Zelda is a pretty big franchise. It’s normal that a big selling title will get the attention it deserves! Money talks

    2. YoL has come and gone. I mean, it’s the same year, but they had they had their promotions and games relating to it, and now it’s done.

      1. Another site may have posted it before. Not that I have seen it with this article, but it does happen with other articles.

  2. Sick of the urine stained art…
    “ooh let’s pay someone to paint this amazing art work and then pee all over it”

    Fucking yellow…

  3. ….cool. Anyone that’s excited over this piece of news leads a sad, sad life.. My dog looks forward to more important things than you lol! 💋

  4. This limited edition (with treasure) will come in all Europe (Italy) too?
    I don’t know exactly if I have to buy that on GAME or wait for an italian release…
    Pls answer if you know. Thanks

  5. Europe gets a much better cover and a cool music-playing case for DS games… so much jelly right now

    1. OH NO! You write Jelly instead of “jealous” too? I thought that only my niece did that. Seems that everything she does or says lately is internet related.

  6. I love reversible covers! I may need to get the 3DS XL and the hard copy of this game…my wallet hurts…worth it

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