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Japan Gets Orange And Turquoise Limited Edition 3DS XL Consoles This November

3ds Xl Limited Editions


Nintendo will be releasing two new 3DS XL Limited Edition consoles in Japan this November. One console will be orange while the other appears to be light blue/turquoise, and both have a colored D-pad and buttons as well. The Limited Edition XL’s will retail for ¥19,900, which works out to be about $205. No official word on whether the consoles will be released in the West, but Nintendo seems to be debuting a lot of new console packs in Japan before bringing them to Europe and the US lately. The Limited Edition 3DS XLs will be released on November 28th.



    1. @ Nintendo Commander,
      I SO wonder that same thing. Nintendo keeps releasing one special color (or edition) 3DS XL after the other, and we get no different Wii U’s. I wish we could form a petition or something for Nintendo to MAKE MORE COLORS AND SPECIAL EDITIONS OF WII U! If only petitions worked. *sigh*

      My prediction: Only weeks or months after I finally give in and buy a black Wii U (because of going crazy waiting for so long), Nintendo will THEN release their first new color or special edition Wii U. And I’ll feel like crying for already buying the boring black one. I speak from experience. Because this is what happened to me with the DS Lite AND the Wii. Heck, even the original 3DS.


      1. Indeed…

        Maybe you should hold on a bit longer…

        That’s one main reason to why I do not have a Wii U yet…


    1. It’s a shame really that they don’t change that circle pad colour. Black circle pad will be way better to compliment those orange buttons.


      1. Well he’s being successful with it so far.
        Honestly, I get an impression that the IQ of some of the commenters are pretty low…


  1. Man, it’s like Nintendo wants to spite me for deciding to buy the X/Y 3DS XL. They announced not only a Zelda XL right afterwards, but also a glorious XL in my favorite color. Kill me now.


    1. Somewhat agree…

      I too bought the 3DS XL Y version…

      If they released a Purple coloured 3DS XL like this I would be annoyed…


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