Here’s Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014’s US TV Commercial

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is due to hit retailers next month, and Nintendo are ramping up the slopestyle hype by letting us feast our eyes on this new US TV commercial. Nintendo has already teamed up with US snowboarder Jamie Anderson for the “Road to Sochi Tour”, so if you’ve not yet joined the fun, why not join this family – with life-size Mario and Sonic judges in the front row – as they attempt to best each other in various winter sports? Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be released November 8 in Europe for the Wii U, with North America aiming for skating glory on November 15.


  1. Doesn’t wiimotes confuse people when you add them to a WiiU ad, so people think it’s a Wii ( i know they said WiiU and showed game cover) game & gamepad adds little to gameplay and so they think it’s a add-on, they showed very little with the gamepad,

  2. I rented the original M&S, the mini-games were pretty fun so I guess I should try to give this game a shot, only if another sequel doesn’t pop up out of nowhere with an even longer name though.

    1. A new one is released every time a new Olympic Games event arrives. Unless something drastic changes, the next one will be released in summer 2016.

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