Nintendo’s Q2 Financial Results Report Wii U Sold 300k

wii_u_console_and_controllerNintendo has released its second quarterly financial results this morning. Over a period of six months (April 1 to September 30), the company has recorded an overall profit, but has suffered with a substantial operating loss significantly larger than its Q1 financial results, mainly due to advertisement campaigns and research costs for software development. Nintendo recorded net sales of 196.5 billion yen, which is just short of its 200.9 billion yen published last September. However, its Q1 net sales were that of 81.5 billion yen, showing that sales have more than doubled in those last three months. Due to the damaging operating income loss of 23.2 billion yen ($247 million / £148 million) – compared to 4.9 billion from its Q1 results – Nintendo posted an ordinary income of 1.2 billion yen and only 0.6 billion yen in net income (approximately $6 million / £3.8 million).

Not known to shy away from negative matters, Nintendo has remarked that the Wii U has had a negative impact on overall sales, even with a slash in price. In fact, over the past six months, the Wii U has sold 460,000 units worldwide. In Q1, the Wii U sold just 160,000 units, meaning 300,000 units have sold in the past three months, making the second quarterly results much more favourable. In terms of lifetime sales, the Wii U is currently standing at 3.91 million sales, but Nintendo is sticking to the forecast of 9 million sales by the end of this fiscal year, with much of its hopes pinned on the Christmas period. The Wii U’s software has had a much better run, though, with new titles such as Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – released early in North America and Japan – generating over 5.2 million game sales.

The 3DS has had great success in the past six months with 3.89 million systems sold, with 2.49 million units sold from the beginning of July through to September. Worldwide software sales have hit the roof with 27.38 million units. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been the 3DS’ biggest success though, with sales from North America and Europe reaching 2.01 million sales. Lifetime sales for the 3DS systems equate to 34.98 million sales, while 10.66 million of those are 3DS XLs.

Nintendo’s second quarterly results has dipped into a great operating income loss, but has been saved from a disastrous turn by the 3DS sales. In moving forward, the company has stated that it will be proactively releasing its first-party titles, while bringing in “new promotional activities” to lift the Wii U’s profile among consumers. Are these the results you were expecting? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 


      1. And yet not only are they still not in debt, they aren’t selling off any buildings to cover for it, nor are they firing people.
        Unlike some others I can think of…

          1. Why did you include Microsoft in there? You do realize that in terms of size and profitability, Microsoft is doing far better than either Sony or Nintendo. Sony is in serious arrears, and if the PS4 doesn’t do spectacular, say goodbye to any hopes of a PS5.

            Nintendo has virtually no chance of maintaining a decent market share due to their foolish decision to make a tablet controller which is a pain to program for. This is evident by the fact that several developers have come out and stated that they are extremely nervous of developing for it or flatly refuse to do so.

        1. Actually is funny, the otaku version of Patchter think that Nintendo is doom, but they are not selling building, firing, etc…like Sony (If the PS4 have the begging of the U, Sony is finish) and MS (Same case, but Xbox division will be banish).
          Next time on consoles war:
          Nintendo vs Steam.

          1. ^This. But Nintendo is gaining an edge here though with development of eshop. They have first party ip’s and will HOPEFULLY start picking up some big struggling studios to add to their ip list. Lets not have another Rare blunder big N.. that one still has pie on their face.

      2. Actually it is 29,000 yens which is $295 USD. But any loss is an embarrassing as well. I would never invest in companies that have any negative operating loss except for new companies starting out.

          1. It is still a loss. Net Income is not the same thing as Net Operating Income.

            Sales – Cost of Sales = Gross Profit – Operating Expenses = Operating Income

            Operating Income + Other Income – Other Expenses = Pretax Income – Income Tax = Net Income

            Nintendo got other income somehow. I assuming they are selling their assets to get their income. But it is hard to tell without the cash flow statement. The cash flow statement can tell you where the cash goes. I was looking at this cash-flow statement from the link and they didn’t sell their assets. Instead they spent more money on assets by judging on negative Capital Expenditures.


            Then I check found one part. It is seem like they did sell their asset. They gain almost 100 billion in cash from Sale of Investments. This is called gain on sale of investment. To further proof for Net Income, this is count as “other income” for Net Income. What this does is that you sold an assets or equipments that exceed your expected book value or an bonds.


            Think of a car example. The more you drive and time have passed, the more the value of your car decreased. You use a formula by using the original cost minus depreciation cost for every year. The total is expected book value depending on the year. Let say you pay $20,000 car in 2010 and its decrease in value by $4,000 every year. The expected book value for a car in 2013 is $8,000 ($20,000 – ($4,000 X 3)). The problem is that accounting use straight-line depreciation method which I show you in the example. In reality the car example use declining balance depreciation which is more complex formula. Selling assets or equipments at economic life may exceed the expected book value.

            But it is seem odd that they have negative Capital Expenditures and positive Sale of Investments since they are both related to assets. But in this case Nintendo sold an bond for 2 Trillion and pay 1.9 Trillion for an bond. Its seem like they bought some shares or investment and those shares or investment have gain values. So Nintendo sold them for cash and bought investment for cash again.

            Notes: Cash is the current money that you have right now. Receivable or payable are not in cash at all. Receivable mean someone own you money and payable mean you owned somebody’s money and must pay it back.

      3. Yea its sad but the console is a bad deal. $300 for a underpowered, outdated hardware, ONLY 32GB storage and then im told to buy an extra HDD if I don’t think 32gb is enough (which any smart person would know it’s not) and no type of good 1st party software like the 3ds. No thanks

          1. No they aren’t and they give much more storage, better launch titles. I won’t be getting any of them but im just saying it like it is.

            1. Actually hardware wise they are out of date already seeing how PC hardware has now officially become more powerful yet again. So yeah the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One are out of date consoles which means this generation of console might not last as long as we think.

              1. Last I checked a pc wasnt a home console but a personal Computer. I know what you mean and agree with you that compared to a pc all next gen consoles are outdated but its best to ignore these trolls.

              2. Honestly, I don’t think many people in the last 20 years or so have ever bought a console solely for its power. Otherwise, they would go to PCs.

                This would explain why the “weak” console/handheld of a generation always sells the most units. People buy them for other things than pure power.

            2. @ you thought

              Better storage? Are you fucking for real? If your plan was to go digital this gen your going to be sadly mistaken. Been reported that most game downloads are between 30 to 50 GIG. So how is 500 GIG’s and better then 32? Sounds like you need to go back to school and do your fucking math… Smarten up! Dumb ass…

              1. Are you high man ? 500gb is better than 32 because well its fuckin 500gb you are the biggest dumb ass I met today to think 500gb isn’t better than a meesly 32. Also they don’t take that much that’s exaggeration.

                #FANBOY IDIOT

                1. You must be high (you thought).. 500GB external can be bought for $30-40 on sale… sometimes even cheaper and it will only get cheaper. So for $30 I bought a 500gb external and now have more storage than you on your measly, unreleased system. 532gb IDIOT!!

                  #sonyfaghag #phony #xboner #nospaceyoudouche #youdoinghashtagswrong #durrrrr

            3. Better launch titles? You mean everything that is being delayed? Or are you talking about the games that are available ALREADY for the 360/ps3 that they are going to “RE-launch” with the new systems?
              Storage doesn’t mean much. I can go out and buy extra storage for much cheaper. Already have a spare 500GB HDD that I got cheap on sale setup on my U.

            4. i bought my pc like 4 months ago and it got better specs than both x1 and ps4, how the fuck aren’t heyd outdated?

          1. Sounds like you are being butt hurt, I’m not a Nintendo fan and I really don’t think this is good news but I do disagree with you on the fact the Wii U is “Dead” yet the 3DS was for a while but soon picked up in sales and became the best selling handheld so far.

            So saying the Wii U is “Dead” isn’t really accurate.

          2. Waiting for braindead ignorant ass Nintendo hating trolls to come on a site dedicated to Nintendo fans to poke fun like preschool kids…oh too late LOL

      4. Dude, Sony had to sell it two largest office buildings to have enough money to launch the PS4. MS has not yet made a LTD profit from the Xbox division. Meanwhile, Nintendo is sitting on roughly $14 Billion in cash. Grow up and get a clue because ignorance will get you just so far.

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  1. Not surprised barely any games beside pikmin, wonderful 101 and zelda have come out. plus nintendo hasn’t really advertise the system that much. I hope they can pull something good with the wii u. 3DS is doing great they just need to give the wii u that push. But its next year thats the deciding factor for the wii u

    1. No that’s not decent. Far from it. They had predicted they’d have sold 5 million Wii U’s by last March. Nevermind 7 months later & still nowhere near it. Now they’ve made a crazy forecast of 9 million by March 2014. So they need to average 1 million units a month for the next 5 months. Stop smoking crack Nintendo. Don’t you know drugs are bad? Sorry but that is never going to happen. The Wii U unfortunately now is a cancer to Nintendo.

      1. Exactly those number are AWFUL but fanboys are happy with low sales like those. WAKE UP fanboys and stop living im Mario land. The Wii U is on life support

          1. Its different times. Wii U is going up against ps4,XO and its game line up this holiday is shitty. Only Mario really ?

            #r.i.p Wii U

                1. It’s not opinions you guys are posting it’s trolling remarks learn the difference between the two

              1. Thank you people want me banned because I’m speaking my opinion on what i see (which is bad Wii U sales) and how they aren’t going to be able to pick up. Its no wonder they say Nintendo fanboys are the worst of the 3. Because they all use bad logic and call anyone that disagrees with them a troll LOL

                1. Why are you here then? There’s plenty of Sony pony sites or Xbot sites that you can go on but no like a little immature snot nose ass child you gotta come on a Nintendo fan site just to troll. The PS4 is launching with no system sellers as so is the Xbox One but yet you sit up here all day trolling Nintendo fans about the Wii U’s current games and bitching about it’s memory when you don’t even own one. You’re nothing but a Nintendo hating social reject on the internet that’s letting a piece of plastic and a group of fans own your weak ass adolescent mind. Now go cry about that comment imbecile

              2. Your a fucking moron… Game over for Nintendo? Sony has already stated the PS4 is there last console then there going to move into streaming there games. Sounds like Sony going third party to me… Oh and the Xbox Division better be PRAYING to the NSA GODS that that one guy doesn’t get Steve Ballmer’s chair cause if so then its Game over for Xbox 1.

              1. Ignoring my main point -_- maybe shitty was too strong of a word but I was just using them in my example on how everytime fanboys say “X game will bring up sales” and when X games release and don’t bring up sales they say “oh no wait till NEXT year for games” when by then Ps4, XO will have already establishes them selves in the market as top systems and while the Wii U will have the title as worst console

                1. Ignoring PS3 didn’t come to life for nearly Tue end if its cycle. That’s why Sony ain’t pulling the plug on PS3 its finally making a profit. Though it conflicts with PS4.

            1. Well I think what he is saying that the Wii U got an price drop with a couple of Wii U games coming for an holiday. We may not know the future but some people rather buy cheapest console on the market to just to play games.

              Wii U is selling for $250 (basic) to $300 (deluxe) USD compared to PS4 selling for $400. From the customers’ view you can buy a console plus two games or other accessories. But returning PS fans can trade their PS3 copy of the games for PS4 version of the same game to buy for $10. Basically you upgrading those games for $10.

              I’m curious to see the sales of the consoles for this holiday especially Black Monday sales.

                  1. i heard you guys get a date that sort of is like black friday. Am i correct? or did i get fed bad information?

                    1. We do but not much. We sometime got Black Friday, Cyber Monday including Cyber Monday Weekend. The real date that we go out to buy stuffs is on Boxing Day here.

                      It is all depend on the stores over here. But I can say for sure that Boxing Day is pretty busy here.

            1. Yeah you ” keep scrolling ” because your sensitive feelings are hurt from the truth. You already just wrote a asshurt paragraph about a guy insulting you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Keep crying loser

              1. wait what lol I can’t take you serious man really. You’re making me laugh at how dumb you are XDD LMAO

      2. The Wii U is far from cancer for Nintendo. While Sony was enjoying their domination with the PS2, the Gamecube sold the least of any Nintendo released console. Yet, during that time, Nintendo made more profit than Sony’s game division did.

        Will the Wii U sell 100 million, I doubt it. Will it sell enough units to be fine, yes it will.

      3. It’s been doing horribly but that doesn’t mean they should completely give up on it. Do you know how bad that would look?

    2. Interesting that they have made this far without launching their core 1st party titles, obviously if far behind from what Iwata was predicting, but with almost 4 million consoles around, this is pretty decent, not bad, but it needs to improve, I want to see those numbers after this holiday season and the middle of 2014.

  2. Hopefully Super Mario 3D World will help them out for their stake. If the operating cost are negative and that is usually a bad sign for any companies in period. Only time it is understandable when the companies are starting out can have negative operating costs for a few years.

    Hopefully Nintendo turned it around soon.

  3. 300,000? Hmmm. Well I’m sure that the Wii U bundles will make that number go much higher up. It’s the machine you must have for Xmas they said! Hugs!

  4. Yea these are the Wii U’s last days. Literality it all depends on how it does during the holidays but it only has Mario to help lift sales and even that’s going to not do what it should with that being said R.I.P Wii U

    1. Way to ignore the big games coming out in 2014.
      You just want the company to die. That’s it. That’s your entire objective.
      You’ve got nothing else to say and nothing worth serious consideration.
      No good points. No arguable additions to any logical conversation.

      You’re a troll. An immature hater. A loser who’s looking to get reactions out of people who like what you don’t like by being a negative little piss-ant that blows things far out of proportion, then laughing at anyone you think you’ve caused distress.

      You don’t even count as a gamer.
      Casuals have more say in gaming circles than you.
      So get back under your bridge and shut your face.

      1. Lol was that suppose to be offensive ? Because that was horrible. You’re speaking of a unforeseeable future when currently sales show that the Wii U is fucked. Also all you did was throw out blind assumptions not knowing anything about me so it’s all really irrelevant, don’t assume something about someone you don’t know at a personal level lol. Its not that I want them to fail its just that they deserve to fail for being cocky, not listing to they’re fans, making an underpowered system like that, ONLY giving 32GB storage, charging it for so much. To say I don’t count as a gamer is also assumption crap LOL I own multiple systems including Wii and 3ds so again you just made a complete ass out of you’re self just because you don’t like what I have to say LMAO and again never assume man its not very smart to do that

        1. Ask yourself this. What if they did turn around in 2014. I mean all PS4/xbone has over Wii U is power. That’s it. If they are hard at work on their niche for 2014 (which I believe they are) what’s PS4 going to do copy their software like Mario Kart and Smash?

          1. Them I will take EVERYTHING is said back about the Wii U. But the thing is I really think it’s going to be too late by then also certain games on ps4 look promising. Destiny, KH3, final fantasy 15, much more but those are already highly anticipated by millions. Time will tell but sales show the Wii U is in deep shit

            1. Your listing multi platform games… Where is Sony’s first party games? Where are the exclusive games? Drive Club DELAYED! Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack at launch… really that’s it from Sony? Then come Infamous Second son in April… Nintendo had between First party’s and exclusives between launch and April…

              New Super Mario Bros U
              Nintendo Land
              Zombi U
              Monster Hunter 3
              Lego City
              Scribblenauts Unlimited
              Tank Tank Tank
              Rabbid’s Land
              (that’s not counting Virtual Consol or Indie games)

              Sony could be facing the same problem after launch. There is Hype now but once all three consoles are out it becomes about the most important thing. SOFTWARE!!! Who Kills it with software? Nintendo! END OF STORY. It might be looking bad now but once Nintendo has enough games for people to go DAMN I REALLY need to get me the Wii U. Sales will increase.

              I have a HUGE feeling come next E3 Nintendo is going to KILL IT with games. People will be RUSHING out to get a Nintendo Wii U. There have been light hints at seeing a new F-Zero and a new Star Fox plus there is X coming and Bayonetta 2 plus whatever third party decides to throw at the system then HUGE hitters like Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros U.

              I think you need to get off that Sony Hype train at the next stop, sit down, and take a look at each console once there all out. Then and only then can you pass judgment on which console is offering the BEST to YOU and the consumer.

          2. PS4 is much more developer-friendly than Wii U due to its x86-64 architecture (which also explains why it has a ton of pledging from third-party support) and will last a lot longer because of the raw horsepower. The only thing Wii U has at this point is first-party and shovelware.
            Xbox One is just plain shit.
            Good on Nintendo if they turn around things, but it’s set in stone that it’ll just be the Gamecube days all over again. Top management needs to be fired ASAP.

        2. It’s seems like he struck a nerve there otherwise you wouldn’t get so defensive. Now you see how it feels…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! CRY SOME MORE!!!!

  5. i was hoping wii u would reach 4mill by this point but there close so things could still turn around with massive savings on great bundles this may happen wii u is the console to get this christmass but next christmass it will be painful to watch if things dont pick up

  6. Not bad, but I think its time for Nintendo to stop production of the Wii round the world and just focus on the Wii U so people will be more interested in the console, plus, marketing needs to be stepped up a bit.

  7. well, Nintendo did nearly double Q1 sales, so that’s great. but i’m sure the Zelda,NSMBU&NSLU, and the other bundles plus Sonic, S&M, Wii Fit U and 3Dworld will help this quarter.

  8. I think the end of the fiscal year is late March 2014. So, they expect to sell 5 million Wii U’s till then?

  9. Oh and I predict this article is going to get over 100 replies. Its going to be the “trolls” spilling out the truth and the fanboys trying to damage control the truth


    1. So you are saying the Wii U is dead even though the console hasn’t been out a year?… I can understand why “Fanboys” would argue with you.

      Xbox One, despite sales, will be the next Dreamcast because many developers are already having problems with it.

      1. Right man keep telling you’re self that. You all said pikmin, WWHD, and W101 were going to bring the Wii U on track and pick up sales immensely. But NONE of those titles did shit for it. Its going to be the same for Mario why ? Because Nintendo didn’t listen to the fans and give us a super Mario galaxy 3, sunshine 2, or just a new Mario adventure game. They just decided to cut cost, use the 3D land formula to try to get it out as fast as possible. The game just looks like a last resort, rushed and just lack luster.

        1. Pikmin did rather well for its standards since it has a good fan base. Wonderful 101 was going to be a failure sales wise because most of platinums games’ don’t sell well, plus gta. Sonic was a mystery to people. Mario 3D world is a damn good looking mario title. We don’t need a galaxy 3, we needed a different style for mario. 3D world isn’t that mario, but its going to great mario that follows a slightly different route. 3D world is aimed at families, friends and mario gamers. The true 3d mario is aimed towards everyone. 3D world looks better then the 3ds one and might offer more content then the previous title. I have only one problem with the game and thats no online. Most from what i’ve seen in 3D world are factors from mario 3, mario usa, mario 64, and mario galaxy. I think this mario game will do rather well for people.

        2. Ignoring Pikmin 3 and WWHD did just that in sales. Ignoring Likmin 3 had Wii U sales over 10k in Japan and outsold the PS3 before. Also ignoring how WWHD did in UK and America helping Wii U outsell PS3 for the first time in the States. So yeah we were right it did help sales A lot. Wii U had a gaming drought until like late 2013

        3. Nobody said Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3 would boost sales for the Wii U. When you trolling assholes were saying that the Wii U had no games all we did was point out the good games that were coming to the Wii U this year, that’s all. It is indeed a FACT however that Wind Waker HD helped increase the Wii U sales and the New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U bundle will do much better than that. Super Mario 3D World will give the Wii U the Leverage it needs to outsell the PS4 & Xbox One. Fucking ignorant ass clown coming on a Nintendo fan site to troll and expects not to get it from Nintendo fans…SMH

          1. Lol get what from Nintendo fans ? They’re sob stories about how the Wii U is fucked. Also you fanboys did say that W101, Pkm3 would increase sales drastically BUT it didn’t.


    2. Well the truth won’t exists till the beginning of 2015. 2014 is when the titles people want from nintendo come out

      1. So by that logic Nintendo is going to have to sell the Wii U at even more of a loss from now all the way to spring 2014, early 2015 ? Nice logic good thing you don’t work for Nintendo lol

            1. I wasn’t talking about loss I was talking about interest and demand. ps4 is taking a loss for a while and one is taking a bigger loss compared to both systems. We won’t know if the wii u is a loss cause till all the titles like smash, Zelda and Mario come out. Zelda , maybe coming 2015. Nintendo is advertising the wii u for the holidays but they need to push it more show Mario every damn commercial session and maybe more advertisement will push it. I don’t think the wii u will come first in sells but if Nintendo gives it their all they can come second

        1. Ignoring the unnanouced 2014 games coming out. Your logic sucks. Also you say Mario World is a rip off of Mario Land? Really? Ignoring Mario Land sold well on 3DS at launch. Remember I’m not defending Wii U but im defending their intangible software.

          1. Also ignoring Zelda U tittle. If WWHD sold well globally what will an all new Zelda on Wii U do?

            1. Ignoring Wii U may not make it to 2014. Ignoring that i know 3D land sold great. But a copy and paste for Wii U isn’t going to sell the system.

              1. The ps4 and one look about the same. I’ve read game releases for 2014 nothing looks too big for ps4 and one. Most of games the ps4 have and one have are going to be on ps3 and 360. Plus people will be supporting the 360 and ps3 so not everyone will upgrade within the first year. Nintendo has a vey appealing list for 2014 for gamers.

  10. Maybe they need to go back to Love Hotels? I know for a fact they make a shitload of money for very little advertising.

  11. Mario kart, 3D world, X, smash brothers, Dk are so far the hope of 2014. Bayonetta, and yoshi’s yarn are mysteries sales wise. We don’t know if this is all they will bring but i’m sure their is more to come

  12. Watch how few PS Bores and XBox Negative Ones is going to sell. Nobody buy systems at launch. The Wii U sales will rise, but how much?

    1. Console launches is a time to test the product. People might properly report issues for the two companies’ consoles (if there are any). Not saying its a red ring of death problem but u never know. Thats why I wait a bit. Next year the two console aren’t getting too much that gets gamer’s attention. I’m sure they might have one or two but a new generation is never started easy.

  13. Why are people stil so positive about Nintendo, they really really let us down!
    And people really think that this is gonna change anytime soon? u guys crack me up… im a huge Nintendo fan, but this is really bad guys. And Mario Land is great for the holidays, but c’ mon the Ps4 and Xbone is where the focus is this holiday.

    Hopefully the WiiU is gonna survive 2014, but with these numbers i dont think they are gonna survive.

    Its really not like the 3ds, cause the 3ds had like nothing like it, only the Vita. But the Wii U is up against the ps4 and xbone so forget about it guys.

    Nintendo screwed me over again, and im really never ever gonna buy a Nintendo console on launch.

      1. True! but when the announced mario kart and donkey kong i was pretty stoked! But ofcourse they werent coming this year….its really a shame.

        Shame on you Nintendo!

        The next time when you r gonna release a console, please change the name and the colors. Cause even my friends dont know that there is a “new Wii” And they think the Wii U is just a extra controller with a touchscreen. And believe me those are gamers… they play on playstation and xbox almost everyday… So Screw you Nintendo for making this sooo weird/hard/shitty to understand what the hell is going on. Just name your new console ” NIntendo nr 5″ or Nintendo 5 and everyone knows what the deal is.

    1. Granted Nintendo made a bit of a mistake, but they have always turned it around

      Nintendo’s been in trouble before, just look at the Gamecube or the N64
      Is this so different? no I don’t think it is.
      we count them down they surprise us, with the most amazing prospects,
      Sure the Wii U doesn’t SEEM all that great, Nintendo haven’t shown us how it will carry its weight, but I remember with the DS that took quite a while, but then they hit the strive for the platform to make some sense and i’m hoping that the Wii U is just the DS again

    2. Ignoring 2Q was better than 1q yet won’t to play dumb as if that’s not better than nothing.

    3. Did you miss somehow, that they are still making profit?
      Microsoft would have been dead already, if Xbox would have been their only means.
      Sony losses were astronomical.
      Nintendo was the only one that came out with actual profit last gen.

      And as for competition, PS360 are more of a competition for Wii U, than PS4 and XBOne will be for couple of years.
      But MSony last gen consoles will eat on the sales of their next gen consoles as well.

      And as for “let us” down, you can only speak for yourself, and couple other retards who for some reason waste their time here on hating a product/company that they don’t like.

  14. They expect 9 million consoles sold by the end of the year…so where do they expect the 5 million to show up?.Christmas? There are two other consoles competing for the living room this holiday. There’s just no way in hell they can sell 5 million more.

    1. Ignoring that PS3 are getting the same new games as PS4 will. Also ignoring how Smash Bros may not help Wii U increase because of 3Ds version.Anything ringing a bell inside yet? How is PS3’s big ass install base going to work when PS4 gets in the market and plays the same games?

      1. Another factor is which version of smash will offer the best over all experience so if the 3ds version doesn’t then the wii u will. Yeah ps4 fanboys think the system will sell well? Its kinda in a similar boat as the wii u in some ways. As long as sony and 3rd party support the ps3 the ps4 won’t do that great same for the xb….What that’s a whole different planet there.

  15. Didn’t realize Nintendo had so many haters. The hard hitting games have yet to come out and the console has barely been around for a year. Wait till Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart Wii U, Smash 4 and “X” drop before making assumptions.

    What will be funny is the damage control people will be doing for the PS4 and Xbone when they come out

    1. So q2 had how many games hit? Q3 with the price drop and Zelda bundles will help, not up mention if Nintendo does some real advertising, they could be doing okay by years end. Okay bring relative.

  16. “Nintendo has released its second quarterly financial results this morning. Over a period of six months (April 1 to September 30)”..

    WIND WAKER HD eShop release 20th of SEPTEMBER, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD retail + BUNDLE release date: 4 OCTOBER.

    Hardly anything of any significance software wise, has been released by Nintendo before SEPTEMBER 20th. A new IP and Pikmin 3 is hardly going to shift a vast quantity of consoles.

    People need to wait before making predictions, because:

    A: See above
    B: Nintendo generally tend to do well over the holiday season

    No doubt that Nintendo have MAJORLY messed up the launch of the Wii U and let’s face it, they deserve to be in this position with the Wii U. If things haven’t changed by the end of 2014 when Nintendo have released some of it’s biggest games then things will look pretty bleak, but they can still turn it around. Whether they will or not is debatable but writing off ANY console after it’s first year is RETARDED.

    1. The bundle was release on sept 20th, BUT seeing how its still on the top of the wii u eshop the bundle could be selling well. I do belive Nintendo will do well during the holidays since lots of stores are going offer more deals for the wii u then the ps4 and xb1

        1. True and look at the eshop wind waker is number 1 on charts. So people have to be buying the bundle.

          1. Well, even with it’s lower price, a LOT of people can’t afford to spend 300+ dollars on a video game console. Like myself, just paying regular bills, putting gas in my truck, paying for high car insurance and my monthly groceries etc. takes everything I’ve got. Pretty soon, I won’t even be able to afford being a gamer unless I win the lottery.

            If the Wii U was the same price as the 3DS XL, it would be selling like hotcakes.

  17. I have a feelingvthis generation as a whole is going to fail and Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony will be covering their tracks to pretend like it never happened.

  18. I still believe Nintendo will still do well in the future. It’s too early for me to say the Wii U is a failure. This is just like the Nintendo 3DS’s first year. It didn’t so well, but eventually, it picked up once the games came out. The same will happen for the Wii U. I believe all the negativity is just to get us down and distressed. I am not going to be upset over a machine performance. It is just a object. I do appreciate having a Wii U and I hope it does well in the future, but if it does not, it is not a big deal. Sometimes, life can be up and down, but we must continue to get back up and continue strong.

  19. This is for q2? So waaaaaay before the price drops or bundles, call me when we get q3 results in.

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