Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has Sold 6.35 Million


Nintendo announced that the immensely popular Animal Crossing: New Leaf has shifted 2.49 million copies worldwide from April through September, which brings the game’s lifetime total to 6.35 million copies sold. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS has also proved popular as the game sold 1.91 million worldwide to bring its total to 3.13 million. Japanese exclusive Tomodachi Collection sold 1.63 million copies and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D sales totaled 1.37 million and 1.19 million, respectively.


      1. Not really, Luigi’s Mansion sold 3,6 million on GC compared to 3,1 on 3DS, Mario & Luigi Browser’s Inside Story on DS sold 3,7, while Dream Team only sold 1,37 and Donkey Kong Country Returns (1,19) right now is even behind Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (1,34)

  1. Definitely impressive although I am not surprised. Animal Crossing was definitely a pretty big game and since everyone loves the 3DS, it was basically a guaranteed success!

  2. yeah and the walking shitstain pizza hut faced fatty has clocked over 300 hours in this game….. when he could be doing his job. oh but thats right!! he only works on shitty catch phrases instead of doing anything good.

      1. ok that is a lot of hours even in 5 months, and its on one game!! maybe a year

        300 hours isnt a lot of hours on one game in 5 months?? yes it is. he sucks so bad iwata has to come over to noa.

        1. 5 months x ~30 days/month = 150 days
          300hrs/150 days equals to an average of 2 hours of playtime per day. That’s not a lot.

          1. that must be like the only game he plays….. it would make sense. since he doesnt want anything good released and just doesnt know anything about games.

            1. If you think about it, once the game came out, he probably played it during most of his free time, as many do. His rate could’ve been up to 10 hours on Saturdays/Sundays, which would mean in the past couple of weeks, he could’ve gone some days without even playing it. He could’ve played other games, and he most definitely did.

    1. Clearly you don’t know how job’s work, because people go to work…then, guess what? They have FREE TIME, yeaaaaaah, amazing isn’t it.

      1. are you defending that shitstain reggie, it doesnt mater if he didnt play it at all, im just saying he sucks at his job.

        oh…. what is this!! you seem to like people who are good at making nintendo suck, is iwata doing good for nintendio too!! he must!! this is a happy moment.

    1. If they made a Wii U version of Animal Crossing it will sell like crap, because the peoples mentality would like this: “Why should I buy a Wii U for this game when I can buy the 3DS version that’s a lot cheaper?” and at the same with SSB4 people will buy the game on 3DS but will skip Wii U if it comes out the same day.

      But that’s just my prediction :P

      1. It wouldn’t sell “crap” but it wouldn’t sell as well at all, because it’s not portable.

        1. yup, but nintendo did say won’t work on a new animal crossing until they have something new to work with so it’ll take years or so, and by then hopefully wii u doesn’t the help of animal crossing

      2. People would buy it if the online multiplayer was far more expanded aswell as the game itself…

      3. Only some people would ignore the Wii U version. Smash Bros. has always been a “Hey, you guys wanna come over?” kind of game that has always been on consoles.

          1. Ur right man the Wii U ssb4 is going to sell bad or not like it should simply because the 3ds version is cheaper, same characters so you don’t miss anything but HD, and maybe a few stages. Dumb move by Nintendo to make the 3ds and Wii U have the same characters.

              1. I feel like it would’ve been a smarter business decision to release the Wii U version without even mentioning there was a 3DS version coming. Sure, it might look like NIntendo was just porting for money, but it might have moved more units.

                The problem with putting a gap between versions is lots of people would just wait for the 3DS version or feel bitterness toward Nintendo for making such a move.

                Lastly, the problem with releasing two different versions is that it’ll divide game sales. SSBU won’t have any sort of record-breaking sales and it won’t move as many consoles, as you’ve sort have mentioned. 3DS, despite its greatness, will also lose some sales to the Wii U version.

            1. there shouldnt even be 3ds version!! thats only one of the biggest games for nintendo home consoles!! ” ahhhh hhaaa!! lets make a 3ds version too and have the same exact content!!”

              nintendo is so dumb. its like they are trying to make wii u suck.

                1. maybe, im pretty sure they changed it like dumb asses. if that was still the case you should be able to combine the 3ds version with the wii u version so you can have everything on the wii u version, otherwise what the point of owning both or making both??

    1. Animal Crossing is the only 3DS game I ever play (also the first game I ever attempted to play online, on the island). I’ve lost a lot of interest in most games. But I still play a little of Animal Crossing whenever I can.

  3. In 4 episodes, Animal Crossing series never lost the magic of the first one.
    Well deserved. Good job Nintendo EAD, keep it up.

  4. I hope animal crossing continues just stays on handhelds instead of having console releases as well. New leaf is better playing any time

  5. I’m just happy that something I love (such as Animal Crossing) is also loved by SO many others. This means it will never die. That’s a good thing. I’ve loved this series since the veru first game. But I sure miss the NES games, and being able to plant the money trees (although I hated the fact that the trees only grew money one time).

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