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Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed As Playable In Smash Bros For Wii U And 3DS


The latest Smash Bros. image and info confirms that the male version of the Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit U will be playable in Sakurai’s new Smash Bros title for Wii U and 3DS. Current speculation indicates that the male trainer will be accessed as a costume swap for the female trainer, which has also lead to the perhaps far-fetched idea that the female Villager from Animal Crossing could be making an appearance. With new characters popping up by the week as either confirmed or hinted at for Smash Bros., the game continues to build an impressive line-up. Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS has no official release date as of press time, but Nintendo plans to launch the game in 2014 as one of its flagship Wii U titles.


    1. whoever thinks it’s a new character is dumb. Think about it, it’s Halloween today, so obviously costume!

      1. It must be a huge step to come to the conclusion that it’s the same character just by knowing that it’s Halloween.

        Nonetheless, I’m not ruling out of the possibility that he’s a alternate custom for the female Wii Fit Trainer.

    2. Agreed, although I’d be a bit disappointed if Dr. Mario didn’t maintain his distinct attack properties.

    3. that’s hot, i always wanted a male wii fit trainer…. mmm… male… wii fit… trainer. look at those pecs, those muscles.. those manly features.

  1. Just bought a wii u wind wake bundle… AMAZING!! Anything added on top of this is just desserts! And this game just keeps looking better! Your spoiling us Nintendo :D

    1. Convinced my brother to buy one after he tried Wind Waker on mine; it looks like the best way to sell Wii U’s is to let people play it!

      1. haha, nintendo are actually trying to get people in the uk to play the wii-u.
        going to places like big shopping malls or anime expos

      2. That’s good! I’ve noticed that a lot of people I have played Wii U with (mostly Nintendo Land) wants one after!

      3. Same here! My cousins had never heard of it, and we played Nintendo Land when they came to my house over the summer. It was the Animal Crossing game that hooked them.

      4. I will get wonderful 101! I think the timing worked out well, next gen consoles are looking shittier and shittier everyday however the wii u keeps looking better, and the second you play one or here ssb/ Zelda wii u, it’s pretty much “sold”. And with more people buying the console and spreading the word
        The world will soon realize the wii u is legit next gen! tvii kicks the shit outta xbox one, demos while you sleep is the sickest shit ever, and next gen titles with free online?
        And you can do anything, all mid download. This is the greatest console ever, and it snatched that title from the 3dsxl! Lol good job Nintendo

    1. It’s an alternate skin. Their poses are completely identical, meaning that the skeleton is the same, something that is almost always used in games with skins that are purely aesthetic changes.

      Plus: Wii Fit Trainer Male is too well rendered for him to just be a taunt – if he was, he’d have to be stored in Memory any time someone was playing with WFT, essentially doubling the amount of memory used for her character.

      Intercepting the counterpoints of Zelda/Shiek and similar ‘multi-characters’: Alternate forms are only partially stored in memory, and are loaded while transforming. The Gamecube was such a powerhouse that it could load Shiek almost instantly, while Brawl takes significantly longer to load alternate characters, which is why Zelda’s transformation move is slower.

      1. I wonder how they’d managed the Ice Climbers, then, who are essentially two characters in one.

  2. Ok now THIS is wxciting because it possibily confirms what people have wanted for a while, which is alternate character costumes for every character in Smash.

    So Mario would have different suits like Dr.Mario, Link would have his casual wear, Samus would have her different suit, whic would be AWESOME.

    1. What?

      Nintendo don’t have ANY control over Snake or V.Joe?

      Wonder Red would be cool, but you’d want him to have all the unite morphs, which means rendering at least 7 people on screen at once…that’s not happening.

    2. Solid Snake sucks and never belonged, Viewtiful Joe? Nah the masses have no clue who that is. Wonder Red and Blue…Wonderful 101 failed hard that’s just fact.

      1. That doesn’t make it a bad game.

        Afterall, Earthbound was pretty obscure when Smash Brothers 1 was released. It was only Ness’s appearance that made it more popular.

        Same with Fire Emblem in Melee, but with the difference being that the franchise wasn’t even translated and exported outside of Japan at that time.

        It’s only demand for the series because of its representation in Melee that Nintendo decided to bring the series over internationally.

        Same could be true with Wonderful 101.

    1. they don’t want to spoil all of it, especially if the game releases in more than 7 months!

  3. an impressive line up. they’ve shown nothing but returning characters and characters nobody wants, excluding mega man. who writes this shit.

    1. If you’re refering to the “Pic of the day” thing, those aren’t supposed to reveal lots of things, they are there to show of the game and make hype. + it’s seven months ’til release, so they can’t reveal everything now.

    2. Well Megaman and Aanimal Crossing characters were wanted. He is saving the announcements for later. The game is looking amazing! I am impressed. 💋

    1. I must resist the temptation to write a your mom joke here! I do think the Wii was a pretty big success though :P

      1. Way to show appreciation that they’re actually working hard everyday on the game…

      2. I don’t think that this counts as a new slot, it’s more like in SSBB how wario has his wario-ware suit and his regular. it isn’t like when that got announced you thought that that was a extra slot.

  4. My favourite part of the Smash Bros. reveals is watching people foam at the mouth whenever an opportunity for their bland indie character or whatever to appear is passed over for someone obvious. This is the kind of luxury that those whose favorite character is already included can enjoy.

  5. It’s a single image with no official description. Just because it shows a character doesn’t mean it shows a playable character.

  6. Its Halloween and he shows this, I MEAN how long have we wanted this and he did say there was some customization… hmm idk if its like the TTT2 on Wii U were u could color the characters wait….

    Alt Costumes in Smash 4!!? Half-Life 3 Confirmed

      1. I agree! However, only if she is wearing the mask. Unmasked and she might ruin the story for those who havent played the game yet. But if you havent played it by then it’s your own fault lol.

      2. Just saying, Sheik and Zelda being the same character was a huge spoiler for OoT that you got just by looking at the intro to Melee back in the day. Lucina not being masked wouldn’t be a problem at all. A masked option as well would also be cool though.

  7. THANK GOD!!! I was hoping he’d be revealed….. he’s so much hotter than the female trainer. I mean look at his rippling muscles and that BULGE! So juicy.

      1. I don’t get why people hate gay guys. I respect them as I would a straight man. Love is love. No need to hide it, in fact being gay should be praised!💋

  8. Yeah….there’s just no way that he’s his own character. Still, an alt costume is more or less the same thing in my opinion. If each character has his own alt that’s a separate character, then that would be pretty awesome! We wouldn’t even need such a huge cast and it would save a lot of memory.

    Mario>Dr Mario or Paper Mario
    Link>Deity Link
    Samus>Dark Samus
    Villager>Girl Villager
    Bowser>Dry Bowser
    DK>Original DK
    Mega Man>Mega Man X
    Sonic>Metal Sonic
    Olimar>Anyone really……
    Zelda/Sheik>OoT Zelda/Sheik
    Kirby>Waddle Dee
    Luigi>Mr L

    I’m definitely pleased with this latest character alt costume. Though I’ll definitely use the original trainer a lot more

    1. Lucas and Wolf were already seperate characters in Brawl.

      I don’t think they’d be merged with Ness and Fox, respectively.

      1. I would rather that they’re separate, but if Nintendo needed to save space for whatever reason, I believe that they could do it

    2. you lost me at DK to original DK Oo I couldn’t focus after that… what is original DK his design is exactly the same and Kirby with Waddle dee wouldn’t work and Fox and Wolf were way too different for him to be a skin and Paper Mario wouldn’t work

      1. Well, the original DK didn’t have a tie right? I dunno, I thought that I read that somewhere. Anyway, those problems could be addressed easily enough

      2. Yea but the original DK is Kranky Kong

        yea those problems can, All I want is a custom Sonic skin being Shadow or Metal Sonic

      3. Yeah, I could definitely go for either. Shadow and Metal Sonic are both awesome, so it’d be a win/win scenario either way

      4. yea, but im just hoping… BEGGING for a playable demo soon, because I need footage, idc if its done through IGN I just need a match without that announcer

    1. If he had an alternate costume, Protoman would make more sense than Zero. Protoman plays exactly like Megaman, Zero does not. Even if he doesn’t have an alternate costume, I’m sure his color schemes will match Protoman’s or maybe even Zero’s.

  9. This goes too far. Nintendo already anncounced Sonic WAY too early, and now a MALE? I would always stick to the female, the original one

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